Education & Technology Conference 2014/15

Your chance to show off and find out what technological tools are really enhancing the student learning experience and that might be shaping the future of teaching.

The Education & Technology Conference is your chance as students to show the world the technological tools you are using to help enhance your life and your studies, get some experience presenting at a small conference and more than that, it may also be your chance to find out what tools are being used by your peers, your chance to be inspired.

The conference will take the form of 20 or 40 minute presentations/workshops/Q&As, with the majority of sessions delivered by students.

If you are interested in attending the Education & Technology Conference, you can apply for tickets here: Education & Technology Conference – Audience Places. The event is open to all members of the University Community, but at least half of all places are reserved for students! The deadline to register for tickets is 5.30pm on Friday 23rd January.

Looking forward to hearing about all your amazing innovations and ideas.