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University debt policy “unlawful” and “unfair”

Our Vice President for Education Kate Powell spoke to Herald Scotland recently about the University’s current debt policy. At present the University can prevent students from re-registering for the next academic year if they have a debt of over £25, regardless of what the debt is owed for. University College London implemented a similar policy last year and were forced to amend this policy by the Competition & Markets Authority as they asserted that it was unlawful for any University to impose academic sanctions for a non-academic debt. (Non-academic debt generally means anything other than tuition fees or field trip expenses.)


SRC Executive 2016-2017

Graduation season is coming to an end at UofG, summer has already begun for many, and a new SRC Council is about to begin their year – please meet the new SRC Executive for 2016/17!

Security concept: Lock on digital screen

Phishing Fraud Warning

Action Fraud are warning of a new scam targeting University students. An email claims that the student has been awarded an educational grant by the Department for Education. The email purports to have come from the finance department of the student’s university and tricks the recipient into clicking on a link contained in the message to provide personal and banking details.

EU referendum ballot paper

EU Referendum

The deadline to register to vote in the EU referendum on Thursday 23rd June is tomorrow (Tuesday) 7th June. The referendum will decide whether Britain should remain or leave a member of the European Union. It is of course your own choice how you wish to cast your vote but the SRC believes it is in the interests of students that the UK remains a member of the European Union. We have also invited Eddie Izzard and his Stand Up for Europe tour to appear in the Bute Hall on Sunday 19th June, read on for more information and tickets.


EU Referendum Voter Registration

A referendum is being held on Thursday 23rd June to decide whether the United Kingdom should leave or remain in the European Union and the SRC would encourage all eligible students to register to vote by the deadline of 7th June.


Voter Registration 2016

On 5th May the Scottish Parliament are holding their parliamentary elections and on 23rd June the UK are holding a referendum on whether they should remain in the European Union. In order to ensure your voice is heard in these two hugely important decisions you need to be registered to vote.


Pop Up Study Spaces, Spring 2016

Can’t get a seat in the Library? Round Reading Room full again? Exams! They happen every year, but it seems like there’s never enough space to study. Luckily for you we’ve managed to wrangle some free spaces on campus that you can sit down in the warmth and study in. They’re all open 9am-5pm, from Monday 18th April to Friday 20th May. A full listing of the available large spaces for individual study and small (bookable) rooms for group study are available below.  (more…)

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