Student Teaching Awards 2021

There are so many amazing staff & students here at the University of Glasgow – this is our chance to recognise the outstanding work of those who have helped us.


Every year the Students’ Representative Council hosts the Student Teaching Awards (aka the STAs): awards that recognise and celebrate the incredible efforts staff and students put towards their teaching, support, and representation.

This year, we hope the STAs will help recognise the challenges students and staff are facing in their learning and teaching experience and how members of the University community have gone above and beyond to overcome these.

Students are able to nominate staff who have supported them, who have excited them through their teaching, who have been great in helping them advance in their learning, as well as students who have been incredible in representing them, and many more categories.

We are delighted to have received over 1,100 nominations between November 16th and February 26th. From these nominations a shortlist was created, and on March 25th the winners of each award category were announced via the GUSRC Facebook page. The award ceremony can be watched back in two parts on our YouTube channel. A full list of the nominees can be found below, with the winners underlined.

Grigoris Kokkinidis
Vice President Education, GUSRC


See the shortlist of nominees and winners (underlined) below:

Best Advisor of Studies

Dr Matthew Barr

Dr Katherine Price

Dr Helena Paterson

Dr Fiona Dowell

Dr Sean Mcginty


Best College Teacher – Arts

Dr Vassiliki Kolocotroni

Dr Laura Rattray

Dr Johanna Green

Dr Shamil Khairov

Ms Judith Garcia Obrador


Best College Teacher – CoSE

Dr Emily Nordmann

Dr Gethin Norman

Dr Linnea Soler

Dr Lei Zhang

Dr Gordon Hedley


Best College Teacher – CoSS

Mrs Susie Marshall

Dr Craig Gurney

Mr Mark Breslin

Dr Patrick Bell

Dr Georgios Karyotis


Best College Teacher – MVLS

Dr Sharon Sneddon

Dr Sonya Taylor

Prof Paul Rea

Dr Karen MacEachern

Dr Emma Reid


Best Dissertation Supervisor

Dr Chiara Horlin

Dr Janis Davidson

Prof Kathleen Riach

Dr Daniela Castro-Camilo

Dr Lei Zhang


Best Graduate Teaching Assistant

Miss Charlotte Le Bervet

Mr Kevin Leomo

Mr Dario Mortini

Ms Kulnicha Meechaiyo

Mr Arthur Galichere


Best Research Supervisor

Dr Sergiu Gherghina

Dr Cristina Delgado Garcia

Dr Julie McAdam & Prof Evelyn Arizpe

Dr Paul Welsh

Mr Nicholas Beacher


Best Student Representative

Ms Katie Fish

Mr Sean Peffers

Ms Fine Mayer

Mr Graham Reid

Ms Mathilde Sijtsma


Best Support Staff

Mrs Arlene McLeod

Mrs Davina Smith

Miss Lynda Young

Ms Amanda Smith

Mrs Ailsa Watson


Best Feedback

Ms Eneida Garcia Villanueva

Dr Sergiu Gherghina

Dr Guillaume Rousselet

Prof Maurizio Carbone

Prof Robert Nibbs


Best Practice in Inclusive Education

Dr Hannah-Louise Clark

Mr Dario Mortini

Dr Chiara Horlin

Dr Henriette Partzsch

Dr Alexandra Campbell

Dr Nicola Veitch, Dr Stewart White, & Dr Victoria Paterson


Best Practice in Online Learning

Dr Emily Nordmann

Dr Laura Richmond

Dr Linnea Soler

Dr Johanna Green

Dr Stephen Sproules


Highly Innovative Teaching

Dr Hannah-Louise Clark

Ms Katrin Uhlig

Dr Sally Tuckett

Dr Kenny Brophy

Mr Mark Breslin


Outstanding Contribution to Teaching

Ms Eneida Garcia Villanueva

Miss Charlotte Le Bervet

Dr Jennifer Farrar

Dr Heather Cleland-Woods

Dr Pedro Parreira