GU Volunteering

Meet the Team

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What Do We Do?

The Administration & Support Officer, Gemma, runs GU Volunteering. They establish links with local community partners from across the city. They promote volunteering on and off campus, and help place students with charities, social enterprises and community projects throughout Glasgow.

GU Volunteering gives preference to ‘the little guy’, preferring to work with smaller, local organisations where volunteers can make the biggest impact. The team visit each of their project partners in person, on site to ensure first-hand knowledge, safety and credibility, and confirmation of the need for volunteers. GU Volunteering review their partnerships each year, ensuring the service responds to the needs of the community and the interests of our students.

Gemma also attends lectures throughout each semester, promoting volunteering and emphasising the benefits of participation; boosts to employability, friendships, mental and physical health, and understanding of local culture and geography. And it’s just really good fun and a nice thing to do!

If you’re interested in volunteering check out what is on offer here