Academic Officers

Council has Academic Officers to represent all Colleges at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level, as well as having a representative for Postgraduate Research students and a representative for each School at the University.

The make up of council reflects the structure of the University. There are four Undergraduate College Convenors, four Postgraduate College Convenors, a Postgraduate Research Convenor and a School Representative for every School.

Academic representatives work closely with the University, sitting on committees at School or University-wide level. Further to this, they work with staff to introduce or shape learning and teaching policy as well as consulting with their constituency’s to make progress on learning and teaching issues at the University.

Working closely with the Vice President (Education), academic officers play a vital representative role in the function of the SRC. You can get in touch with your representative by following the email link below.

Their responsibilities also include:

  • Organising working groups to discuss issues raised by students.
  • Passing on the information gained to Council and VP Education
  • Attending Faculty Meetings with relevant members of University staff to discuss the issues about the University environment, the learning process, and course information.
  • Sending occasional emails to students advising them of what the SRC is currently doing to help them, and to update students on the solutions to particular problems raised.

Current Academic officers

School representatives

Riccardo Demurtas
Ryan Rutherford
Culture and Creative Arts
Kyle Brownson
Stephen Brown
Critical Studies
Mohammed Giga
Scott Kirby
Geographical & Earth Science
Emma Hardy
Leonie Lepple
Interdisciplinary Studies
Harris Mahmood
Soud Alkhalaf
Life Sciences
Muhammad Asif
Mathematics and Statistics
Rafa Abushaala
Eleanor Young
Modern Languages and Culture
Bethan Hall-Jones
Physics and Astronomy
Xenia Stieger
Claire McCormack
Social and Political Sciences
Antonia Da Fonseca Ioannou
Veterinary Medicine

Postgraduate convenors

Arts Convenor
Kirstin Leslie
MVLS Convenor
Flynn Gewirtz-O’Reilly
PG Research Convenor
Chris Holdsworth
Science and Engineering Convenor
Mhairi Harris
Social Sciences Convenor

Undergraduate convenors

Vicky Ferry
College Convenor Arts
College Convenor MVLS
Bilal Khan
College Convenor Science & Eng
Joshua Horsman
College Convenor Social Sciences