SRC Annual Report 2014/15

Welcome to the Annual Report from the University of Glasgow Students’ Representative Council (GUSRC).

We continue to develop and deliver a range of services and activities to try and make a significant contribution to meeting needs and aspirations of the diverse range of students attending the University of Glasgow. In terms of diversity the indicators look very positive with a 97% satisfaction rating in the latest i-graduate International Student Barometer, giving us one of the highest ratings amongst University of Glasgow services.

We have entered a new planning cycle and have begun work on developing our third strategic plan which will take us to 2020. The excitement of developing a new strategy is tempered by the extremely limited funding climate but we hope that we can continue to demonstrate the value of what we do and where opportunities arise, access additional resources to develop what we offer.

As you’ll read later, the demand on our Advice Centre increased considerably with a 32% increase in cases. Interestingly almost a quarter of the Advice Centre client group were postgraduates.

We continue to try and improve the orientation and induction of new students by coordinating Freshers’ Week but most importantly running an “alternative” range of events. GUSRC events that are focused on non‐alcohol related activity and are, in some cases, targeted to specific groups of student and designed to be attractive to “traditional” and “non‐traditional” students alike. Ideally we would like to work more closely with the University in encouraging a more “joined up” approach to orientating new students, as we now do with open days and applicants visit days.

There’s a considerable committee framework beginning to emerge around the new campus vision. Our involvement in the decision making process will enable us to make a contribution that will help shape the quality of the student experience in the years and decades to come for all students of the University of Glasgow.

These are examples of our work over the year. This report guides you through the massive range of activities and successes achieved throughout the year as we strive to deliver quality services and informed representation for and on behalf of the students of the University of Glasgow.

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