Check out our transport pages to find the best and cheapest ways of getting around.

Transport to and from campus, in and around the city, and beyond

If you live nearby Glasgow University then you might be able to walk to most of the places you need to get to in campus.

  • If you are planning to use Public Transport, please see our Public Transport pages.
  • If you are planning on cycling or driving please see our information pages on Private Transport pages.

Getting Around

If you live further out or need to travel around Glasgow or beyond, then please see our public transport information.

If you don’t wish to travel all by yourself, you can apply to Glasgow University journey share service to see if you can find a walking, cycling or driving buddy to go with you.  Or check out the University’s Personal Travel Planning for advice on your travel options to campus.

If you are going on foot, and it is going to be some distance, don’t forget to wear or carry an extra pair of sensible shoes, and use a good quality rucksack to carry heavy loads, rather than flimsy shopping bags.

To find the quickest route and an estimate of how long your journey will take you as a pedestrian or cyclist, you can use Google Maps and click on the ‘Get Directions’ facility on Google Maps.

Glasgow has three main campuses. If you are at Garscube Campus or Dumfries Campus, please see the maps and travel links for those areas here.

General safety at all times

Last but not least, please consider your personal safety, especially if you find yourself out alone or late at night.

Police Scotland has some advice and simple steps to protect yourself, your property and above all keep safe. Police Student Safety, a must-read for students concerned about personal safety in the home and out and about in the city.

You may also find the SRC’s own Health, Safety and Security information useful.

If you are out at night and feel unsafe, but have no money on you to get home, then you can call 0141 429 7070 (Glasgow Taxis) and quote the codes ‘Get Home Safe’ and ‘GU1’. Always be sure to check that the registration on the car matches the one you have received in your message from Glasgow Taxis. Once you arrive home, sign the driver’s receipt and hand over your student card as payment. However, if you do not have your student card on you then inform the operator on the line to contact the University Gatehouse (0141 330 4282) and they will confirm your student status. Wait 24 hours and come and collect your student card from the SRC Welcome Point and pay for your taxi fare.


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