Spring 2013 Manifestos

Here are the manifestos for the accepted candidates in the Spring Elections 2013.

If you’re unsatisfied with the promises and rhetoric contained in each candidates’ wonderful prose, you’ll luckily have the chance to grill them in person at one of the two Heckling/Hustings Meetings.

The Non-Sabbatical Heckling Meeting is the 4th March at 6pm in the Williams Room, John Mac Building. The Sabbatical Heckling Meeting is 5th March at 6pm in Room 201, John Mac Building

Go vote on March 6th and 7th.


Choose a candidate below to see the manifesto:

Boris Kotsev

My name is Boris Kotsev and I am a third year Business and Management Honours student. I am experienced in the University procedures, very involved and energetic, with a strong desire to represent you!

Roles I currently hold/have held:

  • Class representative for Research Methods and Managing in the Public Sector 2012-2013
  • Board member of the GU Service to the Homeless 2012-2013
  • President of the Bulgarian society 2011-2012
  • I am also part of the Business club, the International society, and have participated in a

Business and Management courses development focus group

If elected I promise to:

  • Continue confidently discussing issues with staff on improving the feedback and essay return processes and achieve more if elected!
  • Make sure students are supported enough by their advisers of studies. I remember my rocky experience with advisers in first and second year and more can be achieved compared to other schools.
  • Work closely with the SRC, Careers service and members of staff to help organise even more employability events for non-Honours, first, and second year students.

Having participated in various clubs and societies and through my network within the Adam Smith Business School, I have the necessary experience to execute these promises.

Marvin Karrasch

Hi, I am running for business school representative to improve communication and make your voices heard.

Serving as the link between you and the staff, I will place a lot of emphasis on fixing this link, which currently lacks communication, so that students can get a more active voice in the management of their school. Already being involved as a current course representative of two subjects has shown me that more engagement in this vital position in the feedback-chain is needed. Through being a passionate and successful parliamentary and competitive debater at the GUU, I have the communication skills to effectively represent all of you in this position with my voice and persuasive skills to convince staff of suggestions students raise.

I would ensure that all business school students can approach me and establish a structured feedback channel whereby course representatives gather information from their classmates and pass them on to me. Additionally, I would request to view the lecturer evaluation forms in order to gain direct access to student suggestions. Thirdly, I would address the fact that the business school is neglected regarding classroom selection.

I am enthusiastic to raise my commitment to the next level with your vote.

Gintare Masiulyte

My name is Gintare (Gin) and I’m currently in my 3rd year of Economics and Politics.I have been involved with the SRC since my first year. I was on the SRC Council 2010/11; I have also volunteered as SRC Freshers’ Helper (2011, team leader 2012). I am currently the President of the GU Lithuanian Society and the Deputy Honorary Secretary of the GU Adam Smith Economics Society. Furthermore, I am a member of the GU Dialectic Society and a beginner skier with the GUSSC!

My activities allow me to acknowledge and understand the difficulties societies may face and to understand the possible ways to target and solve them. If elected I will:

  • Encourage higher involvement of clubs and societies in SRC events like RAG week, the VCS awards;
  • Promote opportunities available for clubs and societies at the University, including affiliation with both Unions;
  • Continue and further enrich traditional events such as Societies Speed Dating;
  • Increase coverage and publicity of societies in University media;
  • Make Freshers’ Week Fair is more targeted and systematic in its arrangement;
  • Organise open-day meetings with the VP Student Activities and “Share the good experience” seminars for societies.

Vote for passion and dedication!

Natalie Mosson


I’m Natalie, a Junior Honours Spanish and Politics student, and I’m hoping to be your next Arts Convenor.
Experience is key for this role and I have a strong record with regard to the SRC. I currently sit on the SRC as the School of Modern Languages and Cultures representative, and the experience I’ve gained from having this position, such as sitting on school-level committees, is essential to be a successful Convenor. I sit on and have spoken at University Senate and I’ve been a class representative twice. I’ve also been an SRC Freshers’ Helper for three years.

If elected, I aim to:

  • Increase student engagement within Arts by publicising the Student Voice website.
  • Work with VP Education, school reps and class reps to ensure that you are being heard at all levels of the University.
  • Support Arts students, allowing you to get the most out of your time at Glasgow.
  • Be a helpful, visible and approachable representative.

It’s important that when you cast your vote, you vote for someone with the experience and dedication that the position requires and I believe I am the right candidate for this job.

Vote Natalie #1 for Arts.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

John Williamson

Hello, I’m John. I’m a first year physics student and I hope to be the next college convener for Science and Engineering. In my time at Glasgow I have helped set up and am currently secretary of Welsh society through which I have gained experience in organisational skills and management which I know would help me in my role.

As convener I would be welcoming to any student who wanted to talk to me and I would aim to try to fairly represent the opinions of all Science and Engineering students. I believe that this college is one of Glasgow’s strong points and I would try to work with school representatives to ensure that the college is well represented within the university and I would also try to work with the other college conveners and SRC members to ensure that students have a loud voice in the university. I would be a hardworking, active member of the SRC and I would seek to promote greater knowledge of the organisation amongst students as I believe it’s a very important part of university life.

Donald Mackay

Hi, I’m Donald Mackay, I’m a third year Law student, seeking re-election to the SRC as the College Convenor for Social Sciences.

I’ve served on the SRC for the past two years, first as School of Law Representative and now in my current position of General Representative. As a current member of the University governing bodies – Court and Senate – and a former member of the University Learning and Teaching Committee, I have extensive experience representing students on academic and other matters. I have also been an SRC Freshers’ Helper and have been part of running national lobbying campaigns on student issues.

If elected, I want to prioritise ensuring that all senior academics and staff in the College and its constituent Schools take student representation seriously and have a positive attitude towards it. I will work closely with SRC School Reps and Class Reps to deal with issues from students that are problems across the College, and need cross-College solutions, and also to see where individual Schools or Courses need to be improved.

I’m passionate about making the SRC a body that engages with students and provides a serious lobbying voice at university and national level.
Don’t be shy, vote Mackay!

Andrew Rutherford

I am currently a third year law student and I consider the environment to be one of our generation’s most important concerns. I have previously volunteered at a composting centre and feel that living in an environmentally friendly way is of utmost importance.

In an era of economic uncertainty financial considerations are often prioritised over environmental ones. Therefore, as environmental officer I would do all that I can to ensure that the developments of the Western Infirmary and of the old Hive are performed in an environmentally sustainable way in addition to keeping noise pollution to a minimum.

I believe a lot more can be done on campus to promote Green Week and I aim to increase the knowledge of the events taking place. Additionally, I want to create a green campus, introducing more plants to the library and to put pressure on the university to be more conservative in its use of electricity.

I also feel it is important to represent the student voice and will therefore be available to discuss environmental issues that students have in order to bring them into the spotlight.

Ciaran Hoy

I am a second year Earth Sciences student and I will be running a flyer free campaign. This is not a naïve, idealistic gimmick; I can see that elections can be run with less waste and this is a challenge to future candidates that costs nothing – regardless of whether or not I am elected.

I currently work for the University as part of the Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team (GUEST) to improve recycling on campus. As the SRC Environmental Officer I would apply this experience and assist GUEST on a wider range of campus issues; from cycling to green spaces, while seeking to bring in more student involvement.

I would also work to improve connections between societies on campus and other universities around Scotland to make sure that student opinion is considered and action is taken on environmental issues such as hydraulic fracturing. In fact, I want to reframe many of these stereotyped “environmental issues” to show how they affect more than just people who “hug trees” and generate some intelligent discussion in our world-class university.

Clopin Meehan

I’m Clopin, a 3rd year Film Studies/Philosophy student. I’m really passionate about campaigning for gender equality, and have worked hard to do so this year in my roles as President of Feminist Society, and SRC Representative for my school. This year FemSoc has organised a great variety of events around women’s issues and trans issues, and generated a lot of new interest. In my position on Council I proposed the SRC support the No More Page 3 campaign, which got loads of support from students and passed in a landslide vote. I’m confident that as Gender Equality Officer I can continue to do such work, and more.

As Gender Equality Officer I will:

  • raise awareness on campus of issues of gender inequality, and campaign to change these
  • get more information in the university support services and SRC Advice Centre on abortion and reproductive rights, and for survivors of sexual violence
  • work to get more gender neutral toilets around campus. We’ve got one in the QM, and this is fantastic, but I want to see this across the whole university.
  • work with the university management and the unions to keep up a zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment, homophobia and transphobia.

Morika Georgieva

I’m Morika Georgieva, a first year Psychology student. Living in Bulgaria until my sixteenth year, I have been actively involved in student representation, particularly raising awareness on discrimination and tolerance. For the past two years I studied in Thailand. Being a Head Girl provided me with experience in event organization as well as confidence to fight for student rights and since my school was international, I learnt to unite people from countries across different continents. I am currently volunteering in the Conversational English Programme.

I believe the best thing about our university is its multicultural character and the bright palette of personalities it comprises. I have a strong enthusiasm to represent not only its international community, but also give local students opportunities to learn about foreign cultures and construct valuable relationships with people across the globe. If elected, I would strive to:

  • Give voice to any international students’ concerns and make sure no one is oppressed or discriminated against on any ground
  • Be open to any suggestions of improving international student’s experience
  • Provide advice to EU and non-EU students as to their visa/legal inquiries
  • Work closely with the international society to keep the university’s strong sense of international community

Cathy Steeghs

Hello! I’m Cathy Steeghs, a half Dutch, half Chinese and Indian first year History and Politics student. Since September, I’ve attempted to experience as much as possible of not only Glasgow and Scotland, but the great diversity of clubs and societies our University has to offer; including the Politics, the Feminist, the GU International and most recently the Dialectic societies. Coming from a multicultural background and having lived in the United States, Russia, China and the Netherlands, I consider an environment of cultural diversity to be of extreme importance in education and learning. International students represent the largest minority in our University and should be represented by someone who is as mixed as the community is and can thus truly empathize with their issues, be it walking on the left side of the road or Visa checks.

If elected, I will:

  • Collaborate with the many international societies of this university, creating more mingling opportunities for all pockets of the student community
  • Stay aware of issues concerning the status of both EU and non-EU international students in the UK
  • Listen to and voice concerns of the international student community within SRC meetings.

Vote Cathy #1 for International Students Officer!

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

Jess McGrellis

Hi I’m Jess and I’m currently the SRC’s Vice-President (Student Support). This role, combined with my previous role as GULGBT President, has given me the experience which makes me the best candidate for SRC President. We have an exciting year ahead with the plans for the new Campus Development Masterplan really kicking off! It is crucial that all student voices, including all the student bodies and clubs and societies, are heard to ensure that our campus improves, while retaining what is already great. I am the best person to fulfil this role.

As Vice-President (Student Support), my achievements have included:

  • Successfully petitioning the university to keep the Wolfson Library open 24/7.
  • Introducing recycled paper at the SRC, and recycling bins during the upcoming elections. I will continue to push the green agenda.
  • Successfully lobbying the university to prioritise inclusive and accessible formatting for students with disabilities. This is now in the university equality guidelines.
  • Leading the university’s Student Mental Health Agreements Working Group. This has also included writing the new Student Mental Health Policy and calling for more funding for the Counselling Service.
  • Implementing changes to the university Debt Policy, increasing the flexibility of debt payments allowing more students to enrol. I will fight the university to stop them changing this policy via the back door.
  • Running the most successful and engaging Welfare Week in recent history, as well as planning the upcoming Raising and Giving (RAG) Week and Volunteering, Clubs and Societies Awards.
  • Working with the university to ensure that the government’s new border regulations are implemented as painlessly as possible. I will continue to make sure this doesn’t hinder the international student experience, and I will campaign against the government to end this unwelcoming policy.

If elected, I will:

  • Continue to monitor and lobby the Scottish Government on the Post-16 Bill and University Governance Review proposals, to ensure that any changes reflect the best interests of students.
  • Oversee and review the new SRC executive structure to ensure that the changes improve student representation.
  • Encourage a variety of candidates to run in the Rector Election, and promote healthy debate between candidates.
  • Improve GUSRC engagement, communication and consultation with students with the launch of a new SRC website and sabbatical blogs.
  • Review the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club’s first year and improve postgraduate engagement on upcoming issues such as Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Continue to represent Glasgow students at local and national level at forums such as Glasgow Student Forum.
  • Work with the VP Education to continue to lobby the University to implement lecture recording.
  • Work with the VPSS to continue to promote the welfare of international students and retain our high place in the International Student Barometer.
  • Work with the VP Student Activities and the other student bodies to make Freshers’ Week the greatest and most inclusive yet!

As an experienced, dedicated and conscientious individual, I am the leader to guide us through this crucial time, and am excited about the prospect of another year to make great changes!

Questions? Email: 0908543m@student.gla.ac.uk

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013

Calum Brookes

Hi, I’m Calum, I’m fully aware how clichéd the rest of this sentence is, and I’m standing for reelection as the representative for the school of chemistry on the SRC council.

I’ll keep this manifesto short and sweet for you;


  • Current School of Chemistry Representative (experience within the SRC)
  • SRC representative for Academic Dress (experience within the university)
  • Third Year BSc(Hons) Chemistry Student (experience within the school)
  • Glasgow University Student Television Asst. Tech Coordinator (experience within the SRC)
  • National Student Television Association Technical Officer (experience in negotiation)

This experience means I have a working knowledge of both the SRC and the school of chemistry, as well as the university.

I want to continue to work closely with staff-student committees across all years to make sure the issues affecting one year group that might affect another are dealt with.

I would want to work even more closely with the college convenor to help make sure the school of chemistry is fairly represented within the university.

I aim to stand for a seat on the University Senate delegation if elected, to represent Chemistry at a higher level.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

Hong Tai Chan

Hi, my name is Hong Tai, I am currently a 3rd year Geography student. I am a really friendly and easily approachable person; everything starts from a simple “Hi!” 🙂 I have taken a number of voluntary roles over the years with student societies, small grass roots organisations to international non-profit organisations like Junior Chamber International (JCI). Most recently I have volunteered to lead new international students to the University during their orientation week.

For everything I do, I do for the betterment of others and put all my heart and passion into this aim. I am standing for the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences representative as it is now my 3rd year in the school which has taught me many, many things. I would now like to give my efforts back to the school to improve the student experience of my fellow students. Particularly, I aim to increase the communication between students and staff in our school to better reflect the views of the students by actively engaging with class representatives and with Geography Society and the Earth Sciences Society.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

Topi Hokkanen

Hi, my name’s Topi and many of you might remember me by my campaign slogan: The Cookie Monster. I am a first year Life Sciences student concerned about your interests and experiences during your path to achieve an honourable degree within our School.

I have considerable experience in the SRC having served as First Year Representative in Council; I know the working scheme of how to introduce and lobby ideas so they become real action plans. Not only was I a Council Member, but also sat as a member of Senate representing the SRC, ensuring students views were being heard in the administrative bureaucracy that governs the university.

Being a representative is more than just getting your voices heard, but getting your voices yelled forward in the big university hierarchy so they are acted upon. As School of Life Sciences Rep, I will ensure student views are part of the decision making in every form and level. So whenever you need help or have a remark no need to worry because Topi will be ready to hear it.

Don’t be sloppy, vote Topi!

Matej Poliacek

My name is Matej Poliaček, I am a second year student of Mathematics and Statistics . During my first year of studies, I became a freelance face-to-face interpreter here in Glasgow, to utilise my knowledge of Slovak and Czech languages. During my assignments I have been facilitating communication and representing two different parties of two different language at the same time, giving me a deep insight into connecting diverse groups of people in the professional field. I am also the captain of the Glasgow University Kendo Club for the academic year 2012-2013 maintaining certain level of communication with GUSA in some areas and in effect represensting the whole club.As a representative of School of Mathematics and Statistics I will provide a stable and reliable link between students of the college and any other party involved. I will ensure efficient and quick transfer of information.

Cal Davies

My Life: 1st Year studying for a Maths & Politics degree. Aside from uni work, really enjoy Art; Current Affairs; Socialising; Mixing Drinks and admittedly crap maths jokes- my favourite: “Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9!”.

My Experience: I loved maths enough in school to sit optional ‘bonus’ tests for extra kudos and fun! I’ve also proven I can be a great rep because I’ve been 1st Year Rep in the SRC since October. I kept all my original promise: To get out and speak to Freshers and hear their views’, rather than assume I know best.

The School:So far I’ve had a brilliant experience, taking advantage of the L1 drop-in help offered and by having the good fortune of having fantastic lecturers. However, I’m aware that not everyone is as content as this. I will hold surgeries to speak to students (with snacks), and hold polls through the school to learn more about the problems faced.

The SRC: The SRC does fantastic work for students at Glasgow Uni, but I want to work with other reps to get speaking to students more through various means.

Tweet me: @CaelumD
“Yes We Cal!”

Hannah Gower

Hello, my name is Hannah Gower and I am a second year medical student.
I am really keen to represent our school in the SRC and feel the experience I have gained on the boards of the Dialectic Society, as treasurer, and the Karate Club, as vice-captain, has prepared me for this role: having had the opportunity to represent the views of club and society members and respond to any concerns they may have raised.

If elected, I would be dedicated to representing medical students’ views and concerns, working with our class and school representatives to improve aspects of our course and degree experience.
I would also:

  • Campaign against any further plans to reduce the opening hours of the Medical School Library.
  • Promote and further communication between medical school representatives and the SRC.
  • Communicate with medical students to identify any concerns and views they may have.

Sam Poole

Hi, my name is Sam and I am a second year dental student here at Glasgow and I am hoping to be your School of Medicine Representative.

Having been a class rep in my first year and also working with the SRC as a Freshers’ Helper at the start of second year I have gained valuable experience in understanding and helping students with problems that they have. I am committed to the School of Medicine and want to vocalise all issues that students feel passionate about to ensure that all students fully enjoy their time at the University of Glasgow.

In my leisure time I am involved in the running of a theatre group in Glasgow which has developed my interpersonal, organisational and leadership skills. These are qualities that I will bring to the role of School Rep.

If elected I will:

  • Be proactive in promoting awareness of issues within the School of Medicine
  • Meet with students and class reps to help identify key issues
  • Be dedicated in the role
  • Be friendly and approachable to all students

I am enthusiastic about Glasgow and a dedicated, hard working student. I would love the opportunity to represent and work hard for you!

Abdulwahab Aslam-Pervez

Hi guys

My name is Abdulwahab I’m studying Dentistry and I’m running for representative of the School of Medicine

I have worked on multiple projects from being on the organizational committee of the annual British Medical Dental Careers Fair to being the current rep for my class. Feedback from colleagues has suggested that I am a very good communicator and an excellent listener: but mostly I am very approachable. I put action into words. I look forward to relaying your concerns and bringing about change and enhancement to our educational environment whilst at the school of medicine

As Representative I aim:

  • To identify Student concerns and problems
  • To Improve the liaison between Students across School of Medicine and Glasgow University
  • To ensure Medical Library caters for Medical and Dental Students in light of the constantly evolving technological environment


No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

Katherine Wallace

Hello, I’m Katherine; I am currently in my 3rd year studying Physics and Astronomy and I’m standing for the position of the Physics and Astronomy School Representative. I wish to be School Representative as I have been elected Class Representative for two years running, so have experience in a similar role and I know how important the SRC can be. I am very passionate about my school, and want to be able to make positive changes whenever possible. I believe that listening to the students is very important when making possible changes to how things are run. If I am elected I will aim to:

  • Approach year groups directly, ensuring I get the best response possible and making myself known throughout the school.
  • Hear what all the year groups have to say, and try and get the broadest view that I can.
  • Be approachable.
  • Work with the other representatives within the school, and throughout the university.
  • Provide feedback on all issues that I have made the SRC aware of.

Thanks for reading!

Dominyka Bacanskaite

Hey! I’m Dominyka Bacanskaite and I’m currently finishing my first year of psychology, a great year during which university has already given me so much! Yet I want to make it a mutual relationship, and not only take but make a positive impact as well. Back at school I was actively involved in the community – I was writing for the newspaper, was a member of the student parliament and of the art club. I also volunteered in a disabled children association. After coming here, I’d decided to take some time off such things and get used to living in Glasgow. Now I know better than ever that I’m not the kind of person to sit still!

I believe the SRC to be exactly the place where I can work to make things better than they already are. It’s our voice, and I’m eager to become a part of it, strengthen the relationship between the School and its students, and represent our views and opinions about the courses on a higher level. This university is already the best place to study psychology in Scotland, but there’s always room for improvement, so why not aim for perfection?

Eugene Zilberter

My name is Eugene Zilberter and I am a candidate for the School of Psychology Representative position. I am currently representing my class as Class Representative for a second consecutive year, which ensures that I have the know-how to engage students and staff where necessary and monitor issues relevant to program at any level. I’m 26 years young, born in Russia yet raised in the USA, Germany and Sweden, and have studied exclusively in international schools. I have previous University experience studying Psychology and Sports & Exercise Psychology at Stockholms University. This, together with my multinational background, enables me to comfortably navigate in a multicultural environment and be well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the student experience at Glasgow University.

I believe it is extremely important for students to monitor the progress of our education, and that it is our responsibility to speak up and suggest change wherever necessary. I am passionate in my desire to help make a difference for all Psychology students, and if elected, I promise to promote active communication between students, staff and the SRC, in order to ensure that the interests of all students are well represented.

Eugene Zilberter, Level 3 Psychology Honours

Helen Swarbrick

Hi, I’m Helen Swarbrick, I’m a third year Economic and social history joint with sociology student, and I am running for the position of School representative for social and political sciences.

I feel I would be a good candidate for the position as I am friendly and approachable and due to being a joint honours student, I have a wide experience of problems across the school.

If elected, I would endeavour to ensure that the voice of students of the school is heard and that there is open and easy communication with me.

I will liaise regularly with members of school senior management, and ensure that all issues are passed on to the college convenor and the VP for education, so that issues are dealt with at a university level.

I will concern myself with allowing easier access to resources, especially class texts being put online where possible, as I feel that sometimes this is a struggle. I will liaise regularly with class representatives to ensure that I am aware of problems from across the school, and thus equipped to improve the students experience.

Thanks for reading- Vote Helen, 6th–7th March 2013.

Rebecca Vaughan

Hello I’m Rebecca Vaughan and I’m standing to be your representative for the School of Social and Political Sciences. Having returned to university this year I have found myself immersed in social and political sciences, I study Economic and Social History, Politics and Central and East European Studies. I feel I would be able to represent a wide variety of the students within the school and I’m committed to a passionate and vocal representation of the school in the SRC.

In discussions with students I’ve heard the issue being raised of accessibility to study resources; I feel that all compulsory readings should be digitised and that lecture recordings and notes should be available to all students.

On a university and national level I strongly oppose tuition fees and university cuts and I will use this position to campaign against cuts to social and political sciences.

No candidates

Sorry, there are no candidates for this post in the Spring 2013 election. Nominations for this post will re-open in Autumn 2013.

Liam King

Hi, I’m Liam. I’m currently a second-year Psychology and Philosophy student and I’m running for the post of Sexual Orientation Equality Officer. I think I would be ideal for this position: I’m gay, have a strong work ethic and am a member of various societies across campus. These include the GULGBT, the Geography society and I support of both our unions by regularly using their services and bars.

What I want to achieve is to redefine what the position means on campus. It has been used previously to define the image of sexuality through media. However I think it would be far more beneficial to make the position more responsive to students. I want to hear what services students want. While there is already established focus for LGBT-society and scene folk, I want to expand that to include the whole student body but without losing sight of the needs of those who identify as LGBTQ.

I think raising awareness for good sexual health and the services available in and around campus (Sandyford, Hep B vaccinations), and have a bigger Freshers’ Week presence, especially for those identifying as LGBTQ, will help move us towards a more equal and inclusive student body.

Jen Williams

As a highly active member of the GULGBTQ+ society, I have witnessed first-hand the phenomenal support offered by the SRC. I endeavour to continue to strengthen these links, providing maximum support to the university’s LGBT community.

As Sexual Orientation Equality Officer I wish to:

  • Work in collaboration with the Gender Equality Officer to further implement the establishment of ‘gender neutral’ toilets across campus, to help prevent harassment and other inconveniences faced by trans* members of the university.
  • Continue working towards strengthening the University’s Trans* Equality Policy to assure that trans* members receive the fullest support possible from the university.
  • Work with student unions and halls of residence to ensure there is a zero-tolerance of homophobia and that these remain safe spaces for LGBT students.
  • Collaborate with the Clubs and Society’s Officer to foresee the continuation of LGBT themed events where possible across societies.
  • Further promote LGBT culture through greater recognition of local queer publications such as ‘Polari’ and ‘Mosaic’ across campus, and through continuing to promote the university at events such as Glasgow Pride, Glasgay and LGBT History Month.

I relish the chance of supporting Glasgow’s LGBT community as the new Sexual Orientation Equality Officer!

Matthew Clark

Hello, I’m Matthew, second year History and Business Management undergraduate. I’ve had the privilege of being SRC Disability Equality Officer this year. It’s something I’d love to continue – hit the ground running, with my inside experience, people skills, dedication and ethic.

In the year ahead there are changes and opportunities that will affect us all, with a disability or not. Let’s make the most of them!

With the SRC’s executive structure changing I’ll work with our new VP Student Support and VP Education: to sustain the drive and progress for a university recording of lectures policy; and pledge to pursue the creation of a university policy on Inclusive and Accessible Teaching Material standards, building on new guidelines I helped shape this year.

I will work to ensure the consultation and plans for our new Campus Masterplan encompass students with disabilities’ needs, thus setting a better example for the remaining campus to follow.
This year I’m researching the possible creation of an affective students’ disability group; then next year I want to make the beginnings of a real one.

And I want to keep working with YOU.

So if you’ll have me again, vote Matthew #1 Disability Equality Officer. Thank you!

Nicola Williams

I am currently an SRC class representative for Level 2 Animal Biology. This has provided me with experience in representing students within the university, gathering students’ opinions on current issues and addressing any issues raised.

As DEO, I aim to provide more assistance for disabled students when facing difficulties on their courses, enhancing links between students and the support systems available. I will provide more support and education for staff, including strengthening the role of disability coordinators within colleges.

I aim to make disability service and counseling information more widely available across campus, so that students who don’t yet feel able to ask for help in person can find out more about what services are there to help them.

I hope to run an annual event, raising disability awareness; with a focus on trying to break the stigma our community attaches to both mental health issues and disabilities in general. I would like this include a White T-shirt day; where students print something on their t-shirt about themselves they are proud of – however unusual – to show ownership of all sides of themselves. I’d hope to run this campus-wide, involving as many individuals, societies and clubs as possible.

Lucy Johnstone

My name is Lucy Johnstone, i’m currently the SRC College Convenor for Social Sciences and a law student. I’m running to be your VP Education because I believe I’ve got the best experience and ideas for the year ahead.

Why me?

As a Convenor the past year I have shown myself to be a dedicated and active member of SRC Council. I have sat on the Social Sciences Learning & Teaching Committee/Board of Studies, the University Senate, a Periodic Subject Review panel and two Programme Approval Groups. I was also elected by Council to sit on the University Learning & Teaching Committee, which is one of the most important and key committees for this role.

As well as contributing to Council and other committee meetings, I have endeavoured to be as involved in the SRC I can be to gain a better insight into how it works. For the past two years I have been an SRC Freshers’ Helper and so am in a position to assist in organising a successful Freshers’ Week building upon what I have learnt from my previous involvement.

My experience shows that I care about representing students and have a thorough understanding of the decision making process at the University.

If elected, these are the areas I will be mainly working on:

  • STUDY FACILITIES: I will work to improve these on Campus. With the proposed cuts to opening hours at the Wolfson Medical library last year the University showed they were willing to cut down on study facilities. I will strongly oppose any further cuts and removal of study spaces on campus and also work to improve the current library facilities.
  • ENGAGEMENT: With the introduction of the Student Voice website there is potential for the ‘feedback loop’ to be closed however this will only work if it is properly utilised. I will aim to increase awareness of this website amongst students and academic reps. I will also work to ensure that every school and college listens to its student representatives, as I have experienced first-hand the poor treatment reps can often face up to now.
  • QUALITY OF EDUCATION: With increasing applications and the introduction of RUK fees, it needs to be ensured that the quality of education that all students receive is best as possible. I will continue to advocate the introduction of more lecture recording and work effectively with academic reps to ensure any issues in schools & colleges are resolved quickly.
  • With the acquisition of the Western Infirmary site by the University the consultation process over campus redevelopment in the next year will be incredibly important – I want to make sure that the SRC publicises this as much as possible and that students feel they have been a part of this process.

I believe I have the necessary experience and knowledge of the SRC to be able to positively contribute to the quality of education at Glasgow as VP Education.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions at 1006976j@student.gla.ac.uk

Oli Coombs

Hello! My name is Oli Coombs and I am a fourth year History student.

The role of VP (Education) is to ensure the student learning experience is at the forefront of the university. In carrying out this role it is imperative that the SRC reaches out to the needs of ALL students.

Since coming to university I’ve been majorly involved in student life. I’m currently President of one of the largest and most active sports clubs on campus, the GU Swimming & Waterpolo Club. Alongside that position, I co-founded the GU Food Co-op that last year won the SRC’s best new society.

I am approachable, hard working and organised. If elected I will ensure I have regular office hours where students can raise any issues they have. Students must feel that the SRC is an approachable body.

If elected I pledge the following:

  • Establish a Buddy system throughout the university: Going to university is a daunting experience and I want to increase the level of pastoral care the SRC offers. Welcoming students must last longer than just freshers week, and a buddy system would ensure this. A buddy system would cater for all students and be invaluable in welcoming international students as well as students from the UK. Further, difficult academic choices are made throughout your academic career and being able to talk to a fellow student who has experienced that would be extremely helpful and reassuring.
  • Ensure high levels of education are maintained despite financial pressures on the university: It is vitally important the SRC puts the needs of students first to ensure the level of education does not suffer in this current economic climate. Costs of basic services (such as printing and photocopying) must not be raised and the level of resources available to students must not be scaled back. The main student library and the medical library must maintain their current opening hours.
  • Working with the other student bodies to put on educational events: Attracting well known speakers to the university is a valuable way of increasing the SRC’s visibility on campus as well as broadening the horizons of students. I would introduce an SRC lecture series that invited speakers to talk to students, using the facilities at the John Macintyre as well as both our excellent unions.
  • Ensure the SRC provide an effective framework for student societies to flourish: Some subjects have excellent student run societies that cater specifically for their subject with interesting talks, discussion groups and social activities. I will encourage the further establishment of subject led societies and help those societies’ foster close links with their department. Learning should not be limited to the lecture theatre!

With the recent announcement that the site of the Western Infirmary is to be developed for university use over the next few years the SRC will have a vital role to play in this exciting expansion and students must be at the heart of the university’s future.

Thanks for reading,

Oli Coombs.

Bobby Rae

Hello, my name is Bobby Rae and I am running for Vice President of Student Activities, an exciting new role that will allow for student development beyond a degree. The SRC play a crucial role in promoting activities that allow for personal development and, within this role, I hope I make these experiences more accessible to students.

My experience:

  • I have studied a degree in History before studying law. During my six years at Glasgow, I have developed an extensive understanding of the university and the benefits that extra-curricular activities can have beyond graduation.
  • I have been a member of Glasgow University Student Television (GUST) for nearly six years.
  • I have a great understanding of how the SRC works from being both, the Controller (2010-11) and Head of Factual Programmes (2012-13) at GUST.
  • I have organised the coverage of a number of Freshers’ Weeks and understanding the importance of the great welcome the week gives to students.
  • I helped to coordinate the National Student Television Awards in 2010, when they came to Glasgow.
  • I have worked with various clubs and societies, covering a range of events from fundraisers to highlighting what they do.
  • I have worked with both unions and GUSA and understand the importance of inter-campus support, especially during Freshers’ Week.
  • I have organised numerous events for GUST, including being the first Controller to hold the GUST/Cut! Ceilidh, now an annual tradition between the two groups.
  • I have worked with a number of organisations (including the BBC and STV) and from their advice understand the importance of extra-curricular activities for future employability.

If elected, I will:

  • Arrange a series of practical workshops that help students develop skills that may not be part of their degree but allow for an increased chance of success in the job market.
  • Arrange a monthly surgery to allow all those who participate in a club or society to air concerns, ask questions or just have a chat about any thoughts they have about their club or society or the role that the SRC plays in facilitating them.
  • Facilitate student media to ensure that they continue to have a prominent role on campus and assist them when requested.
  • Work with the unions and GUSA in a productive way to produce an exciting and dynamic Freshers’ Week. Ensure that during the week, students get the maximum chance to get involved with clubs, societies, student media, the unions and GUSA.
  • Work with the Student Volunteer Support Service to engage students in the benefits of volunteering as well as promoting the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) to allow students to see the benefits of volunteering.
  • Use my experience as a law student to help clubs and societies write user-friendly, workable constitutions.

For a more detailed manifesto check out facebook.com/BobbyRaeVPSA or if you have any questions email me at bobby@bobbyrae.com and don’t forget to vote on March 6th/7th.

Bobby Rae for VPSA!

Breffni O’Connor

The role of VP Student Activities is a new role and the candidate elected next year will define the remit for future years. Having carried out roles on various club committees and having spent the past year on the Board of Management at the GUU I have experienced the hard work and dedication needed for this role. University life is about more than attaining a degree and I’m an example of the positive impact extracurricular activities can have on ones graduate attributes and personal development. My experience extends beyond university as I have worked in a high stress environment, aided with the set-up of a charity and launched a local youth club. I’ve acquired an exceptional skill set and have proven my commitment. I believe that actions speak louder than words and that my credentials prove myself to be the best person for this position.

if elected I would:

  • Develop the work carried out on HEAR and increase awareness amongst students.
  • Carry out a publicity campaign to increase the number of volunteers that the SRC deals with every year.
  • Continue to develop communication between the SRC and CRBS so that PVG applications are processed in a timely manner. Ensuring all students who have signed up for particular volunteer projects are placed promptly.
  • Integrate into the council and provide support where necessary to all members. Promote council dynamics by encouraging all council members to participate in quarter yearly reviews, allowing concerns to be flagged up in their positions so issues can be dealt with immediately and remits are fulfilled.
  • Work with student media groups to increase the number of contributors to these projects, so that the publications are continually growing and receiving a diverse range of skills and interests.
  • Aid media groups in the search for advertisement or sponsorship to increase funds available.
  • Hold specialised training sessions for committee positions for clubs and societies.
  • Work alongside the Charities, Clubs and Societies Officer to review our affiliation package and ensure students know of every opportunity available to them whilst also ensuring that all clubs and societies have the necessary space and equipment to carry out their main function.
  • Work with all 4 student bodies in the build up to Freshers Week ensuring that this year is as successful for all involved as previous years have been.
  • Continue to develop the work carried out on RAG week and VCS awards with new ideas and involvement from dedicated students.
  • Reiterate to university staff the value to students of having Wednesday afternoons free to take part in extra-curricular activities.

It would be a privilege to represent students on the SRC Council for the following year. I am fully capable of carrying out the position and aim to ensure that every student has the best student experience possible.
Questions/comments: breffnioconnor@yahoo.co.uk

Marc Edge


Hey, how’s it going folks? I am 22 and I am in my last year of Sociology here at Glasgow. I wish to introduce my manifesto for becoming the new Vice President for Student Activities. I will be walking around campus as a human leaflet too, so… watch out!

2009 – 2010, STAR, Student Action for Refugees, Glasgow

  • Fund Raising Amnesty international Concert
  • Music Social
  • Red cross Ceilidh

2010 – 2013, Salsa4water Charity, Glasgow
Teacher, PR and Alumni

  • Salsa, Language and Photography lessons for fellow student.
  • Raised over £40.000 for Water Aid in 3 years.

2011-2013, Hispanic Society, Glasgow

2011, Glasgow Football Team, Glasgow
6-a-side Wednesday tournament

  • Winners September to December Champions

2013, Occupy Sound Music Production, Glasgow

  • Assisting and documenting music video film at the Glasgow Film Festival 2013.


  • Freshers week 2012 was a great success. I talked to some first year students and was able to get some feed back from them.
  • RAG week 2012 fascinates me. I am very interested in fund raising and I support and look forward to planning this event or similar ones in the future.
  • I honestly, did not attend any events of the Re-Freshers week but I have a feeling that it can be a successful project.


  • I will explore events that are recreational and complementary to the already existing banter opportunities.
  • I will promote an inauguration for the new Hive and Gym.
  • Work on getting free merchandising and food for Freshers and Re-Freshers week.
  • Interview students and listen to their suggestions
  • Dedicate myself to the Glasgow University SRC and suggest ways to improve this wonderful enterprise, of which we are lucky to be members.

Louise Graham

I’m Louise Graham, I am a fourth year Accountancy student and I am standing for the position of Vice President Student Support.

Over the past year I have sat on the Glasgow University Union Board of Management as Games Convener. This has given me impeccable time management skills and experience of organising and running large, successful events for students.

I am a member of the SRC committee responsible for organising cross campus events during RAG Week. On the committee I have helped review and decide upon the nominated charities and have offered and assisted with fundraising ideas for the week. This experience has provided a valuable understanding of the role.
Further, I am a student representative on the University’s Mental Health Agreements Working Group. This is a student led committee which is chaired by the Vice President Student Support. On this committee I have gained an insight into University mental health policy and now have a clear understanding of the services Glasgow University offer and how students and staff can work together to achieve a favourable outcome. If elected, the experience on the committee will ensure I am a competent chair of the meetings and ensure that the group can make good progress into improving the mental health policy on campus to the benefit of all students.

I am also a member of the committee responsible for the successful GUSA Sport and Wellbeing Week 2013 focusing on the benefits of sport in improvement of mental wellbeing.

I am a qualified Mental Health First Aider and I am undertaking Citizens Advice Direct training in March. These qualifications make me a candidate with the ability to deal with the range of issues which fall upon the V.P. Student Support.

If elected V. P. Student Support I will:

  • Continue the work of the Mental Health Agreements Working group, working to involve all campus bodies into promoting the campaign and bring together a university wide focus on achieving the agreements.
  • Work with Strathclyde Police and halls of residence in promoting of the safety of students and their belongings on campus, endeavouring to reduce the rate of crime.
  • Work hard to ensure that the SRC remains at the top of the International Students Barometer by encouraging and supporting services for international students across campus.
  • Keep in touch with important issues both internally and externally which could affect the quality of student life at Glasgow University and run campaigns where necessary.
  • Use my events experience in assisting with the organisation of Freshers Week, Welfare Week and RAG Week, building on the successes of 2012/13.
  • Support the Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers to ensure that the best representation for students is possible and the maximum benefit from the services the university offers can be gained for those in need. This includes giving them an active role in both Welfare Week and Freshers Week – making them an accessible point of contact for the students they represent.

I am happy to answer any questions at 0906518g@student.gla.ac.uk