Who’s who? Your Exec for 2019/20... plus find out who else is representing you on council+

Autumn Elections 2019

There are 21 positions up for grabs in the SRC Autumn 2019 election. This is your chance to be part of the governing body at the heart of the SRC and to help ensure that the University is doing the best for the students.

The Guide 2019/20

“The Guide” is produced annually by the SRC. It contains almost everything you need to know about being a student in Glasgow. All new students should receive a hard copy, for convenience we’ve produced a downloadable version, which you can access here.

GU Environmental Task Force Clean Up: 18/09/19

After the successful launch of GU Volunteering's ‘Glasgow University Environmental Task Force’ (GUETF) last year, the good work continues. We're back! Faces old and new are invited to join us for GUETF's first event of 2019/2020. No experience necessary, just a willingness to chip-in and a positive attitude. GUETF is a student-led, staff-supported project which links up with the local community to help make Glasgow a greener, cleaner place for all. For this event, we're going to clean-up the streets around campus; University Avenue, Kelvin Way and nearby, right after Freshers' Fair today.

Student Parents’ Resources

The SRC have been working over the years to ensure that the University has adequate support in place for student parents. We have been heavily involved in the creation of the University Student Parents’ Policy (now live) and in celebration have decided to compile a list of useful resources that student parents may find helpful:

Statement of support for trans and non-binary students and staff

The University of Glasgow Students’ Representative Council and LGBT+ Staff Network believe unequivocally in a culture of respect and dignity for students and staff. In the current climate of overwhelming misinformation in the media regarding trans and non-binary people, we see an even greater need to support our trans and non-binary students, peers and colleagues. Academic freedom is not interchangeable with respect, nor is it to be used as an excuse to demonise anyone. To do so is an insult to the vast majority of academics and their work. We proudly stand by our trans and non-binary students and staff; you are an integral and valuable part of our University community which is strengthened by its diversity.

Pop Up Study Spaces Spring 2019

In partnership with the university the SRC sources additional study spaces that students can use during the examination period. For the Spring 2019 examination diet the following rooms are available until Friday 17th May:

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