Spring 2018 Manifestos

Read the manifestos of all candidates standing in this spring’s SRC election. Remember to vote on the 7th & 8th March!


If you’re unsatisfied with the promises and rhetoric contained in each candidates’ wonderful prose, you’ll luckily have the chance to grill them in person at the hustings meeting:

  • Non Sabb Heckling: 7:30pm on the Monday 26th February in the Room 201, McIntyre Building
  • Sabb Heckling: 6pm Tuesday 27th February in Room 201, McIntyre Building

The voting takes place between 9am Wednesday 7th March and 5pm Thursday 8th March. Vote online at glasgow.ac.uk/vote.

The full SRC Election Results for both sabbatical and non-sabbatical positions will be announced at 6.30pm in Room 201, John McIntyre Building on the 8th March.



Choose a candidate below to see the manifesto:

Elliot Napier

Hi! I’m Elliot.  I’m a mature student in third year, studying Central and East European Studies and Russian and I’d like you to re-elect me as your SRC Age Equality Officer.

Here’s why:

I  have experience in welfare representation, including previously serving in this role, where I achieved successes like::

  • Proposing and drafting a University Parents’ Policy, to extend rights and support for students with children.
  • Continuing to make Freshers’ Week more accessible and relevant for mature students and other non-traditional groups through the Meet and Greet team I co-created.
  • Sitting as a member of Court, the University’s governing body.

If you elect me, I will:

  • Continue pushing the Parents’ Policy through steps to approval.
  • Press forward my plan for signage and maps showing child-friendly spaces on campus.
  • More effectively publicise resources for mature students together in one campaign.
  • Continue working with fellow student reps to scrutinise policy and decision-making at the highest level on Court.
  • Work with the Mature Students’ Association and other welfare organisations.
  • Be available to students individually or at surgery events.

I’m an experienced, approachable candidate who will be a voice for all. Please vote Elliot Napier #1 for SRC Age Equality Officer!


Elisabetta Trasatti

Hi! My name is Elisabetta, I’m a first year Economics student and I would like to be your next Business School Representative.

Both participating in my high school student council and being a Business and Management Class Representative this year, have shown me the value of this role to the improvement of students’ experiences. Additionally, my active involvement in the Fintech Society has made me aware of some of the problems faced by societies.

If I’m elected, my main goals will be to:

  • Improve communication to students about events organised by the Business School and ASBS societies. All students would benefit from a calendar of events on the Business School website, where future events are published well in advance.
  • Increase clarity regarding the relevant people among the Business school staff to which students’ specific problems should be directed.
  • Keep pushing for support by the School to all ASBS societies, so that more student-organised events will be made possible in the coming years.
  • Widen student participation in the SRC by providing more detailed information about the responsibilities of each role.
  • Improve communication between Class Representatives and the School Representative.
  • Continue pushing for further lecture recordings.

Thank you for reading my manifesto!


Struan McLean

I’m Struan and I’m running for the position of Charities, Clubs and Societies officer!

For the past year I’ve held this position on the SRC council, enjoying the challenges of the role and its positive impact. Through my work on RAG, I’ve helped organise cross-campus fundraisers, in addition to Alpacas on Campus and the upcoming UofG Charity Auction. I feel I’ve made valuable contributions to the SRC and would like to further build upon the success of RAG.

If elected I will:

  • Work with the welfare officers to ensure fundraisers are organised for specific welfare weeks, in collaboration with other clubs, such as our recent speed mating event held with GULGBTQ+ for LGBT History Month.


  • Establish more events with the RAG committee, to guarantee more engagement across campus.
  • Revamp the RAG application process to establish a larger committee to efficiently organise fundraisers at the beginning of the term.
  • Ensure there are rolling fundraisers throughout both semesters, such as established donation points and ongoing competitions.
  • Work to make clubs more inclusive, particularly for non-traditional students.


I believe I’m the best candidate for this role because I’m sociable and approachable, and I feel passionate about the role of fundraising at university!

Kyle Burns

Hi, I’m Kyle Burns and I’m a fourth-year software engineering student. As a class representative, I have worked closely with other representatives and students to ensure that your concerns have been listened to; and I have been involved in the improvement of quality for course revision material as well as the addition of the microwave in the Boyd Orr common room.

I will be a voice for students and will aim to take action on any and all concerns you might have.

As Computing Science representative, I will fight for the following:

-Reduction of team-based coursework. When working on final year projects, the last thing you want to do is waste time juggling meetings for up to three different group assignments.

-Quality coursework feedback. It is university policy to provide adequate generic feedback for all assessed coursework, but some Computing Science courses have been failing to provide this.

-Less classes in the St Andrews building. The sheer distance from the rest of campus makes classes taught here unfairly inaccessible for many students, especially those who are just out of another lecture.


Scott Wilson

Hello guys! My name’s Scott and I’m a second year Computing Science student.

I’ve been working in SRC Class Representative roles in Computing Science and other subjects throughout first and second year, and in that time I’ve learned that the way in which a representative presents feedback to staff and lecturers is key when it comes to achieving meaningful course changes that actually benefit us, the students.

As such, my main priority as School Representative would be to ensure that student feedback across all courses is presented in a way that is balanced, productive and considerate of the constraints that staff are under in terms of changing aspects of the course, in order to reduce wasted feedback and maximise the usefulness of the class rep system for both students and staff.

I’ll also do my best to see that good changes and policies that previous School Representatives fought hard for remain in place.

My other pledges include:

  • Encouraging SoCS lecturers to make use of lecture recording systems where appropriate.
  • Working with lecturers and tutors to ensure there are no overcrowding issues in the computer labs (especially the smaller ones e.g. Level 2).

Thanks for reading!

Scott 🙂


Matthew Day

Hey all, I’m Matthew Day, a 3rd-year computer science student and I’m running to represent this very department.

While I haven’t yet served in the SRC, I’ve had my share of past experience in student politics and have been constantly observing happenings in the SRC. I have no problem stepping up and debating the merits of much needed policies.

With all the time a computer scientist spends in the lab, one would think that the machines we work with would contain all the latest software to facilitate working all those hours. Additionally, channels of communication can sometimes be unclear or missed entirely. If elected, I would focus on:

  • Bringing modern open-source software and IDEs to the lab machines.
  • Engaging first and second year students to help gain a better understanding of where the degree can lead.
  • Actively gathering suggestions, thoughts and ideas from the student body through physical and web-based channels.
  • Maintaining relationships with and streamlining all the opportunities offered to computer science students through a clear, single voice.

Lets be heard by the staff and the council!


Leo Cerosky

Hiya! My name’s Léo Cerosky and I’m standing to be your representative for the School of Culture and Creative Arts for 2018/19!

I’m originally from France and Germany and a first year student here at U of G. I study Theatre, Politics, and History of Art, for which I’m a class rep.

During these last few months I have gotten to know how the Staff Student Liaison Committees work and I am fully committed to representing my fellow students, understanding what their issues are and trying to solve them through meaningful cooperation with staff and lecturers.

If you elect me, I will work to

  • Achieve lecture recording in all Level 1 & Level 2 lectures and as much as possible in Honours Degrees
  • Obtain funds/reimbursements for Honours level projects (e.g. performances in Theatre Honours classes) so as to make the expression of artistic creativity more accessible to all students
  • Further improve the communication between lecturers and students
  • Liaise ‘intergenerational’ exchange between class reps and students from different years, so that experiences and advice from past students can help new students

So from the 28th of February to the 1st of March, go to gla.ac.uk/vote !

David Dunn

I am a mature student in fourth year studying Mechatronics, MEng. I will be going into my final year of studies next year; therefore, I will be one of the senior members of the committee.

My prior experience as supervisor of a workforce will help me manage the duties as the School of Engineering Representative. Whilst being a supervisor, I was liaising between different organisations. Furthermore, I supported and defended colleague’s views in cases when managers took issue with their work. Having this experience means that I know how to raise matters in an appropriate way and relate with any student’s opinion.

I currently have contact with students across the entirety of the school and I will work to communicate with class representatives to discuss issues across the various disciplines. Furthermore, this will enable faster response to any student that has brought an issue to their respective representative. I will follow each concern until the problem is resolved or until appropriate information can be forwarded to the student.

Finally, being involved as a Teaching Assistant, has allowed me to share my knowledge with the younger students and use my experience to guide them through their studies.


Ross Mowbray

Hello, I’m Ross – a third year Earth Science student – running to be your next Environmental Officer.
I believe that academic progression, campus development, and expenditure should not be at the expense of the environment; it can work hand-in-hand. Thus, I will be running a totally ‘paper-free’ election campaign – both in the interests of the environment and money!
Having sat on the Earth Science Society committee and with experience working in environmental consultancy, I understand the workings of a board and the urgency to get things done effectively, efficiently, and fairly.
If elected, I will:
• Ensure the University honours its commitments to the Carbon Management Plan, particularly regarding recent campus developments
• Push for continued divestment from fossil fuels to reinvest in more environmentally-friendly methods, such as solar and geothermal, alongside ethical student causes
• Work closely with environmental action groups and societies to ensure free regular informational workshops about climate awareness and sustainability advice
• Uphold and improve current on-campus recycling facilities
• Eliminate and replace non-recyclable paper cups, food containers and plastic cutlery
I will do everything within my power to help you, and look forward to working together to resolve any queries you have.
Thank you for your time.



Marissa Trimble

My name is Marissa Trimble, I’m a 3rd year classics student and a keen environmentalist. I’m excited to get involved in student politics and hopefully make some good changes.

I intend to work with organisations within the university to hold and promote environmental events across campus that are accessible to all students. Furthermore I want to link up with other environmental organisations to expand Glasgow University’s place locally and internationally in relation to environmental issues and causes.

Introducing a “What can you do on campus to help the environment?” campaign with simple tips that students can do to help the environment and reduce their carbon footprint both easily and cheaply.

A new plan of action for the university that will include aims for waste reduction, sustainability, reduced carbon footprint and an overall greener community within and outside the university will be created.

I believe working closely with all the student bodies to create events to raise funds for environmental charities, such as club nights to raise money at the unions or GUSA sponsored sports activities or challenges is fundamental.

Lastly I will use social media and PR in a better way to spread the word about events and issues.

Joanne Cardwell

I’m Jo, a third year history and politics student hoping to be your new Gender Equality Officer! On campus, I’ve been the committee for GU Amnesty International for two years and have recently become a peer supporter in the School of Social and Political Sciences. As well as this, I’ve been a freshers helper for the last two years. As much as I appreciate the services that the SRC provide, I feel like many aren’t aware of what support can be offered to them, and this underpins some ideas that I have:


  • More promotion of the resources, services and support available on campus e.g. Nightline, complaints procedures, Advice Centre
  • Try to reach out to clubs and societies who generally do not get involved with IWW to collaborate on events and try and increase engagement
  • Continue the great work by Let’s Talk and the SRC on sexual violence prevention training, and working with societies on campus to create a streamlined system where they’re regularly asked for their thoughts about the state of gender equality on campus and what issues need to be addressed


I hope these ideas appeal to you and would love it if you voted for me!

Hannah Lysons

Hi, my name is Hannah Lysons, and I would like to be your next School of Humanities Representative. I am a third year Philosophy student, and I believe I would be an extremely committed representative, having sat as a class representative for four different subjects, including Philosophy and Classics. This has given me insightful experience working closely with other students and staff, and this is something that I hope to build on.

As well as this, over the past year, I have really thrown myself into every aspect of campus life, sitting on the committee for the Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show and being on the Level 2 competition team with Glasgow University Cheerleaders. From this, I have developed key team working skills that I would be able to transfer directly into this role.

If elected, I would aim to maintain the high level of communication that has already been established, allowing students within Humanities to have their own, individual say. I would encourage the use of class social media pages to establish feedback between students and class reps. I also aim to work closely with the Undergraduate Arts Convenor to ensure that problems that arise are solved.

Basel Shehabi

Hi I’m Basel, a 3rd year engineering student hoping to become the next International Student Officer. Coming abroad and having attended GIC; I have gained insight and exposure to diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultures, also empathizing with issues internationals might face such as communication barriers and adaptation. Therefore, I am inclined to pursue the interests of internationals; advocating the internationalisation strategies sought after by the university and SRC.

Moreover, such ambitions were augmented throughout my involvement within university apart from societies such as:

  • QMU Freshers Helper.
  • VP of the Middle Eastern Society.
  • Engaged with the wider international community at university by actively giving feedback to upcoming foundation students including addressing them.
  • Co-organised the buffet event during international week.


  • Re-introduce the International and European Symposiums, both of which were positively acclaimed by attendees, as a form of feedback.
  • Improve communication within and cross-campus including reaching out to the students in partner universities.
  • Rebranding International Week by introducing collaborative events such as a cultural exhibition.
  • Further support methods for postgrads, exchange, and foundation students; ensuring their transition is efficient.
  • Liaise and encourage collaboration between Welfare officers on issues that include internationals.

Feel free to reach out as your voice matters!

Daniel Buchan

Hello, my name is Daniel, and I would love to become the School of Law’s next representative!

Now in my third year at the University, I decided to become involved with the SRC as a Freshers’ Helper, and with the Law Society as a sub-editor for the Law Review. Whilst I can speak directly to the benefits each of these student bodies can offer, I worry that a wider opportunity is being missed for closer relations between the two. I believe that working together with the GULS committee would go a long way towards strengthening the presence of the SRC within the law school and making students more aware of the ways in which it can help make their lives a little easier.


Further aims for the coming year would include:

  • Engaging directly with academic staff to work towards a teaching environment prioritising student engagement ahead of frantic note-taking.
  • Encouraging more open communication between course convenors to limit avoidable deadline clashes.
  • Pushing for employability services offering more focussed guidance to students on academic careers, and wider promotion of the many alternatives to legal practice.

Thank you for reading — I hope to have earned your vote!

Razeen Rohan

I joined UofG as a direct second year entrant last September to pursue joint honours on Maths and Stats. Having started my social enterprise that focuses on building sustainable business models for people from the lower socio-economic demographic back in Bangladesh at the age of 16, I was able to gain invaluable experiences. From working with United Nations as a youth ambassador to collaborating with my country’s Nobel Laureate, industrialists and health minister on several initiatives has given me a sturdy foundation in project initiation and team management. Currently, setting up remote sanitation systems for rohingyan refugees who got exiled from Myanmar. Just recently took part in the launch GU of entrepreneurial community, where I’ll be working on tech start-ups. I have already talked to a wide number of people from UofT, UBC, Oxbridge and UCL to see what they are doing different in their departments so I could bring about a collective transformation. Revision video lectures, webinars from abroad students, more networking sessions on actuarial science, investment banking and machine learning for hedge funds, monthly socials, weekly online surveys outlining personal needs with raffle draws are some of the things I am looking to incorporate. My sole intention is further enhancing the reputation of this department and make maths more appealing to everyone.

Christian Lihou

I am Christian Lihou, a Statistics and Economics student and I’m running to be your Maths and Stats rep for 2018/19. In my 2 years at Glasgow I have been heavily involved in the university community; being in multiple societies as well as being a fresher’s helper with the SRC in 2017.

These experiences have made me passionate about representing the students of the school, and I believe I’m well placed to build a good working relationship with both staff and students, as an effective link between students and faculty is vital to the success of all members of the school.

I am eager to engage with students and class reps to help develop the best teaching environment possible, and on council I will make certain the school has all resources necessary to maintain the excellent environment that Maths and Stats students deserve.

I’ll strive to make sure the voices and concerns of the students are properly represented within the university, from providing a strong voice on decision making committees, down to hearing issues directly on a localized class-by-class basis.

As your school Rep I will ensure that you get the world-class teaching worthy of world-class students.



Maria Teresa Banos

You deserve better.

Better access to existing resources, new and improved approaches to the issues that are affecting your daily life.

I am the right person to bring your issues to light, to fight the stigma, and to bring you the help you are worthy of.

With my experience from being a class representative and from my personal battle with mental illness, I will always take an empathetic approach to these issues, and an assertive attitude towards their solutions.

What will I do to improve your mental health?
I will:
– Collate self-help resources and make them easier to find, use and share
– Work with fellow student bodies to organise events that will reach more students
– Canvass to improve the university’s Counselling Services
– Promote more novel stress-reducing events in campus like Paws Against Stress and Art Therapy sessions
– Set up a Think Tank devoted to Mental Health issues
– Increase awareness of issues and their solutions using social media

We NEED to stop treating Mental Health issues as unreachable and elusive.
Invisible struggles have solutions too, and problems can be fixed.

Let me represent you, and we’ll fix these issues together.


Noor Sabha

I’m Noor Sabha, in my first year of Psychology.

I am a committee member of the Macmillan cancer support society, the psychology society and a child mentor at City Wise. Furthermore, when I was a freshman at high school, I have published a novella; “Vulnerable” and you can read more about it here: https://www.kingsacademy.edu.jo/news-events/school-news/news-archive/2015-09/kings-junior-fights-bullies-and-cancer-through-writing

I believe that mental health is the pivotal point through which everything else in life is facilitated; a good life starts with a good mind. Stigma however, drags us down, and if eradicated, many people in need of support will be able to access it. Accordingly, if I get elected, I will initiate campaigns on suicide, sexual assault and everything in between to raise awareness about mental health on campus. I plan on starting a student support group that students in adversity can resort to when in need and when placed on a waitlist for counseling. I want to make sure help is available when needed and I want to one day say that I live in a world where you could call in sad to work as much as you could call in sick to work. I promise, I will not let you down.


Iona Hughes

Hi! I’m Iona, a third year microbiology student who loves cooking, activism, cheesy pop, and wants to be your Mental Health Equality Officer. I care deeply about people, have supported loved ones with mental illnesses, and personally experienced mental illness for most of my life. As the welfare officer for GULGBTQ+ I have gained experience and confidence in representing others, running campaigns, and collaborating on shared issues.

As your Mental Health Equality Officer, my three main goals would be:

  • Promote positive mental health by rebranding Look After Yourself into a visible cross-campus collaboration. This would involve working with all student bodies to bring the campaign to students in an easily accessible way.
  • Improving both E&D training for staff, and communication between CAPS and students, thereby improving the experience of students with varied personal backgrounds.
  • Be a vocal presence in the improvement of Mind Your Mate, ideally making it a more active learning experience.

But these are just my ideas! As your representative, I would design my work around your needs and feedback.

For a Mental Health Equality Officer who will work tirelessly to promote good mental health and represent people with all varieties of mental illness, vote Iona #1!

Ahid Chowdhury

Hiya! My name is Ahid Chowdhury, I am a first-year student studying neuroscience and I am running for the position of the mental health equality officer. Having been a mentor to younger students in my school, I’ve seen how student’s mental health is at risk during their education, however at university where there may be other factors to consider, such as financial pressure, that risk is amplified. So I am running for this position because I want to increase the awareness of mental health at university and provide more support to those that need it.

If I am elected I pledge to organising more mental health workshops such as stress relief workshops and workshops to help people recognise when one of their friends may be having issues with their mental health. In addition, I will organise charity events to promote the importance of mental health and raise money to invest back into Glasgow University’s psychological and counselling services so that they could provide another counsellor to reduce waiting times for counselling sessions.

Around one in four students suffer from a mental health problem, vote for me and let’s make sure that these students don’t have to face these challenges alone.

Paula Campbell

Hello! I’m Paula Campbell, a Junior Honors French and German student. Having studied languages in SMLC since 1st year I understand how SMLC and its degree programmes function. In 1st and 2nd year I also studied within other schools so can appreciate the demand of studying across different faculties. Outside of class time, I am actively involved in university life, as a member of GSDC and Glasgow University Music Club.

I would love the opportunity to be next year’s SMLC School Representative and to get involved and represent the school and degree courses I’m passionate about. As a confident and experienced final year student, I will be in a strong position to enthusiastically voice concerns that SMLC students approach me with.

If I am elected, I will:

  • Improve the study abroad process and experience with:
    • more practical language preparation, especially speaking practice.
    • more support and communication between SMLC /Erasmus and students preparing for or on Erasmus, especially in regards to the mental health.
    • a system of peer-support between returning students and prospective Erasmus students and current Erasmus students.
  • Ensure the new SMLC dissertation system runs smoothly.
  • Create more opportunities to develop essay writing skills and practices within culture courses.

Ketong Zhang

Hi everyone,

My name is Ketong Zhang, and I am a first year PhD student in Politics at School of Social & Political Sciences, College of Social Sciences.

I am very involved in campus life at I like to listen and talk to students about their problems in study and research.

Learned from my experience as a Class Rep, I realise the importance of being a student rep to stand for students and working as an intermediate to the management team. Now I would like to represent the voice of postgraduate students at the college of social sciences the SRC and to the University Senate.

If elected, I will:

  1. Work closely with the school reps to ensure the arising problems are resolved.
  2. Make sure PG students have enough learning space and facilities.
  3. Encourage greater participation in the SCR activities among PG students so that the student community becomes more inclusive.
  4. Attempt to negotiate a travel fund for PG researchers.

Darius Darulis

Annoyed by malfunctioning lab equipment? Frustrated by the lack of lecture recording? Wish the lecture content was structured better? Me too, folks!
My name is Darius. I’m currently a second year Physics with Computing Science student. After a very productive time as Maths 1R/S and Physics 2 class rep, I’ve decided to take it up a notch and represent my colleagues at the university level as the Physics and Astronomy school rep.

These are some of the issues I promise to bring up with the school:

• Issues with the UG labs, including but not limited to: dodgy tech, unclear scripts, insufficient time given for tutors to prepare for the sessions.
• Bring the wider university lecture recording initiative to the department.
• Imperfect lecture structure and materials like slides.
• Improving the common room and other public spaces in the Kelvin building.
• Providing more computing skills in the first two years of a Physics degree.

If these sound like the sort of things you’d like to see get better, then give me your no. 1 vote for school rep!


Flynn Gewirtz O’Reilly

I’m a PhD Statistics student and the current PGR Convenor.

In my campaign last autumn, I focussed on policies to improve the mental health provisions for PGR students. Since then I’ve been working on introducing mental health training for PGR students and I’m expecting to have pilot sessions before the end of my current term. I will continue to work with the University to improve PGR welfare, especially with regards to mental health.

I will also continue to work with the graduate schools to introduce electronic thesis submissions.

The University’s huge intake of students is putting pressure on the Schools teaching resources, leading them to rely more on PGRs. I’ve spoken to PGRs who feel that their teaching workload has become too high and is not leaving them time to research, so I’d like to see measures introduced to ensure that we are working for the number of hours that we feel comfortable working for.

As PGR Convenor for this year, I have been a loud and active voice for PGRS on committees at the highest levels of the university, I hope you will elect me so I can continue to do this for the next academic year.

Lauren “Shoogle” McDougall

Hi, I’m Lauren, your current SRC Vice-President (Student Support) and for the last 3 years I have been dedicated to ensuring that your voices are heard.

Our campus is overcrowded, the University is becoming increasingly commercialised, services are at capacity, rents are rising, students feel isolated and unsupported, and the political climate creates uncertainty for the future.

My experience means that I have a comprehensive understanding of the issues affecting students and, importantly, how to address them. I have a strong track record of holding our University to account and challenging them to prioritise your student experience above profits.

I have:

  • Served a year on University Court, representing students at the highest level within the University.
  • Years of activist experience, including serving as GULGBTQ+ President.
  • Secured an extra £140,000+ so far for the Counselling Service including funding specifically for Peer Support.
  • Led the Mind Your Mate suicide-prevention training project which has seen sell-out open sessions and 250+ trained.
  • Represented Glasgow students at the Scottish Parliament.
  • Coordinated the “Let’s Talk About Sexual Violence” training initiative.
  • Developed and implemented policies to support you including the: Mental Health and Wellbeing Action Plan, Accessible and Inclusive Learning Policy and new Parents’ Policy.

A year is incredibly short and given the current uncertainty faced by students, it’s essential to elect a president with the necessary experience to hit the ground running. Throughout my time at UofG I have demonstrated that I can effectively achieve tangible change for students, within a demanding timeframe.

Elect me and I will:

  • Introduce anonymous reporting for sexual violence, and other forms of harassment.
  • Work with Counselling to oversee the campus-wide roll-out of Peer Support.
  • Use the position of co-chair of the new Student Experience Committee to ensure that the most pressing issues are always on the agenda, and given the necessary airtime.
  • Streamline information about support services to ensure students know what is available and how to access it.
  • Encourage student activism by leading campaigns locally and nationally on issues affecting students including: Brexit, tuition fees and protecting the Erasmus programme.
  • Reform the inconsistent academic induction
  • Establish an SRC postgraduate network bringing together current work on representation, support, and events.
  • Lead regular “Meet the SRC” sessions in the library to make student representatives and services more visible. The SRC can’t expect students to come to them, it must proactively reach out.
  • Publish monthly updates highlighting the work of council members to raise awareness of the progress being made and to increase accountability.
  • Increase awareness of SRC campaigns and services by utilising more innovative and relevant communications, including videos and graphics.
  • Lead a campaign to ban unnecessary packaging in on-campus catering outlets.
  • Continue prioritising the creation of a rent pressure zone in the West End and mandatory lecture recording.

As your President, I’d continue working hard to ensure that the University takes our concerns seriously; pursuing meaningful, not tokenistic, partnership.

For an experienced, capable and committed voice for all students, vote Lauren “Shoogle” McDougall #1 SRC President.

More info: fb.me/shoogle4pres



Patrick Aasen

Heya, my name is Patrick and I’m a first-year politics and sociology student. As 1st year rep, I have been actively involved in the SRC since last autumn. Before I came to university, I had the chance to participate in a range of management and teamwork trainings which took me all over Europe. Later, I became a Quartermaster Sergeant in the Swiss Army. These experiences taught me various transferable skills which I’ll use to bring necessary improvements to the School of Social and Political Sciences.

What am I going to do?

  • Finally get all our lectures recorded. It’s baffling that despite the SRC’s #lecrec campaign there are still courses that don’t record their lectures for no particular reason.
  • Push for balance of level of difficulty. We all know that it’s much harder to score higher grades in some courses than others. This is unreasonable and needs to be tackled.
  • Formalise the selection of our class reps. They’re the voice of the student body and play an important role in making changes. The process needs to be more transparent and democratic. Every student should have a fair chance of becoming class rep if they wish to.

Rebecca Coleman Bennett

Hi! I’m Rebecca, and I’m a Second Year Politics student. I’ve absolutely loved my time here so far and want to give something back by helping to make student life in this school the best it can be.

I first became involved in student activism by participating in the Rector elections, gaining first-hand experience of many aspects of University life, including the SRC. I would be keen to transfer the organisational and communicative skills I learnt into this role.

If elected, I promise to:

  • Create a closer relationship between advisors and students, especially by implementing meetings at the start of first year and when applying to honours, to get 1:1 support at these critical points
  • Continue the push for lecture recordings
  • Make the case for Research Methods to be introduced earlier in courses to facilitate dissertation research projects
  • Improve communication where possible about timetable disruptions, to minimise wasted travel time
  • Provide better support and resources for international students

I want to be visible all year round, and so I would put a suggestion box in the Common Room, so I can always be contactable (or you can usually find me at Hive).


Karri Heikkinen

Hi! I’m Karri, a 2nd year student running for College Convenor Arts. I moved to Scotland from Finland, and my time in Glasgow has been outstanding so far. During my time here, I’ve gathered a wide experience from student life, including:

  • Organising events for Effective Altruism Glasgow and the Nordic Society
  • Representing UofG in football and skiing
  • Co-founding a local chapter for Open Cages, an animal advocacy organisation

If elected, I promise to

  • Push forward SRC’s lecture recording campaign, and aim to ensure that all Arts students get to utilise the latest technology. For example, no lectures in Philosophy are recorded yet, and History of Art students still can’t use Urkund to check their essays.
  • Seek to establish Peer Support Programmes across Schools in College of Arts. These are already in place in e.g. Medicine and School of Political Sciences.
  • Also serve as a point of contact for Arts students studying abroad, providing SRC’s assistance in any matters related to UofG while they’re away.
  • Address students’ worries effectively by being easy to reach, attending all relevant meetings, and cooperating with staff and other council members in a constructive manner.

Vote Karri for #1 College Convenor Arts!


Vicky Ferry

Hi, my name is Vicky Ferry and I am running to be Undergraduate Arts Convenor. I am the current Undergraduate Arts Convenor and was elected in the Autumn elections. Since October, I have sat on various committees including the College of Arts Learning and Teaching Committee, Board of Studies and the University Senate, giving me the chance to liaise with staff on a regular basis to voice the concerns of students.

If elected as Undergraduate Arts Convenor I aim to:

  • Continue to work closely with the College of Arts staff to roll out online submission of assignments college wide
  • Ensure the student voice is heard when building the new Arts building so this building can fulfil the needs of the students effectively
  • Make courses more interactive through the use of increased online resources to enhance learning where possible

I am re-running for this position because I am passionate about improving the student experience in the College of Arts and making sure the concerns and opinions of students are made evident to staff as quickly as possible. Having had time to form closer relationships with staff, I feel I am well equipped as I have the confidence to signpost issues coherently.

Fadel Shoughari

Having spent two years as a class representative, I have learnt the best approaches to communicate effectively with staff and to get things done. I was an executive student representative in Glasgow International College, and my suggestions to the programme leaders are currently being implemented. As a class rep, I have never been contacted by a school representative or a college convenor, meaning the feedback gathered by class reps is, if at all, only reaching higher-ranking staff members through tutors.

Students of the MVLS college have been provided with too few internships and work placements, although they are in a sector where experience is vital. International students get even fewer opportunities than other demographics, although they are a major source of income for both the university and the country.

If elected, I will:

  • Expand the internship sectors available for MVLS students
  • Provide international MVLS students fairer internship opportunities
  • Delegate the meetings of school representatives with class representatives
  • Regularly liaise with the school representatives and the Education VP
  • Keep the appropriate university staff members up-to-date with the concerns of the student body
  • Argue for solutions that best serve the student body both at SRC meetings and, more importantly, at student-staff meetings



Bethan Hall Jones

Hi, my name is Bethan Hall-Jones and I want to be your next College of Science and Engineering Convenor. I am the current School of Physics and Astronomy Rep on council and have been an SRC Freshers Helper for the past two years giving me valuable experience working with and representing students.

Over the past year I have thrown myself into every opportunity to be more involved and I sit on several committees including University Library committee and Learning and Teaching committees. I have also been elected to sit on University Senate, the academic governing body of the university.

If elected I hope to:

  • Ensure there is sufficient lab space for all students in the college especially with ever increasing student numbers
  • Have college dedicated computer clusters
  • Make subject specific software more widely available around campus and allow students to access them outside the normal 9-5 day
  • Work closely with school reps within the college to solve any problems that arise quickly and effectively


I am a dedicated, active member of council having never missed a meeting and I hope to continue to represent students to the best of my ability during the next academic year!

Vote Bethan Hall-Jones!

Claire McCormack

I’m Claire, a third year Sociology student who would love to be your UG Social Sciences Convenor. I am an enthusiastic, approachable and diligent candidate. Here’s why you should vote for me:



School Representative for Social and Political Sciences (2017-18)

  • Sat on Council, Academic Forum and Learning and Teaching committees; chaired Class Representative meetings; and attended a range of workshops.
  • Freshers’ Helper Team Leader (2017)
  • Skilful in delegating tasks and responding to fast-paced environments.

GU Amnesty International

  • President (2017-18)
  • Experienced in supporting a committee of creative, hard-working people and in planning informative events and fundraisers.

 If elected, I aim to: 

  • Position student welfare at the forefront of the College by lobbying for Peer Support to be rolled out College-wide, and to spread awareness of the supporting services currently available.
  • Follow my predecessor’s efforts to expand the use of lecture recording across the College.
  • Tighten communication within the SRC ‘Pyramid of Representation’ by meeting regularly with the School Representatives and the VP (Education).
  • Secure the relationships between academic departments and subject-based student societies to ensure better publicity and growth of membership.

For an experienced and intuitive candidate, vote Claire!





Antonia da Fonesca Ioannou

Hello! My name is Antonia and I am a third year vet student. After being involved in the SRC and in the Learning & Teaching Committee, I’ve learnt a lot about how the university is run and organized.

Last year, I arranged for some veterinary resources to be available the main university library. My goal for next year is to build a strong relationship between the vet school and the SRC so vet students can equally benefit from resources available to main campus students. This year, I would like to focus on:

  • Working with the SRC to encourage university mental health professionals to visit Garscube, and extend the SRC’s de-stress initiatives to the vet school, enhancing events like “Feel Good February”.
  • Encouraging vet societies to apply for SRC affiliation so they can receive benefits including credit on university transcripts and eligibility for SRC funding.
  • Improving vet school and SRC communication to make it easier for vet students to voice opinions on changes affecting them.

As I’m involved in several societies in the vet school, I’m confident in my ability to convey the vet school’s student opinions. I’m friendly and approachable so please get in touch if you have any questions!

Emma Hardy

My name is Emma Hardy and for the past year I have sat on the SRC as the School of Humanities representative. In this time period I have seen the incredibly important work that the Vice President of Education does and feel that I can continue this work for the next academic year. My manifesto goals are realistic, achievable, and will ensure that the voice of the students is represented throughout every facet of education at this university, particularly looking forward to the new campus development. I will ensure that the university is creating the best learning experience for current and future students.


  • Create a set of standards for feedback to ensure students are praised for good work and can clearly see what they need to do to improve
  • Make staff publicise expected return dates for assignments so students know when to expect their work back
  • Continue the work of previous VPs on creating a feedback portal so that students do not lose their feedback when unenrolled from a course Moodle
  • Improve college advising systems across the university to ensure that everyone is getting both the academic and personal support to ensure they succeed at university
  • Recommend paperless hand ins become standard across the university for all sub-dissertation pieces of work to remove the financial burden from students and to make it easier for students who cannot easily get to campus to hand in work
  • Continue to work on improving engagement with class reps through reassessing the way they are elected and throwing more events throughout the year for them to get involved in and have a greater voice
  • Act as a representative for students throughout consultations and workshops on the new campus development
  • Focus on making more study space available for students to ease pressure on the library
  • Continue to great work of previous VP Educations


As well as spending the past year acting as the School of Humanities representative, I have:

  • Implemented new policy within my school
  • Held class rep meetings regularly and helped at the class rep mixer, and I will be helping to run the upcoming class rep conference
  • Acted as a student representative on Senate as well as the Hunterian’s Strategic Development Board
  • Attended workshops on the creation of learning spaces within the new Learning and Teaching hub and on assessment and feedback across the university
  • Helped boost engagement with the SRC as a member of the PR team and through helping promote SRC campaigns such as Lecture Recording, the STAs, and the NSS
  • Acted as a student ambassador and represented the university on a national level

VP Education is a key role on campus for ensuring that the university is making decisions that will benefit students before anyone else. As VP Education, I will make sure that the student experience at Glasgow continues to be high quality and strive to create the best learning and teaching environment for everyone.

Lawrence Stewart

I’m a final year Geography undergraduate. As someone who hasn’t served on SRC Council before I feel like I would bring a much needed fresh set of eyes to the position and the council as a whole.

My experience, particularly that outwith the university would be an asset for me in this role. I have sat on several committees and am a very efficient and dedicated worker.

My Experience

  • I have been a class representative for the last four years in Geography, giving me an insight into key student issues and also experience of representing fellow students.
  • I have been an active member of the Glasgow University Mary’s Meals Society throughout my time at the university.
  • I served as the National Secretary of the student wing of a political party for a year and a half, working in a committee structure. I organised campaigns, including a video and social media campaign where I toured round university campuses to gather students’ perspective on key election issues.
  • I have co-ordinated with elected representatives, fellow committee members and others to put together events and support election campaigns.
  • In that role, and others, I have extensive social media experience which I would apply to this role if elected making sure that I promoted what I was doing so that our student body can be better engaged with the SRC’s work.

What I would do?

  • I would work to ensure that the work of the SRC is highlighted to the wider student body, so that more students gain an insight into the work of the organisation.
  • I would continue with the work of previous VPs in this area feeding into the campus development plans and would make every effort to ensure that a greater number of study spaces are available to students before the development is complete.
  • I would ensure issues which are raised at the Schools on our campuses at Garscube and Crichton get equal attention to those raised by Schools on the Main Campus.
  • Ensure class reps have necessary support and that School & college reps liaise frequently with them to identify key issues that I would then work to resolve.
  • I would also work with the Rector, to co-ordinate on key campaigns and issues.
  • I promise to listen to all students who have any suggestions, concerns or advice were I to be elected – my door would always be open and no email would go unanswered.


I would love to be able to give something back to the students and this university, which if I am elected I promise to do to the very best of my ability.

At the end of the day I would be representing you, the student, so I would want to be hearing from you about what you would like to see change.

To that end, I’m happy to answer any questions you have at all – tweet me @LawrenceS8 and I’ll get back to you!

Muhammad Fahd Asif

I, Muhammad Fahd Asif, am running for your VP-EDUCATION to make sure that your voice is heard. I assure you that I will completely devote myself to this position, and I have got relevant skills and experience.

Having been the School Rep for Math and Stats for this year I am fully aware of how the council functions. My duties consisted of the following:


  • Attending Mathematics-Statistics Learning and Teaching committees to represent students, ensuring that their issues are heard
  • Chaired class meetings to gather the students feedback from all class representatives, and never hesitated to bring any issues and queries forward to the committees.
  • Attended several workshops whilst collaborating with the other council members and staff to improve the e-learning experience
  • Attended the Academic Forum meeting with other school representatives to improve assessment and feedback across all schools
  • Recently I worked with Professor Adrian Bowman on getting video lectures, and I have had several meetings with him which will help us improve the department
  • Was involved in the Learning and Teaching Hub project, where we discussed the newly developing building

I aspire to bring real changes, and to do so I have made sure that my policies are achievable:

1) Access to Video Lectures:  I was able to get the lectures recorded for some lectures in my department. This conveys that our university has the capability to record them. I will work hard to ensure that this is implemented across all the other departments, which would be beneficial for all students.

2) Feedback: I want to enhance feedback from exams by providing students their exam scripts. I want to further improve feedback by implementing the class response (Yacrs) for the open forum system to enable students to ask the lecturer questions and provide insight on their progress with the course material.

3) Library Access: I will continue my predecessor’s work by striving for the continuation of the 24-hour library access during the exam season.

4) Promoting Society led workshop: I want to promote societies to hold workshops helping students in understanding course material.

5) Engaging with our Rector: I look forward to continuing good relations with the rector, through regular contact I aim to bring these academic issues to the university court to ensure proper student support.

I know what my future responsibilities are should I become the next of the VP. Whilst working with a group of diverse people on the council, I gained first-hand experience of working closely in the office and have always been open to comments and feedback by council members. Working in a team has not just only made me a team player, but has aided my personal and professional development.

Vote for Muhammed! #1 VP Education


Stephen Brown

Hi I’m Stephen Brown from the Department of Computing Science and I want to be your next VP Education. I’ve been on the SRC council for the past year as the School of Computing Science representative and a class representative for the past three years. I will push for a massively increased use of technology in education.


Immediate Goals

  • Allow students to provide live, anonymous lecture feedback using YACRS, or a similar tool. This approach has been taken within the School of Computing Science and has resulted in rapid improvements where it has been used. I would like to see it rolled out across the university so that all students can receive the benefits of iterative lecture changes.
  • Ensure that students’ grades are a fair and accurate representation of their academic performance, by limiting the number of team projects that students are required to do. The maximum required amount would be one per year, per school. In order to facilitate this, students must be allowed to opt out of any group assessment before it begins, with the assessments weighting being evenly distributed across all other components of assessment.
  • Make failing to communicate with students regarding late publicization of coursework grades & feedback a disciplinary issue. Glasgow has been in the lowest rankings of the Assessment and Feedback category of the National Student Survey for the past four years. This needs to change. I will fight for a policy requiring that staff provide weekly updates to students, indicating which percentage of submissions have been marked so far, along with an expected due date.
  • Protect students’ privacy rights during the rollout of the ‘Smart Campus’. I will ensure that students are made aware of what data is being collected, along with ensuring that consent is obtained from each student before any of their data is collected.
  • Continue to enact the work and policies of my predecessors, including 24-hour study access, lecture recording, and earlier exam timetable releases


Long-Term Vision

I want the University of Glasgow to adapt to the changing education market and be at the forefront of blended and online learning. This means having every course available online, able to be worked through at each student’s own pace, whether full-time or just a few hours a week. Having this flexibility will allow all students to fit their studies around their other commitments.


On-campus students should also benefit from investments in technology. I will work to ensure that the universities ‘Smart Campus’ strategy works for students, and not just act as a data gathering tool for management. It can and should provide benefits to students, such as indicating where empty desks with a power socket are available or automatically setting the thermostat of a room to a preferred temperature.


If you want the above to happen at the University of Glasgow, then make sure you vote for Stephen Brown on the 28th and the 1st!


Scott Kirby

As your VPSA I will constantly strive to improve the student experience; it is what makes studying here special. My aims are realistic, achievable and driven by student feedback and research.



Improve Employability


  • Review the Student Transcript (HEAR) – A degree is not enough, as shown by the vast number of students undertaking extracurricular activities. I will increase the types of achievement that can be included on the HEAR and raise awareness of its existence to staff & students. In 2016, for example, only 13% of eligible SRC volunteers utilised the HEAR for their achievements. This needs to change.


  • Employability skills The SRC should provide more opportunities for students to acquire and develop their employability skills and graduate attributes. I will implement an SRC-led Leadership programme available to all students. Many other student unions do this, and I think the SRC needs to follow suite.


Improve the Student Experience


  • Centralise Student Event Communications  –  It’s unnecessarily difficult for organisers to promote events on campus and students to know what’s going on. Through the noise that is social media it is hard for societies to reach the general student population. By creating a centralised space for all events on campus to be listed, students will no longer have to rely on the limited reach of facebook events.


  • Create the first ‘Inter-academic’ games – I will work with GUSA and the academic based-societies to establish the first Inter-academic games whereby students under the banner of their academic discipline can come together for friendly competition, in a new and unique way.


  • Revamp the Home Students’ Network – The Home Students’ Network has not been given the care and attention it needs to the detriment of the University’s 4835 Home Students. I will work to revamp this and give it the autonomy to put on some amazing events for the Home Student population.


Improve Freshers & Refreshers Week


  • Put on an amazing Freshers Week! – Engagement with Freshers’ week has been falling in recent years, partly due to off campus competition. This needs to change. I will review and improve Freshers’ week in order to provide the best experience for all new students joining UofG.


  • Welcoming Postgraduate Researchers – When research students join the University in October they miss out on Freshers’ week and Postgraduate fortnight. I put on more targeted events to welcome and include these students.


  • Restructure Refreshers Week – Refreshers’ is currently under attended so I aim to improve engagement by creating new innovative events, especially for incoming students.



  • I have first-hand experience of the SRC as a Freshers’ team leader and as a representative on council.
  • I have worked extensively with the alumni, careers and social media team.
  • I have sat on the Learning & Teaching committee this year which has highlighted the need to focus on employability and graduate attributes.
  • I’ve headed several societies throughout my time here at university.


For the strongest candidate with a proven track record and bold, achievable aims #VoteSkirbyVPSA.

Hannah Makonnen

Hello, my name is Hannah and I hope to be your next Vice President Student Activities. I have been an active member of various societies during my time at university, including participation on committees. As the Secretary of RAG, I have worked closely with the current VPSA in organising various cross campus events, which has inspired me to further my student body involvement.


My aims:


  • To close the gap between the students and the SRC through further awareness of the opportunities the SRC has available. This will be accomplished through updating the freshers booklet to include a list and explanation of all the student body roles across campus and how to get involved with them.


  • I wish to organise a mixer during re-freshers’ week, between the students and the people currently obtaining student body roles. It would look to include the SRC, QMU, GUSA and the GUU, to provide a channel of communication for anyone interested in running for the future elections.


  • In order for awareness to follow on throughout the year and with all students, I hope to promote and re-vamp the SRC section in the library. This area will include all the information leaflets we have to offer, such as on issues of mental health, how to appeal your grade etc. Additionally I wish to create leaflets of all affiliated societies to also share this platform.


  • Create a petitions page on the SRC website, where all matriculated students have the opportunity to create petitions concerning the most pressing issues within the university, creating a direct point of contact between students and the SRC.


  • Build on the training we provide societies to ensure they feel fully supported throughout the year in all aspects of administration and day to day running. This will be done through mandatory extended training workshops.


  • Work hard to create an exciting and inclusive freshers week with a variety of events to make sure freshers feel welcome, supported and prepared, not just for that week but for the rest of their time at university. I will establish this through the a variety of events, while concentrating on the development of day time events, training and workshops.


  • Looking to the future, I think it is imperative that all freshers have a mandatory orientation day which includes things such as sexual violence prevention training, with drug, alcohol and safety awareness included. Therefore I hope to kick start the process that implements this for the freshers of 2020.


Ultimately, I am here to represent you, to make sure that your voice is heard, and I wish to be a part of the process that ensures that your university experience is on your terms.

Fatemeh Nokhbatolfoghahai

Hiya! My name is Fatemeh and I’m a 4th year Medical Student – I’m running to be your next VP Student Support!

What I’ve done so far:

  • Served 2 years on Council as General Representative and currently serving as the Mental Health Equality Officer
  • Served as a member of the Faith and Religious Belief Equality, Disability Equality and Mental Health Action Groups representing student views.
  • Fought for and successfully established reflective and quiet spaces on campus and in particular the Library
  • A current trainer for the highly popular Mind Your Mate Suicide Prevention Training workshop that has trained a great number of students and staff
  • Currently developing a sustainable cross-campus and student facing online Mental Health and Wellbeing Platform to be released soon – LookAfterYourself.
  • Held drop in stalls for student surveys and feedback on student accommodation and facilities
  • Outside of the SRC, I have represented young people on a national level with Sport Scotland. This year, I’ve also worked with Young Scot and the Scottish government within an Equality and Diversity remit for the Year of Young People 2018.

If elected I will:

  • Lobby the student populated GP practises alongside CaPS in order to develop a clearer pathway for students using counselling and NHS mental health services
  • Push for the prioritisation of the free sanitary products policy to be rolled out across the university as announced by the SNP
  • Ensure the smooth delivery of Suicide Prevention Training and Sexual Violence Prevention Training for an even bigger reach
  • Ensure the roll out of Peer Support across campus is followed through and as a potential follow-up support system for students entering university from pre-existing widening access initiatives
  • Ensure that within the developing campus, reflective, family-friendly, breastfeeding and gender-neutral facilities promises are kept, and that accessibility is not forgotten
  • Promote and consistently signpost the SRC Advice Centre as an excellent and under-used independent resource for students.

On council I will:

  • Work with the welfare representative to ensure that ALL protected characteristics and underrepresented groups have representation
  • Build on the excellent initiative of the Welfare dedicated Freshers’ team
  • Ensure that there is a more robust accountability process for all council members

For commitment to student concerns and welfare…

Vote FATEMEH to be your next VP Student Support!


Tom McFerran

Hi, I’m Tom McFerran, a 3rd year student studying biochemistry, and I want to represent you as the next SRC VP Student Support.


So far in my university career I have involved myself in the SRC in many aspects, such as freshers helping, digital marketing in the RAG committee, volunteering and so much more so I can try and give back to the student body where I can, but the university has also benefitted me in its support services since I first arrived, and I’ve been able to see what works and what doesn’t for the students.


I want to improve the support of all students and provide opportunities for those who need that extra helping hand, which could make a world of difference when it comes to someone’s university career as a whole, be it academically or just their personal well being.  Talking to peers and general students I have heard where the university has supported them, and where it has fallen down, and I want to change that.


If elected VP Student Support I will:


  • Push the university for more funding for counselling and addition of new services, as waiting weeks for these services is putting any student suffering at risk
  • Implement new approaches for male mental health-based events, as currently they are often too public, and the social stigma still stands that they stay silent on campus, but should be encouraged to talk about their mental health in a safe way
  • Set-up a specific portal for freshers to come forward with issues of their well-being upon starting their university career
  • Implementation of drop-in sessions for international students struggling coming to university. From talking to my peers it is often daunting being far from home, especially if you’re struggling with working in your second language.  These drop-in sessions could expand into fully-fledged workshops to support these students, and I would work closely with the VP Education to see this implemented.
  • Build upon the success of the “Let’s Talk about Sexual Violence” workshops with more events throughout the year, and put together an information pack for new students coming into the university to make the issue of consent clear from day 1
  • Push for the education of sexual health on campus, particularly aimed at freshers, as many students do not take it seriously enough, and the psychological impact if affected can be detrimental to a students well-being if not addressed
  • Development of quiet spaces on campus, where students struggling can take themselves out of stressful and potentially harmful situations and feel safe and more at ease
  • Create a monthly feedback system with Welfare and Equal Opportunity Officers to keep consistent with staying on top of issues brought forward by students.


I want to work closely with the students, for the students.  Vote Tom McFerran #1 VP Student Support for a positive change in your university career.