Autumn 2019

Nominations Close Friday 4th October 4pm, Welcome Point, McIntyre Building
Candidates’ Meeting Wednesday 9th October 1pm, Williams Room, McIntyre Building
Pre-hustings Meeting Monday 14th October 6pm, Room 208, McIntyre Building
Hustings Wednesday 16th October 6pm, Room 201, McIntyre Building
Polling Opens Thursday 17th October at 9am
Polling Closes Thursday 17th October at 5pm
Results Thursday 17th October approx 6:30pm, Room 201, McIntyre Building


Choose a candidate below to see the manifesto:

Andrej Bederka

Hi everyone! My name is Andrej, I study Business & Management, and I’m running for the position of First-Year Representative. Prior to the university, I volunteered at the administrative sector for an orphanage, where my responsibilities included managing over 60 children. With the foundations I acquired, I want to make your first year more enjoyable.

The major concerns that I plan to discuss are:

Moodle – Many first-year students often find themselves lost while trying to find the necessary information.  Whether by creating functions in order to quickly find your subject materials, or simply adding a new dashboard card for recently added items by professors, it shouldn’t be a problem for students to make their way around.

Mental health –  When the dismal times come, contacting the psychologist doesn’t always seem like a necessity. Sometimes, you just need somebody who can relate to you. With respect to this, I firmly believe that I can help you and will be more than happy to talk to you if you need any advice.

I would be glad to become your representative and strive to make your life at the university easier.


Ilse Jansen

Hi, I am Ilse from the Netherlands. I am currently in my first year of Biomedical Engineering, and I will be running for the position of a First Year Representative. Having fulfilled representative jobs before, such as being a residential representative in my previous (boarding) high school, I am experienced with listening to the need of others and making assessments of the necessity for change, and the feasibility of certain ideas.

Through other projects, such as organising an introduction week and the annual sports event within my previous school, I have gained the useful skill to negotiate and liaise with authorities within an institution. Coming from the Netherlands, people have often described me as committed, straight to the point, and not afraid to speak out. These characteristics, combined with a sense of idealism and a fierce sense of justice and honesty make that I consider myself capable of representing the needs of first-year students within the university. Even though I have just started in this university and am therefore not yet very familiar with all the responsibilities and possibilities, I am very keen to explore these in order to improve the student body.

Emma Lindquist

I am sure that all of us Freshers can agree on at least one thing; that coming to university for the first time is overwhelming. As a first year student myself, I know what it feels like and I want to make use of my experiences (and yours) in order to help Freshers in the coming years.

As president for an organisation in my previous school back home in Sweden, I have been in charge of meetings for other students as well as taken part in larger official council meetings. This means that I am more than capable and willing to be part of the SRC and raise any questions or concerns that we, as first year students, may want to raise.

Two examples of such things could be:
– The tiresome and confusing process of enrolling to courses on MyCampus
– The overwhelming and stressful experience of Freshers’ Fair

My name is Emma Lindquist, I am in my first year of an undergraduate degree in English
Literature and I would love to be your First Year Representative.

Calum Macleod

My Name is Calum Macleod I am studying Business, Philosophy and Politics. I am outgoing and always up for a laugh and chat.

I am running for the Student Representative council because I am passionate about getting Students voices and issues Heard, being Dyslexic I have a faced a lot of challenges to be able to come to University. I want to assist people to be able to reach their full potential at University.

I will focus on

Looking into the possibility of reducing class sizes in lectures.

Will work with lecturers to see if it would be possible to arrange lecture notes to be issued before all Lectures.

Work with the University to improve layout of Moodle with student input.

I am Primarily running as I find as a 1st year Student myself and others are unaware of exactly what SRC is and does. So I would like to bring more awareness of What the SRC does.

I also feel I can offer a new perspective and bring my experience I have developed as a youth representative in School with Pupil Voice responsibilities. through corresponding between school management and pupils,  Please give me your support and vote Thank You.

Angela Ng

Hello. I am Angela Weihan Ng who is doing Mathematics, Music and Information studies.

My Promise

  1. Inclusiveness

As year 1s, ‘fun’ is always important. Hence, I will be sure to organise activities for all. Fret not about wanting to sign up for an activity, only to be disappointed by the word ‘full’!

  1. Enact change for Happiness

Trust me, when I say that I value your happiness. I believe everyone should feel happy, despite stressful academic days. I will always be listening to your problems and suggestions.

  1. New Perspectives, Breaking New Grounds

As an international student, I am certain that I will bring new perspectives to the SRC, and understand your struggles. I will represent you with passion, create new experiences for you, and sail the unchartered waters with you.

Past Experiences

2015: Class Vice-Chairperson of Crescent Girls’ School

2015-2016: Coordinator of Crescent Girls’ School Symphonic Band

2017-2018: Student Ambassador of Eunoia Junior College

2018-2019: Founding Committee of Eunoia Junior College Alumni Association

2019: Secretary of Eunoia Junior College Alumni Association

Should you have any questions for me, please do feel free to contact me at Weihan Ng (Angela) on Facebook, or @ng_weihan on Instagram.


Eugene Ritchie

Hi, I’m Eugene, an 18-year-old first year from small town between St Andrews and Dundee. I’m applying to be a First Year Rep in these elections because I feel passionately about providing a voice for first years who otherwise might not be heard.  I have experience as a pupil council member and head boy at my school, so I am used to representing my peers and making sure their concerns are dealt with.

I haven’t been here long enough to fully understand what needs to be done to make things better for first years here at Glasgow, but if elected I will be open to suggestions from all sides of university related issues. I will also ensure that LGBT+, disabled and BAME first year students have someone who will respect their wishes.

I am studying Psychology & Politics as my core subjects. In my third subject Philosophy I am a class rep which should give me more experience for this role. I also have a passion for music, and I would love to either jam with you on piano or guitar, or just fight with you about why my favourite bands are better than yours.

Thank you and please vote!

Ananya Venkatesan

Hey! I’m Ana.

Moving from what you’ve known all your life to something new is an experience that can be daunting.

A representative cannot truly be successful if they cannot perceive, understand, empathize and motivate the students they represent and over the past years, as a member of my school’s student council and head of my school’s MUN, I have learnt a lot about putting those attributes to practice.

Regardless of what subjects we’re studying or where we’re from, the ‘misfit’ feeling is very common and we need to have people to talk to; people we believe will look out for us.

If elected, apart from addressing your concerns directly, I aim to:

  1. Work closely with class reps to improve our classroom experience;
  2. Create a platform for first-years to voice our concerns anonymously; and
  3. Provide opportunities to interact with seniors and get their insight into life at the University of Glasgow.

If there’s one thing I’d like to say it’s this – NEVER be afraid to stand up for yourself for if you don’t like the way things are, if you want change, you need to be that change.

Katarina Zivkovic

Hey! I’m glad that you found the SRC’s website.

My name’s Katarina and I’m a first-year student in the School of Social and Political sciences, with my three subjects being Politics, Social & Public Policy and Business & Management.

Being a first-year student, I relate to the feeling of not knowing what on Earth is going on in the first week that you arrive. You hear about all these different student bodies, clubs and the SRC and probably ask yourself what they have to do with you, or why you should even be interested in the elections?

I want to help the SRC run events specifically catered towards first years to help you gain better insight into ways to get involved. Moreover, I want to set up a forum for questions to facilitate communication between the council and the students we represent.

We all know the hassle of emailing someone with a query, finally receive a response, only to find out that that they have forwarded your email to someone else. Assigning a few common topics to each General and First Year Representative could save all of us a lot of time.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!

Julia Hegele

Hi there! My name is Julia Hegele (she/her), I’m a third year Theatre Studies student and I’d be honored to be your next Gender Equality Officer.
For many years now I’ve been an active participant in the societal battle for gender
equality. As Student Theatre at Glasgow’s Welfare Officer I launched the inaugural
International Women’s Week Festival, a weeklong event containing seminars,
workshops, and a feminist inclusive performance. I currently serve the Global Women’s
Caucus as campaign manager, and I’m proud to have organized the thematic structure
for the organization’s 2020 campaign: The State of the American Woman. Additionally I
have volunteer experience with a plethora of organizations that cater to the health and
well-being of women and non-binary individuals.
Gender is an issue that should not be an issue. I intend on working to enhance the safety
and comfort of those who’s gender identity places them at risk of discrimination or
If elected I’d seek to provide
● Accesible support for non-binary and trans individuals
● Destigmatized menstrual care and products
● Regular roundtable seminars for feminist societies on campus
● Mandated sexual violence training for the board of any affiliated society
See you at the polls!

Kal Aryal

My name is Kalyan Aryal, i am originally from Nepal a country known for its friendly & peaceful citizens, mountains and monuments. I am currently studying Immunology(Bsc) at the university and im standing in election for General Representative in the Student Representative Council (SRC).

As General Representative I will stand to
● Help societies overcome funding difficulties
● End marketisation of education
● Drive to sustain Post-Study Work Visa for international students
● I will work closely with the university and unions to stand against oppression that
individuals receive because of their identity

I believe I am worth your vote as i am easy to approach and I am sure that my fellow students at the university would be able to discuss any problems or difficulties they are facing. I would like this opportunity as it would allow me the chance to enhance and develop skills like leadership and being able to listen to different individuals.

Avantika Bhardwaj

Hi! I’m Avantika and I’m so excited for this opportunity to represent YOU!

I’m a Master’s student and I’m looking forward to exploring Glasgow. Having lived in India, USA, Jamaica, and South Africa, my experiences have brought out my friendly nature, desire to push the boundaries, learn new things, and value diversity and teamwork!

If elected, my aims would be to:

  • Support you! Your ideas and concerns will be at the top of my list.
  • Work to establish a Mentor Program which will unite students (new, current, and alumni) providing one-on-one support towards achieving academic goals, adjusting to a new environment, participating in various activities, and being there for each other.
  • Work to establish a Skill Connect program with networking events to share skills like music, dance, cooking, photography, sport, and much more!
  • Create an online Marketplace for buying and selling items.
  • Work to establish a student Ride Connect for joint travel, saving personal costs, and contributing towards a greener planet.

If elected, I am committed to working for and with you. We are #TeamUofG. Together, we dream. Together, we achieve.

I would love to connect with you! Please feel free to contact me at

And remember, vote Avantika!

Anastasiia Korosteleva

Hello, my name is Anastasiia and I am running for the position of SRC General Representative! The main reason for doing so is because I truly believe that every opinion matters and want to make sure that the voice of each one of you is heard!

Why should you vote for me?
• I am a Russian myself, however throughout the past two years I got really well integrated into the local life of Glasgow. This allows me to represent the interests of both, international and local students.
• Being an SRC freshers helper as well as a class representative made me understand how the council functions. I hope this, together with my skills gained through volunteering, TEDx Society and collaborative work with staff on the last years will help me improve your everyday University experience.

Which changes do I want to bring into the University life?
• Make sure that students can access their marked exam papers, rather than just
receive a grade without any feedback.
• Encourage different departments to record lectures and use audio recording, as a
solution for the classes that do not have video recording equipment installed yet.
• Increase awareness of all the SRC services available

Luke McBlain

Hello, my name is Luke McBlain and I’m a 2nd year Vet Student. I am running for the position of General Representative in the SRC.

I have been involved in lots of committees before, from fundraising to social and sports. I am currently the Association of Veterinary Students junior representative for our university.

This year I got an insight into the work the SRC do by being a Freshers Helper. This opportunity gave me understanding of the running of the SRC and the support they can give. This is one of the reasons I want to be a part of the work they do.

My main goals are:
• Ensure the SRC do everything they can to help tackle climate change and make
sure the University makes suitable changes to tackle it.
• Try and engage as many students as possible by opening up ‘Mind Your Mate’
Training sessions to increase mental health awareness.
• Campaign for sexual health testing drop in sessions on University campus
• Work to provide events monthly to prevent home students feeling isolated.
• Ensure Garscube and Dumfries students have more opportunities to get
integrated into main campus.
When polling day comes, Don’t just LOOK, vote LUKE!

Alejandro Serrano

  1. Safeguarding the mental well-being of students. Offer psychological interventions packages such as CBT and Mindfulness to students, in order to improve mental health and well-being outcomes. Provide protective as well as preventative measures to students, who will at some point in their university careers, need to provide support and action for those experiencing mental health problems.
  2. Put learning the language of mental health at the heart of education. Teaching courses to students on how to learn the way in which we need to discuss mental health, freely and openly. How to approach those experiencing mental health problems, and provide support.
  3. Empowering Students to Take the I Speak Mental Health Pledge. Creating a mental health pledge which educates and motivates students to assume the responsibility of World Savers by helping those experiencing mental health problems.
  4. Establishing Student Interdisciplinary Research Journal. Create a journal for students to work together between disciplines and publish original research, educating on how to solve global challenges and preparing for careers in research.
  5. Incorporating Student Entrepreneurship Into Campus Development. Ensuring campus re-development creates rentable spaces for students with commercial projects to use for their businesses.

Basel Shehabi

Hi Everyone! My name is Basel, currently on my 5th year, and I more or less understand the operation of the SRC having been previously involved both as a council member and a fresher’s helper last year. I have also been involved with many clubs and societies throughout my time as a student, thus giving me an understanding of what one might face. Hence as a general representative I would:

  • Hold drop-in sessions or hosting focus groups for all students to raise their concerns on any burning issues that may arise, as well as gathering feedback on things like representation, unions, etc…
  • Work closely with clubs and societies to: ensure their requirements are met whether through forums or surveys, help smaller societies flourish on campus by promoting them or holding taster sessions/stalls/fairs and if need – improve transparency of information on the SRC website
  • Advocate for more ‘Mind your Mate’ workshops that relate to other mental health issues such as anxiety or stress, whilst working closely with respective societies on campus to fight the stigma.
  • Push for bringing back dictionaries for foreign students during exams.

This list is not comprehensive as I’m always happy to help where needed!

Daniela Stark

Hello my name is Daniela Stark, I am a third year Geography student running for the role of General Representative for the SRC. Having worked for the past three years as a class representative, I have seen the importance of students having their voices heard and the impact that this has on running our University. I have thoroughly enjoyed relaying the feedback I have received from my classmates to my lecturers and if given the opportunity I would apply the skills developed in that position to the role of General Representative. I admire the presence that the SRC has on campus and have been involved in multiple activities related to the SRC such as volunteering with charities like GUSH and STAR and other events for example exam de-stress. If elected I pledge to carry out General Representative duties such as organising events and contributing to SRC meetings with up most enthusiasm and priority. I pledge to improve metal health support on campus by making the often hard to attain counselling sessions more accessible and expanding charitable support groups such as Nightline. As a keen environmentalist who also aims to make our campus more sustainable, I hope you vote for me!

Matthew Wilson

Hi, I’m Matthew. I’m a third year Computing Science student, and I’d like to represent you this year as a General Representative.

My main objectives are:

  • Get kettles or free hot water taps in the library, you shouldn’t have to pay or leave the library for hot water.
  • Install “Keep to the left” signs on the university stairs to reduce congestion and ease flow of people.
  • Get storage space for clubs and societies that are affiliated with the SRC.
  • Increase awareness of the mental health services provided by both the SRC and the university through more regular campus campaigns.

Last year I was an ordinary board member of Student Theatre At Glasgow, a position very similar to General Representative, so if elected, this will not be my first time being a member of a committee with this role. My degree of Computing Science and my involvement in student theatre are two things that aren’t often thought of together, but I hope it shows my ability to represent all sorts of people in my role.

On polling day, vote Matthew Wilson #1 General Representative!

Zeyun Li

Dear sir/madam,

I’m a student from college of social science and my name is Zeyun Li, I decided to be one of the members of GUSRC which is the international student officer because I have the enthusiasm for helping student and collecting their feedback. Besides, I, as an international student, I know better about the activities we would like to have. Therefore, if I can serve as a bridge between students and the college, I will try everything to complete this task well. In addition, I also work in the Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association, so I have a lot of relevant experience and know a lot of international students, which is very helpful for my future work in SRC.

If I can get this opportunity, I will actively ask students about their study and extracurricular activities and give feedback, actively participate in every meeting and discussion, and put forward my own ideas and opinions. I will try my best to make all the international students are represented, and they all have the chance to have various advice and won’t be ignored. I will definitely cherish this opportunity.

Thank you very much.

Stephanie Mason

Hi, everyone! I’m Stephanie from Florida.

After falling in love with Glasgow during my master’s program at UofG, I’m back for a PhD and am running for International Students Officer because I want to empower other international students to enjoy Glasgow as much as I do.

My passion for Glasgow, outgoing personality and 7 years of prior experience working with students from diverse cultural backgrounds make me uniquely qualified for this position.

Previously, I served as the president of a large international ‘buddy’ program at University of Florida, the Event Coordinator at EF International Language Center in Miami and an International Student Advisor at Auburn University. Additionally, having been elected Class Representative of my International Relations Msc program at University of Glasgow in 2017, I already have experience working with university leaders to advocate for policy changes on the behalf of other students.

Because I believe the essence of the International Students Officer position is to be a voice for other students, rather than outlining explicit campaign promises, I vow to be approachable, actively seek feedback and champion diverse perspectives.

I look forward to collaborating with other international students to make Glasgow an even more spectacular place to call ‘home.’

Shruthi Prasannavenkatesh

I’m Shruthi, and I’d like to be your next International students officer. I’m a
second-year international undergraduate student pursuing BSc Hons in Physics
with Astrophysics. I know that settling in as an International student, a thousand
miles away from home, can feel daunting because I have been in that same

I’m a good listener, and I have the experience of being a class representative. So
I’ve heard you and here are my promises to you,

I will campaign to bring awareness about the opportunities and rights that you have
and provide equal opportunities for International students in terms of Careers by
arranging more Careers and Employability Fairs at university.

I will promote International societies, organize culture-specific, multicultural
events to celebrate racial diversity, and integrate International students and national
students to help reduce the feeling of homesickness and isolation.

I will establish a support system during and after freshers week to provide advice
for students dealing with issues of settling in such as setting up a bank account,
phone contract, getting to know the city and adjusting to British culture to help
smooth transition into university.

Katie Fish

Hi, I’m Katie! I’m in my second year and am currently running to be the School Rep for Chemistry.

I am a friendly, approachable and outgoing student here in Glasgow. I’m involved in the university in many ways including societies such as Women in STEM, Music Club, Zoology, etc., and Student’s Representative Council (where I was Freshers’ Week helper this year). I hope to be a good point of contact for students to voice their thoughts and feedback throughout the year from the School of Chemistry.

As a rep I would like to:

  • Continue the work of the previous representatives, working towards the recording of lectures within the department and lowering the academic jump between different years.
  • Arrange better signposting of the resources and help available to students, including how to rearrange labs and the locations of repeated lectures for first years.
  • Promote the Alchemist Society’s events/socials and encourage engagement between Chemistry students and developing friendships between years.

If elected, I hope to help resolve other concerns from students as well as some of my own goals highlighted above!

I’m easy to find if you have any questions, drop me a message at

Jenny Newton

My name is Jenny Newton and I’m in my third year studying Chemical Physics. I am running for School of Chemistry Representative because I feel this will put me in the position to make real changes within our school.

Being a freshers’ helper has given me great insight into the work that the SRC does. It has encouraged me to keep up my involvement with the SRC to benefit both myself and now my peers in the School of Chemistry.

If I am elected this autumn, I aim to

  • Make sure that Chemical Physics and Chemistry and Maths students are recognised by all academic staff to eliminate clashes between lectures, tutorials and labs.
  • Request more revision material for examinations. Currently no past paper solutions are provided so it would be advantageous to have more exam style questions with full solutions.
  • Continue to work with the Alchemist society to ensure that all students are aware of what they do, providing a greater social aspect to studying Chemistry.

Alongside these points, I would speak for everybody in the school on the issues that matter to them in order to improve the school for students and staff alike.

Tomasz Kleczkowski

Hi, my name is Tomasz Kleczkowski. I am in my third year of Music BEng (Electronics with Music). I am standing to be your School representative for 2019/2020.

I have experience as a class rep for my course for two years; first in the School of Engineering and then in the Music department. This unique experience has given me insight into how matters are handled in different parts of the university. I am committed to representing the students in this School and work for improvement wherever needed.

If elected, my priority will be to work with students, staff and the SRC to ensure that the School of Culture and Creative Arts is a welcoming place that offers a valuable experience to students of all backgrounds; and that the School is well represented within the university. I will press for change in the School wherever necessary. I will regularly meet with class representatives to help make sure that the feedback process is running smoothly

Matters I will raise with the school include:

  • More career events focused on arts and culture.
  • Instrument storage space for students on music courses.
  • Lecture recording.
  • More common rooms and facilities.

Thank you for your support.

Beth O’Hare

Hello! My name is Beth O’Hare and I am a fourth year Theatre Studies student running for School of Culture and Creative Arts Representative.

Having previously been head girl I have always had a passion for student representation. I have been involved with the SRC as a Fresher’s Helper since 2018 and this year was given the role of deputy team leader. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I would like to get more involved in the student body.

I am currently the Inclusion Representative in the university’s Irish and Northern Irish society. My role is to ensure everyone is welcome, included and that their voices can be heard. I believe these skills are transferable to the role of school representative.

If elected, I will:

  • Create good connections with class representatives, fellow students, staff and societies within the school to ensure that everyone can get the best experience possible. I will be an active representative to ensure any issues are resolved and improvements are made.
  • Aim to have more events focused on careers and possibilities after a degree within the creative arts and culture.

Thank you for reading and I hope I can count on your vote!

K.L. McGlone

My name is Karyn-Louise McGlone and I would love to be your Representative for the School of Education. I am a Mature Secondary PDGE student and feel I have the necessary skills to enhance the relationship between the School of Education and the rest of the faculties on campus. I am interested in improving the quality of engagement with the Student Representative Council and the education students, particularly those involved in placements.

I have been an active member of the campus community since 2015, assisting both new students through Fresher’s week and existing students through my role as a class representative. During this time, I supported students as well as being the point of contact for them and liaising with other Class Reps and lecturers to ensure regular feedback and communication between the two.

I firmly believe that being part of a supportive and active campus community is essential for all students. My experience has shown that due to a higher number of non-traditional students within our school and the distance from the main campus to the St Andrews building, often being involved is not an option. My main priority therefore is to address this issue.

Ning Zhao

My name is Ning Zhao and I come from China. I’m very glad to have the chance to campaign the School Representative of Education College.

I think I’m qualified to take the position. Firstly, I have good personality. My friends as well as the people who I first meet usually think I’m humorous and optimistic. I can bring happiness and hope to the people around me. Also, I have strong sense of responsibility. I always try my best to complete the work given to me and make it perfect. Secondly, I like make friends and be enthusiastic to communicate with people. Finally, I have some experience in student work. During my undergraduate period, I was the minister of the Department of Social. However, as a Chinese, my English still needs improving. And I promise I won’t let it be my short slab.

The STUDENTS’ REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL devotes to ensuring that the University of Glasgow is doing the best for students. It is also what I want to do and interested in.

I hope that I can be given this chance to help students who are confused or treated unfairly. Thanks for reading.

Austen Waite

My name’s Austen Waite, I’m a fourth-year student in Philosophy & Theology.

Over the past few years as an SRC Freshers’ Helper, being a class rep, and from starting an affiliated society, I’ve come to understand the full breath of what the SRC can offer.  Therefore, I’d love to represent you on council.

I’ll ensure that class reps are communicating more regularly with each other and myself, so that ideas and improvements can be discussed freely and the full range of support from the SRC can be utilised.

I’m keen to see the subject societies engaging more with classes and promoting their events to students at all levels of study. Doing so, we can build a stronger community within the humanities, something I feel has been lacking during my time at uni.

Lastly, if elected, I will be visible to both students and staff to make sure that humanities students’ views and needs can be addressed in the quickest and best possible manner.

Despite what you might think after reading my manifesto, I promise my chat is half decent, so if you see me around campus please say hello and discuss why I’m best suited as your school rep!

Xy Zhang

My name is Xinyao Zhang who is a Year 1 MA Honours History undergraduate from School of Humanities at University of Glasgow.

I am willing to be a School of Humanities Representative in the SRC to help all

students solve their problems. My prominent experiences are listed below:

  • High School-Teacher assistant of Social Studies Department
    • Explain any academic questions to students
    • Get feedback from students
    • Give advice to the director
      • Ability Promotion: Flexible communication and problem-solving skills
    • High School-Volunteer in the Admission Office
      • Help students sign up in school
      • Record students’ information
      • Guide to visit the campus
        • Ability Promotion: High efficiency and proofreading
      • Internship-Bank Lobby Manager
        • Help customers queuing
        • Print essential documents
        • Open mobile and online banking for clients
          • Ability Promotion: Responsibility, leadership and team spirit

If I am honored to be elected, I will take these actions:

  • Ask me questions at any time through different ways
  • Keep in touch with relevant Class Representatives frequently
  • Show my full attention, patience and enthusiasm

Give me a chance to surprise you!

Kirstin Mackay

Hi, my name is Kirstin Mackay and I would love to be the School of Law Representative this year.

I am currently in my fourth year of the law degree and during this time I have actively been involved in the Law school and the SRC. I was a class representative in 2016-17 so I have a good understanding of how the law school operates. As such I am in the perfect position to raise student issues and enact change. Similarly, I know how to effectively raise issues to the SRC having worked with them as a Fresher’s helper and as part of the Raising and Giving committee over the last three years.

I want to continue to improve communication between students and staff – both in an academic and welfare capacity.

Student support is equally as important as getting good grades and I want to ensure the law school focuses resources as much on student’s welfare as it does their teaching and learning.

I am approachable and very enthusiastic about the prospect of this role. I will engage with all year groups and follow up on any issues that they may raise throughout the year

Damien Ealey

I’m currently in my third year of my Statistics degree. During my first two years at UofG, I’ve been part of our Mathematics and Statistics Society committee as well as having been a Fresher’s Helper for the SRC this year.

Since joining this university, I’ve wanted to take a more active role in our education. I believe I am well suited to engage with our own class reps and convey the underlying issues to those that need be informed.

While space is sparse during exam periods, the construction of the James McCune Smith Learning Hub is well underway and sure to provide our students the necessary space to study.

My goal is to make studying in the school of Mathematics and Statistics more accessible to all. To achieve this, I will strive to increase the ways in which we can effectively study and seek out new learning experiences so that we as students may get a better view on the world we shall soon enter. I aim to be a school representative everyone feels comfortable speaking with.

If elected as your school representative then I’ll do my utmost to ensure that your time at UofG is well spent and enjoyed.

Jen Reid

Hi, I’m Jen Reid, a fourth year Statistics student and I’m running to be your Maths and Stats rep. In my last 3 years at Glasgow Uni I have been heavily involved in the university community; being in multiple societies, sports teams as well as being a fresher’s helper with the SRC in both 2018 and 2019.

These experiences have made me passionate about representing students, and I believe I’m well placed to build a good working relationship with both staff and students. I am eager to engage with students and class reps to help develop the best teaching environment possible and I will make certain the school has all resources necessary to improve the environment that Maths and Stats students deserve. I will liaise with the class reps to discuss important issues and ensure that everyone’s opinions are heard and represented, especially at a localized class by class level.

As your school rep I will ensure that you get the world-class teaching worthy of world changing students.

Yuanmin Zhu

My name is Yuanmin Zhu, a year-2 undergraduate student studying statistics and economics. I like music (especially piano) and I enjoy trying out new experience from joining societies.

I want to be the representative of maths and statistics. I was the class representative for 1st year statistics, in which I gather student’s opinions through my own quick surveys and communication with the student, then discuss with the relevant staff and solve these issues. Therefore, I am quite familiar with these types of roles role and I believe I am capable of doing this job.

For me, become a maths and stats representative means I need to take the responsibility to improve my fellow student’s academic experience with my best effort, and the shortest time. So, if there are anything urgent please don’t be hesitate to email me and/or your relevant class representative. For example, lecture room recording faults, problems with the moodle page layout etc. we will try to get these sorted out as soon as possible.

So please vote me and together, we will make maths and stats greater!

Lewis O’Connor

I’m Lewis a 3rd year medical student. I’m standing for school representative to get involved with the SRC and by a matter of consequence to also have a positive impact on student’s university careers. I feel that the aim and work of the SRC is not advertised enough, leaving students unaware of what the SRC is and what it can do for them. Thus, one of my aims for the year would be to promote the SRC on a bigger scale and get more students involved with the SRC. Personally, I don’t agree with the increase in gym fees and GUU entry costs and would advocate for the SRC to lobby the university for increased funding to GUSA and GUU, to lower these costs.

I have been a 1st year class rep, the co-president of my year club in 2nd year and this year I am the BMA representative for the medical school – where I am representing my colleagues’ views locally and nationally. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to speak to government policy makers at No.10 to discuss the issues facing medical students and our NHS, so I am no stranger to speaking in discussions at a high level.

Gregory Kokkinidis

Hello everyone! My name is Gregory and I am a fourth year Psychology student. I am applying for School of Psychology Representative because I value and want to represent the views of all students within our school.

Throughout my studies I have engaged in numerous roles involving student experience and representation. I have been an SRC Freshers’ Helper (2017, 2019), Class Representative (2016, 2017), and Study Abroad Ambassador (2018). And I have had the opportunity to participate in course evaluation discussions involving students, staff and the SRC, which have provided me with invaluable experience.

Additionally, as an active GU Psychology Society committee member (since 2016), I regularly communicate with students of different levels and versions of the course, including joint degrees, PG students, and incoming exchange students. I am aware that there are many different experiences of the course, within and between groups, all of which I wish to represent.

As School Representative, I want to actively:

  • Encourage improved communication from the department to the students
  • Emphasise the importance of lecture recordings for all levels
  • Advocate for more personalised feedback

If elected, I promise to do my best to address all students’ views to improve our experience within our school.

Duncan Henderson

Hello! I’m Duncan, and I’m a second year Politics student. I have previously been a Class Representative and used that position to raise important matters such as lecture recording and assessment standards to staff. I’m running for School Representative to continue this record of representation, and to do the following:

  • Support the SRC’s #lecrec campaign and greater transparency. I believe that all lectures should be recorded, and support the SRC campaign to increase recording. I also believe that students should be told why a class won’t record lecturers, where lecturers don’t opt-in to recording.
  • Increased transparency over ‘tutorial participation’ marks. Many courses include a ‘tutorial participation’ grade. However the criteria for these marks are often unclear until they are awarded – and the current marking scheme is very vague. If elected, I will use my position to urge Course Convenors to provide more information to students over how these marks are decided.

Thank you for reading my manifesto, and I hope that you’ll consider giving me your vote! For a committed representative with a record of representation, vote for Duncan Henderson!

Yung Yung Tang

When I look at our social and political science school, the first thing that strikes my mind is how culturally diverse it is. Someone needs to be there in order to connect all those different cultures and make it one under the name of the social and political science School. I believe it is a good start, it is a good way to prove to any social and political science students that no matter where they are from, what issue, they face and what they would want to do later on, I can be that connection to them, the transit that will allow them to arrive at the safest destination possible: success. A responsible school representative is not one who waits for queries to come, and then tries to solve them. Rather someone who has regular interaction with students to find long lasting solutions to their grievances and complaints. This can be achieved by working closely with all school and course representatives in order to bring about a positive change in the university. I will be that one who changing something that you wish to see in the school of social and political science.

Charlotte Sleith Green

My name is Charlotte, a Theology Student, I’m looking forward to being your next Arts Convenor if elected.

ARTS. Holds many of the oldest Degree programs in the world. History is important but so is the future of Academia and The college of Arts.

I will work closely with all disciplines ensuring they have what they need to develop the World Changers of Tomorrow. I will do this by:
• Increasing student social participation within Arts by hosting events in which the whole department can take part.
• I will work closely with school and class reps to ensure that you are being heard at all levels of the University and
that you get consistent and constructive feedback. I am not afraid to speak up for you at the course, school, college and senate levels.

Experience is key for this role. I have a strong record with the SRC. I have previously sat a representative supporting students and sitting on University Level committees.

When the polls close it is important that you know that your convener will have experience and dedication. For an experienced, capable and committed voice for the college of Arts vote
Charlotte #1 Arts Convener.

Emma Hardy

Hi everyone, my name is Emma and I’m a final year Archaeology undergraduate. I’m hoping to be your next Undergraduate Arts Convener on council!


  • Two years sitting on the SRC as 2018-19 Vice President Education and 2017-18 School of Humanities Rep
  • Two years on University Senate, working with the most senior staff in the university
  • Student Reviewer for the Quality Assurance Agency, giving me a broader view of representation


  • To establish a community in the College. We have no building which means we don’t often interact with people who aren’t in our classes. I want to host events within the college to create opportunities for students to meet people outside of their discipline, and work with the PG Arts convener to create opportunities for undergraduates to meet postgraduates to help them make informed choices about their future
  • To help the college continue to move towards online learning and resources for better accessibility and more opportunities for students

Work with the college to help improve opportunities for developing graduate attributes and advertising jobs or further study opportunities for arts students

Patrick Aasen

I’m Patrick, a 3rd year Sociology & Politics student, and I want to be your next undergraduate college convenor for Social Sciences. I have been involved in university life both inside and outside the SRC, and I am very eager to do well as the convenor for Social Sciences.

My past experiences as an SRC 1st year representative and as a class rep for two different courses have familiarised me with how the SRC operates. Additionally, occupying the positions of Fresher’s Week deputy team leader and treasurer of the University’s Malt Whisky Society has helped me gain further experience in teamwork and communication.

If elected, I strive to:

  • create a sense of community between schools by organising college-wide events to encourage cross-school communication.
  • finalise the rollout of Peer support across the college, so that everyone can profit from it.
  • address problems effectively by working closely and encouraging communication between myself, the VP Education, School Reps, and class reps.
  • further press the issue of lecture recordings, as some courses still refuse to utilise them.
  • work with the Interdisciplinary Studies Rep in particular to make the voices of the students in Dumfries

For an experienced and credible candidate, vote Patrick!

Ao Tong

Hi, I am Ao, a second year student from China, whose degree is business economics and politics. From January to July this year, as a student representative in Glasgow International College, I learnt quite a lot. I learnt how to communicate with students effectively and gave some suggestions to college. It was quite fun and I met some friends there. I have been the president of school studio and street dance club for two years in my high school. Basically it just taught me things like how to be a good leader. Well, I have to say that I am still trying to be a good leader. Furthermore, I have also been the Vice Chairman of Student Union for two year in my senior high school. It helped me to socialise and broaden my horizon. Based on this point, I organised numerous events such as New Year Night Talent Show and the Best Singer in my school. By the way, I am an opera singer and a hiphop street dancer. Now, I joined some brilliant societies like Adam Smith Economics Society, European Law Students’ Association, Student Theatre at Glasgow and so on. May I count on you? Thank you!