Una Marie Darragh Hi, I’m Una Marie Darragh, and I’ve spent the past year working hard for students as your Vice President (Student Support).  During this period I have learned that, at this crucial time of change, students need an SRC President who is experienced, competent and an effective voice on campus. The SRC needs […]

Una Marie Darragh


Hi, I’m Una Marie Darragh, and I’ve spent the past year working hard for students as your Vice President (Student Support).  During this period I have learned that, at this crucial time of change, students need an SRC President who is experienced, competent and an effective voice on campus.

The SRC needs a President who will ensure that the needs of current student are not forgotten amidst future grand plans for redeveloping campus and will fight against unprecedented cuts to welfare services. I believe I am the best candidate to deliver these goals.


My experience

In my year working as your VPSS, I have

  • Successfully lobbied residential services to ensure that much-needed free condoms and safe-sex supplies are provided in halls of residence receptions.
  • “Secret-shopped” letting agencies to expose those exploiting students and charging illegal fees.
  • Launched the Disabled Students’ Network to improve representation, feedback and support as well as a unique social network for disabled students.
  • Worked with elected welfare officers to expand the reach and inclusivity of Freshers’ Week for mature students, disabled students and local students.
  • Began the process of improving the university’s provision for student parents, a group for whom there is little support.
  • Successfully implemented the Safe Taxi Scheme to ensure students can always get home safely if they find themselves stuck without money
  • Worked with Counselling and Psychological Services, highlighted and resolved problems and will continue, if elected, to work with them to fight cuts and secure funding increases.
  • Ran and co-ordinated the SRC’s largest and most varied Welfare Week.


As your President, I will:

  • Continue the work that has started with the university and external agencies to eradicate sexual violence on campus.
  • Ensure that the promise of a first-rate campus in ten years doesn’t neglect the needs of current students
  • Push the university to change their current policy on student dept. Despite a tokenistic raising of the threshold to £25, students owing more than this are still barred from progressing or graduating. This is not what a supportive university looks like and it needs to change.
  • Provide increased SRC transparency. I will make sure we regularly publish what your executive and representatives are doing. I will provide accessible bulletins after council meetings.
  • Fight to retain a rector elected by students, for students who will chair the University Court against the Government’s proposals that could dilute that crucial student voice.
  • Establish a campaigns forum to produce a more dynamic, more active SRC working alongside societies, clubs and the other student bodies.
  • Work with our Vice President (Education) to push for better assessment and feedback university-wide.
  • Consult postgraduate students and seriously improve PG representation and engagement.
  • Work with GUSA, GUU and QMU to engage and support our diverse student body, starting with Freshers’ Week and continuing throughout the year.


I believe these are aims that can be realised during my term. For a President with experience and the skills and strength to make these changes: vote Una Marie Darragh #1 for SRC President.

Ellen Morton


Hi, I’m Ellen and I’m a second year Gaelic and Sociology student. Since first year I have been a member of the Glasgow University Marxist Society and have participated in socialist politics on and off campus. I’m standing for President to give students the opportunity to elect a representative that will turn the SRC into a democratic, campaigning organisation that stands up for our interests as students.

In recent years the SRC has avoided being overtly political. At a time when government policy is rolling back education and job opportunities, this is unacceptable. The SRC can be a strong voice for students that builds links with the broader student and anti-cuts movements to fight for a socialist alternative to capitalist austerity.

With me as your SRC President, we can fight for a better future.



The capitalist system of landlordism has failed to supply affordable, high-quality student accommodation. The logic of the profit motive means poor conditions and high rents for the majority of students.

The SRC can campaign to change this. As President I will support the campaign for rent controls on private rented accommodation. I will lobby the University to improve the quality of student halls and reduce rents to cover maintenance costs. Halls should be an affordable option for students who want to move out of home and meet new people, not a cash-cow for the University.

These policies will help prevent students being exploited by landlords. Ultimately, I believe the only long-term, sustainable and fair solution to the housing crisis is for tenants and communities to democratically control their accommodation themselves.


Fees and Education cuts

An SRC under my Presidency will be vocal and firm in its opposition to tuition fees, and support for free, universal education. While Scottish and EU students do not have to pay tuition fees, it is a scandal that rest of UK and international students are charged thousands in fees, accruing enormous debts. The SRC can be a voice in the student movement to campaign for free tuition.

As SRC President I will also stand in opposition to cuts to Further Education colleges, which have borne the brunt of education cuts by the Scottish Government. FE colleges are often a more accessible route into education and training for people from lower-income backgrounds. These opportunities must be protected.


Rights for Staff

The workers that are vital to the functioning of our University are too often not given fair employment terms by management. Low paid and precarious work is not acceptable. As SRC President I will fight for a living wage and fair employment contracts for all University employees.


An SRC that fights for us

The SRC must be a democratic instrument for representing the interests of students. A more open and accountable SRC can help build a more open and accountable University. If you want an SRC, which stands up for you, your lecturers and all the exploited in society, then vote for me in the Presidential election.

Vote Ellen Morton #1!

Ameer Ibrahim


Hello, my name is Ameer and I am running to become your next SRC President.


I am currently your Vice President (Student Activities). I have been on SRC Council for the last two years and have gained an extensive range of knowledge and experience through my role and achievements to date which include:

  • Coordination and organisation of multiple events throughout the year on campus.
  • Successful coordination of Freshers’ Week last September and Refreshers’ in January.
  • Created the first ever SRC Volunteer Week.
  • Fundraising for multiple charities.
  • Allocation of over £6000 to clubs and societies over the last year.
  • Supported societies to host events, and have worked to challenge room booking charges on campus that have been incurred.
  • Promotion of Movember campaign.

As a member of the SRC Executive this year I have been a consistently visible and accessible representative to the wider student community, and vocal on issues that matter to students.


Campus Development

The University is spending upwards of £1 billion on the campus development; intermittent consultations throughout the year do not provide consistent student feedback. Student input is needed more consistently – I would work to create a student campus development committee.

Home Students

An estimated 40% of students at the University of Glasgow are Home Students. I would like to see more support available from the University.

Currently 1st Year’s who live in student accommodation receive gym membership – I would lobby the University and work with GUSA to extend this support to home students to subsidised membership being available to widen participation.

Higher Education Governance Bill

The Higher Education Governance Bill currently stands to largely compromise the democracy within Higher Education Institutions across Scotland – I will continue to represent students across the University and ensure views are being heard up to the national level.


Will work with the SRC Advice Centre to ensure students know where to locate support to challenge rogue landlords who offer low-standard accommodation, and stand for fairer rents.


Students need to be aware of support services that are available – I would promote further information sessions and tours of facilities during Freshers’ Week and throughout the year.


Further support for International Students, Mature Students and Postgraduates is needed across the board.

Quiet spaces on campus is also something there is lack of on campus, this would also be of particular benefit around exam periods.


Mental health stigma is something that must continue to be eradicated – raising awareness is something that must continue to be promoted.

Awareness and support around sexual assault should be promoted with more information and bystander training sessions being made available.


SRC Council being more visible on campus with drop-in services in the library, halls, and the Unions, and communication via social media will enhance council member’s profiles as representatives.


The SRC must continue to improve communication between council and the wider student population.

To have your views and voices heard – Vote Ameer Ibrahim SRC President!