Autumn 2017 Manifestos

Positions and Candidates

Here are the manifestos for the accepted candidates in the Autumn 2017 Elections

If you’re unsatisfied with the promises and rhetoric contained in each candidates’ wonderful prose, you’ll luckily have the chance to grill them in person at the hustings meeting:

Hustings – 6.30pm, 11th October, Room 201, McIntyre Building

The voting takes place between 9am to 5pm Thursday 12th October. Vote online at

Results – 12th October, around 6.30pm, Room 201, McIntyre Building


Choose a candidate below to see the manifesto:

Ayza Bawany

Hi! I am Ayza and from Pakistan to study Postgraduate Psychology. Other than get a degree, I am here to see whether I can survive the cold winters of Glasgow; since from where I come from, we shiver at 30 degrees. I am serious.

But why am I telling you that? So that if someday you find your student rep frozen somewhere in the campus while facilitating you and fighting for you, you would want to know that she tried her best!

Yes! I am standing for the position of First Year Student Rep with the determination to raise your concerns and facilitate you in your student journey. As a psychology student, you can expect me to be a great listener and conflict resolver! A class representative of MSc. psychological studies, I am now hoping to be the voice of the entire first year student body across all schools. Also, as a keen advocate of meditation and spirituality, I am also enthusiastic to work for the opening of more prayer and meditation spaces in the campus for the combined benefit of us all.

I am excited to be your voice and I believe that together we can achieve!

Patrick Aasen

My name is Patrick, or Paddy, I come from Switzerland and I study politics.

Four years ago I went on an adventure and spent an exchange year in Norway. After that I started volunteering for my exchange organisation which gave me the opportunity to take part in organisational, motivational and teamwork trainings in Denmark, Serbia and Romania with people from all over Europe. Meanwhile, I was politically active and was elected regional president of my local youth party of choice. After finishing high school last year, I served in the Swiss army as conscription is mandatory. I took this chance to become a Quarter Master Sergeant (basically an accountant).

I feel truly lucky to have been on so many adventures already. As first year representative I want to use the experiences I’ve collected and the skills I’ve learned to help others and enhance the university experience for everyone.

First year isn’t always easy. I want to be available for any issues ranging from accommodation to MyCampus and anything in between, so that they will be carried into the SRC and something will be done about them. Or come to me if you just need some advice. I’ll be your guy.

Matej Ballaty

Hi, I’m Matěj (Matthew, if you aren’t sure what the little hook means), a debater from the Czech Republic experiencing my fabulous first weeks at Glasgow. But not everything here is as magical as the Hogwarts-ish architecture. I’m running for first year representative to change that, concentrating on a few main topics:

  • Mental health. Students coming to a stressful new environment might need a safety net. Even though ‘support and wellbeing’ is a SRC strategic goal, student-led services are unknown and university counselling is overbooked. We will spread the word on campus and push the agenda in SRC.
  • Class representatives. Honestly, what do you know about them, and how did you choose them? The SRC should take on itself comprehensively informing the students and standardizing the election process.
  • Work opportunities and Volunteering. With an overflowing email and no idea where to look, you (like me) could appreciate a single concise newsletter, filtering out offers for first years from the SRC Jobshop and Volunteer service, Career Service and the Internship Hub.

But you know, those are my ideas. I’m open to any of your comments, so email me whenever you feel the need:

Thanks for reading!

John Hardy

Hello, I am John Hardy, a non-binary student running for Gender & Sexuality Diversity Officer this Autumn. I feel I have a distinct perspective on how the University can continue to improve gender relations; my key aims are:

  • Address the stigma of male mental illness. I intend to liase with CAPS to run an informative campaign targeting young men. Further I would work with the Sports Association (GUSA) to communicate with predominantly male teams, where the risk of mental illness can be higher.
  • Sanitary products should be available across campus, preferably free or sold at cost.It is unnecessary that if someone’s period starts, they have to go off campus to buy sanitary products when there could be sources on campus.
  • Improve awareness of the importance of preferred pronouns. I would approach this with a poster campaign in heavily trafficked areas and eventually introducing pronouns to the next iteration of Student Cards.
  • Improve accessibility to gender-neutral bathrooms by introducing more and improving the existing bathroom’s signposting. I would advocate that the University eventually scrap gendered bathrooms entirely and introduce a more inclusive scheme of informing people whether the bathroom contains both stalls & urinals, or only stalls.


Sophia Garkov

Hi! I’m Sophia Garkov, a 4th year psychology student running for Gender Equality Officer. Student welfare has been important to me since I started university, through my involvement in the GU Nightline, working as a class representative, and volunteering as an SRC Freshers’ Helper.  I would now like to apply the skills I have learned in these roles to advance gender equality on campus. Gender equality issues affect all of us, and I hope to reach every student by making these changes:

  • Increase awareness of gender stereotypes and expectations that lead to social pressures and mental health issues, and develop ways to combat them
  • Continue to support transgender and non-binary students by increasing gender neutral spaces on campus and ensuring respect for the Pronoun Pledge
  • Promote and offer all students access to ‘Let’s talk about sexual violence’ and Equality and Diversity training
  • Conduct regular open gatherings where students, staff, clubs/societies can seek advice about gender equality concerns
  • Include more inspiring stories of current and historic accomplished females during International Women’s Week
  • Work with university bodies to reach goals set by the Gender Action Plan

Thanks for reading, hope you will support me in achieving greater gender equality on campus

Jo Cardwell

Hi, I’m Jo, a third year history and politics student and I’m running for the position of Gender Equality Officer. I’m currently on the committee of GU Amnesty International for the second year, and I have been a fresher’s helper for the SRC for the past 2 years, this year as a deputy. My manifesto is as follows:

  • More transparency about the university’s gender equality policies that are in place currently
  • Continue the great work by Let’s Talk and the SRC on sexual violence prevention training, and working with societies on campus to create a streamlined system where they’re regularly asked for their thoughts on how to improve gender equality on campus
  • Create a centralised point at which student can access all the information on services available to them and provide feedback to the university about what can be improved on campus regarding gender issues, with the aim to increase awareness of what to do if they have any issues with sexism, sexual assault or other gender based issues on campus using social media and advertising around the university

Thanks for reading!


Helen Elizabeth Moran

Hi I’m Helen and I am a second year History and Sociology student who is passionate about making our university a better place for all. Throughout my term I would strive to help those from communities who are often underrepresented, such as LGBTQ+ students, women, disabled students and BAME students. If elected I will campaign for gender neutral bathrooms across campus, and especially in the campus redevelopment, to ensure all members can feel comfortable across the entirety of campus. I will also advocate for more microwaves in Fraser building and perhaps in other areas of university to make it easier for all of us to eat healthily. I am passionate about the environment, and would look for every opportunity to improve the ‘greenness’ of campus, for example through improved access to recycling points and smart use of heating across campus. Another area I think the SRC could help with is access to sanitary products, so that those of us who use them can access them easily and hopefully freely across campus. If this sounds good to you, Vote Helen for General Representative!

 Xavier Weiss

A vote for Xavier results in the following behaviour:

The SRC will host the interdisciplinary fayre in January.

o Researchers from every school will be invited to stalls, talks and demonstrations to enable students discover the wealth of research unfolding behind the scenes at UofG.

A Music Station will be setup on Library Hill

o A simple weather-protected spot for street artists and students to come in and bring life to

University Avenue

Feedback groups will replace surveys

o Inspired by last year’s symposiums, small focus groups will provide valuable insight into student- related issues.

Hall crawls will continue

o SRC student staff drop by student halls to engage them with SRC services and opportunities.

In order to implement these projects, I have previously familiarized myself with the SRC structure as First Year Representative. There I setup the hall crawl framework, pushed for lecture recording and supported numerous council projects. In addition, based on my time as curator of a TEDx event in high-school and juggling 14+ societies last year, I am well-organized and pragmatic. Therefore, if these ideas resonate with you, I might just be the right choice for you too 🙂

 Lara De Mets

Hello, my name is Lara De Mets and I’m a second year Law and Politics student. I care about the student experience at Glasgow and I want to represent students on key issues and genuinely make a difference. That is why I want to be your General Representative.

I loved my first year of university. I got involved a number of clubs and societies, including the board of the International Society, I represented the university at a debate for the European Parliament in Milan and I was a Freshers’ Helper for the SRC. These experiences made me aware of the opportunities the university has to offer, but also opened my eyes to its issues concerning students.

If elected, I will:

  • Focus on Brexit and students. I will organize drop-in Brexit advice surgeries for EU students uncertain about their future and I will lobby on other Brexit issues, like Erasmus.
  • Increase study spaces and computer availability through cooperation with local libraries
  • Emphasize safety, accessibility and education quality during the campus redevelopment

I have so many ideas and as a General Representative, I would strive for change and make sure that your views are heard.


Maryam Abbas

Hello! My name is Maryam and I am a 5th year dental student. So, yes… I’ve been here a while! I want to leave university having made an impact and contributed towards the betterment of this already epic establishment, and I believe the role of general representative will pave the way for this. The University of Glasgow is awesome. And there is scope for even more awesomeness.

I appreciate that taking on such a responsibility can be taxing, but I feel equipped for the challenge, due to my years of experience in student societies and organisations out with university. These include leadership roles, secretarial duties and marketing and PR.

If I was elected, my aims are:

-To promote the use of a variety of innovative, interactive teaching methods

-Support the implementation of multiple reflective quiet spaces around campus

-Be approachable and accessible, and to represent the views of all students

-Champion for equality and diversity in all areas

-Highlight humanitarian crises worldwide and support affected fellow students

…to name a few. So, that’s what I want to do, but I want to hear what YOU want. I’m all ears.

Thank you and good luck to all the candidates!

 Thomas McFerran

Hello there, I am Thomas McFerran, and I want to be your next general representative.  In the two years I’ve been at the University of Glasgow, I have grown to love everything the university has to offer.  However, it is always clear that there are changes needing to be made. Some of the changes I would help enact include:

  • I would like to help the ongoing campaign to increase in lecture recording, as there are times when students with disabilities and those suffering mental health issues cannot physically make it, and the expectation that the lecture slides will do is not enough
  • I would like to see more cross campus fundraising events between the unions, as I feel it would be a good way to get the whole university involved
  • I would coordinate closely with college convenors to see where the fees are being spent, as there are too many hidden costs and fees for items such as lab manuals and compulsory trips while students pay up to £25000 per annum

At the core of any university is the student body, and I am the right candidate to give you a voice.  Vote #1 Thomas McFerran!

 Ryan O’Fee

The funding offered by this university to our student bodies has not been increased in years, despite the significant increase of the student population. Our combined student bodies currently receive funding around one third of what Edinburgh University offers their union and sports association.

Instead of increasing our student bodies’ block grant, the university has opted to cut the funding of the GUU and QMU, transferring the savings to the SRC. This has helped keep our student bodies divided, fighting amongst themselves instead of uniting and offering the university a genuine challenge. The SRC – its purpose being to represent the whole student body not merely individuals affiliated with the SRC – must make the hard choice of admitting this is an unfair situation, and begin working with the other unions to receive a proper increase in our funding across the board.

Glasgow University recently started a marketing campaign promoting #TeamUofG. It is time that the university demonstrated that it too is part of this team, and provide our student bodies with a reasonable level of funding. Glasgow students are worth more than 1/3 an Edinburgh student.

Jen McKeown

Hi, my name is Jen and I would love to be your General Representative!

I’m currently studying the Diploma in Legal Practice, having graduated in Law this summer. I’ve been a Glasgow student for five years and I know how important our time at university is. I have loved going along to the unions, getting involved in societies and – most of all – being a SRC Freshers’ Helper. Having witnessed just how hard the SRC work for students, I would love to get involved.

As your General Representative I would look to:

  • Promote the importance of mental health treatment and awareness. Reducing the current waiting time for psychological services is an absolute priority.
  • Work with LGBTQ+ to promote and circulate their excellent workshops on a multitude of issues around campus.
  • Most importantly, I would make myself available to hear any and all concerns/ideas that you would like to be relayed to council.

I will work tirelessly to implement the content of this manifesto, and I’m excited to hear the changes you would like to see. I hope you can see that I’m right for the job and can be trusted to represent you. Thank you! Also, #Jen4Gen!

Alex Farren

Hey, my name is Alex and I’m a second year studying physics looking to represent you as a general representative. I didn’t know much about the SRC before being a Fresher Helper this year, and that is what I would most like to change for other students who were like me and don’t know what the SRC can do for them. As a fresher helper I was very active and sociable through my week and feel I now have knowledge of the SRC that I want to share with you.

As a member of many clubs around uni I can represent many different groups of people and feel confident I can make sure I will be a good point of contact for anyone. I think the SRC can seem reactionary and I think it would be good for more social events to be held throughout the year. I think I am the best candidate to represent you and would continue the good work of the SRC! Please remember to vote!

Marco She

Hello, my name’s Marco She and I’m a fourth year Politics student. I’m from Hong Kong and started studying in the UK when I was 15. I’ve also spent a year at Glasgow International College.

Why vote for me?

  • Being a SRC Freshers’ Helper for the past two year (one as Deputy Leader) provided me an insight of how the SRC functions and allowed me to understand the commitment needed to improve student welfare and equality.
  • As a committee member of both the Politics Society and European Society, I’ve proved I’m capable of organising large-scale events for students to socialise while engaging academically.

Aims and Objectives

  • Offer extra help to Ordinary Degree students and seek information on the recognition and legitimacy of the degree to employers globally
  • Start a campaign to donate unsold food from university caters to local soup kitchens
  • Make crucial information about the SRC and university more accessible, especially for students who don’t stay at university halls or missed the Freshers’ Week
  • Create a live chat with advisers on the SRC website during working hours
  • Arrange talks for international graduates-to-be on the prospects of working in the UK

Please vote Marco She #1 Gen Rep #ShesTheOne

David George Peter Guthrie

Hello!  I’m David Guthrie, a fifth year Mechanical Engineering student and I want to represent you as your General Representative.

I previously held the position of General Representative in 2015, prior to undertaking a year abroad, and I have been an SRC freshers’ helper for two years.  My involvement with council and my experience at a different university has given me an understanding of what works well, and I will be capable of hitting the ground running this year.

As an active member of GUSWPC and a regular in the unions, I have an enthusiasm and understanding of campus life that makes me approachable and committed to improving the student experience for everyone.

I promise to:

  • ACCESSIBILITY: Improve accessibility and transparency for students with the SRC by creating and managing a social media front page to assist and direct student enquiries.
  • VISIBILITY: Make a concerted effort to bring the SRC to the student body, rather than waiting for them to come to us, proactively highlighting our campaigns, facilities and events through face-to-face interaction.
  • CROSS-CAMPUS RELATIONS: passionately work to develop cross-campus charitable activities as greater things are always achievable when we all work together.

Thanks for reading!  Please VOTE GUTHRIE #1




Flynn Gewirtz-O’Reilly

I’m a PhD Statistics student, in my 6th year at the Glasgow and last year sat on council as the Postgraduate Taught Convener.

More than half of PhD students experience symptoms of psychological distress and have a much higher risk of developing mental health problems, when compared to other students, lecturers and the general population. I will aim to expand the mental health first aid course, that was successfully piloted in the school of MVLS, so that it is available as an accredited course to all PhD students.

In its current state, postgraduate welcome fortnight excludes PGRs, as most don’t start until the week afterwards. Moving the fortnight forwards would allow more PGRs to attend the events, and would help address issues of isolation that many PGRs experience.

Furthermore, I will:

  • Focus on improving interaction between the university and the PGR community
  • Look at the feasibility of electronic submissions for thesis drafts, this is in line with the university’s sustainability goals and will save students money for printing
  • Improve signposting for PGRs that are struggling with their mental health, or having issues with their advisors
  • Ensure that PGRs have a voice that represents them at the highest levels of university.


Chris Holdsworth

Hello, I’m Chris and I would like to be your Postgraduate Convenor for the College of Science and Engineering this year. I am studying for a MSc by research in Earth Sciences after spending 4 years studying for my BSc here at Glasgow.

Last year I was the SRC Environmental Officer on council, liaising with a variety of student and staff organisations and assisting council members with a variety of academic, welfare and student activity initiatives.

As your college convenor I will:

  1. Ensure that the needs and concerns of both taught and research postgraduates are equally heard.
  2. Work with the college to improve our research impact and outreach in partnership with the University’s social media channels and the Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) ambassadors scheme.
  3. Continue to work with the other postgraduate representatives, club and societies, and the rest of council to increase the inclusivity of social events for postgraduates.
  4. Ensure school and class representatives have a clear and regular line of communication with myself, council and university administration.
  5. Work closely with the undergraduate convenor on college issues that undergraduates and postgraduates share.

Vote Chris for the Postgraduate College of Science and Engineering Convenor!

Rabeeah Habib

“The true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers” – William Deresiewicz

Hi! My name is Rabeeah and I’m a 1st Year PhD student (Mechanical Engineering). So, yes..admittedly, I’m a fresher on campus; but… with an aspiration to manufacture constructive change.

(UofG) Science and Engineering College is epic! and there is room for even more epic-ness!!. For that reason, I wish to kick-off my degree by working towards the advancement of this grand institution, and I trust the role of Postgraduate Science and Engineering Convenor will help aid such a development.

If I was elected, I aim to:

  • To promote the 3 core area combination
    • Theoretical study
    • Practical Experience
    • Social Life
  • Raise the issue of travelling long distance between lectures without time provision for transition
  • Represent views of all students
  • Help Postgraduate students settle in
  • Be an advocate for equality and diversity in all areas

I believe my 5 years of experience in student societies and a decade long experience in organisations out with the University in numerous roles makes me the perfect candidate for this position.

Thank you and good luck to all candidates!

P.s. #Vote4Rabeeah

Steph Neubauer

Hello everyone! I’m Steph, a postgraduate student of Software Development. I just moved to Glasgow for university. Before that I was in Germany studying “Sensors and cognitive psychology”. I was already a student representative at my old university, where I tried to make the communication between the higher ranks of the university and the students as smooth, effortless and efficient as possible. So, while I am new to Glasgow, I am not new to university politics.
I am passionate about being part of a student council, because I think it is important to ensure that everyone has equal rights and is heard. Additionally, I think it is important for students to get informed of what is happening in the organizations of their university. In a position like a convenor I can ensure for that to happen, as well as influence those processes myself.

If elected I will:

  • Ensure to inform the student body of everything that is going on in an open and honest way.
  • Give everyone the possibility to contact me to ensure contact between myself and students, so that issues and ideas can be brought forward
  • Champion the development of collaborations between postgraduate students

Suraj Chepyala

Hi, my name is Suraj Chepyala, currently doing my MSc in Astrophysics. I believe I am an ideal fit for the post-grad convenor of science and engineering because my past involvement with student governments helped me cultivate the necessary skills to liaison between our student electorate and the governing management.

 What separates my work ethic among others is that through my years in STEM, I have developed a respect toward objectivity. Be it a scientific, political or an organisational situation, I tend to subside my confirmation bias and personal thoughts to provide a liberal light toward the needs of the many.

 Once elected, in addition to academic grievances, I plan on focusing on improving the experience of a typical post-graduate. This vision includes but is not limited to promoting access to unions, clubs, labs, study spaces and invites to social meetings via our student societies to give you a taste of what the University offers. I want to work with the SRC to implement all potential solutions. Finally, based on what the cohort requires, I will strive to work with the respective school to implement it at the earliest wherever feasible. Thank you for your consideration.

Suraj Chepyala



Juan Carlos Cisneros

My name is Juan Carlos Cisneros and I’m an Environmental Engineer from Guayaquil, Ecuador, currently part of the MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development. I firmly believe in the power individuals have to create lasting social challenges. As such, I was involved for four years in pro-liberty student activism as part of the Spanish-speaking America’s Students for Liberty (EsLibertad). Starting as a Local Coordinator in 2014, I was chosen to become part of EsLibertad’s Executive Board for two consecutive periods (2015-2017), working with Latin American leaders developing regional projects. Additionally, I served as Regional Director for El Salvador, Puerto Rico (2015) and Ecuador (2016), working with local leaders in various activities promoting economic, academic and social freedom. I believe my experience would me make an ideal choice as PG Social Science Convenor. If I elected, I would aim to:

  • Actively communicate with my colleagues identifying the needs for Postgraduate students and working closely with the council to develop activities aimed to meet them;
  • Promote, develop and collaborate with initiatives and practices promoting environmental sustainability on-campus, and,
  • Collaborate with activities promoting and showcasing the diversity of University of Glasgow students.

Mhairi Harris

Hello! I’m Mhairi and I am currently studying my Postgraduate in Media, Communications and International Journalism!

What Experience Can I Offer?

  • Three years of sitting on the SRC. Past SRC executive sabbatical Vice-President for Student Activities, General Representative and Charities Clubs and Societies Officer.
  • Prior experience with University Senate, regularly working alongside senior management of the university.
  • Previous experience as a Class Representative and Class Representative trainer. I understand how to process student feedback.

What Will I Do?

  • Be an ACTIVE Postgraduate voice. I’m not someone who will sit there quietly. Too often this role is filled by someone who does not fulfill their responsibilities or simply does not show up.
  • Address the current enrollment issues within Social Sciences; make sure students are  addressed as individuals, not just a number.
  • More postgraduate orientated events. It’s easy for postgraduate students to feel isolated and I want to make sure that this is not the case. I’m an event organiser by heart and I will make sure postgraduates feel part of this community.

I hope you agree that I’m the most qualified for this role and will successfully jump into it from day one. Vote Mhairi #1 for Postgraduate Social Science Convenor!

Marwa Ebrahim

Vote for Marwa! Vote for Positive Change!


 My name is Marwa and I am an international Postgraduate Management & Design student.


Living in different countries, I was exposed to different people, cultures, languages and traditions, and gained an appreciation of cultural differences. Diversity has long been a part of my world, and I believe that this valuable life experience, as well as speaking three languages, will allow me to effectively connect and communicate with the University of Glasgow’s diverse student body.


Over the last year, I repeatedly worked with Glasgow’s Woodside Community Council to aid communication and community engagement, giving me real life experience of community engagement projects.


Over the next year, I pledge to:


·       Effectively represent and empower students by listening to them, actively resolving their concerns, and carrying the student voice towards positive change. I aim to be the first point of contact for ALL students and can be easily contacted through email or a Facebook page.


·       Create better relationships between students and the SRC and enhance student engagement by organizing regular events and workshops where students can voice their concerns, views, and innovative ideas to make positive change happen!



Vote for Marwa! Vote for Positive change! 

Ting Ting Wei

I am a postgraduate student from ASBS and my major is management. My name is Tingting Wei. I have 4 years working experience before I came to study in Glasgow last year. My friend and I set up our own business in China and my job was maintained the company’s daily operation, for instance, contacted to the suppliers or other related stuffs and so on. Since the company is very small I was responsible for almost all the business except for meeting the client. Moreover, I worked as a volunteer teacher in the mountain area in China this summer. I was not only a teacher but also a convenor there. Therefore, I think I have related experience to apply for the positon of Postgraduate Social Science Convenor for SRC. Actually, I think the SRC’s activities may break away from the normal students because before I apply for the convenor positon of SRC, I heard little about SRC’s activities. It should be better for SRC to hold more activities to let more students to get involve in. I will do my best to fulfill my duty in order to make the SRC to work more efficiency if I am elected.





Alfie Mackie

My name is Alfie. I’m in my fourth year as an Earth Science student, and I am running to be your School Rep because I believe I can implement real change within the department.

  1. My main priority if elected is to tackle active wealth discrimination within the department, and explore all avenues into securing partial/complete funding for fieldwork, to alleviate the unfair, sharp costs of compulsory credit-bearing fieldwork imposed on us.
  • Having contacted and heard back from almost every other Russell Group university, we are one of the only departments that provide no direct funding for fieldwork, particularly 3rd and 4th year residential fieldwork, which can often cost over £700 altogether.
  • As a top university in the UK, and the 6th highest in terms of financial endowments, it is unjust to effectively exclude low-income students from pursuing degrees within our School – World Changers (With Enough Money) Welcome, would be a more appropriate UofG slogan.
  1. I also want to tackle course structures and deadline numbers within our School, the excess of which has led to students developing severe stress/mental illness. No student should become unwell due to workload.

Help me hold our School to account, vote Alfie #1.

Scott Kirby

Hello there!

I’m Scott and I would love to be your School of Geographical & Earth Science rep for this year!

I have been in this department for 4 years now (about to undertake a masters), and having studied Geography and Earth Science, and been GUESS President during my university career I now know of a multitude of issues that reoccur yearly. I feel I have enough experience and knowledge of how the school and the SRC works to be an enactor of positive change which is why I personally want to take these issues.

Should you elect me as your School Rep I’ll address:

  • FIELD TRIPS! – This has been a big issue recently. Field trip fees are excessive especially in ES, so I will open up a new dialogue with the school to address the issue. Furthermore I will work with the school to try find a new industrial sponsor to reduce field trip costs for students.
  • FEEDBACK! – I will set a firmer, stricter standard for feedback and email turnaround times.
  • DISSERTATION SUPERVISION! – I will ensure all students receive a better, more equal level of dissertation supervision during final year.

For tangible change, Vote Scott for #1 School Rep!

Humza Abdul Rahman


I’m Humza Rahman a 3rd year Earth Science student and I would love to have your vote to become the next Geographical and Earth sciences school representative on the SRC council.

As a member of the SRC council for the school of Geographical and Earth science I aim to:

Use my experience in other societies to develop a solid foundation between staff, G.U.E.S.S members, class reps and the SRC council. The purpose of this is to ensure all parties are on the same level and have a clear understanding of the issues which students are having.

Help prepare students for a career as a geologist by arranging guest seminars and lectures on the different industries geologistscan work in. This aims to resolve the issue that students often don’t know the full extent of things they can do with their degree. The objective of the seminars and lectures is to prepare students for life after graduation by having multiple geologists share their career experiences and success stories.

If elected I intend to do my upmost ability to successfully represent my colleagues in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences.



Bethan Hall-Jones

Hi, I’m Bethan! I am a second year Physics with Astrophysics student and would love the opportunity to represent the school of Physics and Astronomy at the SRC. Although only in my second year of Physics and Astrophysics, I am in my 3rd year at Glasgow and have been a SRC Fresher’s helper for the past two years. This has given me valuable experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the SRC, and has helped me to appreciate how important it is for all students.

I am friendly and approachable which will help me to actively engage with students in all years to ensure that everyone has their voice heard. My aims for the year would be to:

  • Meet regularly with class reps to discuss any issues raised in class.
  • Address the concerns of all students at the highest level possible; I will also push for greater communication between students, the SRC and lecturers to quickly resolve any problems.
  • To promote the SRC within the school so there is always a representative for the school on council.
  • Clear communication within astronomy lab groups in the first years to make transportation to and from labs easier.

Vicky Ferry

“Hi my name is Vicky Ferry and I’m running to be the Undergraduate College of Arts Convenor.

My experience: I already have a solid understanding of the SRC and what they do through being a freshers’ helper for the SRC for 2 years. I’m actively involved within the SRC and understand its main priorities/aims.

As Undergrad Arts Convenor, I will:

  • Sit down with the Head of the College of Arts and display clearly the SRC’s main priorities for the year which would help improve the student experience
  • Oversee the College of Arts school reps and establish strong links between schools and the SRC.
  • Improve communication between the SRC and class reps, making sure they feel supported and listened to
  • Sit on senate and be a mouthpiece for students concerns
  • Publicise SRC events and the facilities the SRC offers students
  • I won’t be afraid to criticise staff
  • Make sure any problems taken to me will be solved effectively and efficiently

I’m running for this position because I feel I can effectively raise issues to high levels of the university and work with staff to make real change. Please #VoteVicky if you want a strong, dedicated Undergrad Arts Convenor!”