Autumn Elections 2020

Nominations Close Friday 2nd October
Pre-hustings Meeting Tuesday 6th October 6pm
Candidates’ Meeting Friday 9th October 1pm
Hustings Wednesday 14th October 6pm
Polling Opens Thursday 15th October at 9am
Polling Closes Thursday 15th October at 5pm
Results Thursday 15th October approx 6.30pm


Choose a candidate below to see the manifesto:

Becky Laird

Hi! I’m Becky, I’m a third year Biomedical Engineering student. I’m running for the role of Charities, Clubs and Societies officer.

The past year I have been involved with the SRC as a fresher’s helper, ambassador and RAG committee member. This year I would like to take on a more key role as I’ve enjoyed having insight into how the organisation operates and playing a vital part in organising fundraising events.

As a member of various clubs and societies across campus, I have a great deal of understanding on how they are managed. I plan to use my knowledge of the SRC, and experience as a clubs and societies member, in this role to help maintain positive affiliations and be an approachable point of contact.

If elected I hope to:

  • Revamp RAG fundraising structure to be primarily online based
  • Increase fundraising events and team meetings held by RAG committee and target smaller charities
  • Encourage individual fundraising to RAG committee members
  • Encourage fundraising collaborations
  • Ensure clubs and societies have detailed information on the SRC webpage
  • Work with welfare officers to encourage equality and diversity training to club and society committee members

Vote Becky Laird #1 Charities, Clubs and Societies Officer!

Zainab Alshaber

  1. Greater and more frequent recognition of student extra-curricular achievements, awards like society of the month.
  2. Setting up a virtual system for societies for easier joining and meeting.
  3. The development of more social, sporting and recreational spaces that are well regulated (by volunteers) to follow social distancing guidelines.
  4. Starting an initiative on both campuses to encourage professional collaboration between students from all disciplines. After all, we can’t be students all our lives, so let’s think business while we’re here.
  5. I am discreet and understanding when dealing with sensitive issues, so students can feel secure that I will maintain their confidence.
  6. Bring in a life skills week: e.g. budgeting workshops and cooking sessions -virtual too.
  7. Hold weekly drop-in sessions (with tea and biscuits) to provide an open and safe space for people to discuss any problems they may have.



Olly Bharucha

We are a year group like none other! We are experiencing an unprecedented first year at university and our concerns have never been more important. First year of university is overwhelming enough, let alone experiencing it during a pandemic.

Hi, I’m Olly a first-year student studying politics and social and public policy, just like many of you I have many concerns about the future of this year. I want the university to have direct communication with first years about outbreaks and current/future policy on COVID 19. I also want to make sure the university is held accountable for its decision to encourage students to move to accommodation even though the majority of first year courses are 100% online and I want to push for additional financial help to those who need it.

Mental health will be at the forefront of everything I do if elected. I want to ensure the university is prepared and equipped to ensure adequate support to all first years as the repercussions of isolation, quarantine and academic stress weigh on our mental health. I want to bring forward your ideas, worries and experiences to the university’s agenda.

I will listen, learn and share. Thank you.


Nina Coscia

Hello! I am Nina Coscia from Buffalo, New York, and I am studying International Relations. While the start of our first year at U of G has been incredibly exciting, it also has aspects that are overwhelming and stressful. I am running for First Year Representative in order to drive the adjustments that students see fit for the best possible university experience. Some aspects I would focus on are:

  • All Moodles should be comprehensible and standardized to eliminate frantic searching before every Zoom, lecture, and reading.
  • The process of class enrollment and registration should be greatly improved for accessibility and clarity.
  • Stronger communication between the SRC and students would raise awareness of the many services the SRC provides.
  • More Freshers events should take place throughout the year, especially since many students were unable to attend Freshers’ Fair.

Most of all, I am excited to fight for the ideas and needs that my peers put before me. I have experience and past successes as a representative, both as an officer of multiple clubs and as a team captain. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to use my skills and ideas as your First Year Representative!

Vote Coscia!


Kirsty Craig

My name is Kirsty, and I’m a first-year medical student here at Glasgow! I’m a Scottish/Canadian hybrid, born in Edinburgh, raised near Toronto, so I’ll always be on standby for advice on creating the perfect poutine, while suffering from tea-addictions like a majority of the U.K. population! I’m an enthusiastic environmentalist with a passion for living as low-impact as I can, I love burritos, a cheeky sangria, and am slowly trying to travel my way around the world!

I have experience working as a Public-Relations Officer on my Student Council as an undergraduate, so I have practice with hearing and accumulating the needs of my peers, and taking those desires to the council. This also means I have experience in communicating with other council members, and will be able to successfully relay the thoughts of our class to that of the SRC team. I’m easily approachable, and as such you’ll always be able to bring your concerns/queries to me in order to have your voice heard. While I understand we’re navigating through a very confusing and dystopian-esque time, I hope to be able to represent our first year, and make our wishes heard!


Andrea Curro

My name is Andrea Curro, I am a level 1 student in English Literature, Language and French. I would like to candidate myself as a student representative because everyone needs to hear their own voice, everyone needs to understand what is going on in their surroundings. Care and help each other; my focus as a first-year student is to mainly listen to my course mates, listening to what they would change or what they would improve in our spectacular university. However, I want my voice to be heard and with it all the students, friends who decide to support me in this new adventure. I want to be available to everyone, I want to be easily reached out by everyone for anything they need. We all need support; we all want something changed or something we believe it does not work right. We all want to help and support each other with all our ways available. I want to have a good communication with our lectures in order to have a straight connection student-professor. I hope I can achieve all of this year and hopefully in the next following ones being able to have significative and more important roles.


Ben Elliott

When there is such a massive complicated social structure such as a university the danger is always individual voices especially new students unaware of the correct channels to voice concerns, getting lost in a tide of bureaucracy. If I win the position of first year representative, I will act as a direct channel between your voice and the people with the power to offer resolutions. First year students could command an incredible level of influence over university politics and I hope to galvanise these individual voices to enact some real changes. An example of my commitment to campaigning could be best expressed in a petition I co-wrote with my flatmate to receive rent reductions from my accommodation (Clifton house). Individually my emails and others were flippantly dismissed with standard rejections, however a comprehensive petition with over 50 signatures from tenants has led to a staggered re opening of communal facilities and the regional owner of the accommodation to consider our proposals for rent reductions. The success of this campaign inspired me to stand for election representing the first year students, to ensure that every voice is heard and acknowledged.


Daniel Holland

When I look to student bodies you often wish that they were more visible and contactable, people question who their representatives are and what they do. My goal is to be a student councilor who is a friendly face who can help convey the worries that first year students have and alleviate them. I want to ensure that there is always someone who is available to help students in their first year.

As such my main goals will be;

  • Help all students with any difficulties which they may have during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Assist students with queries about coursework and changes which may occur over the next 6 months across campus and beyond
  • Work with staff to ensure that all students are safe and are managing the shift to campus life
  • And finally to help deals with issues which may arise in accommodation or elsewhere which need to be improved in order to ensure that campus life is enjoyable for all.


Isabelle John

Hi, my name is Isabelle John and I am running for the position of first year representative of the Students’ Representative Council because I would like to bring about change where required and ensure all voices are heard. I have ample amounts of experience in leadership positions, more specifically in MUN, and as a result have developed the right skills required for this position. Those skills would entail collaboration, taking initiative, organization, and problem-solving. If I were to be elected, I would aim to address and raise issues that arose within the student body, especially during this difficult and unpredictable time. I would also like to attempt implementing additional ways in which to interact with other individuals within the university through social events, adhering to the guidelines. Finally, along with the rest of the council, I’d like to ensure that everyone is comfortable and that they have someone they can go to in times of need or really for anything. Thank you for reading my manifesto and for considering me as a candidate for the position and feel free to get in touch with me with any questions!


Jane Lin

Hi, I’m Jane Lin and I’m an International Relations student running for the position of First Year Representative, as I believe in these hard times our community needs a change, and as such it’s important to speak out for all the students especially those in first year. Whilst at Canadian High school, I was involved in many clubs and varsities such as Model UN, Duke of Edinburgh and Service Prefect. Furthermore, I was also in Student Council. I grew up in Taiwan with strong ambitions, I travelled abroad at a young age to enhance my academic and athletic career, this, in consequence has changed my life and worldview. Travelling alone was not easy, however, it granted me many life skills such as independence, teamwork and responsibility. As well as helping me understand new languages and cultures.

My top priorities:

  • Set up widely accessible weekly online activities for socializing and academic guidance by 2nd or 3rd year volunteering students.
  • Promote online charity events to encourage collaboration and help give back to the community.
  • Reach out to brands to sponsor sports team, clubs, and societies.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and considering me for the position.


David Murdoch

I’m David Murdoch and I’m running for 1st year Rep in the SRC. A core value of mine is to be respectful of, and understand other people’s viewpoints- so much so that I always put the views of the majority before my own. I know that I’m not always right, and that I will need to listen to you, but that is what I believe representation is all about- being able to listen and harvest the views of those around me. I believe that now more than ever, new 1st year students are finding life rather challenging due to COVID. It’s hard enough to make new friends at the best of times. Without social interaction, many of us are oblivious to those we are studying with. I want to work alongside you to ensure that our university experience is as normal as it possibly can be. I understand that many are not happy about the situation in Student Accommodation. I vow to work with you to come up with a fair solution to the problems of rent, that so many believe has been a money-making scheme of Glasgow. A vote for David Murdoch is a vote for strong representation.


Andrew Taylor

My name is Andrew William Taylor, and I am applying for First Year Student Representative. Currently, I am studying English Literature, English Language & Linguistics, and Politics.

I am an out-going individual, who likes to hear the voice and opinions of my fellow students. I would like to have a greater opportunity to be able to implement any chances to the University of Glasgow I feel like would improve the student experience and lifestyle. Furthermore, I would take on board and listen to any and all students that approach me with issues that they have in mind (either send me an email or invite me out to the union for a chat and pint of fun!). I am completely non-judgemental, and I am interested in everyone’s thoughts. I am confident, and have no problems announcing my opinions and following them through. I would like to build up a good connection between all students, as well as an open and friendly relationship between students and the student council.

Our first year has been nothing like we expected to it be, but hopefully having a Student Representative who genuinely cares about your well-being and interests will improve your current University experience!


Kyle Thomas

Hello. My name is Kyle. I am studying Psychology, Computing and Maths.

Mission Statement

Covid ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’

Even though isolation isn’t the best ‘Don’t stop believin’

‘Born to run’ but we can’t run far in the flats.

‘We Could Be Heroes’ if we can just get through this

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

My Focuses

  • Being more environmentally friendly as university as a whole
  • Making the most of the situation – To make the most of this year for everyone, make as many opportunities as possible.
  • Mental Health – Being isolated and not being able to socialise with friends and family, worrying about not being able to go back for Christmas is not good for anyone’s mental health.
  • Improved help for people with learning disabilities

Past Experiences

I don’t have much experience, but I am positive guy and will talk to anyone and everyone.

If you ever want to get in touch message me on Instagram at @kylethmas or Facebook.

Bailey Camack

Hello! My name is Bailey Camack, I am a 2nd year Common Law student and I’d like to represent you as an SRC General Representative.

During this year’s Fresher’s Week, I was given an insight into the work that the SRC do through being a Fresher’s Helper. I was inspired by the ambitious nature of the SRC and would love to be involved in their mission to provide students with more opportunities to thrive!

My main objectives:

  • – Increase digital access to mental health services provided by the SRC and the University, particularly for home students and those having to isolate.
  • – Encourage the entire student body to participate in the ‘Let’s talk about Sexual Violence’ training sessions.
  • – Develop collaborative events between societies to promote cross-campus communication and engagement.
  • – Promote increased participation in RAG Week to improve the student relationship with the wider Glasgow community.
  • – Campaign for increased commitment to sustainable practices on Campus to help tackle Climate Change.
  • Last year, I was an ordinary board member of Student Theatre at Glasgow and I hope to use this experience in bringing a creative, collaborative and committed mindset to the SRC.

On polling day, don’t bail, vote Bailey!


Mia Clarke

Hi everyone, my name is Mia and I am a postgraduate Management student in my 5th year. I’ve been working for the SRC for the past year as a class representative trainer, having previously been a class rep during my 2nd and 3rd years of studying. I’ve also been an SRC fresher’s helper!

I have previously been the treasurer of Student Theatre at Glasgow and Glasgow University Shakespeare Society, alongside being involved in the Adam Smith Business School and working part time throughout my undergraduate degree. I know how hard student life can be, which the pandemic has exacerbated for many of us.

My main objectives are:

  • Starting a new campaign to promote inclusion of students away from campus due to the pandemic. Starting or continuing University away from campus is a daunting prospect, which the SRC can work to alleviate in some way
  • Greater promotion of the SRC Advice Centre across the University community
  • Campaigning to get more teaching resources recorded, such as seminars, which students may miss due to time differences or working commitments

University teaching and life has changed, and I would love the opportunity to represent you as we navigate these changes!


Damien Ealey

My name is Damien Ealey and I am running to be a Gen Rep this year. Over the past year, I have sat on council as school rep of Maths and Stats and have gained an insight into how council works. Additionally, I have been a fresher’s helper with the SRC for the past 2 years.

This year is extremely different, as such, I hope to focus my efforts on ensuring that when campus is finally reopened, it is done so in a safe and secure manner. I hope to help guarantee every student is and feels safe on campus when that time comes. Leading up to this will require help from as many student as possible and I hope that I can help continue to support all the students around campus and make sure that there is a level of safety adequate to everyone’s standards. The University has made improvements in the way it is handling our safety, and I want to ensure that this remains to be the standard of care all students can expect. Covid-19 has had serious effects on people’s mental wellbeing as well as physical and these are equally as important to look after.


Lyndsey Fletcher

I’m Lyndsey Fletcher, a postgraduate Bioinformatics student. I completed my undergraduate degree here at Glasgow during which I saw first-hand the issues we as students face from arrival in first year, to graduation and beyond. My main aims are as follows;

  • Ensure students know where to get help when necessary, and feel comfortable doing so. I’ve experienced the confusion caused by the pandemic in relation to our studies and it’s important we feel confident speaking up about these problems, which isn’t always easy. I would therefore regularly reach out to other students so they don’t have to make the first move – through (socially distanced) visits to halls/lectures and anonymous surveys.
  • Work with societies during this difficult time for groups which rely on in-person meetings. Ensuring they have support to survive is imperative to a healthy, happy University community, now and in the future.
  • Make sure no new student is left alone. Making friends is difficult right now, and I would like to encourage older students to meet with younger students, in person or online, for support with university, mental health, or just a chat with someone new.
  • Support for final-year students who will be entering a vastly altered job market


Sahej Grover

In these unprecedented times I believe SRC needs strong voices that will not shy away from challenging the university on their treatment of the students and I believe I can be that voice. Confidence and great communication skills are needed to be a general representative. I believe I am the best person for this job. I possess the necessary skills to work with the members of the SRC and I will represent the students to the best of my ability. I will make sure every problem that gets reported to me, I will bring them up as they were my own and fight passionately for them to be resolved. I have worked with my fellow tenants in my accommodation to get a rent rebate of sorts for the lack of use of the communal areas. Our petition, which had over 50 signatories was success and the communal facilities will be opened gradually to make it COVID-19 secure. This shows how collective campaigning can achieve results. My commitment to keeping students safe and become a collective voice is absolute and I will give it my all to make sure I keep the promises I have made.


Marlies Humpelstetter

My name is Marlies and I’m a 4th year politics and philosophy student from Austria. I’m passionate about social policy, student support and welfare. My first priority as a general representative would be to make sure that students know their rights and can advocate for themselves, especially when it comes to issues with housing and employment.

This is how I want to achieve this:

  1. Organise housing information sessions for 1st year students in cooperation with the SRC Advice Centre. I know personally how difficult it can be to find affordable and safe accommodation and these sessions would provide valuable support and increase awareness of the SRC Advice Centre.
  2. Set up employment rights information sessions to support students in insecure work, who are dealing with 0-hour contracts, work-place harassment/discrimination, low pay, no sick/holiday pay or simply difficulty finding a job.

Additionally, I want to

  • set up an online forum to match Glasgow students who are going abroad for a semester/year with incoming exchange students that are looking for a flat to sublet.
  • build a connection between GU Volunteering and clubs and societies that have a charitable focus to boost engagement and create more opportunities for students.


Rose Lakatos

Hi, my name is Rose Lakatos(she/her)and I am a first-year Medical student. I am running to be one of your general reps for SRC. I have been an active member of student politics through my first degree at University of Aberdeen as LGBTQ+ forum convener, NUS Scotland Women’s Committee member and as the Student Council Vice-Chair. I hope to bring my years of experience to my role as I learn how things work in Glasgow as your general rep. As a general rep I hope to work on key issues affecting students making your voice heard. I have a keen interest on the following topics: -Working towards ensuring that University of Glasgow remains accessible for EU students’ post Brexit as fees are set to match international student fees -Ensuring that equality and diversity are kept as a key part of policy making I would be honoured to be elected as one of your general reps as I continue to learn about the structure of the SRC and how to be an active voice in it.


Jamie McKay

Hey, my name is Jamie McKay, I’m a third-year Physics and Astronomy student and I am running for the position of General Representative. Previously being a Freshers’ Helper and SRC Ambassador has given me great insight into the workings of the SRC and encouraged me to want to take on more responsibility by representing you!

If elected I would like to:

  • Support student mental health by increasing involvement with ‘Find a Mate while you Isolate’ sessions and ‘Mind your Mate’ workshops, particularly for new and self-isolating students who may be struggling during these unprecedented times.
  • Encouraging lecturers to make full use of online resources to ensure that online learning is accessible to all students, for example using transcripts to accompany lectures and Microsoft Teams to support communication between students and staff.
  • Make training for clubs and societies readily available so board and committee members can properly support students.
  • Help build a better sense of community within schools by having more peer assisted learning and school-specific workshops to create relations between different year groups.

Remember when polling day comes- don’t be shy, vote McKay!


Tiegan Meadows

Hi, I’m Tiegan! I’m a second year English Literature student, and would like the opportunity to be one of your General Representatives this year.

This is a turbulent year for the University and it has never been more important to strive to improve student experience. I know how crucial student life is at University, particularly after ‘dropping out’ of my first University due to the impact the lack of student experience had on my mental health. Now I want to support you!

If elected, my objectives are to:

  • Address the technology disparity between students (particularly during a year that greatly relies on having access to reliable wifi and laptops)
  • Increase awareness of CAPS and other mental health services on campus through regular campus campaigns and trying to increase engagement with ‘Mind Your Mate’,
  • Represent and support you through open forums,
  • Work to provide consistent online events (hopefully eventually in person) for students to curb loneliness on campus and in isolation,

I was a Freshers’ Helper this year and after meeting so many amazing students, SRC members and getting an insight into the work the SRC does, I have been inspired to get involved as your General Representative!

Vote for Tiegan!


Miko Mojsiej

Hi, I’m Miko, I’m a second-year Law student and I’m hoping to be your representative for this year.

I have decided to run because I believe that the University needs real change. I felt that there is a lack of student input at the highest levels of decision making. So I asked myself, who does this University belong to? Students? Or the executive? If you are reading this, I think you know the conclusion I came to.

My aims are to :

  • First and foremost I want to make every part of the executive answerable directly to students and I want students to be involved in decision making at the highest level of the University.
  • Start a Student Music scheme so all students can use music facilities and instruments to develop their musical talents or learn something new.
  • Organise more online socials, events and mental health or academic support groups to help students through this particularly tough time.
  • Keep sections of the Library open 24 hours a day as study zones.

For Real Change Vote Miko !!


Aashiq Muhiadeen


My name is Aashiq Abidean, and I am a second-year undergraduate studying Civil Engineering.

I am standing to be elected as general representative because I aim to ensure that the diverse views of all students from all different faculties and years are represented. I am a driven, confident, and goal-oriented leader who understands the value of teamwork – making me certain of my ability to execute the job.

I believe that my experience as a Sergeant in the Singapore Civil Defence Force will enable me to deliver upon the role of General representative. I studied at an international school in Dubai with over 100 different nationalities – an experience that will allow me to effectively act as a bridge for the social and communication needs of a diverse melting pot community of Glasgow university.

I promise to succeed in indiscriminately ensuring that every one of you can loudly express their opinions regarding the University’s affairs. Without any prejudice, I will also work to ensure that decisions made by the council are directly designed to benefit all the undergraduates without exception.

It would be an honour to be given the opportunity to make a positive impact on your university experience.

Thank you!


Rory Mullen

Salutations. My name is Rory Mullen- I’m a homegrown Glaswegian final year student of English Literature. President of the Shrek Society, one-time class rep, and the reincarnation of Queen Anne Stuart- I am in the running to be one of your next general representatives. In my capacity as a leader of a club and society, I already function as a weathercock or channel for the improvement and accountability of the club, addressing student concerns with aplomb. Having contributed to student life in a multi-faceted way, I wish to deepen this by standing for office and serving the student community as I know I can.


  • Increase representation for Home Students or those native to the city of Glasgow
  • Get those Glasgow Uni facemasks out to everyone
  • Increase support for home students
  • Be approachable and accessible and a voice for all.
  • Promote an understanding of the SRC amongst students
  • Provide alternative recreation in COVID times to ensure maximal student experience
  • Vote for marshmallow flumps and Halva.


Mirabelle Ostle

Hello! I am Mirabelle, a 4th year Geography student.

Having spent a year abroad I entered an unknown/overwhelming student environment. I therefore understand the importance of communication. Amplifying the student population’s voice is crucial.

I am outgoing and understanding and my longevity in the Glasgow community, assets my knowledge of the University system. I am member of the Mountaineering club, and previously GUPDC, so I know the vitality of inclusive activities/societies.

Studying Geography, I discuss various current issues occurring globally. I am therefore an avid listener and can formulate constructive, openminded and realistic solutions. Geographers are often recruited to bridge gaps between individual interests.

This year will be challenging, and so ensuring the student population are safe, well-informed and happy is optimal.

Managing stress as a student can be hard, and therapeutic art or sporting sessions may alleviate this. I will propose these to the SRC (opportunities to de-stress!). I would like to discuss loneliness coping strategies, providing information on safe activities.

My skill-set, enthusiasm and potential contributions to the SRC make me a worthy candidate for General Rep. I look forward to bringing my fresh mindset to a well-equipped team, improving the Glasgow University experience for everyone.


Eva Simmons

Now more than ever our university needs to listen to students voices and be doing all it can to assist in balancing students’ safety, wellbeing and mental health. Making sure the University is putting its students before profit, and continually listening to the experience and needs of students during the pandemic will be my priority if elected.

I have been involved with Extinction Rebellion both on and off campus, as well as the crafting of the student led ‘Green New Deal’ that is in the process of being presented to the University’s court. Putting pressure on the university to adopt the Green New Deal, reach its carbon neutrality deadline of 2030, while also divesting from all fossil fuel and arms companies will also be a priority.

Alongside this, I have also been involved and active with Living Rent Union – both local branches and members defence. The university needs to take a more active role in listening to and helping with student’s experiences of exploitative landlords and poor living conditions, which is something I will also actively push for.


Ethan Wilson


I’m Ethan, a medical student, a graduate, enthusiastic about snacks, and a big fan of yellow.

I have a wealth of experience in student representation to bring with me to TeamUofG, so I am running to be one of your SRC General Representatives for 2020/21.


A priority for me is equality and inclusion and I am particularly keen to campaign for greater diversity and LGBT+ inclusion in healthcare subject curriculums.

Now, more than ever, the need for building a sense of community really matters. This is especially true for international students across time zones and home students off campus, who may feel disconnected from TeamUofG.

Focusing on student wellbeing from awareness of mental health support to sexual health screening access, and budget friendly ways to eat or workout in isolation/lockdown.

Ultimately, my goals are helping you to tackle your problems, whether on-campus or virtual. I am always only a message away.

Find me on Facebook: EthanWilsonStudentRep.


I have 5+ years experience in representation, in academic, liberation, sports and wellbeing, from class rep of a cohort of ~65 students, to leading a Scotland wide committee.


Patrick Aasen

Hi! I’m Patrick (he/him), a 4thyear Sociology/Politics student from Switzerland and I want to be your next International Students Officer. 

Before attending UofG, I worked as a regional director for the international exchange organisation YFU in Switzerland, where I helped students from around the world settle into an unknown country. For the past 3 years at UofG, I have been heavily involved in the SRC as Class Rep, First Year Rep, UG SocSci College Convenor and Freshers Helper team leader. These experiences make me uniquely qualified for this role.  

If elected, I aim to: 

  • Promote alternatives to seminar attendance, e.g. additional resources or self-organised study groups, as lots of students in different time zones are struggling with attending online classes. 
  • Work with International Student Support and societies to offset the greater-than-normal challenges of meeting new people, which includes both on- and off-campus students who deserve to have the best possible UofG experience. 
  • Push for more support for those who can’t travel home during the holidays. 

Loneliness and stress affect international students in particular. It’s now more important than ever to have an International Students Officer who listens to and acts for students regardless of where they are. 


Rabaha Arshad

Hello, everyone!

I am Rabaha, a first year PGR student at the School of Education.

I’m running for the post of International Student Officer because in the current situation, where most of our lessons are online and many international students are joining remotely, it is ever the more important to ensure that our voice is represented in university wide policies and decisions; and we still get to experience all the learning and cultural opportunities that UofG offers.

To achieve this, I aim to:

  1. Launch 24/7 virtual “drop in” sessions to provide support and address concerns of International students.
  2. Encourage them to make the most of UoG experience by raising awareness and access to academic, pastoral and recreational facilities.
  3. Liaise with SRC and International Office to hold intercultural events and activities, as well as establishing academic support networks.

I believe that my prior experience of studying at UofG, volunteer involvement with Student Network & SRC as a student, and 6 years of teaching and advisory experience in academia stands me in good stead to do justice to the demands of this role.

I look forward to working with you to ensure a fulfilling UofG experience for us.



Xiaosu Chen

Hello! I’m Xiaosu Chen from College of Education, and I’d like to be a student international officer.

I participated the SRC training and SRC volunteer last year (Angelic threads, Chinese Confucius), which helped me to understand deeply about the SRC’s responsibility (as well as the motivation as a helper).

I’m also a student rep in Glasgow International College, which possessed me the problems solving skills as a mediator between college and students.

If I can get this opportunity, I will do these things.

  1. Delivery the information at the first time, to make more people understand and actively participate the activities, such as social platform management (make a vlog etc)
  2. Encourage students to give feedback (make questionnaires easier and more relevant to their life)
  3. To be patience to answer the questions, make them feel at home and effective study
  4. Search more opportunities for students such as intern, volunteer experience and art activities. To fulfil students’ work, entertainment and study life
  5. Communicate with companies and other schools to find a way to corporate

Look forward to seeing you all in the next semester as a helper for students!


Vera Hayibor

Like all of us at some point, I too, was cash strapped as an international student during my master’s program. Besides landing admission, one of the most critical things is landing a job, which is just as tough as getting admission if not tougher.

After my master’s program, I co-founded the Cosy Students shop (a reuse shop for students), interacting with students and serving their basic needs. I am propelled by this experience, coupled with my communications with many of you, to serve you as your ‘International Students Officer’ to meet some of our most pressing challenges: the availability of essential information, advice, jobs, and internships during and after study.

The University is already working in this area, but to enhance this, my objective, with support from the SRC and University, is to liaise with international student groups to have an ‘International Student Information and Job Hub’ for each group. Where members can easily access essential information, jobs, and internships, with companies and organisations in their home, host or other countries.

So, with this experience, I have much to offer and many ideas on how to improve advice for international students. Vote for Vera Hayibor (2nd year PhD in Law)


Xinyu He

Hi! I’m Xinyu from China, and I’m a third year Business Economics student.

Glasgow is the city where I have lived for two years. It not only brings me homey feel, but also extroradinary experiences. As an active international students, I took part in almost all the activities of Freshers Week. During lockdown period, I run many online events for Chinese students who could not go back their home country. Because of COVID, I realized that international students have to face more issues this year. Therefore, I’m running for International Students Officer, to be a voice for international students, anywhere, anytime. My approachable personality, problem-solving skills and working experience at Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association can make me absolutely qualified for this job.

The essence of International Students Officer is to serve students, to listen their confusion and suggestions, to make their voice be heard at the very highest levels of University management. I promise to listen to the voice of all international students and seek more welfare and events for them. Let all international students know how amazing Glasgow is and how fantastic our people are!

On polling day, vote Xinyu #1 please! Thank you!


Ishani Mukherjee

Hi! I am Ishani, second year politics student, running for International student officer.

I am of Indian origin and have travelled all my life. Meeting divergent sets of people has taught me fervid ways of life. In Glasgow, I’ve experienced friendships, deadlines, and dorm hangovers. Ideally I’d wish to make that experience even better. I have been fortunate to share a space on boards of a couple of PoC and activist. societies. Previously I’ve served as a class representative and was able get some reading texts digitised on request. I promise to be approachable and understanding in all my endeavours.

If offered the opportunity I would try my best to:

  1. Work with the welfare officer and other cross campus entities to encourage making of a “how to cope when away from home” pack. Make things like gratitude wall extend beyond library across campus. Run an international students led drop in session.
  2. Greater recognition of the Student bodies with awards such as International club of the year.
  3. Build a support system for International students (exchange and in transition) by liasoning with welfare and race and equality officers, to make them feel comfortable.

Angela Weihan Ng

Who I Am

Heya! I am Angela Weihan from Singapore and I am currently pursuing Year 2 Computing Science and Music. I certainly love the nuances interdisciplinary studies can bring, but more than this is my love for people and my communities.


1. Improved communication between the university and international students

International students often find it difficult to communicate with the university on logistical matters, an example being returning to campus for the new academic semesters, during the COVID-19 period. I look to setting up platforms where international students can submit concerns, queries and feedback and these would be compiled and channeled to the university.

2. Improved integration between local and international students

With the advent of Brexit, there will certainly be an increase in the number of international students at UOG. I hope to take the academic year ahead to look into policies, measures, events and programs that will help international students to better integrate to the UOG community, without feeling discriminations of any sorts.

Past Experiences

  • GUSRC First Year Representative (2019-2020)
  • GU Singapore Society Secretary (2019-2020)
  • Eunoia JC (Singapore) Student Ambassador (2017-2018)
  • Crescent Girls’ School (Singapore) Symphonic Band Coordinator (2015-2016)


Muhammad Zia

Hello everyone! I am Ahmed, a final year BENG student from Pakistan. I am running for International Students Officer because I want to empower other international students, as even in these difficult times we can have the time of our lives at the University of Glasgow.

So far, I have been representing my peers as an SRC class representative for the last three years and I have ensured every student issue, no matter the scale, is heard, effectively communicated and promptly resolved.

I believe now I am ready to amp it up and be the voice of our amazing international student community at the University of Glasgow!

My goals as the next International Students Officer will be the following:

  • I will campaign to provide equal opportunities for International students in terms of Careers by arranging remote Careers and Employability Fairs.
  • Encourage the university to help students gain industrial experience by providing guidelines on how to secure internships.
  • Lastly, I will work tirelessly to make sure your thoughts and concerns are effectively communicated and acted upon!

Thank you for reading this manifesto and I hope you will nominate me as your next International Students Officer!

Kevin Leomo

I am a final year PhD student in Culture and Creative Arts. I have attended College of Arts Staff-Student Liaison Meetings as PGR representative, as well as Subject staff meetings as GTA representative, and have worked with College senior management to effect positive change. Graduate Teaching Assistant matters are essential to my platform, especially during these uncertain times of online teaching. I am acutely aware of the many problems GTAs face, which I will actively seek to address. Last year, I volunteered my time to organise and host a GTA forum to discuss such issues. I am also cognizant of issues PGT students face, having taught master’s students last year. Concerns such as lack of contact and teaching time is something I will address. I have been widely involved in the Arts Postgraduate community. I was a committee member for the 2019 Arts PG Conference, have peer reviewed for eSharp, and manage Sound Thought, promoting interdisciplinary postgraduate practice and research. I would aim to increase opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration across the college. As we face new challenges collectively, I intend to fully support all PG students, back the crucial work of GTAs, and make sure our voices are heard.

Catherine Reid

I am a second year PhD student in Education, studying Widening Access to Higher Education.

I have experience serving as class rep during my Masters courses, and also worked as a union rep in my workplace, helping teachers and senior management to communicate effectively and work together.

As PGR convenor, I would aim to:

  • Promote strong communication between PGR students and College staff
  • Represent the interests of students, raising issues of importance to our community
  • Actively seek resources to support PGR students during the pandemic
  • Work collaboratively with the SRC and College to promote student support and welfare
  • Engage with bodies such as the PhD Society to promote community for PGR students

I would value the opportunity to serve my community during this exceptionally difficult period.


Patrick Shearer

The PGR experience at Glasgow University is always changing. Now more than ever there is a need for communication between staff and students on how best to improve PGR at Glasgow. As a 2nd year PhD student, I would aim to liaise with PGR’s of all levels and disciplines to improve their experience, and that of future PGR candidates.


Yuting Tian

Hi, I am Yuting Tian, a second year Finance Student (postgraduate research), and as a Chinese student in Glasgow, I would like to apply for Postgraduate Research Convenor.

As a student in Adam Smith Business School, I deeply understand the demands of my classmates. I have become a vice president of Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association and have organized many student service activities, such as airport pick-up activities for freshmen. At the same time, I also have been a teaching assistant in business school. This allows me to understand curriculum and teaching progress, from the perspective of both teachers and students. I will devote myself to helping solve the problems faced by students, especially Chinese student groups, in their lives and studies.

If I elected, I strive to:

  1. Improve the quality of university activities and increase students’ enthusiasm for participating in activities.
  2. Actively communicate with schools and course representatives to improve the curriculum system.
  3. To speak out for the students, especially female students, and safeguard the rights they deserve.
  4. Improve the reputation of Glasgow University in China and the recognition of Chinese student groups at the University of Glasgow.

Jon Hosie

My name is Jon Hosie and I am a Secondary PGDE student. I am running for School of Education Representative because I feel I have the skills required to be an effective voice for all Education Students.

The School of Education is unique within the university due to the large proportion of first-year post-graduate students that arrive annually. Having been a freshers’ helper at Glasgow University for 2018 and 2019, I am knowledgeable on the needs of students starting their UofG experience. This has also provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the SRC’s work.

If elected this autumn, I aim to provide a clear point of contact for all School of Education students. With the transition to online and blended learning, it is of even greater importance that students’ views and needs can be addressed in an effective and timely manner. I will also endeavour to remain in contact with Class Representatives regularly.

One of the best aspects of Life at the University of Glasgow is the active Campus Community. Although Covid-19 restrictions limit the ability to meet physically, my main priority will be furthering the engagement of SRC activities throughout the School of Education.

Thanks for reading.

Denver Correia

I’m Denver, a second year Immunology student and I am hoping to be your next School of Life Sciences Representative! In this uniquely challenging academic year when most lectures & tutorials are online, I believe that we need much more support & resources to achieve our academic and career goals than ever before.

Good representation has always been a key to improving each and every student’s academic and university experience. If you choose to elect me as your next School of Life Science Representative, I will immediately work to accomplish the following goals to improve academic quality for Life Science students:

  • Creating weekly progress trackers on Moodle to help students plan and prepare for the week’s tasks and most importantly, never miss a deadline across LS modules;
  • Encourage that laboratory sessions conducted online provide enough academic pre-requisite to help students grasp new practical concepts easily;
  • Promote subject-wide societies to conduct relevant activities synchronously with academic teaching schedules;
  • Ensure slideshows of each class are uploaded not less than 2 days before each session;
  • Comprehensive exam revision resources and pre-exam support sessions;
  • Establishing a strong network of communication between Class Reps & Course Coordinators;



Ameerah Gardee

Hi! My name is Ameerah Gardee, I’m a second year Neuroscience student and current President of the Tea Society. For the past year I have been a Class Representative for Biology, building on my previous experience of student council leadership at my online school in digitally collating data on students’ concerns, communicating these to staff and working as part of a team to bring about effective change to enhance the student experience. I believe my prior time studying and working online will enable me to constructively problem-solve with this year’s Class Representatives and convey our concerns to University staff.

If elected I will:

  • Use my experience of online education to work towards solutions for making our online learning a more user-friendly, accessible process
  • Address the repetitive nature of the content taught on the Biology courses in Levels 1 and 2, in addition to raising any concerns over sufficient statistics support, particularly at Level 1.
  • Fully support and listen to the concerns raised by Class Representatives and ensure the feedback they provide is heard and understood

I will be a diligent representative, ready to advocate for issues that matter to you and make Life Sciences courses the best they can be.


Smilla Huzell

Hia! I’m Smilla, a 4th year Biochemistry student hoping to be your School of Life Science representative. Having represented Life Science students across all years and subjects as Class Rep, I have the experience and understanding of what’s expected by the students.

Considering we’re facing blended online teaching, the student voice and opinion is more critical now than ever.

My main focuses are:

  1. Lab Experience: Unfortunately, this year the majority of students are missing out on physical lab experience. I would like to explore solution possibilities ranging from online labs to smaller (socially-distant) lab groups, in order to not lose an entire year of lab practice.
  2. Teaching/Support: Student support is always critical, but even more so during uncertain times. I look to establish a continuous dialogue between Class Representatives and Course Leaders to understand where students are needing the most support and how those needs are constantly evolving.
  3. Online Exams: I believe the ‘24-hour open book exam’ format to be an effective way to demonstrate students’ understanding of subjects rather than memorising facts. I want to explore the possibility of keeping this format across all Life Science levels.

I’ll be here for you – VOTE SMILLA!

Deemah Al-Obaidly

Hello! My name is Deemah and I’d love to be your Medicine, Dentistry &Nursing Representative. As a fourth-year medic, I have a great overview of the challenges and experiences faced by us health care students. With the pandemic still in full force, this year will be very different and my priority is that you feel supported through it!

My aims:

  1. To work closely with students to address their welfare needs, especially amidst Covid19 concerns, by hosting monthly check-ins. Mental wellbeing in particular is something I feel passionate about and would be a key welfare priority for this year.
  2. Create efficient communication systems to facilitate regular contact with all your class reps.
  3. Keep the students (you!) up to date with the decisions made by the council. During these ~unprecedented times~ a lot of changes will inevitably take place and I will ensure that these are summarised and made readily available.
  4. Continue on the brilliant work of the previous year by enhancing student feedback; maintaining placement financial compensations; and holding de-stressing events closer to exam season.

If elected, I would continually advocate on your behalf ensuring your voices and needs are well and truly heard.


Ashley Smith

Hello! I’m Ashley; a fourth-year nursing student who would love to be Med, Dent, Nurse Representative this year! I’m described as an outgoing and approachable person who holds the trust for advice and help both personally and academically!

Being from the smallest school will allow for an independent viewpoint for tasks within the larger schools allowing a more autonomous representation. I have contacts within both the medical and dental schools along with my own school which allows me insight to all the courses along with the some of the concerns of each school. The concerns of each school resonate with each other, Covid-19’s impact being the forefront for everyone.

My experience as a fresher’s helper for two years allowed me to be part of the SRC, work with council members and see what their roles entail which has helped prepare me for taking on this role. It tested my communication skills and allowed for me to begin to build relations both in the SRC and across the three schools. Alongside this, being a part of the Raising and Giving SRC committee has given me an insight into the workings of council and the level that is expected of elected members.

Crystel Astorga Cisneros

Ciao a tutti,

my name is Crystel Astorga and I am a fifth year Business Management/Italian student, and would like to become your new SMLC Rep.

Having been a part of the SMLC for four years now, I feel confident in knowing various aspects of our school.

If elected, I would like to focus especially on issues regarding the Year Abroad. I was on a year abroad two years ago and had many issues regarding the communication between host and home university. I believe there must be better communication, especially when thinking of the upcoming terms, that will be impacted by Covid. My time in Bologna was crucial for my language skill improvement, not to mention other benefits from being immersed in a new culture. I would like all students to have a pleasant time away.

Furthermore, I would like to be a communication channel between and with students and course convenors/lecturers, ensuring that students have a positive experience with online teaching, and making sure that the ‘No Detriment Policy’ will be upkept for everyone.

During these unprecedented times it’s important that students feel they can approach somebody, and I am very passionate about representing all of us.


Helen Manson

Hello, I’m Helen. I’m a Senior Honours student of Russian and Spanish and I’m hoping to be the next SMLC representative in the SRC. I have become very familiar with life as a student in SMLC through my studies of French, Spanish and Russian. I spent my year abroad as a student in Russia and my virtual semester abroad as an intern translator from Spanish to English. Through these experiences, I have gained insight into the different needs of language students depending on their chosen course of study and their study/work placements abroad. I love studying languages at Glasgow and I believe this role would complement my existing role as the Academic and Cultural Rep for the Hispanic Society. 

If elected, I shall: 

  • Work closely with class reps across the language departments and year groups within SMLC to ensure that online classes offer the same positive learning experience as classes on campus 
  • Ensure students are given clear guidance regarding new assessment formats and the year abroad planning process 
  • Help promote language-related societies in the university to help first year students integrate into non-academic life at Glasgow