Autumn 2016 Manifestos

Here are the manifestos for the accepted candidates in the Autumn 2016 Elections

If you’re unsatisfied with the promises and rhetoric contained in each candidates’ wonderful prose, you’ll luckily have the chance to grill them in person at the hustings meeting:

  • 6.30pm, 12th October, Room 201, McIntyre Building

The voting takes place between 9am and 5pm on Thursday 13th October. Vote online at

Election Results will be announced at 6.30pm in Room 201, John McIntyre Building.


Choose a candidate below to see the manifesto:

Murdo Maclean

IMG_20160929_171542 My Name is Murdo Maclean, I am a mature student in my 3rd year studying Aerospace Systems Engineering, my second undergraduate degree here at Glasgow University.
I was an SRC fresher’s helper this year, where I was a member of the new Non-Traditional team, catering towards international, mature and disabled students, among others. I was also involved in the Local Mature Student’s Orientation this year, where I sat on a panel representing the Mature Students Association.
If elected for Age Equality Officer, I would strive to:
• Change how support is advertised to students of all ages, with an emphasis on age related issues, particularly prior to/during Fresher’s week
• Work with the widening participation team to increase awareness of support for mature students
• Work with the Mature Students Association, Postgraduate Club and student unions to provide/promote more events suitable for under-age and mature students
• Continue the work of the previous officer in pushing for more support for student parents at a policy level

Vote Murdo for SRC Age Equality Officer on the 13th October!

Amna Zahid

Hello! My name is Amna and I’m a dental student who hopes to be your first year rep.

Having completed an undergraduate degree previously, I know exactly what it feels like to be a fresher. For many of us, this will be our first time living away from home. I moved away for my first degree and it can feel daunting; being in a new environment, surrounded by new people whilst studying at a new level. This is why I am passionate about voicing your concerns.
In Aberdeen, I was an elected member of a society where I regularly brought up issues on behalf of our members. This was not just on a university scale as twice per year, I was invited to raise concerns to council on a national level. This is something I have continued to do now that I’m back in Glasgow.
If elected, I will raise the concerns of home, UK and overseas students equally as I truly believe that no student should be neglected, rather, we should feel like we belong. I strongly believe that more can be done on campus to support the mental health of students – particularly us first years.

Vote Amna #1

Andreea Musat

20160728_110508-2Together. This is the key word that underlies my motion. Being a first year student is both exciting and overwhelming. On the one hand, we are fascinated by our new UNIverse , but on the other hand there are situations when we feel alone or misunderstood. This is my role: to listen to your problems of every nature and try to give you the best advice. Every single opinion or proposal from you is important to me! Although I am thinking of creating some events in which first year students get to know each other, I do not want to emphasize this because I am a flexible person and all the important decisions will be taken TOGETHER! Last but not least, do you know that in this changing world the importance of numbers has remained unchanged? If I chose to study Mathematics&Accounting, it means that my way of thinking will not change and my motivation and determination have no limit. My name is Andreea Cristina Musat and I would be honored if I were your representative! Thank you for reading my thoughts and I know for sure that TOGETHER we will take the best decision!

Kritika Dass

Hi, I’m Kritika and I’m standing for the position of First Year Rep. I’m from India and studying Aeronautical Engineering.
Being a Fresher is scary, especially if you’re leaving your family behind and living on your own. Considering I’m an international student, I know what worries a fellow international student.
Since university can be a pretty big step for some students, they are more prone to suffer from anxiety and depression. If elected, I will try to get enough funding to tackle these issues.
We all know how strenuous it is to log on to MyGlasgow every time. I wasted 4 hours trying to enrol myself only to learn that First year students don’t need to enrol. So one of my goals is to make the university website more user-friendly.
But that’s not all. I will be more than happy to raise any topic or concern that you guys are facing.
What I’ve learned in my first few weeks in Glasgow is that everyone is so cordial and warm. And it would be an honour to be your First Year Rep. Oh, and I love dogs. 🙂

Martina Lofqvist

_MG_0650The first time I visited the University in the spring, I was amazed by the student life it offered and knew right away that I wanted to get involved. Since my arrival I have learned something new about the student life every day, and there hasn’t been a time where I regretted my decision of leaving Sweden for University of Glasgow.

I am Martina Lofqvist, a Swedish/ American who’s studying Economics, Management and Computer Science. So far I’ve joined one sports team (cheerleading), a number of societies, and is the class representative for Economics, but that’s not enough. Therefore I am looking to get involved with the SRC.

I believe that not only I will benefit from this position, but that I also can make a great contribution to you students. Through my prior positions as the treasurer of the student union and CEO of a startup company, I have developed skills such as organization, dedication, representation and leadership, which I will make good use of in this role. As a representative I will ensure that student concerns will be brought to the forefront.

So please, help me help you by voting for me as your First Year Representative!

Xavier Weiss

Alternative Photo Salutations!
My name is Xavier Weiss (yes, like the X-men) and just a few weeks ago I clambered all the way up from the low lands (i.e. the Netherlands) to these strange parts: the high lands. To those who ―like me― have but recently ventured into University life, ease is critical. Why? Because in this exciting and terrifying and crazy and awesome and all-round kaleidoscopic time, you probably want to find ‘your place’, a new balance. So that is why, for the good of all, we wish to try and implement the following where possible:
• A smarter MyCampus (automatically detect time conflicts, modern interface, lunch slots, etcetera)
• System to record, store and distribute (securely) lecture videos (future you will be thankful)
• Adaption of software to make lectures interactive for all disciplines (not just Computer Science cough Yacrs cough).
• A framework (coordinated by students) to allow students to sit-in lectures from other subjects out of curiosity.
• Interdisciplinary projects (reflects how real jobs work, end the isolation!)
• Renewable energy (forward-looking University)
• ‘Lobby’ for a cheaper laundry service in Student Accommodation

make the Weiss choice

Bethan Hall Jones

BethanHall-JonesHello! My Name’s Bethan Hall-Jones; I study Physics with Astrophysics and I’m running for general representative. In my second year, I feel I now have a great understanding of many aspects that both affect the university and make it an amazing place to be.
I’ve been very into sports my entire life including the fitness and social aspects that being a part of a team can bring. I’m a very involved member of GUSWPC and a frequent visitor to the unions. With the ever increasing range of sports facilities and clubs available at Glasgow I would strive to increase access and participation for people of all levels and abilities.
I became involved with the SRC by being a Fresher’s Helper and it opened my eyes to all the great things the SRC offers students. This really allowed me to get involved with the inner workings of the SRC while helping and supporting students.
As a general representative I would also push to improve access to counselling and psychological services offered by the university, I feel this is important and needs to be addressed as waiting lists can be as very long!

Effy Wang

photoMy name is Yilin Wang, I am a student who study in MA Economics. I am a second year student. I am applying the position of General Representative. This is the position which meet the candidates who could liaise students from all disciplines and also the SRC Council. I had the relevant experience who I was in my high school which report the difficulties from student’s academic knowledge to the school academic support center. Moreover, currently I was one of the member in the GUTIC, and I has a keen interested in attend all the societies’ meeting.

Furthermore, if I was elected to be the general representative, the most important thing is to represent the needs of the students to the council. Thus, I would conduct some survey with simple question to reflect the requirements of students and report these to different apartments such as, Student Officers, Academic Convenors and Sabbatical Officers, according to the distinct opinions from students. Besides, I will asset the president to organize the events and keep closely in touch with the president and other departments.

All in all, it will be my honor if I could be elected to be one of the general representatives.

Fatemeh Nokhbatolfoghahai

Have you ever thought to yourself – I need a quite space to reflect on campus… but where?!
Now starting my 3rd year at Glasgow University, in this magical Hogwarts looking part of the city, I have been trying to find the answer to that very question. Student life is at times overwhelming, and sometimes you need some time out to meditate, pray or just quietly reflect. During my last year in this very same role, I led on creating that discussion on campus, with the Chaplaincy, Main Library and QMU. It quickly became evident through chatting with students that they had a desire for this type of space. Mental health is a priority for us after all!
If given the chance to be Gen Rep for the second year running I aim to:
• Continue to establish different quiet spaces on campus
• Keep the two-way conversation going with students – Everyone needs more representation!
• Collaborate with the other unions. There is lots on offer and the likes of sports and social life are what makes University more than just a degree.
Most importantly I want to hear what matters to you – so vote Fatemeh for #1 Gen Rep!! 

Harry Wang

0930_1I am Rui Wang, a first-year postgraduate student coming from China. And my major is MSc in Financial modelling. The position that I pursue is General Representative.
I joined the Student Union in my domestic university and ended up as the minister of the department of Rights and Interest of Students. During the period, I organized a negotiation between students and the university café when some students refused to have meal in the café for fear of the sanitation and for dissatisfaction of price. Besides, I also took part in a volunteer activity as an inspector in railway station and successfully cooperated with policemen to catch an escaped convict in work.
The reason why I want to join SRC is that I expect to serve schoolmates from all over the world with the same honesty because it will be an interesting experience for both you and me.
I think I am a good listener so if you elect me as the representative I will patiently listen what you say and try my best to help you cope with the matters and express your thinking in the coming semester. Honesty is a universal language, please believe me.

Hugh Littlehailes

SRC application photoHi, I’m Hugh Littlehailes; I’m a 4th year Physics with Astrophysics student, and hopefully one of the next general representatives!
In the past I have been a member of a number of societies and clubs, and a SRC Fresher’s helper, which was a cracking time. This gave me a wide experience of Glasgow University life, and the opportunity to meet a number of the brilliant people that make up this great uni.
What would I do if I was elected?
• I would put the represent back into General Representative and get all student voices heard.
• I would organise and properly advertise drop-in surgeries where you could voice concerns.
• I would help connect students with the amazing groups and initiatives that are around on campus or just gaining momentum and if possible help these services improve and grow.
What do I get out of it?
• I get the chance to represent you guys in a role that is gonna be a lot of fun
What will you get out?
• Representation by someone who will care about this role and the views of you guys
Cheers for taking the time to read, Vote Hugh for General Representative! Hugh know you want to!

Iris Chong

CHONG WENG SI (2229873)My name is Iris. I am in my undergraduate Year 2 studying Business & Management and Economics. I am standing to be the General Representative.
Firstly, I have advantage in languages. I am from Macau but I took my high school in an English school. I watched TV programmes in mandarin when I was young. Therefore, I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English fluently. This might help because I can communicate without gaps with international schoolmates.
Secondly, I am confident with my multitasking skills. I was one of the officers in the Business Club in my high school operating activities like New Year Carnival. I also worked as a piano teacher. Therefore, I can deal with stuff in a correct manner.
I think we sometimes encounter problem of not finding a well- pleasing seat in the Library to do our self- study. If elected, I will promote a campaign to gather feedback in order to lobby for better facilities. I would also like to be the bridge between the international, UK and EU students.
Lastly, I have a strong will to become a General Representative to work out my motto—Be willing to help rather than being asked to help.

Jessica Brown

14192100_10210504061821818_911994632313449865_nHello, I’m Jessica Brown, a third year Biochemistry student who would like to be your General Representative.

Since I came to Glasgow, I have loved my university experience and would welcome the opportunity to help all students enjoy their time here as much as I do, now and in the future.

This Fresher’s Week I was a helper for QMU, which gave me an insight into how the student bodies work, as well as the importance of them. The SRC is a vital presence, and I would love to be involved.

As your General Representative I would look to:

• Increase awareness of sexual health provisions and promote consent workshops
• Request clarification of the increase in rental costs of student halls and address discrepancies
• Promote safe cycling in and around campus
• Strive to emphasise the importance of mental health and reduce stigma surrounding it
• Improve communication between students and their advisors

I have several ideas that I think and hope would make our campus an even better and safer place for every student. As your General Representative, I would work tirelessly to implement my ideas, working alongside other Representatives to make sure the SRC and the University works for everyone.

Jessica Xu

personal photoAs a PGT, I want to apply for being a general representative. My major is Finance & Management and I will study here for one year.
My previous experience identifies my application. I worked as a minister in mental health department of student union during college. This cultivated my responsibility, earnest and patience. I joined the intern program in ICBC during college and worked in a bank for two years after graduation during which period I got a promotion from subsidiary bank to head office because of the good performance in operational ability. all these abilities are of significance to this position.
As for being a general representative, to be frank I do not know what specific issues I need to do, but I know I need to deal with many trivial but meaningful things and communicate and coordinate with other departments in SRC. Thinking about the benefits of other people and the group is much important than only thinking about yourself.
If I am fortunate enough to join in SRC as a general representative, I would like to do anything given by superior leaders and do everything to help other students.



Maaz Talha

ID picHey guys! I’m a first year dental student studying and would love your support! Doing a previous degree has given me the experience to carry out this role and ensure you guys have the best time at university!
Having been an active member of the student-staff committee allowed me to raise points of concern not just affecting academics but also social aspects of my course. These allowed me to bring about changes which heightened the student experience and I want to bring that to Glasgow because as a student, it is essential for our point of views to be heard and what better platform than the SRC! I am confident I can convey your views on a university level. Together we can bring about a positive change on campus!
University can also be a daunting experience, especially for non-home students so, if elected, I want to introduce a peer advice service where home students can be paired up with non-home students and can share their experiences and support each other to help transition into uni life!
I want this year to be the most student friendly year yet so vote Maaz #1!

Matthew Walker

matthew walkerHi – My name is Matthew Walker, a 20 year old third year maths student, running for the position of General Representative!

Why me? As a former school prefect and member of The Children’s Parliament I have experience in leadership and representing other opinions and ideas. I have also twice been an SRC Freshers’ Helper so already have an insight into how the council functions.

Soooooo if elected, I will:
– work to make all students aware of what the SRC does and the services it provides by establishing a means to keep students up-to-date on the goings-on of all things SRC (still too many students are unaware of what the SRC does/can do for them!)
– work to ensure that education/services are not hampered by the new campus development (particularly relevant as the maths building is planned for demolition in December!)
– be open and flexible with regards to tackling issues affecting students and voicing concerns

The role of General Representative can be incredibly varied. Therefore if elected I will strive to work with the SRC in order to address the needs of our student population and make the (already quite great) student experience at UofG even better!

Muhammad Asif

imageI am not just an ordinary person, as someone brought up with the motto; “A person should become a soul existence on whom someone else can depend on.” I am that dependable person. People always want to rely on others but most of them can end up feeling neglected or feel as if they are a burden. I take genuine interest in other people which helps me to understand and help them. I aspire to let everyone know that I am always there for their needs, that I will be representing them and their interests. I fulfilled this ambition in my school where I became the Head Ambassador. My class depended on me for organising funds for the events and over time I became a bridge between the students and the staff. This is exactly what I hope to become here at university, I will accept the challenge and work relentlessly. I will stand up for everyone and I will make sure that your views are brought out in front of the university. I will make sure to become your voice. So your vote is not for me but it’s for yourselves.

Natalie Moffatt

Natalie Moffat. Photo for nominationI’m a 4th Year Sociology and Anthropology student and would love to represent you as a General Representative.
My involvement with the SRC began last year when I started volunteering with Glasgow University Service to the Homeless (GUSH). I have since become a shift leader and committee member.
I also just worked as an SRC Freshers’ Helper and really enjoyed all the tasks and engaging with many different people. During this time, I began working as a Sexual Violence Prevention Trainer as part of a collaborative intervention which aims to raise awareness of and tackle gender-based violence. The programme’s implementation on campus has begun through training the Freshers’ Helpers from all four student bodies and I feel very proud to be part of it.
The SRC offers a range of valuable services to students which, if elected, I will work to raise awareness of. In particular, I wish to promote issues surrounding welfare, such as the suicide prevention training and helping the sexual violence prevention training reach more students. I shall also be open for students of any discipline to approach with their ideas or concerns, no matter how big or small, as everyone should feel fairly represented.
Thank you!

Nihal Talwar

NihalHello! My name is NIHAL TALWAR and I am a first year student studying Business and Management . I am a candidate for the General Representative Position. I believe the SRC to be exactly where I can work to make things better than they already are.
Being a Head Boy provided me with experience in event organisation as well as confidence to fight for students rights back at school in India. Coming from an emotional background gives me an extra edge in my manifesto. I that this background of mine will really be helpful for people for multicultural environment to connect and construct a valuable relationship with me.

Listen to and voice concerns of the students within the SRC meetings.
Keep in touch with important issues both internally and externally which could affect the quality of life of the children studying at Glasgow University.
For everything I do, I do for the betterment of others and put all my heart and passion into this aim. At last I’d like to make a promise to promote active communication between the students, staff and the SRC, in order to ensure that the interests of students are well represented.

Ruoxi Han

RUOXI HAN_General RepI am Ruoxi HAN from China. I am here studying in University of Glasgow for one year to obtain a master degree and to enjoy an incredible experience.

I am well prepared and qualified to stand for election of General Representatives. I have rich leadership and participation experiences when I was an undergraduate. I was the president of Convention and Exhibition Club which focus on holding exhibitions by cooperating with local exhibitors in Shanghai. One remarkable experience is giving assistance twice when China International Bicycle & Motor Fair was held in Shanghai annually. My job is training and arranging volunteers to participate in assistant job such as guide and interpretation. I also participated in a model company concentrating on recruiting employees. All in all, I am full of enthusiasm and ready to be one of the members in SRC.

If I were elected, I will do my best to serve the students and attend each meeting of SRC Council with great enthusiasm. I will deal with student issues with impartial prudent attitude. This kind of attitude is what I am religious about.

Ryan O’Fee

image1As first year representative last year I got to see for myself the good the SRC can do. However, it also became very clear to me that the university significantly under invests in our student bodies.

For years the university has refused to increase the block grant it gives to our student bodies. This used to be frustrating, but it is quickly becoming untenable. Not only does the SRC lack the funding to properly address growing issues within the student body, it has been forced recently to cut hugely popular services such as the SRC minibuses.

This problem is not limited to the SRC though – QMU and the GUU have both had their funding cut this year, and GUSA is substantially underfunded compared to other university sport associations. If elected I will use the position to reach out to all other student bodies in an effort to begin a campaign fighting for a genuine increase in the block grant. I will aim to demonstrate to the university just how much us students, the “world changers” Glasgow University is so keen to welcome, could contribute to this institution if we were given the opportunity.

Thanks for reading, and please vote!

Sophie Gill

imageHi, my name is Sophie Gill and I am a second year studying Psychology, from Belfast!
I feel I have the energy and enthusiasm to fulfil this role as I have thrown myself into university life from the onset. I am a member of the Netball Club, the Psychology society, and the newly formed Obstacle Course Racing Society. I was an SRC Fresher’s helper this year and I had an amazing week, working hard and meeting so many friendly faces! This experience was so positive that it inspired me to pursue these following goals;

  • For students to be more aware of what clubs and societies have to offer. Increasing their level of communication, through the SRC website, would allow students of every level to easily discover events, meetings and socials hosted by their favourite clubs and societies.
  • To campaign for area’s to store personal items on campus, such as lockers. Students who live far from campus should have this facility.
  • To push the need for more bicycle racks situated on campus.

Thanks for reading and I hope I have interested you in what could be a reality within the University!

Stefano Sesia

SesiaStefano_PictureHi there! I’m Stefano, a third year Computing Science student.
Glasgow University is the true home to world changers: invaluable experiences,
countless opportunities and the creative environment that surround you are keys to shape your future.
Our campus is undergoing one of his most exciting developments, in such a period I would love to contribute as your General Representative to listen to your Voice and benefit our University.

I am currently the president of the Tech Society and I have been organising events on our campus for three years, I always put the Student’s interests in the first place and encourage creativity.
I’ve been a fresher’s helpers for two years, this gave me great insight in the structure and services provided by our University.
This is my second year as a class representative, mediating student’s needs.

If elected, I would:

• Open the doors to any Society needing any kind of friendly advice or directions to empower them make the difference
• Always listening to your needs and advice: a constructive dialogue to funnel any changes you deem necessary
• Promote all the opportunities around you: one of our >200 societies, our unions or the university. get your future in your own hands!

Struan McLean

replacementHello, my name is Struan McLean, I am currently studying economics in second year, and wanting to represent your views as General Representative of the SRC.
This year I was a fresher’s helper and learnt about many of the great services that the SRC run, and would love to bring new ideas to the group. Unfortunately, I feel there are too many areas of the SRC is underutilised by the students, so I would like to continue to promote these services, long after freshers week, so every student is able to benefit from them. I would like to involve every student, by organising general events in the unions, so the SRC are approaching the students, rather than waiting for the student to approach them.
I believe that I am a good candidate for this role because I am a sociable and approachable student, part of many clubs and societies, so I am confident that students will be able to raise their concerns with me. I also have the confidence needed to bring up any issues you may have with council, and will work with them to solve the problem as best as possible.

Julia Belogurova

14045900_1300440873308266_1447347667078245806_nI’m Julia, a Law graduate from the University of Glasgow, currently an MSc student in Translation Studies and a class rep for the translations students.
Four unforgettable years I have spent in Glasgow gave me considerable experience and insight into the University life. Being an Undergraduate student at the UofG and working in the Postgraduate Admissions and Marketing office in the College of Science and Engineering provided me with a unique opportunity to gain both student and employee, undergraduate and postgraduate perspective on the University life.
What I have discovered is that PG students are not as involved in the University life despite having the same status as the UG students. There are a lot of challenges when it comes to being a PG student, especially if one’s UG studies have been done elsewhere.
Having experienced what the University has to offer, I would do my best to help my PG peers get the same extraordinary university experience I had. For many PG students this year is their last year of studies. I would work on making PG students more involved in what the University has to offer outside the classroom, be more comfortable and fully enjoy their UofG experience.

Geoff Wang

IMG_0689Hi! My name is Yanfei Wang. l am pursuing for the master degree in science and engineering college now, so l want to be a science and engineering college convenor. l graduated from Glasgow international college in July this year. When l studied in Glasgow international college, l am a student representative, so l know something that a student representative needs to do. For example, l need to feed back the classmates’ opinions every month, so l need to communicate with a lot of my classmates more often. Furthermore, sometimes the staffs from Kaplan international college held a meeting to ask something about teaching conditions, some improvements they can do and etc. Other student representatives and l need to attend the meetings and respond relevant questions. l know if l become a student representative, l am not only myself, l am a voice that represents many science and engineering college students. l will try my best to help them, safeguard their benefits.

Yanfei Wang

Jess Mac Sweeney

14159833_10153855576892514_844133025_nHello, my name is Jess and I am doing an MSc in Aerospace Systems. I’d like to be elected as the next Postgraduate Convenor – College of Science and Engineering.
I’ve been involved with the SRC for over two years. During my BEng here I served as a class rep and Freshers’ Helper. It was a fantastic experience and an insight into how the university and council are run, how they interact with each other, and the influence students can have over their experience. I enjoyed my role and worked hard at it, eventually being nominated for a Student Teaching Award as “Best Class Rep of the Year”.
If elected I will:
Offer a student viewpoint at various meetings and committees, to make sure our voices are heard at the highest level of decision-making.
Work with the undergraduate rep, as many issues are shared by UG and PG students.
Meet regularly with the other PG Convenors so that good practice in other Colleges can be implemented in the College of Science and Engineering, and vice versa.
Support all class and school reps.
Work with club and societies to encourage PG involvement and help develop the social side of PG studies.

Remy He

2063358404My name is Runming he and I study management of international finance in the postgraduate program. I came to the city of Glasgow in September 2015, through the year 2016 to 2017, I studied in Glasgow international college as a student and also as a student Rep. I participated and organised a variety of events, such as the Halloween party, Ceilidh dance and campus tour. As a GIC alumni, I returned back to the GIC to be a student helper to provide service for the feathers. I am also a representative in the business of University of Glasgow last year. During this activities, I have worked closely with the teachers and other students, learn how to work in groups, take responsibility and pay attention to each details. If I am so lucky to be elected, I will try my best to improve the study and life experience quality for the students from social sciences college, to pick up the feedback from the students, to organise the specific events for students with different nationality.

Flynn Gerwirtz O’Reilly

Flynn photoHi, my name is Flynn. I am a PGT student studying an Msc in Data Analytics and this is my fifth year at the University. Postgraduate students make up about 20% of the student population and it is important that we have a strong voice in both the SRC and the wider university; something that is often missing year to year, and that I will provide.

As an undergraduate student, I volunteered my time to help new and prospective students, giving me a solid understanding of the university and its workings. I want to use this experience to push your concerns and to give postgraduates a voice.

If elected I will
• Push for separate postgraduate study and social space in the new campus development plans.
• Provide an avenue for postgraduate students to voice any issues or concerns they have, taking any issue presented me to the highest level.
• Make PGs more aware of current career and social opportunities within the Colleges and in the wider university community.
• Be visible and approachable on campus.
• Act as a signpost for support and services.

I hope that you will give me a vote! Thank you for your time.

Tina Li

862....2...1....My name is Sijia Li, and I am studying in Adam Smith business school. My major is Human Resource Management.

Looking back on my university life, I feel confident as I have learned a lot during these periods. These useful experiences are not constrained to the frequency of activities I attend or the amount of time I spend, but for the number of beneficiaries I provide. Taking an example of my experience when I was in charge of student work, I found that there are fewer positions available to the students who have come from the low-income family background. Even though they are outstanding than others, they still feel unappreciated because they have no voice to express their appeals.

This phenomenon is a gripping pain when I found that some of my closest partners are so helpless. Thus, as a vice chairman of our student union, I provide an equal opportunity to the students no matter what family background they are.

Though the competition is cruel, though I am just a drop in the ocean, I will do my best to avoid this phenomenon happen again, as we all start from the scratch and belong to the same world.

Anita Awotunde


I’m Anita Awotunde, a 4th year Sociology student, passionate about racial inclusivity and embracing the beauty and vibrancy of diversity on and off campus! As a Nigerian woman born and raised in London, I know how it feels to be subject to discrimination, as I personally have encountered intersecting oppressions.

I have been involved with the Glasgow University African-Caribbean Society (GUACS) each year of my tuition and was President of GUACS last year. Being President of GUACS has enabled me to explore the diversity within African and Caribbean cultures, as well as embrace and appreciate other cultures along the way and host cultural workshops and discussions. Additionally, I am currently participating in a psychiatric setting exclusively for BME individuals with mental health issues. This has made me more understanding, patient and open-minded.

If I am elected, I will tackle racial discrimination on campus. I will also hold fortnightly open surgeries for students to speak to me about their concerns regarding racial equality. I hope to celebrate cultural diversity on campus and host a street carnival in collaboration with GUACS and other university societies! I am dedicated to making our campus more inclusive and knowledgeable regarding racial issues. Vote Anita!

Jowad Farooq

My name is Jowad Farooq, I’m a 2nd year Medical Student and I would love to be your Race Equality Officer.
Promoting equality and equal opportunity to people of all races is a serious issue, having experienced racial discrimination myself in the past, equality is something I would love to maintain. Glasgow is a cultural melting pot, you find people from every race, religion, and background, which brings truth to the saying “People make Glasgow” – my time at university has been made richer by the diversity that Glasgow holds. No one should have to face discrimination in this day and age, and especially in such a wonderful city as Glasgow.
As someone who has lived in Pakistan, for 2 years, and who has visited a multitude of countries, I have had the opportunity of experiencing an array of cultures which has given me an insight into cultural differences we hold but we are all human, and we all deserve the same opportunities. I want to fight for more equality and I feel, as a medical student, my communication skills, and people skills makes me an ideal candidate for this position.
Thank you for this opportunity,
Kind Regards,
Jowad Farooq.

Lam Tran

imageHello, my name is Lam, I am a third year English Language student who aspires to be your next Race Equality Officer.
Living in a multicultural family, I also had the opportunity to study in the UK for 8 years. This helped me to realise the importance of being open-minded to different cultures and treating everyone equally regardless of their ethnicity.
As a result, I would like to contribute to create a better environment for Glasgow University students. I will objectively listen to their concerns and try to improve their time at university by working through the SRC to find solutions.
My aims and objectives:
· Work with the VP Student Support to address students’ grievances and issues effectively.
· Keep in contact with different clubs and societies in order to encourage racial diversity where students of all races can express themselves and their culture in their own unique ways.
· Organise campaigns promoting racial equality in Refreshers Week and beyond.
· Providing students an awareness of cultural sensitivity and racial discrimination by sending out informative emails.
I want to make the campus becomes an inclusive environment so that all students feel welcome. Please vote for me.

Linda Salm

lindaHello! My name is Linda Salm and I am a postgraduate studying Stratified Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation. I am running for Race Equality Officer as I believe that everyone should have respect, equal rights and have the best university experience regardless of their ethnicity, race and culture.


Coming to the UK as an Iraqi refugee, I believe that I can personally relate to those who face barriers related to their race. I feel very passionate about this issue, hence why I have worked with charities such as Save the Children, United Nations, Unicef and also the Immigration and Asylum Support Team, who ask me frequently to attend their events and to share my story with the public to raise awareness with regards to the issues refugees face such as healthcare, education and emotional and psychological problems. I believe my connections and experience make me a strong candidate for this position and I have also been class representative and also the Vice President of my Pharmacology Society.

If Elected I will:

• Ensure to minimise and eliminate all forms of racism
• Raise awareness about racial discrimination
• Campaign and organise events to promote racial equality and diversity

Zhao Huang

Zhao HuangHello guys! I am Cici studying Business and Management in 2nd year and standing for the Race Equality Officer. I am very approachable and active and sincerely hope to create an open and relaxed campus atmosphere for all students, teachers, and staffs!

1. I am sensitive to and concerning with cultural and racial issues after years of study in international schools.
2. As a Student Rep in both my high school and in Glasgow International College, I have accumulated rich experiences on SRC operations, coordination and organization.
3. I engaged in various voluntary programs and plan to join many societies which means I have a strong network of relation to draw on and strong communicative skills.

• Promote cultural diversification
1. Support cultural-related activities such as International potluck dinner.
2. Encourage the cooperation between different cultural and ethnic societies.
3. Organize surgeries for international students to share their views and experiences.
• Eliminate discrimination
1. Cooperate with GIC to improve race equality and diversity (mentor program, presentation).
2. Use questionnaires and other tools to detect potential racial problems and acquire suggestions on improvements.
3. Work closely with all departments to ensure race issues are appropriately solved.

Leah Henssge

Leah Henssge Critical Studies Photo Hi, I am Leah, a third year joint honours English literature and language student. As a class representative for both of my subjects I have experience liaising with the school and effectively articulating student feedback. Additionally, I have good knowledge of the structure of the SRC having been a Freshers’ helper for the past two years.
I have three main areas that I would like to improve on as your Critical Studies representative:
• actively liaise with the College of Arts advisory team to ensure that students know who to approach if they have a problem; now that individual advisors of study have been replaced, I feel it is sometimes difficult to know where to turn.
• seek to enhance communication between subject areas within the school to foster more co-operation. For example, English literature and language frequently have successive classes on opposite ends of campus which is a huge inconvenience for many students that take both subjects.
• work on increasing access to academic skills workshops
• Ensure subjects have clear information sessions for second years about the honours process before they are obligated to make their course choices
Please vote for me!

Ryan Rutherford

RyanHi there my name is Ryan and I would like your vote to be the representative for the School of Culture and Creative Arts. I am in my third year studying theatre, which has given me great insight to the school that I want to represent. Throughout my time at Glasgow, I have immersed myself in societies revolving around the creative art, namely STAG where since first year I have been an active member. Last year I directed the main stage play Posh and was appointed to the board as publicity officer.

Having been involved with the SRC previously, I have developed an understanding of how to fight for student issues and the knowledge to represent my school to the best of my ability.

If elected to council, I would strive to:
• Improve the communication between faculty members and students
• Ensure sufficient and constructive course feedback is given to all students across the school
• Strengthen ties between societies in the Arts and the SRC
• Bridge the connection between class reps and the SRC

Ellie Parry

imageHello everyone, I’m Ellie Parry, a MEd Educational Studies student.
I believe that every student at University of Glasgow deserves the highest quality learning experience. I promise to be a cheerful face within the SRC, able to give support and a voice to anyone, and ensuring you are treated equally and without prejudice.
If elected, my commitment starts with:
Connecting with representatives from all courses within the School of Education. I will be listening to how you feel your courses could be directly improved upon and ensuring this is heard; Creating a new peer support e-forum so that students can better interact with their cohort and others, bringing together discussion so that matters raised with higher authorities are dealt with promptly and truly reflective of your needs.
As a conscientious trainee teacher at UCL IOE, I became an appointed postgraduate course representative, where I worked in cooperation with my fellow learners and lecturers to create significant enhancements to matters affecting students on my course. My familiarity with ICT meant that I was particularly helpful resolving problems with the distribution of resources through e-learning and reconciling issues such as workload queries.
Please vote for Ellie: an encouraging, caring and committed candidate

Becky Adams

Becky My name is Becky Adams and I am a 3rd year student at the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. Originally from Fife, I now live, study and work in Dumfries, which is where the School of Interdisciplinary campus is based.

I feel I am suited to this position due to my experience in the SSLC in which I have been representing my course since my 1st year of study. Additionally to this I also hold the position of Sports, Clubs and Societies Officer in CUCSA (Crichton University Campus Students Association). I also carry the responsibility of holding the Personal Alcohol Licence for the association.

This not only shows that I have experience for the position, it demonstrates that I am passionate about improving the quality of student life.

If I am elected to be the Interdisciplinary Schools Representative this year I pledge to make the following things my priority.

. Improved links with main campus
. Additional support during long work placements
. Healthier food options on campus

Above all these things I promise that I will give the school a voice, a voice that will make sure that the problems unique to our campus will be heard.

Abbas Ali

abbas ali law rep Hi, I’m Abbas. I’m in my second year of the 2-year fast track law degree at Glasgow.

This is my third degree at Glasgow University, I previously graduated with my undergraduate degree and Masters in Psychology which means I know the uni really well now and know what needs to be done to improve the experience of students from all backgrounds. I relate equally well to undergraduate students but also postgraduate/mature students which makes me an ideal candidate to canvass opinions of students.

My relevant experience is that I have been a class rep in my previous studies and was involved in the processes to improve student experience. I am also the postgraduate rep for the Glasgow University Muslim Students Association (GUMSA) which involves assisting postgraduate students to settle and integrate into the university as well as organising social events.
As a long-term student I can confidently:

Approach year groups directly, ensuring I get the best response possible and making myself known throughout the school.
Hear what all the year groups have to say, and try and get the broadest view that I can.

Be approachable.

Provide feedback on all issues that I have made the SRC aware of.

Ada Scarrott

14522332_10210013126020476_352830558_o My name is Ada Scarrott and I am a fourth year Geneticist, and a ‘mature’ student at 24 years old. Since my first year of University, back when I was doing Biog 1A and Excos, I have been a student rep. This all started in my first lab when I thought ‘you know what, I think I’d be good at speaking to the staff and helping the students’ and my passion for being a rep has only grown since then. I like being approachable, and making sure that everyone feels like they have a say in their education.
The School of Life Sciences is generally very well run. We are lucky in the fact that there are a lot of staff who care about our opinions and reflect upon them. However, the School being well run does not mean we should become complacent about trying to improve it. In my role as school representative I will make sure every year and subject area is heard and changes seen. I want every student in the school to know that they have the power to make their education their own.

Dalia Gala

IMG11 (7)My name is Dalia Gala and I am a 3rd year undergraduate Molecular and Cellular Biology student.
I would like to run for the Life Sciences School Representative because I am actively involved in the school’s affairs and I believe that as a Representative I would be able to stand for all the students, including myself, and bring real change into our school. I am well aware of the fact that the Life Sciences is about to undergo a restructuring, especially considering the second year teaching scheme. I would like to contribute towards a better communication between staff and students so that all the changes to be made will be well considered and consulted with students regarding their needs and expectations. I am also very much involved with Life Sciences related societies and, if elected, I would do all my best to see them flourish, making sure that they receive all the resources and support needed. In summary I could say that the main thing on my mind when applying for this position is the Life Sciences students’ – our – welfare. If elected a Representative, I will invest 100% of my energy into making this the school’s number 1 priority.

Madihah Hussain

IMG-20160930-WA0015Hello everyone, I am a 2nd year Neuroscience student in the school of Life Sciences and I am asking you to vote for me this year! A few things on my agenda are:
• Dedicating myself to supporting class reps in improving the student experience within the school of life sciences.
• Create opportunities for students of life sciences to engage more in university decisions.
• Stress the importance of good mental health of fellow students across the council and then ensure there are adequate places for contemplation for students of life sciences.
• Ensure that all international students and those who have moved between cities feel happy and comfortable within the school of life sciences as I am well aware of how intimidating entering a new environment can be.
• Highlight the importance of the SRC to life sciences students.
• Effectively represent life sciences students at council.
So, please vote Madihah as #1

Paul Gillan

Paul Gillan- PhotoHello, my name is Paul Gillan and I am a postgraduate student studying an MSc in Stratified Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation. I am applying for Life Science representative because I was supported by so many during my studies here and wish to provide that support to other students as well.
I graduated with a BSc in Genetics from Glasgow University, during my undergraduate experience I was a 2nd, 3rd and 4th year SRC bio-molecular representative so I have been involved with communicating between students and staff within life science. I am also involved with the G-Gnomes (Genetics, MCB and Biochemistry) society as a 2nd year rep, Genetics rep and eventually President. My roles involved representing a year, degree group and eventually organizing events for all Life Science students. I have also been a staff member for the past three years, assisting students and developing awareness of the services available to support students.
I hope to support students through three main aims, improving communication between life science societies to optimize social and guest lecture events available to students, improve interactions between undergraduate and postgraduate students within life science and provide additional support for life science students towards their personal goals.

Andrew Brown

IMG_3341 Hi, I’m Andrew! I’m a fourth year senior honours Physics with Astrophysics student, and I would love to represent our school at the SRC. From my experience as a Freshers’ Helper and a team leader, I understand and appreciate how important the SRC is for every student at this university. As I also do courses from both Physics and Astronomy as part of my degree, I have experience of being an undergraduate for both departments and so I feel that I am well-equipped to represent this school.
I am very approachable, and I would love to help increase communication between staff and students with regards to the student experience. I hope this will allow people with any issues or problems to come to me or to liaise through their class reps. My main aims for this year are:
• Meet regularly with class reps and provide support if they have any issues to discuss.
• Be an active and approachable point of contact for students within the School of Physics and Astronomy.
• Address and express the views and issues raised by the students within the school and taking them to the SRC. For example: exam timetabling and issues with lecturers etc.

Emily Kenny

EmilyKenny I am a third year theoretical physics student with a wide variety of interests including art, drama, and languages. I am passionate about student politics and would be honoured to represent the School of Physics and Astronomy.
For the past two years I have been the representative for my physics class. This experience has allowed me to form good professional relationships with staff members, and also to develop diplomatic communication skills which are essential when collaborating with both staff and students or attending meetings. In addition to this I have experience in corresponding with the unions, having held the position of secretary on a society committee for over a year.
As representative, I would work in close collaboration with the students to ensure that all of your concerns are put forward to staff or the SRC. I would also push for clearer communication between the SRC, staff, and students so that everyone is more aware of campus events. Most importantly, I am interested in hearing what you have to say so that I can campaign to have your ideas implemented.
Vote for me so that we can improve everyone’s university experience together.

Sam Kershaw

Sam KershawHello! I’m Sam Kershaw, I’m currently in my Third year of Physics and I am running for the position of School Rep for Physics and Astronomy. I have previously been involved in several representative positions stretching as far back as Secondary School.

My main aim in this position is of course to represent you as a school, not all of you may know we are not currently represented at the council and I couldn’t sit idly by and allow this to go on. I will ensure that all concerns passed through your class reps are acted upon accordingly. I also wish to ensure communication between students and the university is as clear and accessible as possible.

I intend to explore the possibility of providing physics and astronomy students with transport out to astronomy labs as I know this point has been raised. Given the current political situation I would work to ensure, as far as my position allows, that the funding and opportunities offered by the university to aid and benefit the students of the Physics and Astronomy department remain in place.

So let’s all vote and get our voices heard in the SRC Council once again.

Ellie Young

SRC photoHello, I’m Ellie and I’m hoping to be the next SMLC representative. I’m in my fourth year studying French and Maths having just come back from my year abroad studying at the University of Québec.

I’m very familiar with the systems and teaching in place within the SMLC not just from studying French but also taking beginners German in first year. The fact that I study maths means that I also have knowledge of a completely different school and I can compare and contrast the two. Moreover, I studied French as a second language whilst in Montreal so I know how languages are taught in another country in a different university.

I also have quite a bit of knowledge of the SRC after being a Freshers’ Helper this year. Furthermore, I’m not afraid to voice concerns from students and bring to light any failings within the department.

If elected I would:

• Have more support offered to students when applying for their year abroad as this can be very stressful.
• Have more information given to students about studying abroad and work placements so that students know all options available to them.
• Help with reintegration and retaining your language level on return.

Bayasap Zorigt

FB_IMG_1475491074785I am looking for to make a difference i am in the GUEnd7 society as a event planner. The society is fundraising society to help ship life saving medicine to Africa. For this year i am also a class rep to help my peers to advance in their careers. If i get elected i will work towards a better learning environment. Firstly, i would like to make audio files or videos available for students who missed the lecture with a good cause so they will receive a key on moodle that gives access to the videos or audio files. Secondl, i want to help people with social skills because it is one of the most important skill set to have and to improve on. Thirdly i would like to introduce a culture day to learn each other’s ethnicity and cultures. One more change i would like to do is present more knowledge about recycling what it does? why we do it? and more. My key skills are communication, reliability and open mind set. I have all the requirements that will make me an asset to SRC and I believe I can be an asset to the University of Glasgow.

Moiz Shah

SRC PicHi, my name is Moiz and I’m hoping to be your next undergraduate MVLS College Convenor! Four years of studying at Glasgow has given me the opportunity to meet and connect with people from all walks of life, especially within the college of MVLS. This has allowed me to identify key issues of importance for students on campus, including mental health and wellbeing, access to educational materials and effective communication between class representatives and school representatives.
Previously, I have taken on numerous leadership responsibilities requiring effective management, informed decision making and, most importantly, listening to feedback from students and relaying back to the appropriate entities on campus. Leading one of the largest societies on campus has also taught me effective time management skills. I feel these are both key elements that will allow me to take on this role with confidence
If elected, I sincerely hope to enhance student satisfaction and welfare by:
• Maintaining focus on the implementation of quiet reflective spaces around campus
• Enhancing communication between all representatives in the College of MVLS
• Ensuring that students’ voices are heard in regular feedback sessions
• Promoting equality and diversity in both academic and non-academic settings

Vote Moiz #1 MVLS College Convenor!

Rob Hallam

rob_hallam_photo2 Hi! I’m Rob Hallam, a third year medical student running for the position of undergraduate MVLS college convenor. I have previously completed a degree in Pharmacology, so I have the benefit of experience across the schools of Life Sciences and Medicine; both as a student and as a class rep. In the course of my time at Glasgow Uni, I feel that I have gained an understanding of life as a student, as well as am insight into process improvements and changes on the academic side.

I would like to:
– help the college and schools build on improvements seen in the 2016 National Student Survey
– encourage the college to continue to make welfare provision for MVLS students a priority
– fight to preserve and widen access for those who may face challenges in taking up a place (eg financial reasons)

I also pledge to liaise and make myself available to school and class representatives to ensure a coherent and united front for change.

It’s not only the largest college, it’s a pretty great one too! I’d be honoured to represent our interests on Council.