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Iain French Hi, I’m Iain a third year politics and public policy student, and I want to be your next VP Student Support! Since coming to GU I have been heavily involved in societies – most notably being President and Vice President of GULGBTQ+ – and involved in setting up the Home Student Network and […]

Iain French

Iain French

Hi, I’m Iain a third year politics and public policy student, and I want to be your next VP Student Support! Since coming to GU I have been heavily involved in societies – most notably being President and Vice President of GULGBTQ+ – and involved in setting up the Home Student Network and the Public Policy society. For the last year I have served as Sexual Orientation Equality Officer, all these experiences have led me to wanting to become your next VPSS. I have always had student welfare and experience at the forefront throughout these roles, and will continue to develop policy and run campaigns with this as the key factor.


My time on council and the LGBTQ+ society has given me experience of running campaigns, working across campus, and dealing with senior management. One example of this is the current LGBTQ+ History month celebrations which I have coordinated with the LGBTQ+ society; and promoting GNT across campus and pushing for these in the unions and some university buildings – as VP of the LGBTQ+ society I was part of the team who ensured the first GNT in the GUU. These experiences are invaluable for a sabbatical position. I have also worked closely with the current VPSS, and know the current projects being developed that can be taken on – such as  preventing sexual violence on campus, and improving  lighting on campus at night.


If elected I will focus on:

  • Improving accessibility of SRC weeks for disabled students; home students; LGBTQ+ students; student carers; and international students. Running events in accessible rooms, at accessible times for travelling, and with accessible promotion for those not familiar with them. These are some of the groups that don’t engage as much with the SRC and our events, so working to make our events more accessible to them is key to increasing involvement.
  • Keeping student voice at the core during the campus redevelopment: making sure adequate rooms are being allocated to clubs and societies; gender neutral facilities; family friendly zones; prayer zones, and some quiet study areas.
  • Encouraging and facilitating the welfare officers to work together on joint projects or issues where there is intersectionality. This would enable events to be more accessible and projects be stronger.
  • Improving transparency of council members. Council is elected by the students and I feel we need to keep students updated as to what we are doing and how they can get involved.
  • Improving council training: training is given after freshers’ week as that is when we have a full council after the autumn elections. I feel that initial training should come before this, and then full training be more role specific.
  • Push for welfare supplies to be available in accessible locations across campus and halls of residence – and for these to be well advertised.


I have a lot of other ideas of things I would work on if elected, and think that my passion, experience and drive would make me perfect for this role. VOTE IAIN #1 VPSS!


Erin Ross

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Hi! I’m Erin and I’d love to represent you as Vice President for Student Support.

As school rep for Modern Languages and Cultures I’ve actively improved welfare by engaging with students, staff and societies and launching peer support projects. Leading a Freshers’ team and sitting on council this year have given me a strong understanding of the SRC as an organisation, our services and our responsibilities to the welfare of the entire student community.

As secretary of GU Amnesty International, I stand for human rights on campus and beyond. I will empower students to campaign for the issues you care about by backing grassroots movements like Let’s Talk and LGBTQ+ Soc’s Pronoun Pledge and pushing the university for democratic change.

I fight and will fight for priority focus on eliminating sexual violence on campus. We need:

  • concrete guidance on how to report it and whom to report to
  • training in consent, bystander intervention and personal safety
  • survivor support that is self-directed and easy to seek

A third of all students experience mental ill health. Early intervention is vital. I will:

  • ensure provision for suicide prevention training
  • provide self-care information and stress relief activities to combat sub-clinical mental health issues
  • work with CAPS and academic reps to roll out peer support programmes to all schools

Student body board members, Freshers’ Helpers, society execs, SRC reps and all staff in advisory roles are key points of contact with students. They need:

  • equality and diversity training which is far more LGBTQ+-inclusive
  • mental health first aid training
  • inductions to support services so students can be pointed in the right direction

This campus could be miles more inclusive and Freshers’ Week is an important starting-point. We need a dedicated team to focus on events aimed at non-traditional students. For the rest of the year I will:

  • sustain and develop the new Disabled Students’ Network
  • grow the Home Students’ Network by setting up a welfare forum
  • work across campus to improve international student integration and service visibility

I will work with our team of Welfare Officers to tackle issues with a cohesive and intersectional approach which has space for wider student input.

I will work with reps and students studying at our Dumfries campus, online and abroad to ensure their support needs are being met. The university website needs to better signpost support services to students and I will fight to implement this.

Between the four student bodies, we have the engagement, resources and sway to make a huge impact across campus. I’m committed to improving cross-campus relations with regular meetings and collaborative campaigns. I’ll also build relationships with support organisations in the community.

The campus redevelopment needs to be designed around students’ needs. This means:

  • full accessibility, family-friendly study space, reflective space and dedicated society space
  • wider consultation with the student body and specific needs groups

If you want a Vice President who’s open, driven and people-focused, vote Erin Ross for Student Support this election.