Sabbatical officers

They are the most senior representative of students to the University, and sit on a number of committees including the two governing bodies of the University, Senate and Court. It is their job to make sure students’ voices are heard at the highest level of the University.

All four of the sabbatical officers work full time representing the students at Glasgow University. They work closely as a team of four, with the permanent staff of the SRC and the elected council members to represent students at Glasgow University.

Their remits are detailed below.

Current Sabbatical officers

Ella McCabe
SRC President
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The SRC President is in charge of overseeing pretty much everything that goes on in the SRC. Responsible for overseeing the work of the executive (the three Vice Presidents) the Presisdent also leads on our activity for the year.

They sit on a range of committees within the university covering all areas of the student experience from learning and teaching to support services and the campus redevelopment. The SRC President also co-chairs the new Student Experience Committee, ensuring that our voices are heard at the highest levels in the University.

They also act as the face of the SRC and represents students on a local, national and international level.

Sam Malis
Vice President Student Activities
Mia Clarke
Vice President Education
Eva Simmons
Vice President Student Support