Autumn 2014 Positions Avaliable

The following positions are open for nominations in the SRC Autumn 2014 elections.

Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers

1 x Age Equality Officer
1 x International Students Officer
1 x Mental Health Equality Officer
1 x Gender Equality Officer

Welfare Officers Election Pack (Autumn 2014)

Undergraduate Convenors

1 x College Convenor – MVLS
1 x College Convenor – Arts

UG Convenors Election Pack (Autumn 2014)

Postgraduate Convenors

1 x Postgraduate College Convenor – MVLS
1 x Postgraduate College Convenor – Arts
1 x Postgraduate Taught Convenor

PG Convenors Election Pack (Autumn 2014)

PG Taught Convenor Election Pack (Autumn 2014)

School Representatives

1 x School of Critical Studies
1 x School of Geographical & Earth Sciences
1 x School of Life Sciences
1 x School of Medicine
1 x School of Chemistry

School Reps Election Pack (Autumn 2014)

General Representatives

2 x First Year Representatives
4 x General Representatives

First Year Rep Election Pack (Autumn 2014)

General Rep Election Pack (Autumn 2014)