The Council is the governing body and at the heart of the SRC. The Council is made up of the four Sabbatical Officers, Academic Officers, Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officer and General Representatives. Council is elected by, and accountable to, the student body.

Council is responsible for ensuring that the University of Glasgow is doing the best for the students. This is done in a number of ways, primarily through the University committee structure. The SRC have representatives on committees at all levels throughout the University, including two student representatives on Court and 12 representatives on the Council of Senate, which are the highest governing bodies in the University. All members of Council get the opportunity to run to sit on committees that may be of interest to them. It is at these meetings that members of Council are given insight into the running of the University, which may have been unfamiliar to them before, and where they get the chance to raise issues of interest and concern to students.

A few examples of achievements of SRC members on these groups includes approving the Student Mental Health Policy created by the SRC at Senate (2013/14), petitioning for Counselling Service’s to receive more funding at the Student Support and Development Committee (2012/13), to smaller gains such as the Sexual Orientation Equality Group agreeing to allow the SRC to fly the rainbow flag on the south flag pole in recognition of LGBT History Month (first done 2010/11).

Other campaigns may also be initiated by the Council, such as previous campaigns against Scottish Water implementing charges in Halls of Residence or to petition the University to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Council meets a minimum of six times at year, at which various issues affecting students can be raised by members of Council or members of the student body.

Not only does being on Council give you a great insight into the University and give students the chance to get involved in creating change, it’s also a way to meet so many different people. It looks great on your CV too and the University will recognise Council members on their University transcript, known as the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

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