Let’s Talk about Sexual Violence

Student-led programme, in partnership with GUSRC and Rape Crisis Scotland

IMPORTANT: Due to ongoing restrictions these workshops will be online until changes are made to government guidance.

Let’s Talk about Sexual Violence is a student-led programme in partnership with GUSRC and Rape Crisis Scotland.  It is a 90 minute peer-led workshop, covering topics including:

  • The impacts of sexual violence 
  • Survivors’ stories, and ways to build a supportive community 
  • Consent – what it means, what the law says, and practicing it 
  • Bystander Intervention – how to safely and comfortably intervene 
  • Where to find support 

Workshops are free and open for all university students to attend.  

To find out when our next open sessions are and how to sign-up, please keep an eye on GUSRC’s Facebook page.

For more information, please contact workshops@src.gla.ac.uk