Campus services

See what the SRC provides on campus

Second-hand bookshop

The Second-hand Bookshop carries a wide range of textbooks and some more general titles as well, and is especially useful for vocational courses like law or medicine. Don’t go wasting all your money on new books when there is a possibility that we can sell you the book at a much more affordable price. Once you get your reading list you can search the database on the website to see if we’ve got what you need. You can also trade in your old textbooks. You set the price and then we will email you when sold to collect your cash.

Jobshop and Flatshare

Jobshop and Flatshare offer help and advice when looking for a part time job or for a flat. Our website also provides much of the information you need when searching for either.

Photocopying, faxing and binding

We have the cheapest photocopying, printing, faxing and binding facilities in the West End: we have two photocopiers so you can print or photocopy straight from your University computing account or your portable media device as well as a fax sending and binding service. We operate a card and a cash system. The more you spend, the more you save. You can print off or photocopy one A4 black and white sheet for as little as 3p.


Being at university can be a stressful business, so Nightline provides a confidential, friendly ear to talk to and a source of information. It is run by students for students. Anyone can call Nightline on 0141 334 9516 between the hours of 19:00–07:00 every night of the week during term time.

Advice Centre

The Advice Centre employs a full-time professional staff team who can provide advice, information and representation on a wide variety of issues. From accommodation issues to academic appeals and complaints, to money problems to employment rights and everything in between. Whether you are a student or thinking about becoming a student at Glasgow, the Advice Centre is there to help and advise. The Advice Centre is run by the SRC and is totally independent from the University; this ensures that the SRC provide a confidential and objective service. You can contact the Advice Centre through the website, by telephone or just dropping in.