On Campus

The following opportunities are run either by the SRC or in partnership with student run societies.

Please register and apply online for any of these opportunities via the volunteering database, and contact volunteering@src.gla.ac.uk if you have any questions.

Initiatives run by the SRC

Conversational English

GU Volunteering are on the lookout for volunteers to sign-up as tutors, and take part in our Conversational English Language Cafes!  Hosted in the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club’s ‘Wee G’ area, all University of Glasgow students are invited to come along.  This is a casual opportunity for confident English speakers (tutors) to meet one-to-one with folk who don’t have English as a first language (tutees).  It’s a quiet – but not too quiet! – space to share a cuppa’ and just talk with someone new.

If you’d like to attend as a TUTEE, and get some support with your spoken English from a student tutor, sign-up to our Facebook Event, and come along! 

If you wish to apply as a volunteer TUTOR to support a student with their English, please apply via the volunteering database.

Student Partner run opportunities

The SRC has ongoing partnerships with the following student run opportunities.

Glasgow University Service for the Homeless (GUSH)

GUSH is a long established student run initiative which provides volunteers at a regular soup kitchen for the homeless, located in the centre of Glasgow. Volunteers’ sign up for a 3 hour shift each month, but please be aware this is a very popular option and regular shifts can’t always be guaranteed.


Nightline is a listening ear service that operates through term time. Volunteers are required to help run this service and training is provided to successful candidates. This service is not a counselling service, but serves as a first line of contact for a wide range of issues experienced by students. Applications are welcomed by students who have attended information sessions in the first semester.


Student Volunteers Abroad (SVA) is a student-run charity, based at the University of Glasgow.  Since 1998, they have been sending volunteers to work on summer projects across the developing world, with projects ranging from water sanitation and hygiene, to education and social welfare.

The aims of SVA are to work with local organisations on sustainable projects for the relief of poverty, to promote cultural links and encourage cultural exchange, and to educate students on the social and environmental issues affecting the developing world.

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