Autumn 2018 Manifestos

Positions and Candidates

Manifestos for the accepted candidates in the Autumn 2018 Elections

If you’re unsatisfied with the promises and rhetoric contained in each candidates’ wonderful prose, you’ll luckily have the chance to grill them in person at the hustings meeting:

Hustings – Tuesday 9th October 6pm, Room 201, McIntyre Building

The voting takes place between 9am – 5pm Thursday 11th October. Vote online at

The full SRC Election Results will be announced at 6.30pm in Room 201, John McIntyre Building on Thursday 11th October.


Choose a candidate below to see the manifesto:

Shaun Green

 My name is Shaun, and I am studying in the College of Arts. I have Dyspraxia and Asperger syndrome. As well as myself, various members of my family have disabilities. One is blind, another confined to a wheelchair and a third has mental health problems. Due to this, I have a good grounding which gives me the experience necessary to represent you through your journey at Glasgow. I have also volunteered with mental health organisations which has given me a deeper understanding of how having a disability effects the person mentally and physically enabling me to sympathise with all students who have a limitation on campus.

If allected I will focus on four main initiatives:

  1. Increasing availability and accessibility of disabled services.
  2. Working to remove or reword any language within written media that may be misinterpreted by those with a range of disabilities.
  3. Hold a monthly drop-in session. To meet and discuss any problems and issues you may have with regards to your life at Glasgow.
  4. Work to ensure that the Disabled Student network on Facebook meets your needs and expectations.

Make your vote count at the upcoming Autumn elections and vote for me.

Yu Sun

Hi, i’m Sami(YU SUN), a fourth year business economics student.  I am supply to be your SRC Disability Equality Officer.

Because the more I think about this idea, the more tremendous i think it is. I want to be challenged,  i might even want to be needed. Some stuff might take a bit to figure out, but i’ll get there. Eager to learn.

Since 2017, I am also the Head and responsible for Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association Organisational Department. I regularly organise activities with my team to ensure that Chinese students and local Glaswegians have joint events and platforms to encourage cultural exchange. These events include the Scottish Ball, the Chinese New Year Gala and other large-scale events. Volunteering for this organisation has given me a strong sense of responsibility and accomplishment because in my small way I am building bridges between communities.

If you elect me, I will:

Regularly collect mail for their thoughts about the state of disability equality on campus and what issues need to be addressed,think of several solutions that are suitable for solving, and then discuss with schools.

I’m an experienced, approachable candidate who will be a voice for all.

Jen Reid

My name is Jen Reid and I am running for to be your disability equality officer. I am a third year international student studying statistics.

As many of you know, the university is rapidly growing and I want to ensure that disabled students will be able to take full advantage of the new infrastructure. I will make sure all needs are heard and shared with the appropriate planning committee.

I would like to enhance support available to disabled students and improve training for members of University staff.

I would also like to grow and raise awareness of the disabled student’s network and create inclusive events for students to meet and socialize together. I’d like to make these events well known and visible on campus so that we can reach and help as many students as we can.

Again, my name is Jen Reid and I would love the opportunity to serve as your disability equality officer this year.

Temisan Atsegoh

Hello! My name is Temisan ,

The first time I visited the University, I was amazed by the student life it offered and knew right away that I wanted to get involved. Since my arrival I have learned something new every day, and there hasn’t been a time where I regretted my decision of going to University of Glasgow.

I know since we are just starting being a Fresher is scary! Considering I am doing the same I understand what you are going through  and we can go through it together!

Being a first year student is both exciting and overwhelming. On the one hand, we are fascinated by our new environment, but on the other hand there are situations when we feel alone or misunderstood.

I will be more than happy to raise any topic or concern that we are facing.

What I’ve learned in my first few weeks in Glasgow is that everyone is so friendly and warm. And it would be an honour to be your First Year Rep.

Vote for Temisan!

Seven Jacobs

Hey everyone! My name is Seven (like the number!), and I’m looking to represent as a First Year Representative.

Over the last two years, I have spent time working with young people and clients from all over the world, through work like consulting, education, and youth advocacy.

Now that I have finally started university, I want to bring that experience forward and turn it into something constructive. I believe that creating such environments is important to growth, and so now that I am in a new place, I want to create that for current and future first year students.

My core values are opportunity and empathy, and so I will actively seek out ways to create creative and flexible opportunities for all students to get involved in, and want to create an open space across campus to learn and reflect from one another.  I want to do this by trying to establish links and set up events to enhance our campus’s community and take part in chances to listen to other students; for example, with a comprehensive mentoring programme.

Thank you for taking your time, and I hope you’re as excited about this year as I am!

Muhammad Fahd Asif

I am running for GENERAL REPRESENTATIVE in the forthcoming election to ensure that your voice is heard, and I have the relevant skills and experience to do so.

Having previously represented the school of Mathematics and Statistics, I am fully aware of how the council functions.

I aspire to bring real changes by implementing the following policies:

1) Video Lectures: I was able to get some lectures recorded in the Mathematics and Statistics department. I will try to convince other departments to start working on this initiative, as this would be extremely beneficial for the students.

2) Feedback: I want to further improve student feedback by using the class response system (YACRS) for better student engagement with the lecturer.

3) Library Access: I will assist the VP-Education and strive for the continuation of the 24-hour library access during the exam season.

4) Promoting Society led Workshops: I will work with societies to hold ‘student helping workshops’.

Whilst working alongside a diverse group of people on the council, I gained first-hand experience of working closely in the office. I know what my future responsibilities are, should I become the General Representative.

Vote for Muhammad! #1 General Representative

Minjie You

Hi! I am Minjie You. Currently I am a third-year student in Accounting with Finance, hoping to become a General Representative and I would love to have your supports. I am the head of Sponsorship Management in Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association, where I developed my leadership, decision making and communication skills. As a leader, I mainly assigned tasks to the members and solved problems and conflicts between sponsors and our association. My responsibilities seeking and signing contracts with sponsors to support our major events, which include airport pickups for freshers, Spring Festivals, Mid-Autumn’s Day, and Scottish ceilidh prom.

Here I would underpin some ideas I have if I was selected to be the General Representative:

Bridge between staff and students, becoming part of active students and have their voices heard;

Gather feedback from the students and try to provide resources and opportunities they want;

Speak on behalf of all students on campus;

Work with clubs and societies, ensuring there would be a closer engagement with students.

I am an energetic individual with ardour to help!  I wish these ideas and thoughts are appealing to you. Please vote me if you want to make a difference together with me!

Charlotte Jin

Hello! I’m Chen. I’m a second year student, studying Business & Management and Digital

Media&Information Studies. I hope to be your new General Representative.

In my first year at university I was nominated as a class representative for Business&Management.

My responsibility is to act as a link between the school council and students, being the first point

of contact for students who have opinions or questions related to the course or university.

Through this experience, I have developed my communications skills, confidence, and improved

my time management skills through balancing my social and academic life.

If I was elected, here are some ideas that I have:

More promotions of the resources and supports on campus, including 24/7 support for students,

more experience opportunities, and making school resources more accessible.

Increase engagement with students individually.

Continue working with school staff in order improve students’ experience at university.

Engage more students with a variety of clubs and societies, and support clubs and societies

through promoting.

I am an enthusiastic individual with experience who will be a voice for all! I hope these ideas

appeal to you and would be much appreciated if you vote for me!

Tom McFerran

Being a part of the SRC is an important role in the university.  Students representing students is the only way for progress to be achieved.  I want to be your general representative because I feel it is the best way for me to tackle the problems faced by students across the board, from academics, to extracurricular, all the way down to mental health support. My main objectives are:

  • Push for a more access to mental health services along with pushing for greater collaboration with the university and NHS services
  • Increased promotion of the “Lets Talk About Sexual Violence” workshops across campus
  • Push for more cross-campus charitable/fundraising events and promotion of them by all student bodies
  • Greater transparency on what spending is occurring to improve the student experience, including better work spaces and quiet spots around campus

I have had experience as digital marketing coordinator for RAG for a year and have close ties with the SRC already, and if put in this role I will push for what students want, need and deserve.

When the polls open, vote Tom McFerran No 1 for General Representative!

Marco She

Hello, my name’s Marco She and I’m a 5th year student in Political Communication. I’m from Hong Kong and started studying in the UK when I was 15. I’ve also studied at Glasgow International College.

Why vote for me?

  • Being a SRC Freshers’ Helper for the past three years (Team Leader this year) has provided me with insight into how the SRC functions and allowed me to understand the commitment needed to improve student welfare and equality.
  • When serving as a committee member of both the Politics Society and European Society, I’ve proved I’m capable of organising large-scale events for students to socialise while engaging academically.

Aims and Objectives

  • Start a campaign to donate unsold food from university caters to local soup kitchens
  • Create a live chat with advisers on the SRC website during working hours
  • Make crucial information about the SRC and university more accessible, especially for students who don’t stay at university halls or missed Freshers’ Week
  • Arrange talks for international graduates-to-be on the prospects of working in the UK
  • Offer extra help for Ordinary Degree students and seek information on the recognition and legitimacy of the degree to employers globally

VOTE Marco She #1 Gen Rep #ShesTheOne

Matej Ballaty

Hi, I’m Matěj, a Politics, Economics student from the Czech Republic. As a First-Year representative and member of SEC last year, I learned how the SRC can shape our University – from affecting University Policy to bringing llamas on campus – and I want to make my contribution.

I am a board-member of multiple societies, including TEDx, the Dialectic Society and Quidditch, which, I hope, demonstrates both my enthusiasm and skills needed to drive change.

These are the topics I would like to focus on:

  • Class Representatives. As a past class rep myself, I know the selection of and communication with class reps prevents an effective feedback loop. I have started working on a guide for lecturers, and will pilot a mentoring scheme under which new class reps would be better supported.
  • SRC visibility. The SRC is involved in crucial conversations, like campus redevelopment or West-End living costs. However, because this information is difficult to find, students struggle to see how the SRC changes anything. My goal is to bring students into discussions by creating events where participation would be easier.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas, feel free to email me at

Thanks for reading!

Jialin Huang

Hello! I’m JiaLin Huang.  I’m a student in second year, and my major is business economics. I’d like you to elect me as your SRC General Representative. I feel I have distinctive perspective on how the university can improve students’ life on campus. I was leading a sports team in high school, acting as a communication channel between my teammates and school staffs. Also, I built a great team cohesion. I would love to do the same again in my university life.

What I want to achieve as General Representative are:

Become available to individual student and voice for all;

Work more closely with clubs, societies, sports teams in order to offer more resources and opportunities for students on campus;

Be an interface between students and the school council;

To represent the views of students on all matters that are related to their academic on social life;

Develop my communication skills and sense of responsibility

I am an experienced and outgoing candidate. I would like to support students at university and try my best to help. Thank you for reading!

Morgan Daniel

Hello, I’m Morgan Daniel and I’m in my 3rd year of studying Psychology and Neuroscience. I’m running this year to represent you as a General Representative.

I have been a class representative for the past two years, representing both 1st year Psychology and 2nd year Human Biology. This, alongside freshers helping with the SRC this year has given me plenty of experience in understanding how the SRC is run and what it can do for us as students across different levels.

Coming from an unusual joint honours I am not tied to one college and general representative would allow me to represent as many students as possible from all different backgrounds throughout the university – regardless of year, level of study or course.

My aims:

  • To improve cross campus relations between postgrad and undergraduate students by encouraging more events run in conjunction with the unions and the Mature Student Association.
  • To provide as much support as possible to home students to help them feel involved with all aspects of the university
  • To make students more aware from the start of their degree of the counselling and psychological services that are available to them at the university

Pease remember to vote!

Rosie Reid

Hi! My name is Rosie, I am a 4th year in Psychology and Theology and Religious studies and I would love to be an SRC General Representative. I have been a part of the Raising and Giving committee for the past year and through this have learnt about all the amazing services that the SRC offer.

If elected my main aims would be to:

  • Raise awareness of the range of services that the SRC have available and to help all students benefit from them.
  • Promote cross-campus relations, in particular, make RAG week a time for all student bodies to come together to raise money for some amazing causes.
  • Get rid of the revolving door in the library.

I feel like I am a good candidate for this position as am an approachable and sociable student, so people should feel free to talk to me about any issues that they want to raise. I have also been a class representative for the past 3 years which has given me the communication skills necessary for raising concerns and developing effective solutions.







Fiona Paterson

Hi, I’m Fiona, and I’d like to be your Postgraduate Arts Convenor.

A Scottish Lit Masters student with 2 years of SRC involvement under my belt, I have not just the knowledge of how things work but also fresh ideas and endless enthusiasm. I plan to focus my initial efforts on:

  1. COMMUNITY – the Gilchrist is a great space which I’ll ensure is used to its full potential throughout the entire year, working alongside clubs and socs to build a community where we all feel welcome (because postgrad doesn’t mean all work and no play!)
  2. COMMUNICATION – I want to open up channels of communication early on to make sure your important issues are heard by the people who can help! To do this, I’ll build and maintain strong relationships with both staff and my fellow SRC representatives.
  3. CAREERS – let’s face it, lots of us are here because we’re not sure what to do next; I’d work with staff and the Careers Service to help make your options as Arts students known!

I’m approachable and committed, with the knowhow to get things done. If elected, I promise to work tirelessly to represent you!


Jamie Quinn

Hey, I’m Jamie and I’m a 3rd year PhD student studying the effect of viscosity on heating in our sun, even though I’m technically part of Maths & Stats…

In the past two years I’ve been part of the Student Liaison group for the College of Science & Engineering and sat on the College’s Graduate School board, defending the IP rights of students, working on the new PhD buddy system, along with contributing in smaller ways to the improvement of our Graduate School.

With this experience, as PG convenor I would aim to do a few specific things:

  • Encourage student reps to be more proactive in gathering issues from their schools.
  • Work to improve communal student spaces in schools lacking in space, like Psychology.
  • Encourage schools to invest in relevant publications for student access (e.g. New Scientist, Nat Geo, The Economist, etc).
  • Improve social integration of MSc/MEng students into schools.
  • Work with student societies to attract more PG members (Chemistry does this very well).

Of course, I’d also work closely with the representatives, student liaison group, and the graduate school to help tackle other issues raised by students.

Nitin Kanukolanu

Hi, I’m Nitin, a student studying MSc Data Science and I would like to be your Postgraduate Convenor for the College of Science and Engineering this year.
During my undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas, I have had a plethora of experience serving as an engineering student senator in Student Senate where I represented a diverse set of students while actively promoting engineering organizations. I also helped create a successful campus with other senators and staff through programs dealing with academics, student safety, and multicultural education.
As your representative I will:
1. Ensure that you are cognizant and involved in any policy or decision that affects your student education and experience
2. Help improve communication between students, staff, and administration
3. Assist both taught and research students while ensuring an equal representation
4. Implement programs that encourage postgraduate students to continue their research beyond academic boundaries
5. Increase awareness about mental health and help students find the resources they need
6. Actively promote current initiatives being implemented by the SRC
I will usher in a more inclusive environment for you during my tenure, so vote Nitin for the Convenor of Postgraduate College of Science and Engineering!


Desmund Okumbor

Hejsan! My name is Desmond Okumbor and I am a second year Politics student running for Race Equality Officer. I was born in southern Nigeria but spent half of my life in Sweden giving me a unique perspective on different cultures.

At Glasgow University, I am the Vice President of the Politics Society which aims to better the experiences of Politics students at Glasgow University. I was also among the recent group of students who travelled to Barcelona for a Global Leadership program. The program widened my ethnic horizons as well as improved my leadership and teambuilding skills.

I currently feel that enough is not done to integrate both international and local students at the Uni, and my experience as an international student show that it can sometimes be very difficult to adapt. This is why if elected,

  • I will be proposing closer relations between the international section of the Uni by encouraging active partnership with societies.
  • Raise more awareness of prominent Black Glasgow alumni

-Offer more support services for international students and foreign exchange students.

  • Aim to increase awareness for the celebration of Black history month at the Uni.

Mayank Goenka

Hello Everyone!

I’m Mayank Goenka – a third year engineering student.

As an international student who has experienced both cultures, the concepts of race and equality are ones I hold close to my heart. I believe our differences should be celebrated as opposed to alienated.

Previous leadership roles have helped me develop my leadership and organisation skills, both being essential for this role.  As a class representative, I debated on issues about the mental health services and how they ought to be developed.

If elected, I will raise awareness about the ideological foundations of racism and how we, as students, can tackle them.  Students should no longer be judged by their skin colour but by the contents of their character. We at Glasgow university must acknowledge the diverse cultures and respect each other’s values, by running events such as international food stalls and interracial carnivals with different societies, we will achieve this.

Furthermore, I will make headway for the elimination of stereotyping and also address racial inequality issues students face within the university. The changes we make now will lay the foundations for our successors.

I have your best interests at heart and will ensure that your voices are heard.

Harry McLachlan

My name is Harry McLachlan and I am a third year student. I have loved my time in Glasgow and I want to make sure everyone does. As a representative I will always be there to talk to, about anything, at any time. I will be the bridge between students and staff, and keep everyone informed on what is working well, and new ideas we could implement.

The Alchemist Society is keen to be more accessible to undergraduates, and I will work with them to ensure everyone is aware of events, talks and socials that occur for our School. I would like the Chemistry Department to become more sociable across years. For every interested student I would randomly create groups from all years that would be in regular contact and help one another with exams, placements and so on. An Alchemist Society social would be the great place for everyone to meet for the first time.

I will work with the SRC and Chemistry Department to get lectures recorded, a  great tool for revision and extremely helpful if you miss a lecture.

Please contact me through the SRC, Chemistry Department, Facebook or my email ( and vote at !!!

Yasmin Moazen Jamshidi

My name is Yasmin. I’m currently in my final year of my Chemistry Bsc (Hons) degree. This year I have been involved in the Alchemist society committee with our main goal being to improve undergraduate involvement in many of the events we organise throughout the year.


  • Staff Office Hours:
    • During my degree I have found it can be quite difficult to get a hold of chemistry staff to ask questions about lecture material out with tutorial time as some are often busy or out of office. If elected, I would like to improve this process by working with members of staff to organise office hours — time allocated by staff where they will be in their office available for student’s questions.
  • Booking Tutorial during Exam Leave:
    • Around exam leave especially, booking rooms for group study at the library is quite competitive. I believe that it would be beneficial for students to have the option to book rooms in the Joseph Black building without booking centrally through teaching staff. Ideally, I would like to set up a system so that during exam leave, unused tutorial rooms could be utilised for this purpose.

Chris Dobson

My name is Chris Dobson and I’m running for the position of School Representative for the School of Critical Studies (SCS). I’m 22 years old and I’m doing an MLitt in English Literature. I have previously served as a class representative, so I have experience of acting as a staff-student liaison. Because my degree is part-time, I have lots of free time which I can dedicate to my role, if I am elected. I would like to represent the SCS because I want to ensure that every student has the best time here, both in terms of academic growth and simply having fun. Coming to university can be daunting and I intend to ensure that the SCS is an open and welcoming environment. If you have a problem, I want to hear about it and get it sorted. I will utilise social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to more students and hear their views. I also want to foster more communication between undergraduate and postgraduate students through informative drop-in sessions, as well as run regular events to facilitate greater interaction between different schools, because I am a firm believer in the importance of an interdisciplinary approach.

Nina Donald

Hey, I’m Nina and I’ll be running for election as your School of Critical Studies representative. I’m a third year English Literature undergrad fresh off the back of a year abroad as well as fresher’s helping with the SRC. Detoxed and ready to go, I’m enthusiastic to kick-start positive change and represent your views.

Through my experiences working on campus as an intern and teaching abroad in Spain, I’ve gained many different skills; the top two being listening and communication. Fresher’s helping this year cemented these, and I build rapport with people at all levels, which is why I believe I’ll get the job done for you.

What I’ll Do

Fight to change the issue of frequent room changes.

Pursue the issue of room allocations for the same class being at opposite ends of campus.

Increase visibility and promote societies related to school of critical studies subjects.

Seek to improve the channels of communication between students and class reps.

Offer obscure and often pointless idioms to the electorate.

Strive for better patter than demonstrated in point above.

You’ll probably see me cutting about campus on a nextbike (free membership for GU students!!), so please say hi and vote for me!

Kathy Jagger

I am Kathy Jagger, a fourth year Community Development UG in the School of Education.  I have 4 children, 2 who have additional needs and I run support groups on Facebook for carers.

Since being a Freshers helper during Freshers week I have become aware of far more support and services than I believed available.

For the last three years there has been no student representation from the School of Education and I think this is indicative of how much information the school as whole gives to students.  As many of the staff and classes are based within the St Andrews Building there is a tendency to become isolated and unaware of what is happening on the main campus.

If you elect me I would aim to bring the Student Representative Council closer to the School of Education and ensure that all students are aware of the role the SRC plays within the University.  I would also liaise with Class Reps and lecturers to make sure that any issues were raised in an appropriate manner.

I would work with students to look at placements and how these could be improved both in the quality of placement and of supervision.

Kirsty Summers

Hello, I’m Kirsty Summers, a fourth year Geography student.

I am suited in becoming the SRC School Representative, due to previous SRC involvements. Having been a Fresher’s helper in 2016 and 2018, I have gotten to know the council and learn how the SRC functions in support of the students; it has also given me an insight into how the university operates. I have also been a Geography class rep and seen their role in creating a student voice.

Currently there is no school representative, and this needs to change. With a current emphasis on student welfare and funding, it’s these areas I would like to focus on if elected. My aim would be to increase the support between faculty and students, but also between the students themselves. I would do this through monthly meetings with any/all school students and staff to allow for a more direct conversation about academic or welfare issues. I would also aim to begin a new buddy system providing new students with additional peer support. Furthermore, I would like to continue the work from previous years looking at funding for field trips, particularly in Earth Science, to ensure academic opportunities for all.

Thanks for reading.

Agnes Berner

I’m Agnes, a second-year student of geography and politics, and I’m running to be your school rep to fight for a more fair, democratic, and accessible university within and outside our school.

I have 3 key reasons for running for this position:

  1. We need more transparent and accessible feedback on exams. The current feedback system makes is inadequate and unfair to the labour of both students and staff.
  2. Much of the space in East Quad is often unused, yet unavailable. In collaboration with staff, I will push for better use of the space for GES students, especially in exam periods when study space is sparse.
  3. The cost of field trips has been an issue for years within both Geography and Earth Science. We need to recognise that this is not just a problem within our school, but something that needs to be a part of a greater debate with senior management about the prioritization of university funds. I will push for the SRC to take up that debate.

If elected I will work in cooperation with students, class reps, relevant societies, and academic staff to achieve these goals and ensure that every student’s needs are met.


Patrick Shearer

I am presently studying towards a BSc in Microbiology hoping to pursue a career as a research Immunologist. I am a confident public speaker and I love working with people. I have been a part of the Infection and Immunity society and this year was elected as the Vice President. I plan to bring the event management and people skills I learned to this role. Since the position has been empty I hope to fill it and bring back the voice of the school to the council. If I am elected I will support current and future students in their journey in the Life Sciences here in Glasgow. I plan to run public outreach events to get the lay person more involved in the science happening at the University; and run more focused academic events bringing exciting scientific talks.

Hugh Steele

Hi, I’m Hugh Steele, a third year undergraduate Animal Biology student and I would love to be your next School of Life Science Representative. I’ve spent the last year on a sports committee as publicity convenor so I am very aware of how a committee works and how to get my views across effectively. Being part of the SRC fresher’s helping team has also given me insight into how the SRC runs and what a positive force it is for students in the university.

If elected I will:

  • Make sure life science students voices are heard and that any issues are dealt with swiftly. I understand how important it is to be listened too!
  • Ensure that 1st and 2nd year students are made aware of the support the SRC offers early on
  • Hold regular meetings with class representatives to allow for full transparency between SRC and academic schools
  • I also want to engage more with students and lecturers to push for more communication so that I can represent students’ academic interests to the best of my ability

If you want an open and responsive School of Life Sciences representative, give me your vote! #gunzofsteele

Arianna Santos Arias

My job as a class representative in the last two years has helped me to understand the importance of having a voice for the student community. Life Science is a school that goes under constant change every, that is the reason of why the opinions of the alumni are strongly relevant in the moment of taking decisions as they are the ones that benefits the most of them. However, as a student representative, I have never talked or been contacted with a school representative before being the feedback only gathered to staff members and lecturers by the same class reps.

As a representative of the school of life science, I offer myself as a connective and solid bridge between the working force and the former students of the school, to improve the university experience and the learning experience of the learners of University of Glasgow. In addition, I ensure my communication with the class reps of the different degrees in the school serving as a connection between the SRC and the staff members directly. Finally, find the best solution for the problems the students could have and avoid their repetition for the following years.

Scott White

Hello there, my name is Scott and I am hoping to be the School of Life Sciences next representative!

I am in my 4th year at university studying Medicine, currently undertaking an intercalated year studying Pharmacology. I am brand new to the School of Life Sciences, but have already began engaging with my classmates through becoming the class rep. My first participation with the SRC was through freshers helping last year, and I wish to take more of an involved role within council. I feel this previous experience with the SRC has given me a greater understanding of the work involved in being a committee member.

I feel that the SRC could do more to strengthen their presence within the school, and as a vocal and active member, I hope to go some way in achieving this.

My aims for the year would be to:

  • Engage fully with my fellow class reps for discussion of any issues students have raised
  • Promote the SRC to my fellow classmates, encouraging engagement through SRC-run activities, freshers helping, and running for roles on council
  • Push for greater flexibility in final year honours projects, instead of the current allocation process.

Liam Brady

Hello! My name is Liam Brady and I am a fourth year Psychology student running for School of Psychology Representative.

I have been involved with the SRC since September of last year where I was a Fresher’s Helper and have just finished being a helper again this year. I have enjoyed every minute of this experience and having this opportunity with the SRC has made me want to get more involved throughout the year.

If elected, I will:

  • Be an active representative for everyone involved in psychology from students, staff, and the Psychology Society. I will liaise with staff and students throughout the year so it is clear where improvements need to be made and so I can represent the whole of the Psychology department as best as I can.
  • Aim to have all lectures recorded across all year groups. Having a video recording of a lecture is hugely beneficial as it allows for students to catch up on notes, use it for revision purposes, and even the added ease of pausing and rewinding a lecture lets you get every detail.

Thank you for reading and I hope I can count on your vote!