How do I re-affiliate my society?

The process for clubs and societies wishing to affiliate to the SRC is changing in session 2017/18.

The process for clubs and societies wishing to affiliate to the SRC is changing in session 2017/18.

From now on societies will require a minimum of 15 members to be eligible to affiliate to the SRC.

The induction for all clubs and societies will now be a compulsory part of SRC affiliation and you will be expected to ensure that your main office bearers (minimum of two) and potential minibus drivers attend the induction in order to maintain your affiliation.

A club/society should have:

  • A minimum of 3 office bearers
  • All committee members must be current students of the university
  • A minimum of 15 members
  • Have no more than 20% non-student members
  • Not be affiliated with GUSA
  • Do not replicate the remit of an existing club or society. A club or society must be able to clearly demonstrate its specific purpose and identity, and for this to be different from any other pre-existing club or society. Clubs which promote short-term or very specific causes are not generally affiliated by the SRC.
  • Sports Clubs would be ineligible to apply for SRC grants but would be able to book rooms and the SRC minibus to support their activities.


Societies that are continuing their affiliation from 2016/17 will be able to affiliate under a streamlined system if their constitution has not changed since their previously submitted constitution and they submit the following documentation:

  • A completed SRC affiliation form for 2017/18.
  • A completed membership list with student numbers.
  • A completed constitutional statement.
  • A completed Equalities statement.

Forms for SRC affiliation are available to download here: SRC Affiliation Pack 2017/18

You can also download our new membership list format that we would request all clubs and societies complete with details of their office-bearers and membership. Keeping membership lists and office-bearer details current ensures that instances such as booking the SRC minibus or claiming SRC grants are able to proceed efficiently.

To return the membership list please send it with your club/society name as the title with the suffix 2017/18 to when submitting your affiliation forms at the SRC Welcome Point. You could also need to bring a paper copy of the membership list with members names in alphabetical order when handing in your affiliation forms to the Welcome Point.