Vice President: Student Activities

Bobby Rae Hello, my name is Bobby Rae and I am running for Vice President of Student Activities, an exciting new role that will allow for student development beyond a degree. The SRC play a crucial role in promoting activities that allow for personal development and, within this role, I hope I make these experiences […]

Bobby Rae

Hello, my name is Bobby Rae and I am running for Vice President of Student Activities, an exciting new role that will allow for student development beyond a degree. The SRC play a crucial role in promoting activities that allow for personal development and, within this role, I hope I make these experiences more accessible to students.

My experience:

  • I have studied a degree in History before studying law. During my six years at Glasgow, I have developed an extensive understanding of the university and the benefits that extra-curricular activities can have beyond graduation.
  • I have been a member of Glasgow University Student Television (GUST) for nearly six years.
  • I have a great understanding of how the SRC works from being both, the Controller (2010-11) and Head of Factual Programmes (2012-13) at GUST.
  • I have organised the coverage of a number of Freshers’ Weeks and understanding the importance of the great welcome the week gives to students.
  • I helped to coordinate the National Student Television Awards in 2010, when they came to Glasgow.
  • I have worked with various clubs and societies, covering a range of events from fundraisers to highlighting what they do.
  • I have worked with both unions and GUSA and understand the importance of inter-campus support, especially during Freshers’ Week.
  • I have organised numerous events for GUST, including being the first Controller to hold the GUST/Cut! Ceilidh, now an annual tradition between the two groups.
  • I have worked with a number of organisations (including the BBC and STV) and from their advice understand the importance of extra-curricular activities for future employability.

If elected, I will:

  • Arrange a series of practical workshops that help students develop skills that may not be part of their degree but allow for an increased chance of success in the job market.
  • Arrange a monthly surgery to allow all those who participate in a club or society to air concerns, ask questions or just have a chat about any thoughts they have about their club or society or the role that the SRC plays in facilitating them.
  • Facilitate student media to ensure that they continue to have a prominent role on campus and assist them when requested.
  • Work with the unions and GUSA in a productive way to produce an exciting and dynamic Freshers’ Week. Ensure that during the week, students get the maximum chance to get involved with clubs, societies, student media, the unions and GUSA.
  • Work with the Student Volunteer Support Service to engage students in the benefits of volunteering as well as promoting the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) to allow students to see the benefits of volunteering.
  • Use my experience as a law student to help clubs and societies write user-friendly, workable constitutions.

For a more detailed manifesto check out or if you have any questions email me at and don’t forget to vote on March 6th/7th.

Bobby Rae for VPSA!

Breffni O’Connor

The role of VP Student Activities is a new role and the candidate elected next year will define the remit for future years. Having carried out roles on various club committees and having spent the past year on the Board of Management at the GUU I have experienced the hard work and dedication needed for this role. University life is about more than attaining a degree and I’m an example of the positive impact extracurricular activities can have on ones graduate attributes and personal development. My experience extends beyond university as I have worked in a high stress environment, aided with the set-up of a charity and launched a local youth club. I’ve acquired an exceptional skill set and have proven my commitment. I believe that actions speak louder than words and that my credentials prove myself to be the best person for this position.

if elected I would:

  • Develop the work carried out on HEAR and increase awareness amongst students.
  • Carry out a publicity campaign to increase the number of volunteers that the SRC deals with every year.
  • Continue to develop communication between the SRC and CRBS so that PVG applications are processed in a timely manner. Ensuring all students who have signed up for particular volunteer projects are placed promptly.
  • Integrate into the council and provide support where necessary to all members. Promote council dynamics by encouraging all council members to participate in quarter yearly reviews, allowing concerns to be flagged up in their positions so issues can be dealt with immediately and remits are fulfilled.
  • Work with student media groups to increase the number of contributors to these projects, so that the publications are continually growing and receiving a diverse range of skills and interests.
  • Aid media groups in the search for advertisement or sponsorship to increase funds available.
  • Hold specialised training sessions for committee positions for clubs and societies.
  • Work alongside the Charities, Clubs and Societies Officer to review our affiliation package and ensure students know of every opportunity available to them whilst also ensuring that all clubs and societies have the necessary space and equipment to carry out their main function.
  • Work with all 4 student bodies in the build up to Freshers Week ensuring that this year is as successful for all involved as previous years have been.
  • Continue to develop the work carried out on RAG week and VCS awards with new ideas and involvement from dedicated students.
  • Reiterate to university staff the value to students of having Wednesday afternoons free to take part in extra-curricular activities.

It would be a privilege to represent students on the SRC Council for the following year. I am fully capable of carrying out the position and aim to ensure that every student has the best student experience possible.

Marc Edge


Hey, how’s it going folks? I am 22 and I am in my last year of Sociology here at Glasgow. I wish to introduce my manifesto for becoming the new Vice President for Student Activities. I will be walking around campus as a human leaflet too, so… watch out!

2009 – 2010, STAR, Student Action for Refugees, Glasgow

  • Fund Raising Amnesty international Concert
  • Music Social
  • Red cross Ceilidh

2010 – 2013, Salsa4water Charity, Glasgow
Teacher, PR and Alumni

  • Salsa, Language and Photography lessons for fellow student.
  • Raised over £40.000 for Water Aid in 3 years.

2011-2013, Hispanic Society, Glasgow

2011, Glasgow Football Team, Glasgow
6-a-side Wednesday tournament

  • Winners September to December Champions

2013, Occupy Sound Music Production, Glasgow

  • Assisting and documenting music video film at the Glasgow Film Festival 2013.


  • Freshers week 2012 was a great success. I talked to some first year students and was able to get some feed back from them.
  • RAG week 2012 fascinates me. I am very interested in fund raising and I support and look forward to planning this event or similar ones in the future.
  • I honestly, did not attend any events of the Re-Freshers week but I have a feeling that it can be a successful project.


  • I will explore events that are recreational and complementary to the already existing banter opportunities.
  • I will promote an inauguration for the new Hive and Gym.
  • Work on getting free merchandising and food for Freshers and Re-Freshers week.
  • Interview students and listen to their suggestions
  • Dedicate myself to the Glasgow University SRC and suggest ways to improve this wonderful enterprise, of which we are lucky to be members.