Race Equality Officer

Anita Awotunde Hey! I’m Anita Awotunde, a 4th year Sociology student, passionate about racial inclusivity and embracing the beauty and vibrancy of diversity on and off campus! As a Nigerian woman born and raised in London, I know how it feels to be subject to discrimination, as I personally have encountered intersecting oppressions. I have […]

Anita Awotunde


I’m Anita Awotunde, a 4th year Sociology student, passionate about racial inclusivity and embracing the beauty and vibrancy of diversity on and off campus! As a Nigerian woman born and raised in London, I know how it feels to be subject to discrimination, as I personally have encountered intersecting oppressions.

I have been involved with the Glasgow University African-Caribbean Society (GUACS) each year of my tuition and was President of GUACS last year. Being President of GUACS has enabled me to explore the diversity within African and Caribbean cultures, as well as embrace and appreciate other cultures along the way and host cultural workshops and discussions. Additionally, I am currently participating in a psychiatric setting exclusively for BME individuals with mental health issues. This has made me more understanding, patient and open-minded.

If I am elected, I will tackle racial discrimination on campus. I will also hold fortnightly open surgeries for students to speak to me about their concerns regarding racial equality. I hope to celebrate cultural diversity on campus and host a street carnival in collaboration with GUACS and other university societies! I am dedicated to making our campus more inclusive and knowledgeable regarding racial issues. Vote Anita!

Jowad Farooq

My name is Jowad Farooq, I’m a 2nd year Medical Student and I would love to be your Race Equality Officer.
Promoting equality and equal opportunity to people of all races is a serious issue, having experienced racial discrimination myself in the past, equality is something I would love to maintain. Glasgow is a cultural melting pot, you find people from every race, religion, and background, which brings truth to the saying “People make Glasgow” – my time at university has been made richer by the diversity that Glasgow holds. No one should have to face discrimination in this day and age, and especially in such a wonderful city as Glasgow.
As someone who has lived in Pakistan, for 2 years, and who has visited a multitude of countries, I have had the opportunity of experiencing an array of cultures which has given me an insight into cultural differences we hold but we are all human, and we all deserve the same opportunities. I want to fight for more equality and I feel, as a medical student, my communication skills, and people skills makes me an ideal candidate for this position.
Thank you for this opportunity,
Kind Regards,
Jowad Farooq.

Lam Tran

imageHello, my name is Lam, I am a third year English Language student who aspires to be your next Race Equality Officer.
Living in a multicultural family, I also had the opportunity to study in the UK for 8 years. This helped me to realise the importance of being open-minded to different cultures and treating everyone equally regardless of their ethnicity.
As a result, I would like to contribute to create a better environment for Glasgow University students. I will objectively listen to their concerns and try to improve their time at university by working through the SRC to find solutions.
My aims and objectives:
· Work with the VP Student Support to address students’ grievances and issues effectively.
· Keep in contact with different clubs and societies in order to encourage racial diversity where students of all races can express themselves and their culture in their own unique ways.
· Organise campaigns promoting racial equality in Refreshers Week and beyond.
· Providing students an awareness of cultural sensitivity and racial discrimination by sending out informative emails.
I want to make the campus becomes an inclusive environment so that all students feel welcome. Please vote for me.

Linda Salm

lindaHello! My name is Linda Salm and I am a postgraduate studying Stratified Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation. I am running for Race Equality Officer as I believe that everyone should have respect, equal rights and have the best university experience regardless of their ethnicity, race and culture.


Coming to the UK as an Iraqi refugee, I believe that I can personally relate to those who face barriers related to their race. I feel very passionate about this issue, hence why I have worked with charities such as Save the Children, United Nations, Unicef and also the Immigration and Asylum Support Team, who ask me frequently to attend their events and to share my story with the public to raise awareness with regards to the issues refugees face such as healthcare, education and emotional and psychological problems. I believe my connections and experience make me a strong candidate for this position and I have also been class representative and also the Vice President of my Pharmacology Society.

If Elected I will:

• Ensure to minimise and eliminate all forms of racism
• Raise awareness about racial discrimination
• Campaign and organise events to promote racial equality and diversity

Zhao Huang

Zhao HuangHello guys! I am Cici studying Business and Management in 2nd year and standing for the Race Equality Officer. I am very approachable and active and sincerely hope to create an open and relaxed campus atmosphere for all students, teachers, and staffs!

1. I am sensitive to and concerning with cultural and racial issues after years of study in international schools.
2. As a Student Rep in both my high school and in Glasgow International College, I have accumulated rich experiences on SRC operations, coordination and organization.
3. I engaged in various voluntary programs and plan to join many societies which means I have a strong network of relation to draw on and strong communicative skills.

• Promote cultural diversification
1. Support cultural-related activities such as International potluck dinner.
2. Encourage the cooperation between different cultural and ethnic societies.
3. Organize surgeries for international students to share their views and experiences.
• Eliminate discrimination
1. Cooperate with GIC to improve race equality and diversity (mentor program, presentation).
2. Use questionnaires and other tools to detect potential racial problems and acquire suggestions on improvements.
3. Work closely with all departments to ensure race issues are appropriately solved.