SRC Annual Report 2008/09

This year has been an opportunity to build on the successes demonstrated in our Annual Report 2007/08, as we work to fulfil our aims set out in our Strategic Plan 2008-2011.

We continue to develop and deliver a range of services and activities that reflect the needs and aspirations of the diverse range of students attending the University of Glasgow. In terms of diversity, GUSRC is leading the way amongst student organisations demonstrated in our 97% satisfaction rating

amongst International Students at the latest i-graduate International Student Barometer, giving GUSRC the highest rating of any University of Glasgow service, as well as making us the highest ranked Student “Union” in Scotland in terms of satisfaction ratings.

The thriving Clubs and Societies scene supported and funded by GUSRC as well as a range of volunteering and social activities such as the Mandarin Hub, Conversation Café or Global Village all serve as opportunities for international and home students to get to know each other and share experiences.

This year’s Postgraduate Consultation Forum proved highly successful in gathering information and helping bring about change for the better in the post graduate induction process.

Thousands of students continue to benefit from the expertise of our advice centre team whilst over 40,000 journeys were made on the safe and reliable minibus shuttle service we offer between campus and halls.

The above are just some of the successes achieved in 2008/09. This report guides you through the massive range of activities and successes achieved throughout the year as GUSRC strives to deliver quality services and informed representation for and on behalf of the students of the University of Glasgow.

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