SRC Annual Report 2010/11

Our Annual Report is the key document in reporting back on our activities over the year to all those with an interest in GUSRC. We hope you have time to take a look through it and, as always, are happy to take feedback. This report is structured in order to demonstrate progress against the aims set out in our first strategic plan 2008 to 2011. As you’ll read later on, we spent a fair bit of time this year consulting on and formulating our new strategy which will take us to 2015.

This year, as always, we were presented with some new challenges. The restructuring of the University required us to develop a revised representative framework which reflects the new University shape. This year has therefore been one of transition whilst we test our new framework’s fitness for purpose. The course closure consultation launched by the University saw GUSRC playing a prominent role in engaging with the University and affected students in seeking to minimise the impact of any reduced academic provision.

Representation remains at the core of our work. We continue to represent students on over 50 University Committees and a host of working groups. Our representative role remains firmly evidence-based with the work of senior student officers being informed through the issues arising at our Advice Centre and raised through our network of class representatives. The class representative system continues to attract a large amount of interest with almost 500 students undertaking our class representative training.

This year saw our highest ever election turnout with 4084 students voting in the spring elections, compared with 2072 for the same period the previous year.

We continue to provide a range of services to students. Our Advice Centre remains in high demand. The expanded minibus service introduced last year continues to perform well. Our Volunteer Support Service has again expanded the number of opportunities for students to develop their graduate attributes. By taking on responsibility for University of Glasgow Tours we are providing an opportunity for students to get paid whilst learning new skills and promoting an institution they are proud of. Almost 150 Clubs and Societies benefited from GUSRC affiliation this year. Once again, we coordinated a busy Freshers’ week on behalf of all the student bodies on campus, with over 3200 passes sold. Publications such as the Student Diary and Student Guide are acknowledged by students and the University as playing a useful role in orientation and retention.

Whilst we will continue to work to develop our services we are finding our current accommodation creating some barriers to effective delivery. The John McIntyre Building is in an ideal location for all those who use and benefit from our services. Its central location is of clear benefit to us. However, we believe it more important than ever, that consideration be given to the internal redevelopment of the building in order to enable us to further improve what is already recognised, as a significant contribution to the student experience at Glasgow.

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