General Representatives

General Representatives have the widest remit on Council. This group consists of four General Representatives and two First Year Representatives.

Aside from the Sabbatical Officers, it is the job of the General Reps to represent all students, as they don’t represent a specific demographic. As these Reps don’t have specific responsibilities they have the luxury of pursuing areas of interest that they think could help the student body. It is also the role of the General Reps to support other members of Council in their endeavours.

First Year Representatives are elected to represent the interests of first year students, who have specific needs within the University. Previously this has included representing students living in Halls of Residence, while also being mindful that many students do not live in student accommodation.

All of the General and First Year Representatives are eligible to run for University committees that may be of interest to them. Examples of these committees include the Library Committee, the Student Conduct Committee and the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee.

Current General representatives

General representatives

Mia Clarke
General Representative
Eva Simmons
General Representative
Jamie McKay
General Representative
Bailey Camack
General Representative

First year representatives

Zainab Alshaber
First Year Representative
Kirsty Craig
First Year Representative