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Junaid Ashraf Syrian refugee crisis, poor student accommodation, food at the Fraser building. All are issues students at the University of Glasgow care passionately about and as the general representative I hope to hear more about how we can improve services at the university, tackle day to day student grievances and support international humanitarian efforts […]

Junaid Ashraf

Junaid AshrafSyrian refugee crisis, poor student accommodation, food at the Fraser building.

All are issues students at the University of Glasgow care passionately about and as the general representative I hope to hear more about how we can improve services at the university, tackle day to day student grievances and support international humanitarian efforts across the globe.

As a second-year mechanical engineering student I’ve grown over the past year to love our university’s buildings, library, campus and everything about us. However, I want to now be in a position where I can help improve who we are for those who make our university what it is – the students.

As a former Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament I am perfect for this position having previously represented Scotland’s young people on Scotland and UK wide platforms. I have previously held positions as the Trustee and Convener of Equalities for the Scottish Youth Parliament where I lead the youth parliament’s nationwide campaigns “Care. Fair. Share.” and “Votes at 16”.

Championing representation for all is truly what I believe in and I hope to bring this ethos to the SRC with me if elected.

Vote Junaid Ashraf #1 for General Representative

Jenny Benson

IMG_2908Hi there,
My name’s Jenny Benson and I’m a fourth year French & Business student. I’ve just returned from my year abroad in France where I was teaching English to French high school students. This gave me international experience in a workplace and I also had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life from around the world.
Also, after completing freshers helping for the second time this year, I feel I have relevant experience to this post and have gained a great insight into what the SRC does. The SRC is an amazing student body and I’d like every student at our university to be aware of the importance of the SRC and how they can access the wide variety of services they offer.
I will work closely throughout the year with the other members of the council and sabbatical officers on solving any issues which may affect students.My main goal is to be the student’s voice and to make sure that every single student at our university feels fairly represented.
Good luck to everyone running and thank you for your consideration as me for your general representative.

So, please VOTE JENNY BENSON #1 General Representative!


David Guthrie

David Guthrie - SRC PictureHello! I’m David Guthrie, a third year Mechanical Engineering student and I want to represent you as your General Representative.
I know how important the student experience is and even more so a friendly face. I’m an active member of GUSWPC and a regular in the unions, I have the knowledge of campus life and the enthusiasm for it to make sure I will strive to improve things for all of us.
I got involved with the SRC by working as a Fresher’s Helper and loved every minute of it, largely because I give my absolute best to anything I invest myself in. I will continue to help you and every student here at Glasgow. Whatever the issue, change or problem I will fight to make it happen.
I promise to:
• ACCESSIBILITY: Improve Accessibility for representation by improving drop in sessions and maximizing the General Reps’ efficiency & accessibility on social media.
• STUDENT SERVICES: Ensure that student services and welfare do not suffer as a result of the Western Infirmary developments.
• INCLUSIVE EDUCATION: Work with School Reps to improve mediums through which those unable to attend lectures can catch up on what they’ve missed.
Thanks for reading! Please VOTE GUTHRIE!


Julia Kamenova

DSC_0641 (1)Hello, my name is Julia and I am a second year Accounting and Finance student. I decided to run for a general representative position because it will give me a chance to make everyone’s university experience better.
While being a class representative for my whole year group, I got involved with the SRC and developed a good idea of its role. As an active member of numerous societies and clubs, I constantly communicate with students from a wide variety of backgrounds. I also supervise a programme, in which the Accounting students mentor freshers from our degree.
If I get elected, I will:
• make the SRC and its services more known to students, as to my experience many people are not aware about the different areas in which they can get help
• hold frequent drop-in sessions in order to create more opportunities for students to discuss their opinions and problems
• work on getting more courses having their lectures recorded
• raise awareness among students about matters that concern them (e.g. ban on dictionaries in exams, the proposed Higher Education Governance Bill)
Thanks for reading and remember to vote for me on the 15th of October!


Shereif Kholeif

11705152_10153041848010698_6164525830452044392_nHello! My name is Shereif Kholeif and I am studying Medicine. I am running for general representative as I’ve always enjoyed helping people in some capacity. I’ve always been involved in team sports,wider participation and integrating diverse cultures into our society throughout my life and have continued this through to my university life joining many clubs/societies. I co-founded our first year medical club which was very successful with fundraising, something I believe highlights that I am willing to work well within a team but am also confident enough to speak out for your ideas
Before I was a class rep for Medicine, I did not realise the wide variety of services the SRC had to offer. I firmly believe the SRC has something for everyone.
This year I hope to:
– Increase SRC awareness by trying to hold some sort of fortnightly/monthly quiz event as I learned from freshers week SRC loves a good quiz night.
– Campaign to make Kelvin walkway safer for everyone. I hope with the new campus extension and the Primary school that both the GCC and the university would feel it necessary to work with me on this.
Thanks for reading! Vote Shereif Kholeif #1!


Kate McNally

IMG_2449Hi, my name is Kate McNally and I am a 22 year old first year Medical student from Ireland.

For the last 4 years, I was studying in University in Dublin where I was heavily involved in our Students Union. I was elected as Class Representative twice and later the Faculty Rep for all of Health Science- essentially offering representation to a third of students on campus. I was also involved in our Education and Welfare committees, as well as a number of other societies on campus.

As a general representative, I think I would be able to help out with a number of different things the SRC does- campaigns such as the upcoming Welfare Week, promoting welfare and equality issues across campus, helping to build up the flatshare facility to assist students with finding accommodation, improving the services students regularly interact with, as well as providing representation on local and wider scale.

I have a lot of great ideas (too many to fit into 200 words..!) as to how the existing successful services provided by the SRC could be improved and expanded upon. I also have a lot of experience with student representation and working together for students’ needs.


Mohsin Muhammed

DSC_0948 (1)Mohsin Muhammed here. I am a 2nd Year medical student and I would cherish the
opportunity to represent students in the largest student body on campus.
Being an active member of numerous societies – medical social committee and sub-aqua
society— has allowed me to engage with a wide range of people from all walks of life.
This has opened my eyes to the issues that affect students from a wide variety of
backgrounds, and I would like to take this forward and represent their views in the SRC.
I am committed to this role and will focus my efforts on improving the provision of student
services on campus, in particular, with future spending of £775 million. I will strive to:
• Make sure there will be adequate facilities for making learning and socialising easier
for students, especially with the new Learning and Teaching Hub.
• Represent views of ethnic minorities on campus. Accommodating their social and
spiritual needs.
• Ensure that issues affecting students are brought to the attention of authorities on
campus, in time for the upcoming elections in 2016. I will encourage open dialogue
on campus, in an effort to highlight issues that affect students.
Vote Mohsin #1 General Representative!

Fatemeh Nokhbatolfoghahai


My name is Fatemeh, and I’m in 2nd year of Medicine. I’ve been involved in a range of societies across campus so far, including the Women’s and Medchir basketball team, Friends of MSF and GUMSA. I also now hold a range of committee roles across them, from Managing the media team to sponsorship.
Outwith University I’m part of the National Young people’s sport panel and basketball panel. I’ve developed skills like delivering, monitoring and evaluating projects and most importantly, identifying what needs the most resources. Recently we’ve been working on changing the attitudes of sports clubs in involving younger people in their board meetings, by using networking events and campaigns.
With the opening of the new Stevenson facilities, the university should be actively inspiring those not already involved in sports to identify their barriers and help overcome them. I think the Council could have a major role in this.
A healthy body, a healthy mind, a happy student!
I would also like to create awareness around the equality act. It’s often very difficult for people to explain something like their faith, and everyone needs a chance to have their voices heard!


Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor Gen Rep Photo

My name is Matthew Taylor, I’m a fourth year English Literature student, and I am running for the position of General Representative.
I believe that I am the right choice for this role. I have represented the University on a number of occasions: as an SRC Freshers Helper, an English Literature class representative, and as an exchange student in America. Furthermore, I am highly engaged in the university community: from attending debates to helping at Freshers Week, I actively seek to interact with as many people as possible at Glasgow.
As one of four General Representatives at the SRC, I would represent all students at the University of Glasgow. The three issues that I find most important include: worrying increases in rent prices at private and university accommodation, access to Counseling and Psychological Services at university, and wider education regarding sexual assault and alcohol. As your General Representative, I would work tirelessly to tackle these issues. Moreover, I would also collaborate with other members of the SRC and university government to ensure that changes became a reality.

I am passionate about this university and I believe that I would make a great General Representative.

Thank you for your time.


Marc Vives Enrich

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Hi, I´m Marc, a MCB fourth year student. As a keen and motivated member of the University, I am a great believer in improving the experience, help and support that you the student get at university. Which is why I would love to commit as a General Representative on the SRC.

Volunteering as a Senior Resident for 2 years has allowed me to speak to students regularly about their experiences and has made me understand how crucial the SRC is. Being Class Rep seven times and editor/writer of the ‘Triple Helix Society’; the largest international student run society in the world has helped me acquire the skills of empathic communication, teamwork and key organisational and problem solving proficiency.

If elected, I would:

  • Work tirelessly to improve the use of Social Media to approach students, allowing them to be part of a greater circle at university which is the SRC.
  • Push forward the notion that EVERY lecture should be recorded, so you do not miss out on what’s important.
  • Allow more accessible and student-friendly weekly meetings where the student´s voice is what matters most.

Thank you so much for reading, and VOTE MARC on 15th October!