Spring 2019

If you’re unsatisfied with the promises and rhetoric contained in each candidates’ wonderful prose, you’ll luckily have the chance to grill them in person at the hustings meeting:

Non Sabb Hustings – Monday 4th March, 6pm, room 201, McIntyre Building.

Sabb Hustings – Tuesday 5th March, 6pm, room 201, McIntyre Building.

The voting takes place between 9am Wednesday 6th March until 5pm Thursday 7th March.

Vote online at

The full SRC Election Results will be announced approx. 6.30pm  in Room 201, McIntyre Building on Thursday 7th March.


Choose a candidate below to see the manifesto:

Chang Xu

I am Chang Xu, a third-year Honour student of Economics, and I will compete for the representative of Business School. As a member of Adam Smith Business School and College of Social Science, I am glad to have the opportunity to bring changes to my schoolmates. I think Student Representative Council (SRC) is a great to enhance students’ experience at university.

In the first year of undergraduate, I was the class representative.  I knew about classmates’ thoughts and brought some improvements to the course.  This experience gives me the confidence to be responsible for the work of school representative. This position has an important function of communicating between the School and the SRC, and the belief is to give you valuable and effective experience during university. Therefore, I respect people’s views as long as they can improve the experience of students. If elected, I will try my best to solve your problems, including event suggestions, course improvements…

Ana Isabel Bacallado Almandoz

Hi! My name is Ana Isabel and I am a third-year student doing Business & Management and Psychology.

Spending my third year doing an exchange at the University of Hong Kong has given me insight into a completely different system and university. This way, there are many ideas and projects that I would love to implement in our Business School.

Before my exchange, I was class representative for both of my degrees and Women’s Captain of the Athletics Club, as well as involved in many Business School events and the Economics Society. My years in university have been incredible and I would love to help others students make the most out of it as well. If elected there are a few things I would focus on:

-provide students with more real-life opportunities within the business school;

-organise more career-related events;

-improve connections with alumni and create a mentorship program or events involving current students and alumni;

-continue pushing for lectures recordings.

I will maintain close connection with class representatives from all levels and spread information about any events to all students. Thank you very much for reading!


Morgan Daniel

I’m Morgan and I am running for the position of Charities, Clubs and Societies officer.

I became very involved with the SRC this year as a freshers helper and as a General Representative on council. I have really enjoyed my experience as General Representative and loved the freedom that this position gave me, but I am now ready for a more focused role.

I have experience as part of different clubs and societies across campus through both the SRC and GUSA. This has given me great insight into how the clubs and societies system within our university works. I also have fundraising experience both individually and within groups but would love to do more through this role.

My aims are

  • To improve upon RAG with a wider charity outreach and a more structured committee
  • To introduce individual fundraising to RAG committee members
  • To encourage clubs and societies to fundraise for RAG
  • To raise awareness of the SRC amongst clubs and societies
  • To make sure that clubs and societies have links to their social media and their emails on the SRC page
  • To introduce a clubs and societies forum with the VPSA

Vote Morgan Daniel #1 Charities, Clubs and Societies Officer!

Charlotte Green

I’m Charlotte Green; I am a disabled, transgender, mature student studying Divinity. For the last five months, I have served as your Disability Equality Officer, and my work is just getting started. I’d like you to re-elect me as your Disability Equality Officer, I have been active this year working to increase the visibility of the disabled student population including:

  • Inviting key personnel to events and I would like to build the Disabled Students’ Network further especially the lunches and social events to encourage you as students to get involved.
  • I have also met with Key Senior personnel to speak up for disabled students about the new campus and the redevelopment of current building stock.

Re-elect me and I will:

  • Challenge key personnel to reduce the wait time for a first response when contacting the disability service.
  • I have great plans for fresher’s week 2019, to make sure that all students get the most from the first week on campus.
  • I will Create a working partnership with all disabled students to ensure everyone is represented and supported.
  • Guarantee that disabled students’ needs are at the heart of our new campus.

Choose an experienced candidate, choose knowledge, choose passion: vote Charlotte.

Rachel Symon

I’m Rachel, a fourth year Spanish/Classics student, and I want to represent YOU as the next Disability Equality Officer for the SRC. Having already been involved in the SRC through the Raising and Giving Committee and Freshers Helping, running for council seems like the next logical step.

As a disabled student, I’m well versed in University policy and procedure and want to utilise this knowledge to benefit the community of disabled students here at Glasgow.

If elected as SRC Disability Equality Officer I will:

  • Implement a fortnightly surgery where students can approach me confidentially for advice or support.
  • Act as a liaison between students and the disability service (as well as the Counselling & Psychological services if applicable), offering support, if needed, through what is quite often a confusing application process.
  • Negotiate with the university to end £300 testing for Dyslexia or set up a trust to fund these appointments.
  • Request that the university digitises ALL short loan books, so that they are available online for anyone who currently struggles to work within the 4- or 24- hour loan limit

This election, choose a candidate with the determination to follow through on her campaign points. Choose someone who’s #stickingupforyou

Orla McLaughlin

Hi, I’m Orla, a 2nd year psychology and philosophy student, running to be the next Environmental Officer. It deeply frustrates me to see how frequently the climate crisis is underplayed and glossed over by people in positions of power and I intend to do my part to change that.

Although the University of Glasgow has shown significant commitment to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly, from fossil fuel divestment to being part of the sustainable restaurant association; it still has a very long way to go. So, my main goal will be to ensure that environmental issues become a priority, and to push the University to honour its commitments to the Carbon Management Plan.

If elected I will:

  • Ensure transparency and better communication regarding decision-making on environmental issues
  • Implement Meat Free Mondays and encourage the on-campus restaurants to source food locally and seasonally
  • Work closely with other students wanting to implement changes, as a member of GUEST, the Vegan Society and Extinction Rebellion
  • Push for the elimination of single use, non-recyclable plastic
  • Aim to improve recycling on campus as well as in university run accommodation



Indigo Korres Nte Paoula

My name is Indigo Korres (they/them). I am an international first year Film and Television student running for the position of LGBTQ+ Officer.

For years, I have been helping our community through LGBTQ+ activism. I have been an active member of the GULGBTQ+ society and even gave a speech at the society’s 2018 Transgender Day of Remembrance. I created a YouTube channel where I talk about politics involving our community, and about my transition. Organising these projects has helped me improve my skills through representing individuals.

The LGBTQ+ Officer position is an amazing platform to effect change within our university. I will work closely with the GULGBTQ+ Society and LGBTQ+ students. If elected, in addition to the duties expected of me, I will:

  • Push the University to introduce a Trans and Non-Binary Officer position, focused on improving the experience of Trans and Non-Binary individuals in the university.
  • Organise awareness events.
  • Organise LGBTQ+ job opportunity fairs.
  • Continue the work of the current LGBTQ+ Officer, such as pushing for preferred names to be used in all University documents.

I would be honoured to be elected and be part of such an invaluable organisation as the SRC is. #ChooseIndigo

Teresa Banos Garcia

Hard work takes time.

This year, I have worked hard as your Mental Health Equality Officer, and I hope you’ll re-elect me to carry on doing so.

During my time in the role I have:

  • Organised a cross-campus World Mental Health Day
  • Collaborated with the other student bodies and set up valuable links with members of staff
  • Dedicated myself to raising awareness of mental health on campus, both during and outside of regular campaigns such as exam de-stress

If re-elected, I hope to:

  • Create a visible cross-campus team dedicated to student Mental Health
  • Continue publicising existing resources through social media and student services
  • Create a Mental Health guide for incoming students
  • Work with GUSA and the VPSA to create a handbook for welfare reps in clubs and societies
  • Push for the Peer Support system to be rolled out in more schools

Mental Health is quickly gaining the awareness and recognition it deserves. With my experience in the role and my tireless passion for the subject, I am the right person to represent you and fight for you.

Vote Teresa #1 Mental Health Equality Officer!

Madeleine Gomes

One of the reasons why mental health is such a fundamentally important issue is because it affects every single one of us. Despite the important work going on to change it, truly opening up about your own mental health is still very much a taboo. I am applying for this role because I want to change that.

In my last years of school I established a wellbeing scheme, and spent my free time holding talks, visiting classrooms and running activities with the students to help them better understand their relationship with their mental health. If elected, I would use these experiences to greatly improve the communication link between staff and students in Glasgow. I truly want to know how you have found the support provided here – and how it can be made better.

Mental health is a particularly poignant subject for university students. Shifting to a totally new environment surrounded by strangers can throw up all kinds of difficulties and can sometimes leave us feeling intimated and isolated. I believe I have the enthusiasm, compassion and determination to help combat this sensitive and complex issue. Thank you for reading.

Cheryl Graham

My name is Cheryl Graham and I am a third year divinity student. I am running for the position of Mental Health Equality Officer as I feel I would bring experience to the role. In August 2017, I had a major mental health crisis and had to be sectioned for seven weeks. I was under-educated on mental health issues therefore I want to raise awareness of not only different types of mental illness, but also the types of support and treatments available.

Although I had a psychotic illness and it was the worst experience of my life, I was able to participate in the University of Glasgow’s pioneering research study Empower. This is has led to the development of a wonderful app designed to help people recognise the early signs of psychotic disorders. If elected I will start a campaign called #SeeMeUofG, and attempt to eradicate stigma associated with suffering from mental illness. There is currently a support group for people but this has not been well promoted, so I will endeavour to let my fellow students know there is somewhere to go for peer support.

I am immensely proud to study at the University of Glasgow.




Fiona Paterson

I’m Fiona, and I’m running to be your Postgraduate Arts Convenor!

As the current convenor I have acquired valuable skills and knowledge which equip me well in moving forward. In the role to date I have worked closely with the College of Arts Graduate School, building relationships which I intend to continue to strengthen. Having sat on various committees I have experience in representing the issues that are important to postgraduates and making sure that our voices get heard!

If re-elected I aim to:

  • Create a better sense of community amongst Arts postgrads, particularly PGRs, through college-wide events and workshops, interaction with PG societies and more active use of the Gilchrist
  • Provide a consistent face of representation: now that relationships have been forged with staff I feel in a better position to be able to see through the issues that really matter to students
  • Improve awareness and use of the SRC amongst postgrads by providing an approachable and enthusiastic point of contact

I have many ideas which are yet to put in motion, and given another year in the position I would be truly committed to seeing these through and to enriching the postgraduate student experience here at UofG!


Hannah Baer

Can we make our postgraduate journey easier, more structured and less stressful? Yes we can! Let’s work towards clear guidelines and deadlines, starting by making Moodle a more organised and user-friendly platform. Postgraduate degrees are stressful enough, so it’s in our best interest to make all formalities as easy as possible. Issues with supervisors during our research projects are especially difficult to deal with. It is important to figure out how we can give you the best support and how to make sure that we all have an impartial point of contact at all times. Our university offers a great program for mental health first aider training. I would like to encourage having at least one trained student as a potential point of contact for all of you in each institute.


I’m a first year PhD student and previous master’s student from the University of Glasgow, so I’ve spent the last years experiencing not only the postgraduate research but also taught systems as a member, not an organiser. I would be able to bring fresh ideas that could make our postgraduate life even better than before while maintaining the things we all appreciate

Cristina Chueca Del Cerro

Hello, I´m Cristina Chueca, a Political Communication MRes student. I was an undergraduate at Glasgow University and next year I’ll start my PhD in Politics. I was class representative for Politics for 4 years and now I’m the class rep for my programme. Today I’m running to be the next Postgraduate Convenor of the College of Social Sciences.

I’ve transitioned from undergraduate to postgraduate facing numerous challenges. It wasn’t until this year that I realised the importance of mental health resource-access and the lack of opportunities to build a community if you are a postgraduate. These are my main motivations behind my candidacy. I have decided to take a step further from being the class representative for my programme to represent the whole College. This will give me the opportunity to change things not just for people like me in a single programme but for everyone else too.

My proposed measures if I get elected:

-Creating opportunities to build a community. Being a postgraduate is really isolating and time-consuming.

-Fostering mental health, via workshops, discussions, and better information about the services available.

Visibility of the PG Reps. People need to know we exist, we’re here to help them.

Vote Cristina!

Ketong Zhang

Hi everyone,

My name is Ketong Zhang, and I am your current PG Social Sciences Convenor and I am running for the same position again.

As your PG Social Sciences Convenor, I realised all my goals proposed last year when I run for the first time. Especially, I worked with the college management and established a Travel Grant for ALL PGRs across the college. I defended student’s interests during council meetings and college meetings, and I worked directly with students to solve their complaints about courses and professors.

If re-elected, I will:

  1. Work actively with the school reps and class reps to make sure all arising problems are resolved.
  2. Make sure PG students have enough learning space and group discussion areas.
  3. Make sure late PGR students can benefit from Fresher’s Week.
  4. Focus on PGRs mental health and stress about research.

Jamie Quinn

Hey, I’m Jamie and I’m a 3rd year PhD student studying the effect of viscosity on heating in our sun.

Since October I’ve been the SRC PG Convenor for Science & Engineering, helping to bring in

better mental health provisions for PGs, supporting the burgeoning PhD Society, improving GTA

pay and training opportunities, representing the SRC in China, and ensuring the PG student

experience is improved and preserved by representing students on various boards and


As PGR convenor I would aim to do a few specific things:

  • Broaden peer-support networks across the colleges
  • Ensure school-specific GTA training is adequate and relevant

  • Strengthen the relationship between the SRC and the graduate schools

  • Fix sidelined PG rep structures and allow the SRC to better support PGs

  • Encourage the growth of the PhD Society

The relationship between the SRC and PGR students has only just started to grow. As someone

with experience on council, and a wealth of experience representing PG students, I believe I’m

the person to continue to allow this relationship to flourish.

Scott Kirby

Hello! My name’s Scott and through my experience as the current Vice-President of Student Activities, I’d like to be your next SRC President!

At a time where students are faced with an uncertain political climate and are experiencing a campus in transition, the SRC needs a candidate that can champion and keep students’ best interests at heart.


  • Two years of Council experience & one year of Sabbatical Officer experience.
  • Coordinated Freshers’ Week, Refreshers’ Week, RAG week and supported the De-stress Campaign.
  • Successfully helped initiate a process to review the Student HEAR Transcript.
  • Started Club & Society Mixers and the ‘Give it a Go’ initiative during Freshers’ Week.
  • Oversaw the implementation of new degree programmes in Geography & Earth Science.
  • Experienced member of the Learning & Teaching and Student Experience Committees.





  • Affordable Catering – Work with the university to develop a provision that suits the needs of club and society meetings and events on campus.
  • Lobby the university to reduce student society room booking charges
  • Implement a recognition scheme for clubs & societies whereby efforts for being inclusive and accessible can be recognised.
  • Implement a Green Awards programme to reward clubs & societies for operating sustainably.



  • Promote and develop the volunteering opportunities available to students through the SRC.
  • Continue to develop a transferable skills development programme spearheaded by the SRC, designed to enhance student employability.


  • Environmental Focus – Lobby the University to take more ethical and environmental responsibility through the Sustainability Work Group.
  • Engage with local and national political campaigns that are in the best interests of students.
  • Work with GUSA to lobby University Sport to develop a membership system that is more inclusive to different groups of students.



  • Encourage more collaboration between schools, sports clubs, societies and student bodies by initiating campus wide campaigns and charity drives.
  • Further develop the Intramural Games (Sports Day) to become a staple of the University Calendar.
  • Further enhance the PGR student experience by developing a Postgraduate Welcome Week in October and January.


  • I will advocate to represent the best interests of students in the wake of Brexit.
  • Ensure the soon-to-be renewed SRC strategy meets the needs and demands of students in 2020 and onwards.
  • Improve engagement with students by holding monthly coffee sessions around campus to allow students to talk directly with the sabbatical team on issues and campaigns.
  • Hold the University to account over inconsistencies in the International Student experience.
  • Continue to prioritise and increase the awareness of the SRC’s Mental Health and Sexual Violence prevention peer-led training initiatives.
  • Improve the communication of the SRC by creating videos to consistently update the student body on issues and developments being tackled by the council.
  • Prioritise and address the continuously low standards of assessment and feedback as reported in the NSS survey.
  • Fight against all forms of discrimination on campus.

For a president with the experience and skills to effectively advocate for the student body






Moni Serneabat Ungar

Hiya! My name is Moni Serneabat Ungar and I am a first year Film and TV studies/History student running for Race Equality officer. I am half Bengali and a quarter Czech, born and raised in South West London, with a strong connection to my Bengali heritage.

Glasgow University is extremely diverse, with people from different backgrounds and upbringings. This year I set up the university’s first ever BAME society and I am also a member of GU South Asian Society and African and Caribbean Society.

Therefore if I get elected as Race Equality Officer, my main aims will be:

  • Alongside GUBAME, GUSAS and GUACS, to host discussions and events that are accessible and inclusive
  • Collaborating with other officers to develop more intersectional approaches for creating projects and campaigns
  • To host fortnightly discussions for students on important issues related to developing anti-racist practice
  • Lobbying the university and departments to work towards decolonising our curriculums.


Andreas Nikolaou

Hello everyone! My name is Andreas and I am currently a second-year computing science student. I have been working as a class representative for this academic and I am now looking to take this experience a step forward.

I have been very active in student representation in all my years of education. Some experiences that allowed me to develop the skills necessary to be a suitable representative of the school are my election as the president of the school’s council in my senior year of high school and my involvement with the European Youth Parliament (EYP) in Cyprus.

As the school’s representative, I will actively work for the following:

  • Encourage the use of lecture recordings in all classes with the equipment necessary;
  • Help with the establishment of the Peer Support network of our school which is currently in the early stages of development;
  • Encourage more detailed and meaningful feedback on coursework.

Lastly, I will be open and ready to take feedback throughout the year that I will then be able to relay to the school and work for the changes required.

Annabel Bowen-Nielsen

I’m a third year student of English Language and Linguistics. I’m currently on the committee of the Glasgow University English Language Society and represent ELL at Staff-Student Liaison Committee meetings.

I believe that SRC School Representatives are here to represent every single student within their schools, and I intend to ensure that every member of the School of Critical Studies has the opportunity to have their voice heard. I have always thought that the best way to find out what you want to know is by going out and asking; if I am elected as School Representative, I will actively seek out your opinions (without spamming you, I promise). Both positive and negative, we are the School of Critical Studies, and we all have criticism to offer – I believe that all of it is valid and deserves to be heard by people who can make a difference. If elected, I plan to work on your behalf to make sure that happens.

Tomasz Kleczkowski

Hi, my name is Tomasz Kleczkowski. I am in my second year of Music BEng (Electronics with Music). I am standing to be your school representative for 2019/2020.

I have had experience as a class rep for my course for two years; first in the School of Engineering and currently in the Music department. This has given me a unique experience and given me insight into how matters are handled in different parts of the university.

I am committed to representing the students in this school and pressing for change and improvement.

If elected, my priority will be to work with students, staff and the SRC to ensure that the School of Culture and Creative Arts is a welcoming place that offers a valuable experience to students of all backgrounds; and that the School is well represented in the university. I will regularly meet with class representatives to help make sure that feedback process is running smoothly.

Matters I will raise with the school include:

  • Improved accessibility, especially to the older buildings.
  • More career events focused on arts and culture.
  • Instrument storage space for students on music courses.
  • Lecture recording.
  • More common rooms and facilities.

Thank you for your support.

Leo Cerosky

My name is Léo Cerosky, and I’m running for re-election for the position of School of Culture and Creative Arts Representative. I’m currently a second year Theatre Studies and Politics student, Treasurer of the Glasgow European Society and a member of the Fencing Club.
Over the last year as the School of CCA Rep, I have worked hard to represent the students of the school as best as possible on the SRC Council and on the school Learning and Teaching Committee.

Currently, I am working on:

  • Collecting data and writing a report about financial support for Honours-level practical courses in Theatre Studies and Film&TV
  • Improving support for students on a language or study abroad year across the school
  • Organising storage space for music instruments (it’s been approved by QMU, and we’re working on sorting out the details)
  • Obtaining lecture recording in History of Art
  • Improving the use of library resources across the school (e.g. online reading lists)

I’m asking for your vote to continue the important work I’m doing both in the school of CCA and on the library committee!

So from the 6th to the 7th of March, go to and vote Léo Cerosky #1!


Temisan Atsegoh

My name is Temisan Atsegoh and I am currently an EEE student. Throughout this year, I have been first year rep and I wish to take this further by helping to make changes for those studying engineering.

As your Representative for the school of engineering I will try to improve the way coursework is currently done. I will try to improve the communication between class reps, staff and the SRC. I will work with class reps to improve the feedback system. I will also work alongside other school reps to share ideas for improvement.


Sam Malis

Hi, my name is Sam Malis, I am a second year Geography student running for School Rep for the school of Geographical & Earth Sciences.

I believe that I should be elected for School Rep as I want to make a change for the better within the School. Having been Class Rep for Spanish Level 1 and 2, I realise how important communication and feedback between students and staff. I would be a great candidate as I would use myself as an auxiliary communicator between class reps and staff.

I would want to push firstly for an introduction of lecture locations that facilitate recorded lectures as we recognise with the nature of Geography lectures and the near completion of the Learning and Teaching Hun, many would benefit from such. I would also like to help facilitate a more vibrant use of the Geography Society and work with them to provide more social events and workshops across different years where different students are able to gather and meet others on their course. Finally, I would want to push for a method in where students can be supported with field course costs as I recognise the importance regarding progression within Honours.


Di Huang


I am Di Huang a first year international Environmental Science and Sustainability student. I chose Dumfries because I cared about a life away from cities. However, there are many changes my peers would like to see on campus to make student life and experiences more fruitful. I seek to let the main campus know about our needs and how we can improve the situation locally.


I understand the issues that are affecting not just my peers but upperclassmen as well.

  • I am a Communications Officer of the student association CUCSA since my second semester. During this role I have helped facilitate three new sports clubs to be formed. Previously we only had one.
  • I am a member of the rowing society CUCBC.
  • I am a founding member of the upcoming Environmental Society.


  • Library access at the main campus needs to be improved for Dumfries students.
  • University Housing accommodation needs to be cheaper.
  • Mental health services need to be improved for students.


  1. Convey the needs of the student body on the Dumfries campus to SRC.
  2. Develop better student experiences on campus.

Anna Makova

Hi, my name is Anna Makova and I am a second-year student of Neuroscience. For the last two years, I have been a class representative of Psychology which gave me the opportunity to develop skills like different techniques of collection of feedback from big groups, effective communication of problems to lecturers and cooperation with other class representatives. Furthermore, I founded a new club and the position of president has enhanced my leadership and organization skills. These skills will help me to constructively discuss any issues with all class representatives and feedforward it to the staff.

If elected, I will

  • Address repetitive content of biology courses in Level 1 and 2 & insufficient teaching of R
  • promote better communication between courses and colleges regarding deadlines
  • keep updated with all class representatives and fully support them while voicing their feedback about courses

I will be devoted school representative who is ready to push for a change to make Life Science courses a better place.

Samantha Boyle

My name is Samantha Boyle and I am a fourth year Spanish and Politics student and I am running for School of Modern Languages and Cultures Representative.

Having lived abroad when I was younger, I have always had a passion and flare for languages. I have been involved with the SRC since being a Fresher’s Helper in 2018, and now wish to be more involved in the student body.

I am currently part of the committee for the university swim club which involves organisation and listening to members opinions on how the club should develop, both of which are skills I can transfer to the role of school representative.

If elected, I would work closely with class representatives and fellow modern languages students to guarantee that they have a positive experience within the school and resolve any issues which may arise. Secondly, I would like to see more support from the university and from the department for students on their year abroad. I would work closely with the Year Abroad convenor to ensure that the increase in support is delivered.

For the reasons mentioned above and my previous experience I believe I am the perfect candidate for the role.

Darius Darulis

I’m Darius, a third year joint honours Physics and Computing Science student.

As the school rep this year, I’ve organized and am helping run Python workshops to help students weather the department-wide change from Matlab, which I will continue doing and improving if required next year.

I have also been helping consult on important issues like changes to exam structure and lab spaces which the students will be surveyed on soon.

Besides the above, I will be:

Continuing to encourage staff to implement helpful tools that have proved successful in some courses, such as Padlet and revision Moodle quizzes.

Making class reps and the SRC in general more approachable in the department.

If all of the above sounds good, I’d be pleased to continue working on your behalf next year!

Hannah Mylin


My name is Hannah Mylin, and I am in my second year at the vet school. As both class representative and primary founder of the Veterinary Student Ambassador Program, I have been given the opportunity to work closely with staff and administration.

This year I would love to carry on the work that Antonia has begun while she was a member of the SRC. This year, I would like to focus on:

  • Strengthening the connection between main university and the veterinary school through events like the “Ask an SRC Member” booth and “Feel Good February”, and setting up an SRC stall at the vet school Freshers Fayre
  • Improving vet school and SRC communication so that vet students are aware of and may voice opinions on changes affecting them
  • Improving mental health support at the Garscube campus
  • Working to connect the Veterinary Ambassador Program with events on main university campus

I feel that with my involvement in multiple societies at the vet school I am well equipped to represent the veterinary student body. I’m very easy to talk to so do not hesitate to get in touch for any further information!

Fadel Shoughari

Hello! Having previously been the MVLS UG College Convenor, I have developed an understanding of how the University works and how to get things done. I have spent my time in the past year ensuring that the student voice is accounted for in any decision making process in the College. I have also been dedicated to improving the academic and welfare services provided to students, primarily by initiating talks to improve the Adviser of Studies System currently adopted, and by initiating the process of creating a Peer Support Program in the School of Life Sciences.

If elected I will:

  • Ensure the Peer Support Program is adopted in the School of Life Sciences
  • Develop the Adviser of Studies System so that students get the support and advice they need from their assigned adviser
  • Ensure the University commits to assigning a counsellor for the School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Widen the scope of work experience opportunities provided to students
  • Create opportunities for students to engage with students of the same degree in the level above
  • Enhance the standards of the feedback provided to students
  • Push for the financial compensation for student travel from and to placements
  • Continue to push for lecture recordings.

Harry McLachlan

My name is Harry and I’m in third year Chemistry. I was elected as the School of Chemistry Representative in October and I’m now ready to progress to Science and Engineering Convenor.

As a school representative I have participated in Learning and Teaching Committees with staff, discussing ideas and feedback from students. Similarly, with the help of the Alchemist Society, there have been more undergraduates attending socials, bringing people of all years together.

I was a Freshers’ Helper in September where I built good relationships with people involved in the SRC. I have an excellent knowledge of how the SRC works and I know how to access support I may need in my role.

I will work on a College level with staff and students in all schools to help the University evolve. I am eager to develop a peer support system across the college so students have a wealth of staff and students they can turn to if they ever have questions.

Having a convenor helps bridge the gap between staff and students. Also, a convenor gives students someone they can always turn to. This is why you should vote for me, Harry McLachlan as your new convenor!


Mayank Goenka

Hi there, my name is Mayank and I’m hoping to be your College of Science and Engineering Convener, as I wish to take an active role in maintaining the university’s reputation for excellence and improving the College of Science and Engineering.

Ive had many positions earlier, as a class representative, I debated on issues about the mental health services and that it ought to be developed, feedback consideration and a mentor system for the freshers.

Im currently a third year engineering student and if elected I hope to:

  • Run industrial field trips for both colleges
  • Continue campaigning for recording lectures in all subjects
  • Represent the opinions of all Science and Engineering students
  • Strive to engage students in science and the SRC
  • Hold regular meetings to discuss issues students face in the colleges
  • Work together with school reps and exchange ideas
  • Ensure that there are more optional extra-curricular activities in the colleges that students can take part in
  • Make specific software’s available in the library

Help me represent our college and University!

Vote Mayank Goenka #1, College of Science and Engineering Convener



Liam Brady

My name is Liam Brady and I am a final year psychology student. I am currently on the SRC as the School of Psychology representative, a role which I have held since the 2018 autumn elections, and I would like to continue my work by being your Vice President of Education! I have had a brilliant experience in my role and have learned so much from my time on council, so I believe that I am the best candidate to continue on the work of VP Education.

My pledges for the year:

  • Introducing Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) across all schools. This would be groups for all students in a class that are led by students in above years taking on a mentor role. Works very successfully in Psychology so would be beneficial to run this sort of programme throughout the university.
  • Adjust the peer rating system for group work. It is inconsistent across schools whether the system works well or not so I feel this is something that needs to be worked on.
  • Build an online community: Important to make sure those studying in Dumfries, Singapore, and part of the Study Abroad programme still feel part of #TeamUofG.
  • Communication: Weekly email or moodle updates from your school, preferably the head of your class, so you know what assessments and deadlines are coming up as well as any general news from your school.
  • Make feedback calendars an essential part of the course information document. Allows for accountability with the return of results and feedback, keeping in line with the university’s policy of returning results 15 working days of the submission deadline.
  • Reassess the role of the class rep: I feel that it is important to highlight how important class reps are and updates could be made to their role.
  • Place an emphasis on Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching (TELT): In particular, blended learning which involves combining face-to-face and online modes of study which I feel would be more engaging for students.
  • Continue on the brilliant work of previous VP Educations such as getting the university to adopt an opt-out policy for lecture recording, push for 24-hour library access, and increase pop-up alternative study space specifically focusing on in-school facilities.

My experience:

As well as spending the past year acting as the School of Psychology representative, which involves regularly meeting with both staff and students in school meetings, I have:

  • Helped secure pop-up study space for psychology students during the December exam period
  • Held regular meetings with staff, class reps and helped at the class rep mixer
  • Acted as the undergraduate representative on the Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service (LEADS) Strategic Advisory Board
  • Attended workshops on the NSS, modes of feedback, and transforming assessment and feedback at the university
  • Helped promote SRC campaigns such as the STAs, and
  • Worked twice as a SRC Freshers’ Helper

As VP Education, I will ensure the academic needs of all students are represented, and strive to create a modern and inclusive university environment.

Kirsty Summers

Hello! My name is Kirsty Summers and I am running to become your next Vice President of Student Activities.

If elected into this role I will be a proactive VPSA who represents you, the students of Glasgow. My manifesto points are determined by student feedback and my time here at Glasgow. I am not someone who is afraid to speak up for change, making me the ideal candidate for this position.

Throughout my time at Glasgow I have been actively involved in all four student bodies. From Union Societies to GUSA clubs such as Women’s Hockey, I have engaged in a number of cross-campus organisations. I have also been a Fresher’s helper twice and have sat as the secretary of RAG in 2016/17, which has given me the opportunity to work alongside previous VPSA’s to further understand the role and what is required to be successful in this position. Currently I am the Geographical and Earth Sciences School Rep on the SRC Council, providing me with the perfect insight into how the SRC works on campus. Utilising this knowledge will help me improve the student experience for all.



Fresher’s Week/ Re-Freshers:

To build on previous years and put on a welcoming Fresher’s Week for all by:

  • Re-running International Student Weekend prior to the launch of the Fresher’s Week to welcome new international students and create a sense of community at Glasgow.
  • Welcome returning students by allowing them access to Union nights on the opening weekend to ensure students are reintegrated at University.
  • Organise an alcohol free event at night to ensure no student is neglected from the unions’ festivities.
  • Ensure all first years, including those outwith halls, receive the opportunity of a personal welcome to Glasgow University through drop-in sessions provided by the SRC Council.
  • To reinvent refreshers week by utilising growing cross-campus links.


  • Alter the structure of the committee and begin the application in June, creating more time for events planning and coordination prior to the next academic year.

Inter-club Forum:

  • Create a new platform for societies to interact with each other and the SRC. It would comprise of elected representatives of prominent members in societies and selected members of the SRC council, operating as an open forum creating the opportunity for open discussions.

Community Engagement:

  • Foster a positive relationship between the local community and the student population by creating an online space to highlight volunteering and employment opportunities.
  • Create a 2-way communication channel to help businesses attract students and clubs to utilise their facilities, achieved by creating an online interface between the community and university.

Safety on Campus:

  • Utilise buses to shuttle students to halls after union nights or late library sessions. This would be especially good for halls such as Wolfson which are further away.
  • Investigate the possibility of securing public transport passes which connect the University to the city for home students. Reducing concerns over the cost of travel is key to increasing accessibility to campus.

Vote Kirsty Summers #1 for VPSA.

Basel Shihabi

Hi Everyone!

My name is Basel Shehabi a 4th Year Engineering Student hoping to be your next VPSA. The reason I was inclined on taking on the mantle of the VPSA is based on my experiences both, on and off council as well as wanting to bring change in areas where the VPSA’s remit lies. These changes should ultimately affect not only clubs and societies, but also the larger student population.


On council, I have ran and helped organise events alongside the current VPSA during Fresher’s and Refresher’s such as International Café with roughly 500 people attending in Fresher’s. Moreover, with the aid of others; I have also organised International Students’ Celebrations that comprises Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, and the very first Cultural Exhibition that was a joint event between 13 distinct international clubs and societies on campus showcasing folk dances and cultural icons of their respective countries.

Off council, I have been a member of various clubs and societies throughout my academic career; as well as being a two times Fresher’s helper (SRC and QMU), previous VP of the Middle Eastern Society, and Vice Treasurer of the Robotics Society.

Apart from building upon and improving pledges sought by previous VPSA’s, if elected, I wish to pursue the following:


  • Provide continued and extended support necessary for society events. This includes a range of things such as grants, storage space, catering, etc… whilst further streamlining the process.
  • Introduce schemes that rewards societies for fulfilling certain criteria with their events such as collaboration, sustainability, community or other SRC aims through featured promotion such as ‘Club of the Week’ or entering draws which include monetary prizes.
  • Rework the clubs section on the SRC’s website splitting information relevant to office bearers and society members, in addition to increasing transparency on the information provided.
  • Introduce new VCS awards that pertain to individual roles such as Society President of the Year as well as ones that acknowledge creativity/innovation, collaboration, and projects that highlight a society’s work.
  • Put on an amazing Fresher’s and Refresher’s week whilst also improving on underattended days by introducing a smaller version of the intramural games, in addition to mini-fairs/festivals that group clubs and societies with similar themes. I would also encourage cross campus events during refresher’s that includes clubs and societies, creating more publicity. I would also continue the tradition of International weekend introducing events of interest to newcomers.
  • Introduce a Talent Show that includes ideas such as Battle of the Bands or GU Got Talent that invites individuals and clubs and societies to perform.
  • Extend ‘Give it a Go’ events beyond the scope of Fresher’s week by introducing its own week.
  • Integrate RAG and Volunteering Service allowing people to work on a specific project rather than a full time general committee member, in addition to inviting other student bodies/clubs and societies to being part of RAG Week.
  • and finally support having no classes on Wednesdays afternoons in support of extracirriculars.


Iona MacLeod Hughes

Hello! I’m Iona, I’m a final year microbiology student, I’m a firm believer in the Oxford Comma, and I’m running to be your SRC Vice President Student Support.

I am incredibly active in my current SRC role (LGBTQ+ Equality Officer). As well as organising events and creating resources for students, I have made invaluable connections with University staff, and learned about university procedure. This year has been an amazing experience, and I would love the opportunity that VP-SS would give me to continue this work, and to branch out my activism to a wider range of causes.

There are so many things I’m passionate about (so many). In order to be realistic about my goals for the year, I’ve narrowed them down into a two-prong approach: supporting students as students, and supporting students as people.

Supporting students as people.

Housing is a tense topic for many UofG students. Rent in the West End is expensive and flats often come with all sorts of problems. Firstly, I guarantee you that I will vocally and consistently oppose any rent increases for Halls of Residence. Secondly, I want to implement an online reporting tool for negligent landlords and letting agents. This could help advise renters on how to escalate a situation, and it would give students another way to access SRC support.

I also want to help students with employment. I would work with the Careers Service to ensure that the companies and organisations advertised provide good working environments, so that graduates can be assured that the employers they are applying to are tolerant and promote professional growth.

Supporting students as students.

Having personally suffered from social isolation at uni, I know that it’s a hard circle to break. Many students struggle to adjust to the uni life or have difficulty making friends in very large classes. I would like to bring back regular SRC social events, and make sure they’re well publicised, to help reach out to members of our community who feel isolated or lonely. This is an area I would want to work closely with the Welfare and Equal Opportunities officers on; I would love to empower them to coordinate these events.

I would work with the VP-SA to diversify Freshers Week, particularly by running more events aimed at non-traditional students. I believe that by having diverse freshers’ week events, we will combat isolation pre-emptively, as students (both new and returning) will have more opportunities to make connections. I would like to diversify the Exam Destress campaigns by widening the range of physical activities offered.

I am an incredibly passionate person. I have poured my heart into the SRC this year, and the opportunity to do so full time as your Vice President Student Support would be beyond amazing. If you #ChooseHughes you will have a VP that will work tirelessly for your welfare and your representation. My name is Iona Hughes and I’m running to be your Vice President Student Support.

Tom McFerran

Hi, I’m Tom McFerran, a 4th year student studying biochemistry, and I am running for the role of SRC VP Student Support.

My involvement already in the SRC has been as a fresher helper as well as a deputy team leader in freshers’ week, the digital marketing coordinator on the RAG committee as well as currently standing on council as general representative, where I have been involved in helping with current activities by the SRC alongside working on my own objectives.

In this role I would undertake I would aim to improve the welfare of students in all areas, be it from the current CaPS services, to coordination and communication with the Welfare and Equal Opportunity officers to ensure all students from different backgrounds and circumstances are provided the support they need.

If elected VP Student Support I will:

  • Push the university for more funding for counselling and addition of new services, as waiting weeks for these services is putting any student suffering at risk
  • Set-up a feedback system for fresher’s to utilise in their first few weeks to address any issues that they may be facing.
  • Work with the international students officer to create more events throughout the year for international students to meet new people, especially masters students who often feel isolated upon coming to the university
  • Build upon the success of the “Let’s Talk about Sexual Violence” workshops with more events throughout the year, and put together an information toolkit for new students coming into the university based upon these workshops
  • Continue my current work of setting up sexual health workshops and incorporate in external health advisors to aid in this workshop, and put together a central resource of sexual health related information and contacts, which is currently not in place in the university
  • Ensure the new learning and teaching hubs have adequate quiet study spaces for students with auditory sensitivities

I want what is best for the students of our university, and I believe I would be the best choice for the students.

Vote Tom McFerran for your next VP Student Support!

Yipei Wei

Hi, this is Yipei WEI and I am a fourth-year student in Business and Management and Economics, I am also the President of Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association, a student service society affiliated to the SRC.

From my past work with students, I have accumulated experience in airport pickup, fresher’s events, cultural activities, and helped students to solve problems from finance, visa service to academia and local life. Meanwhile, I find that many students do not have a good understanding of the services offered by the university and do not know which offices to turn to for help. I would like to do something more for the student support, this is why I am running for the vice president – student support.

From my observation, students need more support at the following parts:

1 More detailed information should be given before students’ arrival at university:

Introduction should include airport pickup, school course selection, equipment uses, life and other aspects. For instance, the airport pickup service should include most of student accommodation, even the accommodation who are not universities’ partner. The multilingual service should be included, and the maps need show the metro, supermarket and bus stops. Providing more thoughtful introduction and support to new students, especially international students, would be my first major direction.

2 More support provided for transgender student and disabled student:

Setting up gender-neutral bathrooms and providing more sanitary products with multilingual slogan. Increasing disability service and fighting for the discrimination on campus. Science popularization lectures (such as TED) and film screenings will be planned to raise awareness and respect minority groups. Support improvement for LGBTQ+ and disabled students with the improved understanding of homosexuality can be my second major direction.

3 Facilitating communication between students and service offices:

Clarify different student services including visa service, career service, psychological counseling service and academic service, and make cooperation with different students’ society to let more students to aware and familiar to these services.

4 Establishing the global alumni association network.

I will contact the alumni offices in different countries and establish an official alumni association. This will help the GU graduates to get the support from a wider perspective, provide more opportunities from the alumni network to current students and new graduates.

5 Focusing on Mental health

I would like to provide and organize Multilingual Psychology lectures and workshop. In addition, encouraging the university to provide more psychological counselors in every college and help students reach psychological counseling more quickly. When I was depressed, I waited a month to see the university counseling, I will try my best to accelerate this process.

In conclusion, I will try my best to improve students’ understanding of university’s service, establish global alumni association network, focus on accelerating mental counseling process, provide more detailed introduction for new students and plan more activities for LGBTQ+ and disabled students.

‘Give me an opportunity, I will try my best to know about your needs and solve your problems.’