SRC Annual Report 2015/16

Welcome to the ninth Annual Report from the University of Glasgow Students’ Representative Council (GUSRC).

In 2015/16, following extensive consultation, we finalised and approved our new Strategic Plan 2015-2020. The excitement and renewed focus in the organisation drives us to build on our successes across the range of services and activities we provide. We are proud to be making a significant positive contribution to student life at the University of Glasgow.

This annual report will set out the work and success we have had across our key strategic aims of representation and engagement; support and wellbeing; volunteering and community engagement. Our aims remain largely unchanged from our previous strategy, with the only major change being a refocusing around community engagement to reflect our values as a socially responsible organisation; promoting social good inside and outside the University community. In seeking to enhance our accountability we have developed more firm success indicators across our key aims, allowing us to better demonstrate our successes and assisting us in reviewing our operations where we deviate from our stated direction.

Highlights this year have included the sixth consecutive year-on-year increase in STA nominations to 1,250; Advice Centre financial wins for students of £62,271 (always an extremely conservative estimate); a record total of 324 affiliated student clubs and societies with a membership of 15,500 and the development of our new online student volunteering portal.

We had another exciting and successful Freshers’ Week focused on making all students feel welcome to the University and wider Glasgow. Through a range of events, some targeted to specific groups of “non-traditional” students, we complemented the more traditional Freshers’ Week activities undertaken by the University’s student unions.

Whilst we continued to make significant progress in 2015/16 it was not without its challenges: increased demand on services has been stretching our staff team; a diversifying student body needs much more diverse engagement; and the dramatically changing policy environment, such as the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Act, the forthcoming TEF, and of course Brexit, has created uncertainty and complexity. All this has added to existing pressures we experience on student and staff officer capacity and from the uncertainty and complexity of the University’s Campus Redevelopment plan.

That being said, we are proud to have the continued confidence of our key stakeholder, the University. The University demonstrated its faith in us by accepting our arguments and rationale for a small increase in the block grant in what are straitened times and University Court has endorsed the strength of our Strategic Plan 2015-2020. For a small organisation, we punch well above our weight and we go into 2016/17 ready to have the tough conversations, and win for our students.

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GUSRC Annual Report 2015/16