Clubs and Societies Handbook

All you need to know about starting and running an SRC affiliated club or society at the University of Glasgow

You’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to start the society that you’ve always dreamed about. Naturally, you want to share your love of your chosen hobby with the student population of the University of Glasgow and the SRC is here with some advice on how you can achieve it so you can get on with the important side of being part of a student society, like having fun.

Below are some excerpts from the Clubs and Societies Handbook 2018/19 to help you find your way when it comes to getting a new society off the ground or if you have just been elected to an office bearer position in an existing society how you can keep your society running like a well-oiled machine.

You can find details on how to book a room for your regular meetings, how to hire a minibus for that club outing, or how to apply for a grant to help your society take part in events, or get new materials to support your activities.

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