Annual Report

We are extremely pleased to present to you our annual reports from previous academic years, highlighting achievements and developments across every part of the SRC.

Our Annual Report focuses on how we are meeting and furthering the following aims:

Representation and Engagement

Ensure the interests and views of our members are represented throughout the University and externally.

We report on representation within the University, external representation, student media, media coverage of the SRC, and our new communications strategy.

Student Wellbeing

Promote the wellbeing of existing students and potential students by providing independent professional support services which reflect the diversity of the student body.

We discuss the SRC’s work in money matters, health promotion, accommodation, student safety, information and advice, The Advice Centre, Freshers’ Week and additional support provided to international students.

Volunteering and Employability

Contribute to a thriving campus life and individual personal development through provision of opportunities and activities that meet the intellectual, cultural and social needs of our members.

We feedback on our Student Volunteer Support Service, clubs and societies, the PDP programme, Media Week, Raise and Giving Week, and how the SRC interacts with the local community.