The Guide

Welcome to The Guide. This is pretty much everything you need to know about being a student in Glasgow and your handbook to getting a head start on living and learning in the city

Download the PDF: The Guide 2016-17.
Alternatively you can browse The Guide 2016-17 on Issuu

This book is commissioned by Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council, the SRC, as a way of introducing you to everything you might encounter in your first year as a student. In the pages that follow you’ll find everything from choosing courses to the best live music venues; from where to pick up fruit and veg to where to look for your first post-halls flat.

It might seem like a lot of information and it might be a little overwhelming, but every word has been written by current and former students of the University, informed by advice from the student organisations and University, with the intention of making your first year easier. If it’s not useful, you won’t find it in The Guide.

Of course, with large parts of The Guide being about Glasgow University, the SRC’s own functions and services are dotted throughout the book in the relevant sections. Be prepared to stumble upon their name a lot, not because the writers were obliged to include them, but because they do a heck of a lot on campus including running a second hand bookshop, a free, anonymous advice centre, a volunteering service, a jobshop, a postgraduate social club and… oh yeah, providing representation for all 27,000 students at the University on campus, local, national and international levels. They’re pretty important.

The book is divided into four key sections:

  • Campus Life – Introducing Glasgow University’s student organisations and how to get involved in volunteering, student media and clubs and societies.
  • Academic Life – All about getting your head down and studying; there’s info on the library, exams, choosing courses, buying books and what to do if you happen to find yourself in trouble academically.
  • Glasgow Life – A wider view of the city, its culture and where to find the things in it that you want to do, like theatre, parks, clubs, and shopping.
  • Life Support – Straight up advice on the more functional side of life as a student outside of your studies, including info on sharing a flat with new people, taking care of your health and managing your money.

If you’re super-keen, feel free to blast through the 140 pages ahead in your first few weeks; there’s plenty of tips to pick up that you might find useful to know as soon as possible, so crack on. If you’re already tired just finishing this page, hang on to The Guide, you never know when you might find yourself in a tricky situation and want some honest advice from those who have been there and lived it already. Have fun.

Download the Guide

Download the PDF: The Guide 2016-17.
Alternatively you can browse The Guide 2016-17 on Issuu