Photocopying & Printing

The SRC has invested in equipment that now allows it to offer students the cheapest photocopying and printing facilities (Colour and Black & White) in the West End. We have developed a pricing structure and system designed to specifically benefit students’ usage patterns.


We have two photocopiers with PCs attached so that you can print or photocopy straight from your University computing account or your portable media device.

We operate a card system, which you can top up yourself outwith hours at our top up machine. You can buy a pre-programmed card at a cost of £2 or £10. The price you pay for the card is reflected in your ‘per copy’ rate, meaning that the more you spend at this stage, the more you save.

Once you’ve bought the card you can retain it until you leave University. Therefore you benefit from buying in bulk but don’t have to print off all copies in the one go to achieve these economies of scale. You can print off or photocopy one A4 black & white sheet for as little as 4p per copy.


£2 cards: 40 Units
These are available to purchase from the machine by the Reception Desk

£10 cards: 250 Units
These are available to purchase from the window by the Reception Desk (£1 DEPOSIT REQUIRED)

Photocopy Card charge rates

A4 Black: 1 Copy = 1 unit / A4 Colour: 1 Copy = 3 Units
A3 Black: 1 Copy = 2 units / A3 Colour: 1 Copy = 6 Units

Top up machine

Initial cards can be purchased from £2 thereafter cards can be topped up by as little as 5p. See top up rates below:
Top up Card Rates

£0.05 – £9.99: 1 unit = 5p
£10 and over: 1 unit = 4p

Payment types



The SRC also offers a soft comb binding service that is competitively priced at £2.00 for up to 100 sheets, £2.50 for 101 to 200 sheets, £3 for 201 to 300 sheets and £4 for documents over 300 sheets.  Please note the maximum number of pages we can bind is 400 sheets, and this dependant on the quality of the paper. Just print out your document and bring it to the SRC Welcome Point.

Faxing & Laminating

We offer fax sending & receiving service from as little as 50p. Laminating service is also available from 50p for a A4 sheet. These services are available at the SRC Welcome Point.