Welcome to Flatshare. Here you will find help in looking for a new place to stay while at University. Whether it’s just a room or a whole flat you’re looking for, Flatshare should be able to offer you some good choices. Have a look through our database in case you are looking for a flat, or advertise a room or flat you have to offer.

Please remember that the SRC is unable to verify whether any advert is genuine, so you will have to check this for yourself. Never part with any money until you have seen a flat and signed the lease, and always make sure you get your landlord’s name and address. For more flathunting tips, please see our accommodation advice pages. If you suspect that an advert on flatshare is not genuine, please report it to us at enquiries@src.gla.ac.uk.

Rooms are available in University of Glasgow student accomodation. Contact Residential Services at accom@glasgow.ac.uk or telephone: 0141 330 4743 if interested.

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