Sabbatical officers

They are the most senior representative of students to the University, and sit on a number of committees including the two governing bodies of the University, Senate and Court. It is their job to make sure students’ voices are heard at the highest level of the University.

All four of the sabbatical officers work full time representing the students at Glasgow University. They work closely as a team of four, with the permanent staff of the SRC and the elected council members to represent students at Glasgow University.

Their remits are detailed below.

Current Sabbatical officers

Kate Powell
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The President of the SRC has overall responsibility for the running and direction of the SRC, ensuring it is always achieving the best outcomes for students and supporting them throughout their time at Glasgow.

The President is also the figurehead of the organisation and will be working with external bodies such as the Glasgow Student Forum and the Aldwych Group (the group of student unions from across the Russell Group), ensuring that Glasgow University student’s views are heard at the local and national level. They are also responsible for any external media duties.

Pritasha Kariappa
VP Student Activities
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Vice President (Student Activities) oversees the broad range of extra-curricular activities that the SRC offers.

Working closely with the Student Volunteer Support Service, the VP (Student Activities) ensures the SRC has a broad range of volunteering opportunities on offer for students. Part of this involved co-ordinating RAG (Raising and Giving) activities, a series of events and opportunities where students can give back to the wider community by raising much needed funds for various charities.They also oversee the support the SRC gives to the 200+ clubs and societies affiliated to the SRC. Getting involved in activities is a large part of ensuring you get ‘more than a degree’ from your time at Glasgow University and the Vice President (Student Activities) ensures that the University is supporting students in getting key Graduate Attributes from their studies and non-academic activities

The organisation of Freshers’ Week is a large part of the VP (Student Activities) remit, overseeing the welcome given to all Freshers in September. Part of this role involves compering the Freshers’ Address and introducing the speakers to the Freshers.

Student media is editorially independent of the SRC but is funded and supported by the organisation. The VP (Student Activities) ensures that the student media at Glasgow University are running smoothly and fully compliant with media law. The role also involves co-ordinating the student media groups in organising Media Week.

Hannah-May Todd
VP Education
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The Vice President (Education) is responsible for the academic student representation and represents the SRC on all committees associated with learning and teaching at Glasgow. The VP (Education) is also responsible for drafting and supporting any academic based policy to be introduced by the SRC. In recent years this has included exam feedback and lecture recording policies.

The VP (Education) also oversees and supports the work of the Council’s College convenors and School Representatives to ensure high quality academic representation in all areas of the university, and will consult regularly with the convenors to maintain an overarching view of student representation at Glasgow. The VP (Education) is also responsible for the class representative system ensuring that students are able to feedback satisfactorily about their learning experience. The VP (Education) is also responsible for the success of the Student Teaching Awards, now in their fourth year.

Lauren McDougall
VP Student Support
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The Vice President (Student Support) promotes the welfare of all students within the University of Glasgow.

By having strong links with University Services, the other three student bodies and the International Office, the VP (Student Support) ensures that students feel that their well being is fully supported while studying in Glasgow. The VP (Student Support) protects student interests at various university committees and student conduct meetings as well as writing and promoting new policy.

The VP (Student Support) also coordinates the SRC welfare weeks that deal with subjects such as mental health, sexual health and environmental issues. The VP (Student Support) also works closely with the SRC Advice Centre who offer advice to students should they ever have any problems relating to accommodation, money or academic appeals. They also support the Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers in carrying out their duties.