Strategic Plan

Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council (GUSRC)’s Strategic Plan for 2015-2020 gives an overview of the longer term strategic aims of the SRC.

GUSRC is delighted to present our third strategic plan.

This plan sets out how we will work over the next five years and highlights some shorter term activities that will help us along that road as well as some success measures. In response to feedback we’ve stripped down the plan removing a lot of additional text and focussing on our key aims. We produce an annual report every year highlighting our progress against our strategy, additional information on our work can be gathered from these reports through our website at

Representing the interests of students is the core of our existence. We have a long, proud history of campaigning, influencing and working in partnership to bring positive change to the lives of students at the University. The process of developing the plan has encouraged us to reflect, not only on what we do, but what we stand for. We’ve therefore developed a set of values and included them in our strategy. These values are like horizontal themes which cut across all areas of our activity as well as defining our organisational culture and approach.

Where relevant, this plan aligns with the University of Glasgow’s own strategy document: “Inspiring People – Changing the World 2015-2020”, whilst also reflecting a natural evolution of GUSRC strategies past. During the period of this plan the University is likely to undergo some of the most significant changes in its long and proud history. GUSRC welcomes the opportunity to be part of it.

The Strategic Plan 2015-2020 can be viewed below, at, or can be downloaded as a PDF: GUSRC Strategic Plan 2015-2020. Hard copies of the Strategic Plan can be collected from the John McIntyre Building.