Club FAQs

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions about clubs and societies including how to affiliate and how to obtain grants.

Contact the SRC about clubs and societies

What are clubs and societies

University is about much more than going to class and studying for exams. Becoming a member of one of the 200+ SRC affiliated clubs and societies will guarantee that you gain more than just a degree during your time at Glasgow University. Getting involved is easy when students at the University make you feel welcome through any activity, whether you’re an old pro or completely new to the whole thing. Getting involved is a great way to make new friends — and boost your C.V.

During Freshers’ Week, most students visit the Freshers’ Fair, where there are stalls representing the SRC affiliated clubs and societies available here at University of Glasgow.

SRC Clubs and Societies are supported in various ways throughout the year. They receive free hire of the SRC minibus (on weekends) and free use of the Williams Room for meetings and other activities. In addition, the SRC works in partnership with a number of Clubs and Societies to ensure that students enjoy themselves and make the most of their time on campus at Glasgow University.

Many students sign up to become members of a variety of clubs and societies during their University days. It is an excellent way to meet people who share a similar interest and to participate in fun-filled events and trips. It’s up to you how much time you devote and how involved you become.

What’s this about a clubs and societies induction?

Office Bearers from all affiliated clubs and societies must attend an induction session. At the session we will cover topics such as Room Hire, Minibus Hire, and Grant Applications. This also provides an opportunity for clubs and societies to meet with the Council and ask any questions with regards to running a club. Induction meetings will be held in the Williams Room.

If you do not attend the induction you will not be able to hire rooms or minibuses.

Induction dates 2016/17

Unless otherwise stated, all inductions take place at 1pm in the Williams Room, McIntyre Building.

  • 3rd October 2016
  • 19th October 2016
  • 7th November 2016
  • 21st November 2016
  • 12th December 2016
  • 11th January 2017
  • 6th February 2017
  • 27th February 2017
  • 20th March 2017
  • 3rd April 2017
  • 24th April 2017
  • 15th May 2017 – Gilchrist Seminar Room
  • 5th June 2017 – SRC Council Offices
  • 26th June 2017
  • 10th July 2017 – Gilchrist Seminar Room

Slides from the induction can be viewed here.

Can affiliated Clubs book rooms in the University?

Yes,  if your club has a generic email address, you can nominate up to three of your office bearers to be eligible to book rooms on behalf of your club through Central Timetabling

The Williams Room is also available to book through GUSRC.  Bookings can be made at the Welcome Point in the John McIntyre Building.  The Williams Room can only be booked by one of your clubs listed office bearers and a £75 deposit is required.  It has  audio visual equipment and can accommodate up to 80 people standing.  Please note that no food or drink is allowed.

For more information on how to book rooms please refer to our Clubs and Societies Handbook.

Do I need a bank account to affiliate?

No. You only need a bank statement if you would like to apply for funding.

How long does it take to affiliate my society to the SRC?

The clubs and societies panel usually meets once every two weeks so once you hand in your forms it won’t be long before you’re affiliated.

What is a grant?

A grant is for events or equipment your club needs a bit of financial help to buy. You can apply for almost anything.

What is not funded by the grant?

Whilst the SRC want to make it as easy as possible for your club to put on great events to attract new members, there are a few thinks we don’t fund:

  • Alcohol
  • Gifts to speakers
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Meals out
  • Committee clothing

We also DO NOT fund anything that has already taken place or been purchased.

What’s the best way to make sure I get the grant I have requested?

When the SRC Clubs and Societies panel review applications for grants we are looking for as much information as possible.

We have a lot of clubs and societies affiliated and it really helps if you give us a little bit of background about your club and the reason for the grant application.

We think it’s really important to see that you have also tried to raise some funds yourself. Raising money is a great way to get your club working together and a great way to market it.

It’s really important that you have shopped around for the best price before you apply.

I’m holding an event over the Summer can I still apply for a grant?

The grant system usually runs from the beginning of October to the middle of June. To make sure that the system is fair and works as well as possible we review and update it each year over the Summer.

Clubs that are awarded grants in July and August for events taking place over the summer period will be unable to claim the funds until after they re-affiliate at the start of semester 1 in September.

I am organising a trip for my club, can I use the mini bus service?

Clubs and societies can hire out the minibuses when they are free, but you do need to book in advance. To book a minibus, two of your members must have sat and passed the SRC minibus test and you must provide a £200 deposit.

How do I sit an SRC minibus Test?

To be eligible to sit an SRC minibus test you must be 21 or over and have had a full UK drivers licence for 2 years.

If you have any points on your licence it is at the discretion of the University Garage as to whether you will be allowed to sit the test.

Tests are usually on a Thursday at 1pm. You need to book in advance at the Welcome Point in the John McIntyre Building and will need to produce your full licence (paper and photo) and your student card. You will also need to complete the necessary insurance forms.

How can I start my own club?

Can’t find a club or society you want to join? It’s easy to start a one. All the forms are downloadable from this page. Just complete them and hand them in at the Welcome Point in the John McIntyre Building.

Where can I find out more information about Clubs & Societies?

If you have any further queries about clubs and societies and their involvement with the SRC, email

I want to join a club. Where can I view all clubs?

To view all affiliated clubs, visit Find a club.

I run a club/society – can I have this recognised with my degree?

HEAR allows 3 committee members (President, Secretary and Treasurer) to have their role in the club/society recognised on their graduation transcript.

If you would like any more information on HEAR, the eligible activities that can be included and how to apply please our HEAR page.

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