Free Sanitary Products Scheme

Find out where to find free sanitary products at the University of Glasgow!

IMPORTANT: Due to ongoing government restrictions, placement of products around campus is reduced as some buildings are not currently open. If you have suggestions, concerns or questions, reach out to VP Student Support at

The SRC has worked with the University of Glasgow to provide free sanitary products for all University of Glasgow students! Using a grant provided by the Scottish Funding Council we have made this available to help tackle period poverty on campus.

These include traditional branded products, sustainable products and also reusable products from the supplier HeyGirls. HeyGirls was selected as out of all the possible companies making sustainable and reusable products it is the only one to provide a buy one give one scheme to help tackle period poverty in communities.

The reusable products are specifically available in the McIntyre Building from the SRC and also at pop-ups and from staff in both the QMU and GUU buildings.

For the other products they can be found in different bathrooms all across campus and should be available nearby in most buildings.  If you’re struggling to find where the products you can use this graphic map found at this link here which will show both which buildings on campus and which rooms you can find the products.