Manifestos & Candidates List

Spring Elections 2020

Key Dates

  • Nominations open – Monday 10th February
  • Nominations close – Friday 21st February 4pm, Welcome Point, McIntyre Building
  • Pre-hustings Meeting – Tuesday 25th February, 5:30pm Williams Room, McIntyre Building
  • Candidate’s Meeting – Friday 28th February, 1pm, Williams Room, McIntyre Building
  • Hustings Non-Sabbatical – Monday 2nd March, 6pm, Room 201, McIntyre Building
  • Hustings Sabbatical – Tuesday 3rd March, 6pm, Room 201, McIntyre Building
  • Polling Opens – Wednesday 4th March 9am
  • Polling Closes – Thursday 5th March 5pm
  • Results – Thursday 5th March after 6.30pm, Room 201, McIntyre Building

A confirmed list of 2020 Spring Elections candidates can be viewed here.


Choose a candidate below to see the manifesto:

Charlotte Sleith-Green

I’m a mature student studying Divinity within Theology and Religious Studies. I would like you to elect me your as your Age Equality Officer. As a prior member of the SRC I have experience that will be invaluable in order to bring change. I have been speaking to many of you around campus and this is what I plan to do:

  • lobby for extra money from outside enterprise to support the work of the Mature Students Association on campus
  • promote better information for prospective mature applicants on what to expect and what help is available
  • be an on the ground support for all incoming mature students to answer specific mature student queries and host with the MSA an increased number of events targeted at mature students
  • hold a regular drop in session at the MSA and at other locations to hear student concerns
  • lobby to get a better location for the current MSA building to make is accessible to all mature students
  • work with the Gilchrist PG Club to better publish events and open many events up to all mature students

Vote for an experienced voice, not afraid to speak up for you. Vote Charlotte for Age Equality Officer.


Zeyun Li

Hello everyone,

I’m a student from Adam Smith Business School, and my name is Zeyun Li, I decided to be one of the members of GUSRC which is the Business School Rep and I have the enthusiasm for helping student solving problems and collecting their feedback. Besides, As a student of business school, I have a good understanding of the academic and other problems of students in our school. Therefore, if I can serve as the bridge between students and the college, I will try everything to complete this task well. In addition, I work in the Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association, and I’m the deputy-director of the 2020 Glasgow Spring Festival Gala, so I have lots of relevant experience which is definitely helpful for my future work in SRC.

If I can get this opportunity, I will actively ask students about their study and extracurricular activities and give feedback, actively participate in every meeting and discussion, put forward my ideas and opinions, and try my best to make all the students are represented, and they all have the chance to have various advice and won’t be ignored. I will cherish this opportunity.

Hailie Pentleton

Hi, I’m Hailie Pentleton, a second-year Philosophy and English Literature student. Since first year, I have been involved with the SRC in a number of Class Representative positions, and this experience has prompted me to run for a more acutely focused role.

Being disabled myself, I have experienced some of the difficulties that our community faces at university. I want to encourage conversation with both students and staff around our experiences and support others to better support us.

If elected as your Disability Equality Officer I seek to:

  • Campaign for a universalised opt-out policy on lecture recordings and continue to work on providing accessible course materials.
  • Work alongside College and School representatives on disability related issues specific to the students they represent.
  • Act as a liaison between the Disability Services and students, and offer a fortnightly drop-in session for students to confidentially discuss any concerns.
  • Continue to develop the Disabled Students Network and organise more informal opportunities for disabled students to socialise with one another.

I hope I can represent you in this role so that we can work together to improve on the inclusivity, understanding, and support of disabled students within both the university and the wider community.

Alvaro Perez Guardiola

My name is Alvaro Perez Guardiola and I’m a third year biomedical engineering student. As an active member of Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion, as well as initiatives like the UofG on Ecosia campaign and the Green New Deal, I know that the University’s current sustainability strategy and investment policies are in serious need of a revision.

If I am elected, I will push for full and immediate divestment from fossil fuels, the arms industry, and other corporations not aligned with the University’s values. I will campaign for increased student participation in decision-making processes in the form of Students’ Assemblies so that senior management can be held accountable, and students’ concerns and proposals can be considered.

I will drive for a comprehensive revision of the University’s investment practices and sustainability strategy to ensure that they are up to students’ expectations. I will also endorse the Green New Deal initiative as a basis for an improved strategy to guide the University towards a truly Green Transition based on Climate Justice.

In addition, I will work to increase the links between the SRC and the UCU on sustainability issues, so that students and staff can work together to build a more sustainable campus.

Rebecca Scott

I am a third-year geography student with a genuine passion for improving the University’s outlook on how we engage with environmental issues. I have worked with the Cairngorms Action Youth Team throughout the past year in an attempt to improve the understanding that young people in rural communities have of how their actions impact their environment. In this position, I have led presentations in Finland regarding the steps young people can take to improving their knowledge of small-scale self-improvement projects, such as abstaining from single-use products and choosing public transport over private cars for journeys.

At the University, we need to keep working towards divesting from fossil fuel industries in order to show that we do not support such a harmful and unsustainable trade, and encourage the University to meet the 0% endowment target for 2025. We also need to promote more effective recycling programs across the University.

If elected, I would aim to:

  • Eradicate single-use cups on campus, replacing with recyclable alternatives
  • Encourage the University to be involved with COP26 events
  • Further the SRC’s work of planting trees across campus to mitigate CO2 emissions
  • Laison with environmental/sustainability societies across campus and promote these to the wider student body

Jure Zgubic

Hello! My name is Jure Zgubic. I am a fourth year joint mathematics/physics student and I am running to be your next environmental officer.

Universities are in a position to be at the forefront of innovation and adaptation to climate change. Academic progress should not be made at the expense of the environment and I believe that preservation is key for us and future generations. We are approaching a tipping point in our environmental crisis and I believe that the University can do more in the fight against global warming and biodiversity loss.

If elected, my objectives are:

  • to ensure that the university keeps in line with the current environmental proposal “A dear, green place”,
  • make student voices of concern heard by the University,
  • speed up the process of eliminating single use plastics from University’s catering,
  • help support groups with a positive environmental impact to run events in tandem with the University,
  • work with the University’s Gift Shop towards more sustainable merchandise and memorabilia,
  • improve recycling facilities,
  • try to increase University’s visibility and action at the COP26 conference in December,
  • push for use of trains in staff’s business travel.

Julia Hegele

Hi there! I’m Julia, (she/her), I’m a 3rd year Theatre Studies student and I’m seeking re-election as your Gender Equality Officer.

Before this position I’ve tackled matters of gender equality as Welfare Officer of STAG and as campaign manager for the Global Women’s Caucus of Democrats Abroad. As GEO I’ve worked with our VPSS to implement weekly rape crisis drop-ins on campus. I’ve also sought to ensure the availability of sanitary products for all students. Underlying these systematic shifts, I’ve coordinated an extensive International Women’s Week event cycle to go on just after these elections. My experience has been made more precious by the relationships I’ve forged with gender equality representatives across Glasgow.

If reelected I’d take the following steps to continue enhancing the safety and wellbeing of those whose gender identity places them at risk of violence or othering.

  • GBV awareness training for the boards of affiliated societies/unions.
  • Ensuring student voice is acknowledged by faculty during gender-centric discourse
  • Re-iterating the SRC’s position as an actant for the dignity of trans and GNC individuals on campus.

I have the skills and the experience to enhance this position into one of progress, I’d be honored to represent you again!

Rinna Väre

Hi! I’m Rinna (she/her), a second year Politics/Sociology student and I hope to be your next Gender Equality Officer! My experiences as an SRC Freshers’ Helper and as a class rep have familiarised me with how the SRC functions and given me a realistic idea of what it would be like to represent students on council. I have also been a campaign coordinator for GU Amnesty International for the past year, which has developed my presentation and advocacy skills, which would help me to achieve my goals on council.

If elected, I will:

  • Try to tackle sexual harassment on campus by:
    • widening the reach of the Let’s Talk About Sexual Violence workshops
    • lobbying for transparent sexual and gender-based harassment policies
  • Campaign for the Pronoun Pledge to become mandated for affiliated clubs/societies and encourage a norm of introducing pronouns in official University communication
  • Advocate for the Equality and Diversity Training to become mandatory for all students
  • Work with the LGBTQ+ Officer and relevant student groups to ensure sufficient support for trans and non-binary students
  • Seek to destigmatise reproductive health care and continue the provision of destigmatised menstrual products

Vote Rinna #1 Gender Equality Officer!

Indigo Korres Nte Paoula

My name is Indigo Korres (she/her). I am an international second year Film and Television student running to remain as your LGBTQ+ Officer for another year.

For years, I have been helping our community through LGBTQ+ activism. I am the current LGBTQ+ Officer for the SRC, the LGBTQ+ Rep for GUBAME Society, and an active member of the GULGBTQ+ Society.

Organising projects this year has helped me improve my skills through representing marginalised individuals. The LGBTQ+ Officer position is an amazing platform to effect change within our university. I will work closely with the GULGBTQ+ Society and LGBTQ+ students. If elected, in addition to the duties expected of me, I will:

  • Organise awareness events.
  • Push for societies to have to go through a Pronoun Pledge in order to affiliate with the SRC.
  • Push for the anti-transphobia campaign I have worked on this year to be seen around the whole university and not only the Unions.
  • Organise LGBTQ+ job opportunity fairs.
  • Continue the work on LGBTQ+ POC issues around the University.

I would be honoured to be re-elected and continue to be part of such an invaluable organisation as the SRC is. #ChooseIndigo

Lu Byrne

The post of mental health equality officer needs a new energy behind it as well as a candidate who is experienced in the issues faced by fellow students. I believe I am the person to bring these things. I have been battling depression for a large part of my life and have been in therapy for four years. I know just how hard things can get and have extensive experience of the mental health system. Furthermore, as a first year, I believe I can give a voice to first years and their discontent with the current mental health system. I believe there are strong programs already in place such as: the big white wall, and university nightline. However, almost nobody I have talked to is aware of these services. Therefore, if elected my priority would be to build awareness of existing programs through posters and email. I would strengthen programs for those who have suffered sexual abuse. In addition, I would hold regular meetings where people could raise their concerns. Another key policy would be providing people advice on what to do during waiting times, whilst evaluating ways to reduce them. For these reasons I hope you vote for me.

Abigail Whelan

Having had mental health issues in the past, and seen the mental health system at the university, I believe there is more that can be done. If I am elected, I will push for the university to introduce a mandatory reporting system whereby students are able to opt in to have information shared with parents or a designated contact should they have a mental health crisis whilst at university. Often, asking for help is the hardest thing to do; I believe we should make that as easy as possible for anyone who needs it. If I am elected, I will also improve signposting for mental health services. I will also introduce ‘freshers packs’ for incoming students directing them to university resources and also external resources as I feel the impact that a substantial change, such as moving to university, has on the mental health of students of any age could be better addressed.

Hannah Baer

I am a second year PhD student and your current PG MVLS convenor. During the last election period, I have gained a lot of insights into the problems of both PGT and PGR and made important connections to keep things moving forward. So far we are implementing a PGR/PGT buddy system, to tackle problems such as lack of transport between Gilmorehill and other campuses and are improving the mental health support for both PGT and PGR. The latter is something I still want to improve, especially within PGR, to make sure everyone has the support they need and know where to get it. By bringing students of the different MVLS research institutes together, there are now ECO groups promoting sustainability in four locations (compared to one last year), which is something I would like to encourage and support in the next academic year. Since PGR is spread across different campuses and institutes, I am very happy that we managed to recruit PGR reps from nearly every institute this year, so that all of you are represented within the MVLS. I am looking forward to (hopefully) improving all things PG in the election period.

Ibrahim Ansari

To begin with, my name is Ibrahim and I am a PG Mechanical Engineering and Management student at UofG. I am in an international student which means I come in with a wealth of new initiatives to improve the postgraduate student experience.

One of the main areas which I wish to focus on is to promote PG student involvement and presence in university clubs and events, since a majority of these activities are targeted at the comparatively larger undergraduate population; however, postgraduate students need to be included in such activities to improve their own student experience, while also contributing in raising the standards of the clubs and events on campus.

Another area of relevant interest to postgraduate students is industrial connections and opportunities, and I hope to facilitate this to help students to network with relevant corporate entities based on their major and career interests. The motivation behind this objective is based on the idea that interaction with firms and establishments allows students to gain a clearer prospective of their position and value in the industrial setting.

Apart from these specifics, I hope to promote the school and its students, so that they receive recognition for their talents and achievements.

Hao Xu

I am a second year PhD student in the School of Engineering. Fascinated by nanoscale thermal biology, I enjoy conducting research and life at the university of Glasgow!

Next to my studies I am the president of the Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association.. The GCSSA currently has around 6000 Chinese students. To efficiently provide great service and support,, the organization is setup in different chapters each focusing on different task. I am responsible to oversee and coordinate their actions. The task has given me great joy and I have been able to learn and improve leadership and problem solving skills. We recently successfully organized a Chinese New Year event at the royal concert hall in Glasgow and continue to organize small events throughout the year next to providing individual counseling and support to individuals. We help new students from China to settle and support language learning to help with their studies and life in the Uk. We extend our actions to bring together all students and enjoy the British and international community life. As a convener I want to continue to work for all students on campus and to support the communication between the university and students.

Ketong Zhang

Hi everyone,

My name is Ketong Zhang, and I am your current PG Social Sciences Convenor and I am running for re-election.

As your PG Social Sciences Convenor in the past two years, I realised many goals listed in my manifesto. Especially, I worked with the college and managed establish a Travel Grant for ALL PGRs across the college. I defended student’s interests during council meetings and small focus working group meetings, and I worked directly with students to solve their complaints about their courses. Importantly, I responded all Emails from students within 2 days.

If re-elected, I will:

Construct a stronger sense of the PG student community, one year in the uni should not stop you from making friends.

Make sure late PGR students can also benefit from extracurricular activities and services as research students are also an important part of the university.

Improve the mental health services and make a more visible mental health awareness campaign.

Liam Brady

Hi friends, I’m Liam Brady, your current Vice-President Education, and I’m running to be your next SRC President!


  • Two years on Council; one as a Sabbatical Officer
  • An active student on campus with two years as an SRC Freshers’ Helper and GUINIS committee member
  • Contributed to enhancing the student experience on over 40 committees at the highest levels of the University
  • Actively influenced the upcoming University strategies ensuring that your student experience is the key priority
  • Coordinated the Class Rep Mixer and Conference, seeing attendance reach an all-time high
  • Secured 24-hour library access during exams as well as more consistent pop-up study spaces
  • Strengthened the student voice by launching the Student Representative Toolkit which has been recognised as sector-leading by QAA Scotland

A year is a short amount of time and considering the current university climate, it is imperative to elect someone with the experience of a sabbatical officer that can ease this transition for the next team. My experience shows that I am the best candidate to fulfil this.

My priorities if elected:

Academic Support:

  • Review the current advisory system. Inconsistencies such as whether someone has an individual advisor or a team, are a common cause of frustration for students.
  • Expose the hidden fees associated with degrees such as field trips and lab equipment.
  • Improve guidelines and manage expectations of what is expected of dissertation supervisors.
  • Radically overhaul PGR representation; unlike UG and PGT class representation, there is no clear or consistent system in place for PGR students to raise issues locally.
  • Push for 24-hour library access semester-wide.
  • Continue working on the rollout of Peer-Assisted Learning.


  • Run a Mental Health Awareness Week during the semester to continue the good work of Take A Break and help relieve student stress.
  • Streamline the application process for financial aid to make it more transparent and less stressful for students who need to access support.
  • Continue to push for the roll out of peer support with focus on provision for 1-year PGT students.
  • Continue developing Mind Your Mate and Let’s Talk and introduce other peer-led initiatives covering Harm Reduction and LGBTQ+ Inclusivity.
  • Improve visibility on campus, particularly LGBTQ+ and Disability, by championing staff role models and highlighting sources of support.
  • Push for improved lighting around campus to help ensure student safety.


  • Ensure sustainability is a core value of the SRC and University, especially with the upcoming COP26 bringing both the university and Glasgow onto a global stage.
  • Push for clubs and societies to have easy and affordable access to rooms on campus; promoting the new James McCune Smith Learning Hub as a centre for student activity on campus.
  • In the wake of Brexit, work with the university to find alternatives to Erasmus+ and ensure international students continue to feel welcome.
  • Run a careers event for non-vocational degrees.
  • Expand Ask the SRC and create an online form where students can raise issues directly to Council.

For an experienced and reliable President you can trust to represent you, vote Liam Brady #1!

Moni Serneabat Ungar

Hiya! My name is Moni Serneabat Ungar and I am a second year Film and TV studies student running for re-election as SRC Race Equality officer. I am half Bengali and a quarter Czech, born and raised in South West London, with a strong connection to my Bengali heritage.

Last year, I set up the university’s first ever BAME Society. I have achieved a lot this year and taken action on most of the aims I promised to achieve last year:

  • I have hosted events and discussions alongside GUBAME and GUSAS, that are accessible and inclusive.
  • I have been successful in lobbying the university and departments to work towards decolonising our curriculums and our university
  • I have run workshops which aim to discuss racial equality in everyday life and on campus

This year I hope to make more effort to:

  • Collaborate with other officers to develop more intersectional approaches for creating projects and campaigns
  • To host regular discussions for students on important issues related to developing anti-racist practice

Katie Fish

My name is Katie Fish and I’m a second-year chemistry student.

Throughout the next year I’d like to get better at understanding chemistry and, maybe more relevantly, be given the opportunity to be the School of Chemistry Rep.

My experiences within the chemistry department so far have been overall positive and as a result I’m not approaching this position with a huge amount of change to get implemented. I am, however, keen to listen to the concerns other students have and push for changes that would help them.

I’m a friendly, approachable and outgoing person. I would aim to be a good point of contact for communication between students, either directly or indirectly through the class reps, and our department.

Despite my unsuccessful election run last semester, I have still been proactive within the department to help other students. I often chase lecturers to upload full notes on multiple occasions and last semester I also got the department to publish exemplar lab reports for the second-year qualitative labs with feedback.

Overall I’d make a good school rep because I’m easy to talk to (and even easier to complain to) about the chemistry department.

Zoltan Kiss

Hi, I’m Zoltan and I’m a first-year computing science class rep. I’ve also done 3 years of physics at a different university. Both here and there I’ve experienced how much of a difference good representation can make in improving a university. Even if it sometimes means months of arguing for a microwave.

Currently, the university is drafting its strategy for the next five years. I want to make sure the resulting changes happen in a way that is best for us students and the School. I also wish to see the benefits applied to current students, not just upcoming ones. Of course, this is vague right now, but I do have a couple other concrete things I’d like to get done, including:

  • Making sure every course Moodle page has a discussion forum. YACRS and Slido work, but they don’t allow for dialogue and input from other students.
  • Setting up a CS Linux cluster. This was brought up in an SSLC meeting and may already be in motion.
  • Ensuring a good flow of information between the SRC, the University, the School and students.

Most importantly, I want to represent your views and interests, and will always be open to hearing them.

Scott Wilson

My name is Scott Wilson and I’m a fourth year Computing Science student. I’ve been working with the School for a couple of years now, both as a class representative and more recently as a lab demonstrator.

If you choose to elect me as School Representative for 2020/21, I’ll immediately work to achieve the following realistic and achievable goals for improving quality of life for CS students on campus, especially coming up to exam time:

  • Placement of water coolers in the Boyd Orr common room and QMU study space – at present, people need to choose between walking to other buildings or filling from bathroom taps which obviously isn’t ideal.
  • A better supply of writing implements e.g. whiteboard pens and erasers across all study spaces, combined with a policy to prevent them from constantly ‘disappearing’.
  • A review and refresh of the equipment in the common room so that people have better access to hot water and refrigeration whilst avoiding ‘milk in the kettle’ situations.

Additionally, I’ll investigate the viability of and advocate for ideas such as the addition of graphics and GPU programming to the curriculum as an elective course.

Thanks for reading!


Bethany Woodhead

I’m Bethany Woodhead, a third-year joint honours English Literature and English Language & Linguistics student and I’m hoping to be your next School of Critical Studies Representative! I was a class representative for all three of my subjects during first and second year, which has given me experience in identifying student problems, speaking to classmates, and communicating with course convenors to make changes. Currently I am Editor-in-Chief of The Glasgow Guardian, giving me a good insight into campus politics and student issues and concerns.

School Representatives serve as an important bridge between students, class representatives and the wider institution of the SRC. The position and the organisation both highlight a key aspect of the role within their names: representative. Every student deserves to be heard and have their views, ideas and worries voiced by someone who will actively participate and listen. Some of the main things I’d push to change in the upcoming academic year are:

  • Ensure lecturers are adhering to the accessibility policy by posting slides and readings lists well in advance;
  • Encourage lecture recordings across the whole school;
  • Courses to post online versions of key texts;
  • Promote subject-specific and school-wide societies to create a sense of community.

Ananya Venkatesan

Hi! I’m Ananya!

The School of Culture and Creative Arts is one that is diverse and unique, with students who will be entering an extremely competitive field. The only way we can be the best is if we have the best university environment and I aim to deliver.

I was a member of my school’s student council, speaking for student welfare. I also directed my school’s Model UN conference for a few years. At University, I am the class representative for Theatre Studies and Digital Media and Information Studies. Additionally, I am an active member of GUU debating and am a board member of the Dialectic Society.

I believe that the experiences and skills I have gathered in these roles will help me as School Representative.

If elected, I aim to:

  1. Improve our classroom experience by
    1. Pushing for lecture recordings
    2. Working closely with class reps through
      1. Monthly meetings
      2. Attending SSLC meetings;
    3. Aim to provide opportunities for intra-school networking such as
      1. Events for students from all years in the school to interact
      2. Tailored career events for culture and creative arts degrees.

Vote Ananya!


Tomasz Kleczkowski

Hi. My name is Tomasz Kleczkowski (he, him, his). I am currently in my third year of studying Electronics with Music. I have been a class rep for three years, which has given me experience in working in a student representative role. I now hope to represent my fellow students in my responsibility as School Representative.

I am passionate about keeping the high standard and importance of the School within the University and working to improve it where possible. My primary focus will be to work with staff, students and the SRC to ensure that the School of Engineering is a welcoming place for students of any background and the learning experience is the best possible. I will meet regularly with class representatives to collect feedback and ensure that their voice is heard and acted upon. I will work with the School to increase emphasis on sustainability in teaching and career events; e.g. to offer courses focused on sustainable technology.

Other issues I will raise with the School include:

  • Lecture recording
  • Provision of updated learning materials
  • Support for engineering clubs and societies
  • Increased focus on sustainability career events
  • Greater diversity among students

Thank you for your support!

Ahmad Zia

Hello everyone! I am a 3rd year engineering student running for the position of engineering school representative and I have the relevant skills and experience to do so. I have been representing my peers as an SRC class rep for two years and as a GSA class Rep for 2nd and 3rd year of my studies. I have made sure every student issue (no matter the scale) is heard and resolved. I believe now I am ready to amp it up and be the voice of every engineering student at the University of Glasgow. As the school’s representative, I will actively work for the following:

  • Encourage the use of lecture recordings in all classes with the equipment necessary;
  • Help with the establishment of the Peer Support network of our school which is currently in the early stages of development;
  • Encourage more detailed and meaningful feedback on coursework.
  • I will try to improve the communication between class reps, staff and the SRC

Lastly and most importantly ‘I’ll be there for you’

Thank you for reading this manifesto and don’t forget to vote as each vote counts.

Sam Malis

Hi, my name is Sam. I’m a third year Geography student and currently hold the role of School Rep for the school of GES.

I believe I should be re-elected for School Rep as I want to create a sense of continuity in the role. With my 3 years’ experience as Class Rep and School Rep, I have grown to understand the importance of such a role and the SRC

In the past year, I have focused on:

  • Highlighting the need for lecture recordings in the School
  • Increasing the social aspect of the two societies in the school
  • Bringing the attention of the high costs incurred by a GES student regarding field courses.

I feel as if I have created a steady foundation in which these issues can continue to be resolved. In addition to these matters, for the next year I’d aim to focus on:

  • Support for returning Year Abroad students to integrate into 4th year Honours teaching
  • More transparency on available study space within the School
  • Provision for necessary lab software to be available in more study spaces e.g., Library

I hope I continue to be the choice for you next year!

Lauren Campbell

My name is Lauren Campbell. I am a third year undergraduate Archaeology and Classics student, and I am hoping to be the School of Humanities representative.

I believe I would make an enthusiastic representative as I have been heavily involved in student life through the SRC and other elements on campus over the last three years – I’m currently the Vice President of GU Gin Society, a part of the Raising and Giving Committee, I have been an SRC freshers helper and also volunteer as an SRC student Ambassador. This assemblage of roles within the student community has given me an insightful experience working closely with other students and faculty.

If elected, I would aim to maintain the strong level of communication between students and faculty, so as to ensure that we as students have a voice and an influence in the university. I will make sure the class representatives are able to communicate more regularly and freely with each other and with myself, so necessary improvements and ideas can be heard. I would work closely with both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate College of Arts Convenors to ensure that any problems that may arise are solved and feedback received is heard.

Heather McSwan

Hi I’m Heather. I am in my first year of the two-year fast track Scots Law degree.

I was elected Academic Campaign Organiser for the Student Union, while studying at Edinburgh University which entailed liaising with academic staff and students to formulate, shape and implement policy. Responding to students’ concerns appropriately and diplomatically, I was subsequently chosen to sit on the University Senate.

My interest in student affairs and previous university experience show that I possess the skills to respond effectively to issues raised by students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. My priority will be to build good working relationships with the SRC and students of the School in order to provide support and represent their views.

My aims include:

  • Introducing a system of online submissions for coursework and feedback
  • Initiating surgeries to provide a level of peer support for wider university issues
  • Working with the careers service to explore the possibility of alternative career paths for law students

I am proactive and committed to making our students’ experience a positive and fulfilling one. I believe that I am the ideal candidate for this role and I would welcome the opportunity to represent the School of Law.

Chloé Hashimoto-Cullen

My name is Chloé Hashimoto-Cullen and I am a third-year mathematics student. In my first year, I was a class representative for mathematics, and have been again this year. This position has allowed me to interact with the students I was representing and to put forwards their needs to the teaching and administrative staff.

Over the last few months I have been secretary to Glasgow University Trampoline Club. This position has allowed me to liaise with members who wanted to voice their concerns, ideas and priorities. It is also a position in which I have shown my ability to be highly organised and regular in my obligations.

If elected, I will make myself known to the students of the School of Maths and Stats.

I will make sure that students are aware of the specific resources that are available to them.

I will work together with the School and its to help create communication between the different year groups as well as the School’s alumni, to make sure that students can discuss with those who have faced the same choices and decisions as themselves, and feel less alone in the process.

Michalis Stavrou

Hello everyone,

My name is Michalis Stavrou and I am a 2nd Year Undergraduate in the Mathematics and Statistics faculty. I am standing for election as the School Representative of the School of Mathematics and Statistics because I would like to give you a voice and to communicate your concerns, difficulties and suggestions for change, in other words, making sure that the views of all students are represented. As your representative on the SRC I would aim to ensure that:

  1. Anyone can make their voice heard and express their opinion.
  2. Decisions made by the council are to the benefit of all students.
  3. The student body (you!) are kept informed of the decisions made by the council.

I have previous experience as a student-staff liaison at secondary school and from during my military service and am currently a Maths Level 2 Class Rep. I believe that I am a suitable candidate and although, with there being so many of us, I do not know you all personally yet, I assure you that I will make myself available to everyone.

Holly Hourston

Hey, I’m Holly Hourston, and I’m a 3rd year Physics and Astronomy student. I want to be your School of Physics and Astronomy Representative for 2020/21, and to help bring about the positive changes you want to see!

I was Astronomy 2 Class Rep in 2018/19, and so understand how student-staff meetings work, and the importance of the SRC/Class Reps in making change happen. My experience as Class Rep has proven that I can tackle issues within the School/courses professionally. I am also Science Convener for the Women in STEM Society. I will vouch to make myself known to students and remain approachable- I am here for any issues you have (from personal to programming)!

If I am elected, I will:

  • Ensure I represent students across all years, by working towards becoming a source of student-to-student advice.
  • Use networks in the Careers Service, WiSTEM, and STEM Ambassadors UK to collaborate with PhysSoc and AstroSoc to provide more academic/volunteering/CV-boosting opportunities for you all.

  • Regularly contact students- particularly Class Reps; organising regular meetings.

  • Relay impartial, unbiased information to the SRC.

  • Ensure clear, accessible communication of information between the SRC, Class Reps and students.

Thank you for reading!

Jamie McKay

Hi, my name is Jamie McKay and I’m currently a third-year Physics and Astronomy student and I am running to be your School of Physics and Astronomy representative. Previously being a Freshers’ Helper and SRC Ambassador has given me great insight into the workings of the SRC and encouraged me to want to take on more responsibility representing my peers and making positive changes within the school.

If elected I would like to:

  • Encourage the school to adopt the peer support system, allowing for students to address their issues before further intervention is required.
  • Persuade lecturers throughout the school to use lecture recording as an additional resource to help aid revision. Many Physics and Astronomy concept require more than one attempt to understand so the opportunity to rewatch lectures would be advantageous to students.
  • Help maintain and improve python support for students by ensuring enough demonstrators have the skills required to confidently deal with programming issues in both Physics and Astronomy labs.

With this opportunity I not only hope to improve the academic experience for current students, but for future students also.

Leonie Schorrlepp

Hi there, I’m Leonie and I’d love to be your school representative for 2020/21. As a class rep for the past two years I got to see that School of Psychology takes feedback very seriously, and psychology students give really useful feedback so that’s a good combination. But for the feedback system to work, we need good communication and strong advocates for students’ opinions. As a school rep, it’ll be my job to make sure your input is heard and used.

Moreover, the community withing the school, across the year groups has to become stronger. Because we don’t have that one building and that one common room like many other subjects, most first and second years don’t meet many of the staff or any people in the honours years. In addition to representing you and your study experience, my main goal for next year will be to increase the communication and community within the SoP. I’m a friendly, approachable person, a good communicator and I really care about your study experience, so I am positive that we will have a good next year together.

Sam Bunker

My name is Sam and I’m a first year Politics & Economics student with previous experience on school councils. I am running for School of Social and Political Sciences Representative to raise important issues that prevent students from getting the most out of their time at Glasgow:

  • Campaign for digital submission of coursework. Physical submission of coursework is a burden for many students, and I will push for the School to abandon this, in favour of digital of submission. Many other courses already accept coursework digitally, saving students and the university time and reducing the stress associated with rushing to print out and hand in coursework by the deadline.
  • Continue to work the SRC’s lecture recording campaign. The university has made great progress on increasing the availability of lecture recordings for students. Many lecture theatres, however, lack the equipment or ability to record and/or upload lectures in a timely manner.
  • Seek improved exam revision resources. I will seek for the School to provide more materials and clarity upon how to revise for exams and further clarity on the marking criteria for students.

Thank you for looking over my manifesto, I hope you will consider voting for Sam Bunker.

Matilda Franz

Hi! My name is Matilda Franz and I am a second-year Politics and ESH student from Germany. I have done work as a representative at my previous schools and have built the communication and organization skills necessary for the role as School Representative. Currently, I am Class Rep for ESH and a Peer Wellbeing Supporter within the School of Social and Political Science.

I want to be your School Representative because I believe I can contribute to better communication and greater transparency: between the staff of the different subjects, between staff and students, and among the students in the school.

In the role, I will continue to advocate for lecture recordings and paperless assignment submissions. These issues have been long called for and I hope to see them finally implemented.
Furthermore, I want examinations to be handed back online with feedback, so students can learn from their past mistakes and have greater transparency about their grades.

Apart from these school specific intentions, I will promote more inclusivity and better mental health and wellbeing provisions at the university. I also promise to always have an open ear for any and all of your wishes and suggestions!

Thank you for your consideration!

Luke McBlain

Hello, I’m Luke and I’m running for the position, School of Veterinary Medicine Representative. Having been on council last year as a General Representative and thoroughly enjoying it, I want to represent the students in my school this year, carry on some work I started and also get involved in new projects that will benefit my peers at Garscube.

Below are some of my focus points:

  • EMS Bursaries – discuss with the University to see if there is any way that they can help support BVMS students in the summer with placement costs
  • Cross Campus Relations – network with the other student bodies to see how they can get involved at the Garscube campus and how Garscube students can get access to their events and initiatives.
  • Promoting SRC – ensure that vet and bio vet students are aware of all the facilities they have access to from the SRC and on main university campus. Also making sure initiatives such as “Take a Break” are continued at Garscube.
  • Strengthening mental health support – ensuring “Mind you mate sessions” are available for students and getting the SRC more involved in GUVMA’s “Feel Good February” initiative.

When polling day comes, Don’t just LOOK, vote LUKE!

Emma Lindquist

After having been part of the SRC for almost a year as a First Year Representative I have been introduced to the ways of the council and how we work together with the university on a wider scale. This has given me the experience that I believe is needed for the position of an Undergraduate Convenor for the College of Arts.

I study English Literature, Philosophy and English Language & Linguistics which means that all my classes are deeply rooted within the College of Arts. Therefore I have the interest, the will and the motivation to work for and represent the college on council.

If elected I will continue working on what previous convenors have been trying to implement, for example creating a stronger sense of community between the schools in the college by hosting events. I will also strive to address any issues that come to my attention by working closely with the Class Reps, School Reps and the Vice President of Education.

My name is Emma Lindquist and I would love to be your Undergraduate Convenor for the College of Arts.

Dominika Bylinka

For the past year, I have been engaging as a Class Representative for my main subject, Biology. Having met students from across the College of MVLS, I have gained insight into the most current issues. The SRC is a powerful organization and as a College Convenor, I would like to use it to make changes happen.

I came to Scotland three years ago to join an international community at my boarding school. It was then, I have experienced a ‘cultural transition’ and became aware of problems faced by internationals. As a First-Year student, I was recently immersed in another wave of challenges. This time met by all of us moving onto higher education.

As a motivated, open-minded individual, I feel obliged and would like to implement the following actions:

  • mentorship programme – to support mental and educational progress of students by allowing good connection with a peer from the upper year of the same programme
  • improvements to counselling programme – to make the University staff more aware and decrease waiting list for those in need

  • SRC 4 students – to allow better flow of information between all University members, listen to suggestions and inform on actions taken

Lewis O’Connor

I’m Lewis, a third year medical student planning to intercalate next year. I am currently the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing representative, and I believe this experience and the work I have done in the position makes me well suited to be your college convenor.


  • Lobbying for a clinical placements expenses system to be created
  • Reintroduce student prices at the medical school café


  • Lobby for a separate SRC School of Dentistry representative
  • Use the dental school administration as an example of best practice


  • Advocate for nursing school room bookings to be under the control of the nursing school not CTT
  • Lobby for a separate SRC School of Nursing representative

Veterinary School

  • Ensuring Eduroam is accessible across Garscube campus
  • Lobbying for a fund to be created to help cover the costs of extra mural studies
  • Work with GUVMA to continually improve mental health service provision

Life Sciences

  • Advocate for dedicated room space – teaching and non-teaching
  • Rebrand and improve the G-Gnomes Society


  • Improve the advisor of studies system
  • Create a better network between class and school representatives
  • Improve the layout of Moodle

Damien Ealey

My name is Damien Ealey and I am in my 3rd year of my statistics degree. I have previously held the position of School rep of Maths and Stats and am now running to be the UG science and engineering convenor.

During my time as maths and stats rep, I have sat on school learning teaching committees and Staff student learning committees where I have worked with staff in both departments to change and improve our experience as students. I am also involved in MacSoc where I have been the social secretary and encouraged people to be social and friendly in different ways.

Along with also having been on council, I was also an SRC fresher’s helper and as such I have a good understanding of the SRC and how it works and to whom I should direct any queries.

My aim as convenor is to continue the work of our past convenor and continue work on the peer support program and help with the work being done on assessment and feedback while also hopefully bridging the gap between different schools.

For these reasons I hope you vote Damien Ealey for your UG college convenor of Science and Engineering.

Jenny Newton

My name is Jenny Newton and I’m a 3rd year Chemical Physics student. For the past year, I have been the School of Chemistry Representative and I am running for Undergraduate Science and Engineering Convenor for this upcoming academic year.

As an active member of council, I have spoken on behalf of my peers by sitting in School Learning and Teaching Committee meetings as well as raising concerns brought to me by class reps. I was also a Freshers’ Helper, so I am well acquainted with all the work that the SRC does.

My time is split between the School of Chemistry and the School of Physics and Astronomy and I have also taken Maths courses as a Chemical Physics student. I’ve seen first-hand how differently each school is operated and if elected, I would work towards more consistency between them.

Beyond academics, I believe that the welfare of students is paramount. As convenor, I would lobby the college to fully roll out the peer support system to allow for issues to be addressed before they escalate.

Above all, I aim to represent the views of my peers and continue to facilitate real changes within the University of Glasgow.

Duncan Henderson

Hi! I’m Duncan – I’m a second year Politics student and the current SRC Social & Political Sciences School Rep. I’m standing to be College Convenor because I believe I have the dedication, commitment, and experience needed to be an effective representative.

If you elect me as Convenor, I will fight for:

– Eliminating paper-copy coursework submission. Too many courses still require paper copies of work to be submitted, wasting time and creating unnecessary waste.

– Increased clarity on coursework return dates. Every course should clearly display to students when we can expect our work to be returned – with a grade and feedback. Staff plan these dates already – we just need them displayed

– More lecture recording. Staff are increasingly using lecture recording – largely due to the efforts of SRC representatives. If I am elected, I promise not to let this pressure slide, and continue to lobby staff at all levels to record lectures.

I will also be open minded on all suggestions from students, ensuring that I am your voice to the University – and will work with Class/School Reps to achieve our goals.

Please lend me your vote and vote Duncan for College Convenor!

Patrick Aasen

My name is Patrick Aasen and for the past year I have been the SRC Undergraduate Convenor for Social Sciences. In this position I have had a fantastic insight into the work and responsibilities of the VP Education, and believe I am the right candidate to continue this work. The university needs to put students at the centre of its considerations and decision-making processes. My goals reflect this, and I want to work hard to represent the interests of current and future students at the highest levels of the university.


  • Introduce an Assessment and Feedback Calendar App, which provides a comprehensive overview of due dates and expected return dates. It must be possible for students to hold staff accountable for delayed feedback.
  • Push paperless hand-ins to minimise the environmental effects of assessment and take the burden off students who cannot get to university as easily.
  • Implement 24h library access. There is support on most sides, and if Edinburgh can make it work, then so can we.
  • Monitor the roll-out of the opt-out lecture recording It has seen good progress recently and I will continue to work to make lecture recordings available to all.
  • Promote changes to our online platforms: Checking results, booking appointments, and looking at feedback should all be possible on one platform.
  • Encourage the development of meaningful assessment. Assessments must be relevant to students’ fields of study and what they will likely do in the future.
  • Continue the work of previous VPs on developing and strengthening the Class Rep They are crucial to the improvement of UofG, as they know their courses better than anyone else.
  • Ensure that the new buildings on the Western Campus are suited to students’ needs, such as increasing the number of study spaces and extended opening times.
  • Keep fighting for translation dictionaries to remain allowed in exams. The university cannot blame students for miscommunication and unclear guidance.


Besides having been this year’s Undergraduate Convenor for Social Sciences, I have also:

  • Served as an SRC representative on several university and college committees, including the Learning & Teaching Committee, Senate, and Military Education Committee.
  • Pushed CaPS Peer Support in the College of Social Sciences, resulting in the college now looking at a complete roll-out.
  • Assisted previous VPs in running the Class Rep Conference and Student Teaching Awards.
  • Attended workshops on the Enhancement-led Institutional Review, transforming Assessment & Feedback, and developing the UofG Learning & Teaching Strategy.
  • Promoted various SRC campaigns at stalls, including Register-to-Vote, Student Teaching Awards, De-Stress, and the Volunteers, Clubs & Societies Awards
  • Volunteered in the 2019 Freshers Week as a Deputy Team Leader.
  • Sat on the SRC as 1st Year Representative in 2017-2018, thus having been involved in the SRC throughout my whole university experience.

Students are the core of any university, and the VP Education occupies a key role at UofG in making the learning experience the best it can be. As VP Education I will do all I can to achieve that goal.

Gregory Kokkinidis

Hi, I’m Gregory and I want to be your next VP Education.

I’m the current School of Psychology representative, and during my time on council I have been dedicated to listening to and representing student voices.

I have developed a well-rounded understanding of academic issues, and through my experience in university committees and consultations I know how to address them and instigate change. I have a proven track record and have delivered on my previous manifesto pledges.

My goals as VPED are realistic. They illustrate my understanding of student issues and reflect what I think can be done to represent the diverse range of student needs within our University.

Elect me and I will work to:

  • Ensure the successful implementation of a new, opt-out lecture recording policy, which is necessary for ensuring equal accessibility to learning.
  • Create a form for providing students with meaningful feedback on assessments, standardising the demonstration of strengths/weaknesses and examples for improvement on all grade classifications.
  • Establish an effective student-staff learning partnership that is informed by student feedback and experiences, recognises their valuable contribution in shaping teaching and assessment, and informs students of how their feedback has driven change.
  • Push for accessible electronic submissions across the board, tackling the unnecessary financial burden and accessibility barrier of physical hand-ins on students.
  • Encourage the inclusion of interdisciplinary educational opportunities on sustainability and the current climate emergency, supporting ongoing student efforts and educational demands.
  • Endorse changes to recreate curricula as representative of every cohort within our diverse student body – inclusive of protected characteristics.
  • Actively monitor the launch of the Learning Hub, regularly consulting with students to ensure it really does enhance our student experience and provides enough study space to cope with increasing student numbers.
  • Collaborate with student representatives and sabbatical officers to stay informed about all student issues and ensure their timely and effective resolution.
  • Continue the valuable work of previous VPED to support peer-assisted learning, the efficient use of feedback calendars, and enhancing the role of class representative.

As a member of the SRC I have:

  • Liaised between students and staff and organised one-to-one meetings to represent student voices and ensure they are considered in academic reflection and change.
  • Informed decisions on best practice regarding communication between staff and students.
  • Initiated discussions and contributed to changes relating to assessment and feedback, lecture recording, curriculum inclusivity and accessibility, and the campus redevelopment.
  • Represented over 5,000 students from the College of Science and Engineering on the University Learning and Teaching Committee.
  • Promoted SRC campaigns including for the STAs, VCS, and NSS.

I have experienced student life at three universities and have been actively involved in 10+ clubs and societies, allowing me to draw tangible comparisons and drive change. I have been dedicated in listening to student voices and actively representing them for the last four years.

For someone who values and fights for every student voice, vote Gregory #1 VPED. #UvoteG

Austen Waite

My name is Austen Waite, and I currently sit on the SRC as the School of Humanities Representative. Being involved has given me insight into how important the role of VP Education is. Since talking to students, staff, and peers on Council, I know that I have what it takes to represent students at every level throughout the University.


  • 24/7 Library during Term-Time
    • We’ve seen how beneficial it can be to have facilitates on campus open later, and although having the Library open 24/7/365 isn’t possible, having it open while most students are in Glasgow may well be.
  • More PAL Schemes set up
    • PAL schemes have obvious educational benefits. They allow people to learn from each other, form friendships, and feel part of a community within their departments.
  • An Inclusive Education
    • Students who feel included in their education do better academically. Which is why I would want to work on schemes such as Decolonising the Curriculum, embedding LGBTQ+ equality into the classroom, and working on widening participation in the university.
  • Digitise Short-Term Library Loans
    • By having online copies of high-demand books, anyone who needs to access these could from anywhere. This especially benefits home students and disabled students.
  • CPD/Placement opportunities
    • I hope to be involved in creating more opportunities for students to undertake placements or CPD opportunities, so we can get wider professional experience, and recognition for it.
  • Learning Communities
    • Students often find it hard to feel part of a community with their subject. I will encourage departments to learn from subjects which do this well, so students feel more valued and supported.
  • Named Advisor of Studies
    • We know students are less confused about who to ask for help when they have a named person as their advisor of studies. I would push for this to be as standard.
  • Restructure PGR Representation
    • We currently have issues at understanding the needs of these students, and in supporting their learning. I would work with Council to reform the way we represent PGR students, so their issues don’t go unnoticed.


  • School of Humanities Representative, attending all Council meetings, consultations, and holding monthly drop-in sessions throughout the year.
  • Three-time SRC Freshers’ Helper, and 2019’s Team Leader of the Week.
  • Former Captain of GUSA affiliated GU Trampoline Club.
  • Founder and President of formerly SRC affiliated UofG Dignity in Dying Society, the first student group in the UK that campaign for an Assisted Dying law. I have since advised students at multiple universities on setting up similar groups.
  • I’ve been involved in the focus groups for two of the subjects undergoing PSRs this year, giving me insights that helped form this manifesto.
  • I consistently helped promote and take part in SRC campaigns including the STAs, Class Rep Conference/Mixer, and Clubs & Societies Mixer.

If elected as VP Education, I will work tirelessly to ensure all students can get the most out of their studies and are properly supported whilst doing so.

Amy McKenzie Smith

I hold a genuine passion for the student experience, am extremely dedicated, consistently hard-working and committed to enhancing the lives of those fortunate to be part of the University of Glasgow. Having spent the past year on the Board of Management at the GUU, I have vast experience of being part of a board and running large events for the student audience. I hold a lot of experience within both PR and welfare committees, have attended cross campus meetings, was on a charity society executive committee and hold the general dedication, energy and work ethic to succeed in the role of VPSA.

Some examples I would look to introduce-

  • I intend to collaborate and communicate with all four student bodies to run a Freshers’ Week that is diverse and exciting. I wish to continue the running of daytime and early-evening events to jam pack the entire week. I also want to collaborate with clubs and societies, particularly smaller ones, in the running of events so they can interact with freshers immediately.
  • I wish to popularise RAG events further by collaborating with the other student bodies and clubs and societies, in order to make RAG week a campus-wide initiative. We can utilise these cross-campus spaces to in turn, appeal to wider audiences and make more money.
  • I will support all SRC council members; review their aims for the year and to help them fulfil their manifesto aims.
  • Cross campus is a vital part of how the unique four-body system works and I know that cross campus communication needs to be improved. I want to not only run regular formal meetings, but encourage cross campus relationships and collaboration, decreasing rivalry; recognising that the four-body system is one that is unique to the University and offers the student something they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Increase PR of the excellent services that SRC can provide to the student, to make more students aware of the work the SRC do and how they can benefit.
  • I will encourage more collaborations between both clubs and societies themselves and between them and the SRC. I also want to help support clubs and societies executives, so they know there is someone to turn to help with any internal issues within their club or society. I intend to secure sufficient storage space and room bookings for all clubs and societies. I also want to help advise clubs and societies on how they can work to be more sustainable.
  • The life of the home student is a topic I feel extremely passionate about having experienced the struggle for two years of balancing life in the university and being a home student. I seek to ensure home students feel as much part of the University and to enhance their experience through initiatives such as a home student officer position on council and the creation of a common room space on campus for home students to use during long breaks where they can chill out, featuring comfy seating areas and dining facilities.

Elinor Tipper

Hi! My name is Elinor Tipper and I am a fourth-year psychology student hoping to be your next VP of Student Activities.

My manifesto is based off my time working in big and small SRC-affiliated societies and student feedback. In this role I would aim to improve the support that student activities receive, be it from guidance in starting a new society to helping established societies grow to fit the student demand.

Throughout my time at Glasgow, I have been actively involved in many clubs and societies. Firstly, I have been president of Glasgow Student Dance Company for the past two years. This has given me the opportunity to work alongside previous VPSA’s and discuss common barriers to growth and possible solutions with similar societies. I also founded and am currently president of Glasgow Students for Choice which has given me insight into how the VPSA can support new and small societies.

If elected VP Student Activities I will:

More Rooms

  • I will push the university for more support in providing spaces for societies to meet, rehearse or use as storage.
  • I will liaise with society secretaries to establish what their specific needs are and produce possible solutions.

Collaborations Between Societies

  • I will organise a pre-fresher’s mixing event for societies to meet and discuss possible collaborations.
  • I will facilitate for other student clubs to become involved in RAG week. This will include organising an inter-club RAG event.

Responsible Societies

  • I will introduce schemes that help societies keep sustainable practice, community outreach and charity engagement.


  • I will encourage the introduction of a Welfare member to all SRC societies.
  • I will liaise with the VP of Student Support on how to best integrate welfare into clubs and societies and provide suitable training for all Welfare members.

Safety on Campus

  • Organise bus shuttles from the library to halls. This will be especially important during the Winter exam diet.
  • Support all clubs and societies in organising safe methods for students to travel to and from society meetings/rehearsals after dark.

Freshers Week

  • I will share online maps illustrating where to find specific societies so new students do not feel overwhelmed by the size of the fayre.
  • I will provide more information on Quiet Hour to those manning stalls including why it is needed and what they can do to make a difference during this hour.

Accountability & Feedback

  • I will send out forms for anonymous feedback to all members on what they think the VPSA can do to positively affect their university experience.

Vote Elinor Tipper #1 for VPSA

Blair Anderson

I’m Blair Anderson, my pronouns are he/him and I’m an undergraduate law student running for Vice President Support Student. As an estranged student, I know what it’s like to be let down by the University’s existing student support services. I know first-hand that the support offered to students can be better. I believe that I am the person to achieve that for all students with my track record of achieving change, from working with senior management to run the climate strategy consultation process as part of my job with GUEST, or leading a campaign to improve the support offered to estranged students and helping to secure a Scottish Government review into the issue.

  • Weekly surgeries for students to raise issues with the SRC. We should effectively represent the views of students to the University, and I would work to actively engage with all students on issues including divestment from fossil fuels and arms, a Green New Deal for the University and support for striking staff.
  • Continue to fight for estranged students by working with the Widening Participation team to raise awareness of the support that exists and working with the Scottish Government on their review
  • Improve the experience of students who take time out of studies – the University and SRC should offer continuing access to facilities and support during time out, as well as pastoral care
  • Work with University senior management and the Sustainability Working Group to ensure the University’s climate strategy is as ambitious as the climate crisis requires us to be, accurately reflecting the views of students expressed in the consultation process.
  • Push senior management for increased funds for Counselling and Psychological Services.
  • Get SRC involved in local and national campaigns affecting education and young people – such as continuing the work of Glasgow Student Forum on free public transport, and championing UofG during COP26 in November.
  • Support postgraduate students by ensuring the SRC adequately represents postgraduates and fights for fairer funding.
  • Support international students, particularly after Brexit, with the transition from study into work and fight for Glasgow’s place in Europe.
  • Support disabled students by ensuring our views are represented across the university, particularly with the ongoing campus expansion and renovation, make the university accessible for all.
  • Fight for lecture recordings as standard across the university, by reaching out to the academic staff, therefore making university more accessible for students with disabilities and caring responsibilities.
  • Continue to push all aspects of UofG to proactively ensure the safety of students on campus. There should be a zero-tolerance misconduct policy for sexual violence, bigotry and hate speech. I would work with all student bodies and the University to create a transparent procedure for misconduct. I would work with University Estates and Glasgow City Council to ensure all parts of campus are safe, including improving lighting on Kelvin Way and around the South Gate.

Ella McCabe

Hello! I’m Ella, a 4th year History and Comparative Literature student. I’m currently the Treasurer of the Tennis club and on the GUU board of Management, where I have worked on the Welfare Committee across the year.

Through these experiences I’ve been exposed to the mental health crisis on campus, seeing first-hand what students are struggling with, particularly through providing a duty of care when working on HIVE nights. This experience gives me a unique insight into what can practically be improved and worked upon in the coming year. It has equally given me exposure to the format and discussions of cross-campus welfare forums.

I have also spent the last year as President of Northern Services, an association of student unions from Scotland and Northern Ireland, which GUU and QMU are both members of. Within this role, I have formalised communication channels between Unions, working to allow further collaboration on policies and welfare concerns. I have been the voice of the student experience within this board, which I think is a transferable skill to this particular role. The collaborative effort I experienced across Unions on this board has given me insight to the collaborative capabilities within our own student bodies. This experience, alongside what I have gained in the GUU, would therefore serve me well in promoting cross campus relations internally, ensuring we can achieve the most from all initiatives.

If elected, my ideas include:

  • Organizing an ‘Alcohol and drug awareness’ campaign, similar to one that Heriot-Watt University offers. While drinking is such a massive part of student culture, I feel that the consequences of overconsumption are not widely enough discussed. This would address issues such as how these substances can exacerbate mental health issues and stress, alongside the social and physical consequences they can have.
  • Building on this campaign by promoting more non-drinking events campus wide, including those of other clubs and societies, which would also favour the inclusion of international and home students. Promoting these more could be a way to help tackle isolationism within these groups.
  • Investigating expanding Sexual Violence and mental health training so that it is compulsory for one committee member of each club and society, whether this is a designated welfare convenor or another member.
  • Coming up with new, innovative ideas for the ‘look after yourself’ campaign, particularly around exam time. Having worked on the GUU front of this campus wide effort, I saw the surprising success of creative events such as ‘Bob Ross painting’. Continuously engaging with new ideas to increase popularity could also help deliver increasing student engagement with SRC services as a whole.
  • Carrying on the work that’s been done to deliver support to those involved in sexual assault. This year this has been particularly topical on campus, so I would aim to increase awareness of SRC services such as drop in sessions with a qualified councillor.

I feel strongly about contributing to new student welfare initiatives, so hopefully you consider giving me your vote!

Mary Michael

Hello all, I am Mary Michael currently studying IT Cyber Security at the postgraduate level in the school of Computing Science, an international student from Nigeria, in Africa. Being a student at the University of Glasgow has been one of the most exciting experiences in my life and I just want to contribute to ensuring that every student is able to say the same for their student experience here at UofG.

I have enjoyed being the current class rep of my course, and being able to serve my immediate area of influence has been a rewarding experience for me. Prior to coming to UofG, I have served in my College as the Female Vice President of my college association, I was a Squadron provost in my high school as well and all these previous roles have given me the avenue to be able to represent the student body and ensure their voices and opinions are being heard where it matters.

We recently had the Class Rep conference and it was exciting to learn about the Digital / Smart Campus Transformation progress. It is good to know the school actively seeks the input of students in these projects and to see the feedback implemented in these projects. The idea of having a smart campus is great, however, it should not downplay the need for the student to relate actively with a fellow human.

I will like to contribute positive change to the lives of students during their studies. I will work with the different welfare officers to give all students a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ to answer and attend to their inquiries. I intend to make it easier for new students to be able to mix, interact and network within their first few weeks on campus and in the process build lasting relationships. A big priority is to work with the team to get Gym membership cut down to an affordable fee for all students and the introduction of a quarterly team-building exercise, that all students can partake of at minimal or no cost. Also I found it quick to settle down when I resumed on campus because I sorted out housing needs long before I resumed, however in my interaction with students four-five weeks into the semester, people were still struggling with housing requirements. This is an area I will also like to work with the team to see how we can improve the student experience in subsequent years.

Lastly, I observed in the current year that well into the middle of the semester, there is a significant drop in class attendance at regular lectures largely due to student ill-health caused by difficult adaptability to the weather condition. Hence, I intend to develop campaigns that will support students to kit themselves properly for the Glasgow weather so they can achieve optimal class attendance.

I will ensure to use my role to represent the student body accurately and honestly, and implement an open-door policy for all and sundry if elected.

Rachel Symon

Hi! I’m Rachel and I’m a final year Spanish/Classics student – and I want to represent YOU as the next SRC VP Student Support!

The SRC and I go way back! During my time here, I’ve been involved with lots of different sides to the SRC. I’ve been a Freshers’ Helper twice, including as a deputy team leader this year; I served on the Raising and Giving Committee during the 2018/19 academic year; I have been a class representative for Spanish (also during 2018/19); and I’ve been among the first students to participate in the SRC Ambassadors’ program. This year, I’ve also served on Council as your Disability Equality Officer. During this time, I’ve overseen the expansion of the room finder app to include accessible toilets and I’ve worked with other student bodies to improve food labelling and accessibility of on-campus food for those with dietary requirements. Throughout all of this, I’ve maintained a full-time job, which I feel lends a number of transferrable skills that would translate well to being a well-organised, effective sabbatical officer.

As VPSS I would focus on the following areas:

  • Safety and security

Lobby the University for greater funding for CAPS and the Disability Service.

Continue to promote the SRC Advice Centre as an excellent and under-utilised resource for students.

In light of recent events on campus, lobby for better lighting and visibility on and around campus, including on the ever-tricky Kelvin Way.

  • Inclusivity and equality

Try to widen participation amongst so-called ‘non-traditional’ student groups – these include students who are care-experienced, estranged, parents, mature students or student carers.

Try to expand the Home Student Network to include meets ups to combat social isolation.

Work with the VPSA to bring in mandatory equalities training for all SRC affiliated clubs and societies. This will work to ensure that inclusivity and diversity are priorities for all SRC and affiliated groups.

  • Accessibility and support

Create the ultimate disability guide as well as ensuring the publication of the Coming Out Guide for LGBTQ+ people. Both of these guides, in easily digestible formats, will help signpost student to services they may need, whilst also insuring the remain aware of their rights.

Help support the expansion of the peer support system to ensure that no student is left behind.

Support the continuation of the gender-based violence programs and ensure that the planned Rape Crisis drop ins get off the ground.

Ensure that a sufficient portion of campus redevelopment translates to accessibility, family-friendly study space and reflective space.

This election season, vote for someone with the experience and the follow through to get things done. Vote for someone who has poured her heart into the SRC this year and will continue to do so for as long as you’ll let her. Vote #RachelSForVPSS