Spring Elections 2021

Nominations Open  Monday 8th February
Nominations Close Friday 19th February 12pm
Pre-hustings Meeting Tuesday 23rd February 6pm
Candidates’ Meeting Friday 26th February 1pm
Hustings Non-Sabbatical Monday 1st March 6pm
Hustings Sabbatical  Tuesday 2nd March 6pm
Polling Opens Wednesday 3rd March 9am
Polling Closes Thursday 4th March 5pm
Results Thursday 4th March approx. 6.30pm



Choose a candidate below to see the manifesto:

Ethan Wilson

Hello – my name is Ethan (he/him). 

Im a graduate, studying medicine as a second degree. I have 6+ years’ experience in representation – in academic, liberation, and sports/wellbeing roles; from class rep, to leading a national committee.  

Im not afraid to stand up and speak out on your behalf, to get things done. 

This semester, Ive doubled social media engagement for the Mature Students Association and helped run regular events for mature students in lockdown, tackling isolation. 


Some of my goals are: 


~ investment and improvement for the MSA building and services 

~ work with widening participation teams across faculties 

~ creation of resources for prospective mature students considering UofG 

~ enhanced support for mature students with parental/caring responsibilities 

~ greater support for mature students if we are still in lockdown  

~ running regular coffees to meet with mature students, gathering feedback and sharing best practice amongst faculties 

~ campaigning for more financial support for mature students 

~ ensuring that uni-wide events, like Freshers, include things that are also accessible and relevant for mature students, as well as under-18s 


Find me on Facebook: EthanWilsonStudentRep or drop me an email (2436678w) with any questions! 



Niklas Fritschen

Hello, my name is Niklas Fritschen and I would love to represent the ASBS students during this challenging year. I am applying for this position because I truly wish for everyone in the ASBS to have the best possible learning experience throughout the year. Especially in the current situation with online lectures and student-lead learning it is important to make sure that every student has the resources and the support they need to succeed in this new environment.  

My experience as class representative in my undergraduate studies combined with my 3 years work experience helped me develop the necessary organizational skills for this position. The ASBS has international students from many cultural backgrounds that all need to be represented well. During my studies in the US and South Korea I have worked with international teams on many occasions and learned to help and support my classmates regardless of personal backgrounds. 

If you elect me as your representative, I will make sure that every student is able to express their opinions and concerns freely and that their voice is heard by the university. Everyone deserves to have a successful education and it is important to have someone fight for that right. 


Dhruv Vasani 

Student by the day, entrepreneur afterwards. I am a big foodie and a workaholic. My previous leadership roles have built my tenacity and diligence. I have a reputation for creatively solving conflicts. You can also melt me with a slab of chocolate (or Coffee). I am easily approachable, welcoming, and always ready to help.

I believe that we have all braved challenges, worked immensely hard, and made sacrifices to get here. These are exceptional circumstances, which make us exceptional students.

In these challenging times we must work together to strengthen the bond amongst ourselves and with the university.

My aims are concise and simple:

  • Fairly address all your academic & general well-being.
  • Convey your concerns and dissatisfaction to the University and follow up on appropriate corrective action.
  • Actively engage in dialogue with you, your class reps and faculty to make this already rocky journey, a smoother one.
  • Have more engaging student activities and networking opportunities.
  • Working with all members to make your year at the University of Glasgow a remarkable and memorable one.

Let us focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let us all Grow through this together.

Becky Laird 

Hi everyone! 

I’m Becky and I’m a 3rd year Biomedical Engineering student. I am running for the role of Charities, Clubs and Societies officer. 

The past year I have held this position on council, and I have enjoyed it so much I want to do it again! Through my work with RAG, I have helped run online RAG Week as well as cross-campus fundraising drives. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, an unprecedented amount of money has been raised by RAG. I would love to progress in this role to continue to make a positive impact to local and nation-wide charities and within the Glasgow community. 

If elected I will: 

  • Continue to target a mix of local and national charities. 
  • Continue to make individual fundraising mandatory for RAG committee members. 
  • Restructure the RAG committee and application process to engage more of the student body. 
  • Work with the SRC to continue to promote various training opportunities for clubs and society committee members. 
  • Continue to work with various clubs and societies for RAG collaborations and to help facilitate society fundraising. 
  • Assist charity-based societies to become more established within the UofG community. 

Vote Becky Laird for Charities, Clubs and Societies Officer! 

Gabriel Naismith 

Hello! My name is Gabriel Naismith, a disabled, transgender person studying Sociology & History as a mature student. My pronouns are they & xe. I represented my previous university at the NUS Disabled Students Conference, and have volunteered as an educator for several youth charities. I have invaluable experience, broad knowledge of many different circumstances and understanding of the need for solidarity.  Disability activism is my driving force, and I want to use it as your Disability Equality Officer! 


COVID-19 has made disabled student life even more difficult, and this needs addressed. If elected I intend to 


 - Be a direct link between the university and disabled students regarding decisions made around the COVID-19 pandemic, including isolation, remote learning accessibility and returns to campus. 

  - Implement regular confidential drop-in sessions for students to approach me with concerns or support. 

 - Challenge the waiting time for access to the disability services at the university and act as a liason between the services and students. 

 - Organise accessible events around our history as disabled people – community is important! 


Disability does not exist in a vaccum; intersectionality is crucial. I would liaise and work with other equalities officers within my planning. 


Vote compassion – vote Gabriel 


Angela Ng 

Why I run 

I run because I want change. 

I run because I care. 

I run because I empathise. 


What are issues that I will look into should I be elected? 

  1. Fair and just assessments for students with disabilities 
  • Current situation: some schools do not give additional time / consideration to students with disabilities for examinations  
  • Working with the academic representatives to ensure that assessments and examinations are tailored fairly to students with disabilities, including but not limited to additional time and papers that are fairly set. 

      2. Support for both mentally and physically disabled students on campus 

  • Current situation: student have difficulties obtaining support on campus 
  • Working with the university disability services to provide resources and funds to assist students with physical disabilities who may need additional support for home-learning, especially during the COVID-19 period. 
  • Working with the Mental Health Equality Officer to ensure that students who require counselling and all other mental health support receives adequate support without having to queue and wait for months. 


Leadership appointments I have held 

2020/21 GUTS Board 

2020/21 United Kingdom Singapore Student Council 

2019/20 GUSS EXCO 

2019/20 SRC First Year Rep 

2017-18 Student Ambassador 

2015-16 Symphonic Band Coordinator 

2015 Class Vice-Chairperson 


Hailie Pentleton 

Hello, I’m Hailie, a third-year English Literature and Philosophy student. This year, I’ve had the privilege of being your Disability Equality Officer. If re-elected, I hope to build upon my work so far.   


The things I have achieved include: 

  • Representing students on the Disability Review Working Group (established to review and restructure disability related support at UofG.) 
  • Creating disability-focused resources for staff and students. 
  • Starting work on accessibility and inclusivity training for societies alongside the LUNA project.  


I dedicate a lot of my time to disability activism (seriously, I don’t shut up about it). This year, as Views Editor at the Glasgow Guardian, I have used my platform to write about disability issues, and encouraged other writers to do the same. I have also worked with the LUNA Project to create resources around Autism, and recently began working as a part of Disabled Students UK.  


If re-elected I aim to:  

  • Provide both in-person and online support for students as we return to in-person teaching. 
  • Advocate for the continuation of online teaching alternatives.  
  • Include disabled students in decisions that affect them wherever possible.  
  • Develop a disabled student community at UofG. 
  • Continue to create disability focused resources, workshops, and training opportunities.  


David Gabra


I’m David, he/him, studying Philosophy in 3rd year.

We are in the midst of a climate crisis. Ecological collapse is upon us. Capitalism is killing the planet. The international climate summit, COP26, a gathering of world leaders to discuss solutions to the climate crisis, is coming to Glasgow in November 2021. 

So, here’s what we need at UofG right now:  

School of Ecology – I will seek to establish a world-leading School of Ecology to explore the radical new ways of being which humanity must adopt in order to truly tackle ecological breakdown. UofG is perfectly placed to establish such an institution. 

Transport – Free transport for all, students or not, to reduce emissions. UofG must use its power to force Glasgow City Council to expand public transport and make it free.  

Better insulation – Glasgow housing is deeply energy inefficient. It is the University’s responsibility to insulate all student housing (and housing across the city) 

Divestment – full divestment from the arms trade, fossil fuel companies, and banks who fund them 

End global capitalism – delegitimise capitalism and build alternatives.  

COP26 – provide opportunities for students across the world to engage in climate activism at COP26. Accommodation, travel, food, support, events. 


Rinna Vare 

Hey! I’m Rinna (she/her), a third-year politics/sociology student and I’m running to be your next Gender Equality Officer! My experiences as class representative and as a Freshers’ Helper have familiarised me with the SRC and made me equipped to represent students on council. In addition, I’ve been on the board for GU Amnesty International for the past two years. This has developed my presentation and advocacy skills, which would help me to achieve my goals on council. If elected, I will do my best to maintain an active dialogue with feminist societies on campus and other students at our university to ensure that my work reflects the interests of the student body. My main goals are: 


  • Tackling sexual harassment on campus by: 
  • campaigning for consent training to become compulsory for all students 
  • lobbying for transparent sexual and gender-based harassment policies 
  • Campaigning for the Pronoun Pledge to become mandated for affiliated clubs/societies 
  • Supporting the LGBTQ+ Officer and relevant student groups in their work to ensure the safety and dignity of trans and non-binary students 
  • Pressuring the university to specifically state sexual harassment and abortion as Good Cause circumstances and monitor its implementation 


Thanks for reading! 

Xinyu He

Hi! I’m Xinyu from China, and I’m a third year Business Economics student.  

Glasgow is the city where I have lived for two years. It not only brings me homey feel, but also extraordinary experiences. During lockdown period, I run many online events for International students who could not go back to their home country. Because of COVID, I realized that international students have to face more issues this year. Therefore, I’m running for International Students Officer, to be a voice for them, anywhere, anytime. My approachable personality, problem-solving skills and working experience can make me absolutely qualified for this job.  

The essence of International Students Officer is to serve students, to listen to their confusion and suggestions, to make their voice be heard at the very highest levels of University management. I promise to listen to the voice of all international students and seek more welfare and events for them. Let all international students know how amazing Glasgow is and how fantastic our people are! 

On polling day, vote for me please! I won’t let you down! Thank you! 


Andy Kot 

I am Andy Kot from the college of social science, and I would like to be your next International Students Officer.  

It has been difficult since the pandemic started; I have noticed and personally experienced that international students have a difficult time. I will be a good listener and hear your need. I believe I can bring substantial help to international students who have travelled thousands of milesIf You Come You’re a Glasgowian 

My experience as a deputy head of the house has also helped me to improve my organisational skills and to be able to deal with any problems that may arise during activities. I am confident and determined that I am ready to take on the International Students Officer role. 

Advice: Assisting international students with their return to school plans, providing guidance such as opening bank accounts, and providing advice on off-campus accommodation. 

Increasing cultural diversityHolding international weeks, offering more non-European food options, Screening films from international students’ home countries. 

Governance: Prioritise international students’ interests, work closely with the University to keep up to date with student issues and resolve them as early as possible 


Vote me for changes! 


Eduardo Ormeño


My name is Eduardo Ormeño and currently studying a MSc in Management with Enterprise & Business Growth. In this opportunity, I would like to share my knowledge learnt and very keen to be nominated as International Student Officer of the University of Glasgow. I believe my abroad experience by studying in Berkeley (USA),and working in a competitive market such as San Francisco allow me to have a diverse outlook on how to adapt and be competitive in a world that is facing new challenges.

I promise, as International Student Officer, to focus my role in 2 pillars:

  • Guide and be a support for students in their search for work abroad regarding my previous experience.
  • Be inclusive with international students regardless of their customs and cultures to work together and disrupt new ideas since globalization pushes people to continuously learn and grow on a daily.

Education is so important in realizing your dreams, that is why I would also like to introduce my background by sharing my LinkedIn profile where I was interviewed by a portal from University of California, Berkeley.

Let’s make an important impact and stand out together.


Eduardo Ormeño


Pak Su 

Hello! I’m Pak, a first year medical student from Macau running for International student officer. 

International students face huge pressure under COVID regulations. For lots of students especially first years, we are unable to experience normal university life, and with travel complications lots are stuck studying abroad. This has huge impacts on the social life of students. My plan is to: 

  • Form online chat rooms for students studying in the same time zone/country periodically. 

This allows students to make friends in the same country who are from the same university amidst being abroad, it will also be a platform to bring up problems in courses that needs to be addressed. If you do not find video calls comfortable, chat rooms and platforms will be set up so you can submit feedback and concerns directly to us. 

Other plans: 

  1. Work together with the welfare department to have talks on coping with university life abroad, giving suggestions to students struggling with their courses. 
  2. Hold cultural events and virtual celebrations 
  3. Regular update on what we are doing and what we have achieved 


  1. Class representative (4 years) 
  2. Team leader + Founder of secondary school’s robotics team 
  3. 1st year medicine representative


Vote for PAK! 


Sharlotte Jenell Green

My name is Sharlotte Jennell a women of transgender experiance (She/Her). I am passionate about LGBTQ+ representation and have been saddened by both the SRC and University’s treatment of the LGBTQ+ in recent months. If elected I will challenge the SRC, SMG, DEG and the university to bring in changes to policy that address the issues highlighted which include: 

  1. Ensuring LGBTQ+ can meet in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment with undue outside interference. 
  2. Increase SRC, Diversity and Equality Unit and the university to be more involved in LGBTQ+ associated events 
  3. Challenge the SRC on affiliation criteria and bring about needed change 
  4. Organise and lead a LGBTQ+ working group within the current structure in order to increase the student voice 
  5. Organise a drop in cafe (in person or digitally) to raise issues directly with SRC sabbatical officers and LGBTQ+ organizations on campus 

Over the last three years many changes and advancements have been made, however in recent months that has stagnated and it is now time to demand dramatic, institutional change. My name is Sharlotte I have sat on council for 3 years and it is now time to vote for real change. 

Vote Sharlotte 

Tanya Agarwal


For Mental Health Equality Officer

Who am I?

I am Tanya Agarwal (2614861A) and I am an International Finance student. I am an easily approachable and empathetic person.I enjoy reading novels and dancing in my free time.I have a strong will and high sensitivity to understand the inequalities and prejudices that a person with a mental illness has to go throughbecause of my own first-hand experience with clinical depression. I aim to help as many students as possible with their mental health issues and with the baggage of the tag that mental illness brings.

I will…

  • Ensure that people who face discrimination are heard. Take immediate actions on these matters. Organize events that aim to reduce stigma about mental illness. These events will include discussions on the life of some of the most successfuland happy people with mental illness.
  • Raise awareness of the support available on-campus and off-campus.•Help students by guiding them regarding the type of support they may need.
  • Thrive to live by the objectives of the ‘See Me’ pledge.
  • Empathize and not only sympathize with the issues you face.

I wish you peace and happiness!!


Oliver Johnson

My name is Oliver Johnson, and I am standing for the position of Mental Health Equality officer. I am currently a 2nd year student of Ancient History. As someone who has had long struggles with mental health, I know what it can be like as a student who is battling issues at such a stressful juncture in life. I believe that mental health support, especially now, is one of the most important welfare- based issues that universities must deal with. This begins with starting to chip away at the stigma that still clouds mental health awareness, in doing so we can create a more transparent environment where students can feel comfortable being open about any struggles they are havingand receive help in the best way possible. If elected, I will fight for the equality and support for any student that feels they are struggling with mental health to receive the help they need and feel comfortable and free of judgement doing so. The current situation has struck an unprecedented blow to the wellbeing of almost every student in some way, so now more than ever there must be full support, full understanding, and no discrimination of mental health issues. 

Kevin Leomo 

I am PhD student from the School of Culture and Creative Arts and the current SRC Arts Postgraduate Convenor.  

I have represented postgraduate issues at various SRC and College meetings, committees, and boards. I am keen to ensure that the university provides sufficient support for postgraduate researchers as the lockdown continues. For example, I helped push for PGR study space, which is now accessible in the St Andrew’s building. I also believe it’s important to ensure that the postgraduate taught student experience is delivered as promised – I have begun to work closely with the newly created post of PGT Dean of Graduate Studies. I’ve contributed to community building events within the College and will continue to do so. 

I have worked extensively on Graduate Teaching Assistant issues, collaborating closely with the PhD Society GTA committee. I am committed to improving the GTA experience and representing the interests of GTAs. I am also committed to decolonisation of the curriculum within the university and have joined the steering group of a Scottish HEI initiative. 

I will further develop my work on the postgraduate experience and promise to continue to raise problems exacerbated by the lockdown situation at the appropriate level. 


Cat Thornton


I’m Cat – I’m studying a Master’s in Human Rights and International Politics and I’m running to be your Social Sciences Postgrad Convenor. As class rep for Politics during my 4th year, I have experience communicating with staff and students. I was also on the Executive Committee for 3 societies, and I’m currently the President of the Glasgow Student Dance Company, so I have lots of experience working with the SRC and organising student events. 

Having experienced Freshers week at Glasgow as an undergraduate, this year I was underwhelmed at the opportunities for postgrads, and the lack of communication about themI’d like to use my experience with clubs/societies on campus to create more opportunities to get involved in University life. 

It’s always more difficult for postgrads to meet fellow students, and with everything running online it’s even harder. I’d like to run school-wide events (for example, a book club) to help usocialise. I’d also like a Hive night once per Semester aimed at postgrads. 

Finally, I would like to work with other postgrad convenors to campaign for greater University funding for mental health services. This last year in particular has shown how important that is. 

Thank you! 

Hannah Baer 

I am a third year PhD student and the current SRC PG MVLS convenor. I spend the last two years representing postgraduate students of the MVLS college and filled the position as MVLS officer in the PhD society. Through these experiences I gained a major insight into current issues PGR students are facing, not only in the MVLS college but across the university and have built a university wide network with both PGR students and staff.  

I am very passionate about improving PGR representation within our university and ensuring that PGRs receive up-to-date and important information especially in these uncertain timesGiven the current climate, I see it as part of the duty of the SRC to make sure that no student, including PGRs, feels left alone.  

Within the MVLS over the last two years, I was involved in introducing changes to representation structure and with our new monthly institute rep MVLS PhD Council this offers a great basis for other colleges to follow in a similar manner. I am looking forward to (hopefully) translate the insight I gained within the MVLS onto a university-wide and ensure that all PGR students are heard.  


Yuting Tian 

Hi, I am Yuting Tian, a second year Finance Student (postgraduate research). I would like to apply for Postgraduate Research Convenor.  

As a student in Adam Smith Business School, I deeply understand the demands of my classmates. I have become a vice president of Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association and have organized many student service activities, such as airport pick-up activities for freshmen. At the same time, I also have been a teaching assistant in business school. This allows me to understand curriculum and teaching progress, from the perspective of both teachers and students. I will devote myself to helping solve the problems faced by postgraduate research students in their lives and studies. 

If I elected, I strive to: 

  1. Improve the quality of university activitiesand increase postgraduate research students enthusiasm for participating in activities. 
  2. Actively communicate with schools and course representatives toimprove the curriculum system.
  3. To speak out for the postgraduate research students andsafeguard the rightsthey deserve. 
  4. Help postgraduate research students toalleviate the pressurethey faced caused by COVID-19. 


Ella McCabe 

Hi Everyone! I’m Ella McCabe, your current Vice-President Student Support, and I’m running for the position of President!


  • A year’s experience as an SRC Sabbatical Officer, fighting to have your voice heard at the highest levels of the University
  • A year on the GUU Board of Management as a PSM, with a seat on the Welfare committee
  • Active participation with campus activities; two years GUU Freshers’ Helping, and committee involvement with the Tennis club, one year as Treasurer
  • Influenced University strategies and priorities, from Learning and Teaching to Equality and Diversity
  • Was the student lead for the review of disability provisions at the University
  • Secured funding for harm reduction initiatives, and the progress of GBV initiatives
  • Co-ordinated University-wide welfare campaigns

My experiences have highlighted the issues students are facing, but in particular, those that have been exacerbated by COVID. Students are struggling financially, emotionally, and inequalities have widened as a result of the pandemic. This means that, more than ever, the SRC and the University need to prioritise support, and place students’ interests at the heart of decision making. I believe my experience has enabled me to recognise the priorities approaching this next year, as we prepare for a transition back to campus with the easing of restrictions, and has also taught me how to enact this change.

If elected, I will:

  • Develop ‘Let’s Talk’ into a wider umbrella SRC welfare brand, to make new and existing initiatives recognisable
  • Work with the VP Student Support, Welfare Officers, and students from underrepresented groups to review the SRC’s approach to equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Ensure the Rape Crisis drop-in centre is launched, and push for inclusion of a GBV module in inductions
  • Lead a campaign encouraging the University to move away from their zero-tolerance approach to drugs
  • Ensure upon the lifting of restrictions, that students’ learning experience on campus is prioritised, after such an isolating and difficult year
  • Ensure the positives of online learning are retained, including increased accessibility and more engaging approaches to teaching.
  • Demand the University delivers clear and early communication around the level of anticipated in-person versus online teaching for September
  • Ensure a smooth and safe transition process into halls next year, and lobby Glasgow City Council to create a rent pressure zone
  • Ensure the new Learning and Teaching Strategy’s implementation focuses on equality and diversity, focusing on decolonising the curriculum, ensuring inclusivity of other protected characteristics, and consideration of intersectional experiences.
  • With COP26 taking place in November, ensure that the SRC continues to lobby for sustainability to be a key University priority
  • Proactively reach out to students by reintroducing ‘Meet the SRC’ when restrictions are lifted
  • Expand the support that the SRC offers to affiliated clubs and societies, for example offering online training modules to equip committee members for their roles
  • Ensure all promotional endorsements made by the SRC are ethical

A year in the job is a short time to enact change, but I believe my experience would allow me to hit the ground running!


Miko Mojsiej

Hi, I’m Miko, I’m currently studying Law and I’m running to be your next SRC president!

My foremost reason for running is simple – accountability

In the past 12 months, accountability has been put on the back burner. We have had a glimpse into the priorities of our institutions, and most have been horrified by what we saw. We students must work together to change these priorities. Standing alone, we can change little, but together we can make a big difference.


If elected I will:


Coronavirus / Accountability

  • Demand an Enquiry on the handling of the Covid pandemic by the University; particularly the delayed notification that teaching will be done remotely.
  • Join the National Union of Students Scotland – this is the biggest student union in Scotland and would offer us as students much more collective bargaining power.
  • Create a Temporary Covid Impact officer position within the SRC, to work alongside the enquiry and give assessments on how the Covid pandemic has and continues to impact students.
  • Launch a full-scale review of all SRC sponsorship deals.
  • Host weekly consultations with students from all year groups to get feedback to improve the SRCs representation.



  • Expand Equality and Welfare to include Disability, Gender, LGBTQ+, Mental Health and Race equality representatives for each college.
  • Implement a zero-tolerance policy for all members of the council and all affiliated clubs and societies.
  • Launch an anonymous reporting system for students to report actions that breaches said policy by clubs, societies, or council members.



Institute a new wide-reaching SRC climate policy which will include:

  • A policy of carbon neutrality at the SRC, aiming for the SRC to be run completely on renewable energy.
  • Require that All clubs and societies that receive SRC funding with 100+ members make an environmental impact assessment.
  • Withdraw the affiliation and funding from any club or society that participates in climate hooliganism.
  • Remove any SRC investments that do not meet our new environmental standards.



  • Demand rebates for all students in University accommodation for the academic year 2020-2021.
  • In the event of online teaching in the next year, I will demand that the University must publish their decision to do so before students accept their offer from the university and before students confirm any accommodation.
  • Pressure the University to give rebates to those in private accommodation, those who have private accommodation have not received any help from the University.
  • Lobby Glasgow City Council and Scottish Government to introduce a rent pressure zone in the West End.
  • Create a list of Landlords which will rank them from most helpful and reasonable to least.
  • Stop all advertising of private landlords by the SRC



In the last few years, I have gained a lot of experience in speaking truth to power. I have campaigned for the rights of immigrants post Brexit. In 2018, as part of amnesty international, I had the great honour of addressing the Scottish Parliament.


For a full version of my manifesto visit:


Student Standards, Not double standards:

Choose Miko.

Temisan Atsegoh

Previously I have acted as First Year Representative and School of Engineering Representative within the SRC. This involved regularly meeting with both staff and students in school meetings. I have also been a Fresher’s helper and have sat as a committee member on the Hunterian Strategic Development Board. This has enabled me to have a better understanding of people from various backgrounds and helped me develop awareness of racial and cultural issues. 

I want to be your Race Equality Officer, as I am keen on creating an environment where all students feel listened too and have equal opportunities regardless of ethnicity or background.  



  • Help to build a friendly environment where everyone feels happy and comfortable expressing their race, religion and ethnicity without ever feeling like they will be judged. 
  • Collaborate with the University to create change in regards to race equality.  
  • Help to support events that promote diversity, such as Black History Month. 
  • Work closely with other Welfare Officers to ensure that all students are being represented. 

Zoltan Kiss 

Hello there! 

I’m Zoltan, second year Computing Science and Psychology student. I’ve been a CS class rep for two years running and this is also my second year running for School Representative. Hopefully, you may have seen my name pop up in one of the CS-related Discord channels. 

Recently, I asked people to fill a questionnaire to help me better understand the student body I wish to represent. I hope to make this sort of engagement a staple as representative, as it was truly insightful to read the feedback and suggestions that were sent in. Some of these are: 

  • Create a CS Hub, akin to the Maths Hub, where students can ask for help from upper year students or staff. 
  • Keep Teams channels for labs and lectures. 
  • Many (though far from all) seem to enjoy recorded lectures. I will have to discuss with students and staff to better understand our options regarding them. 
  • Even before the pandemic, students didn’t feel like they are part of the School community and this has only become worse in the past year. I believe events where students and staff can interact could help with this. 


Thanks for everyone’s feedback and support, present and future! 

Tiegan Meadows 

Hi! My name is Tiegan Meadows, a second-year English Literature student and I am hoping to become your student representative for the School of Critical Studies.  

I have been heavily involved with the SRC over the past year by being a Fresher’s helper and a Student Ambassador which has allowed me to create some great relationships with current council members and students. Furthermore, I am currently RAG Week Officer for the Raising and Giving society and I am on the Feminist Society committee. All of these roles have given me a better understanding of how the Student Representative Council works, how to organise events, encourage student engagement, and how to effectively work with students and faculty. 

If elected, I want to strive not just to convey the concerns of students, but to work on building an engaging student community through working with academic societies and encouraging more effective lines of communication between years and disciplines. I believe that we can alleviate the anxieties that come with our subjects and seminar environments by having more studentguided socialisation and by continuing to strive to have our voices heard by faculty! 

Chloe Waterhouse 

Hey! My name is Chloe Waterhouse and I am a third year History of Art joint honours student running to be your School of Culture and Creative Arts Representative.  

I am currently the Deputy Editor-in-Chief and have previously been the Music Editor of The Glasgow Guardian, the Uni’s official student newspaper. Throughout my tenure during the Covid pandemic, I have been devoted to giving students a voice through producing stories that reflect their struggles and issues across campus. 

My senior role within the paper means I help look after our team of passionate journos, providing them with personal and professional help to advance in their careers.  

I would love to get more involved with the student body and wish to translate these skills onto my role as SRC rep. (I’m also highly approachable, the canniest Geordie you will ever meet) 


If elected I will: 


– Aim to have more events centred upon professional workshops and possible career pathways for after obtaining an arts degree 

– Place a greater emphasis on mental health support for students   

– Provide support for arts students during the pandemic, work to improve virtual spaces for performance and listen to your views on how to make your degree better 


Amandeep Kainth

I am Amandeep, a 3rdYear Mechatronics student. I have been the class representative for Mechatronics for the last three years and I have thoroughly enjoyed representing my peers, to both push for and action change across various areas, an example being the implementation of lecture recording for several courses in previous semesters.

Areas that I will focus on include:

  • Feedback –ensuring policies are updated, and staff and students alike are aware of them. I will push for greater awareness of feedback timelines and expected mechanisms alongside quality feedback.
  • Clarity and fairness in marking –making sure that students are better engaged in and aware of marking methods and expectations, in line with previous recommendations made to the school.
  • Ensuring that all students are heard regarding any issues, including those that may not be as wide ranging or obvious.

I am suited to this role as I am highly approachable, with a focus on detail and wide understanding of operations and policies impacting students, as well as the issues within the school. I have been engaged in periodic subject reviews for the school, alongside accreditation processes for example, which have enhanced my understanding of key areas.

Thank you!

Elizabeth Barre

Hello all,  

I’m Elizabeth Barre, a third-year undergraduate Geography student in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciencesrunning for the role of School Rep in the upcoming Spring Elections.  I was a Class Rep in Level 1 Geography and I’m one of the current Class Reps for Level 3 Geography The move to online learning and the current Covid-19 Pandemic Restrictions has made the role of Class Rep this year a challenging one!  However, the challenges have increased the communication between fellow third-year students and myself and in turn the Course Convenor and other lecturers, creating strong lines of communication.   

As your School Rep I will:  

  1. Be your voice!   
  2. Proactively communicate with the Class Reps. I will arrange regular meetings to ensure issues are resolved quickly and fairly.  
  3. Ensure that you are kept up to date with information from the SRC, Council Meetings, and the Course Convenors 

Fairness is one of my core beliefs so I will fight your corner (peacefully, of course!) and I believe that open and honest communication can solve many problems!  Thank you for taking the time to have a read and, hopefully, your vote!  

Warmest wishes,  



Hanne Krogsaeter

Hi there! My name is Hanne, I’m a 3rd year Neuroscience student, and Im running to be the School of Life Sciences RepresentativeIts been a challenging year for us all, which is why its vital to enable good cooperation between staff and students to make the next year run as smoothly as possible. Having served 6 semesters as a class representative, I believe Im the ideal candidate to represent the voices of LS students in these discussions. Main focuses: 

#1 – Compensate for lost lab experience 

Practical experience is a central part of our degree. The online alternatives we’ve seen this year do not compensate for in-person practical experience. To prevent students from graduating without the required practical skills, I aim to provide students with the opportunity to develop relevant skills.  

#2 – Online Resources 

Regardless of what next year will look like, I believe that the current online resources such as lecture recordings, online labs, and more, should be improved and still be available to all students.  

#3 – Improve R teaching  

I believe that we need more guidance, support and better teaching when it comes to R, considering most students come to university with little to no experience using it.  


Zuhaa Noor 


My name is Zuhaa Noor and I am a first year studying Immunology. I am running for student representative of the School of Life SciencesAs a fresher who has only experienced university online, I fully understand the frustration of both students and staff with the challenging transition to an online educational platform. Therefore, I believe I can have a comprehensive approach to the current and future matters brought up by the student body.  

I would aim to establish 

  • Maintaining a productive class representatives’ system to ensure courses are being developed effectively according to student feedback.   
  • As an international student I understand that it has been tough to settle into university, hence I would like to focus on arranging events for students to get involved with.  
  • Prioritising the mental health of students and to make sure they are aware of the support that is available. 

In order to act upon these aims, I will put my experiences to use. I was part of the student council in my secondary school, and currently I am a class rep of my Biology module. If given the opportunity, I will try my best to make a positive impact on your university experience.   

Damien Ealey 

I’m currently in my fourth year of my Statistics degree. During my time at university, I’ve been a previous member of council as well as a committee member for various societies. 

The following year is hopefully going to be focused on reintroduction to campus as we are vaccinating more people and that is going to be the main challenge. We are going to have students coming to university who have never sat an exam before and current students who have at least never sat an exam during their time at university. To counter this, I am looking to propose mock style exams that people can voluntarily take so that they can get a feel for what it is like before they have their actual first exam. 

I will work with all class representatives to help them tackle any issues they may be facing and do my best to help them achieve their goals as well. I want to be seen as someone any student can come and speak with in case they are facing any difficulties. 

If elected as your school representative, then I’ll do my utmost to ensure that your time at UofG is well spent and enjoyed. 


Michalis Stavrou 

I am Michalis Stavrou, a 3rd Year Mathematics and Statistics Undergraduate. Last year, my peers elected me as Class Representative for Mathematics and they re-elected me this year. Having this position has given me the opportunity to assist with any issues or difficulties classmates faced.  During the challenges we faced during lockdowns, I communicated their concerns and addressed their needs. These are unprecedented times for us all as global restrictions that have been implemented have kept us all away from the student life I am sure we all expected 

I am standing for election as the School Representative to give you a voice and communicate your concerns and suggestions for change, making sure that all views are represented. As your SRC representative I would also aim to ensure that any decisions made by the council are to the benefit of all students and that the student body (you!) are kept informed.  

To achieve these aims I will use my previous experience as a student-staff liaison at secondary school and during my military service as a ranked Corporal. I believe that I am a suitable candidate and I assure you that I will make myself available to everyone. 

Kirsty Craig 

My name is Kirsty Craig and I’m a medical student in the midst of completing my role as the First-Year representative on the SRC. As such, I’ve gained lots of experience in regards to how the SRC runs, how to engage my academic peers, and how to communicate their concerns to the SRC in order to get things done. I have also served as a class rep within medicine and have experience liaising with medical staff.  

As the Medicine Representative, I want to work to make the course more inclusive to all students. This would include changes to curriculum to ensure accessibility for all students, for example, more localized placements for students with children, ensuring they will not be moved away from their dependents. I also want to continue the work that has been done with increasing racial inclusion. This means increased teaching in relevance to assessing patients of different backgrounds and skin tones, and ensuring students know how presentation of ailment may differ. I want more inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community via education that teaches us how to treat all possible patients. I would also love to explore ways in which we as students can make medicine more environmentally-friendly. 

Ian McGowan 

Hello, my name is Ian McGowan and I’m in my first year and I am studying French, Italian and studied Spanish in semester 1. Therefore, I have some experience within the SMLC and have access to many perspectives from all levels.  

If elected, I will:  

Work with SMLC staff to ensure communication and support for the Students on their year abroad, as there is currently no communication from the university unless you approach the University first. (a quick ‘how’s it going?’ would go a long way!)  

Ensure that SMLC staff inform students about the year abroad at the start of first year, to ease any uncertainties about the year abroad. For example, your options on what you can do, what you can study, average living costs and accommodation options  

Ensure that there will be relaxed meetings like ‘le club de conversation’ in French are available for all language courses  

Work with SMLC staff to encourage study groups within oral classes. This will be beneficial academically and socially for people to get to know others on their course and won’t fall back  

Encourage a second oral class a week for Honours level students, to ensure all retainment in your language(s).  



Omar Saleh

Hiya, my name is Omar Saleh(he/him), and I am a first year Physics and Astronomy student and the class representative for Physics 1. I am Palestinian Jordanian Iraqi and I have experience with doing European Youth Parliament and Junior Achievement for 3 and 1 years consecutively. Doing these programmes helped me develop communication and persuasive skills so I am able to always get my point across and have it be convincing. This helps when trying to improve on some issues like how unclear and difficult it is to understand what subjects you should take in upcoming years, or how to enrol into them. If I am to win this election, then this will be one of the first things I will push to amend as it is crucial to have such an important process be as clear as possible. I also promise to try my best and make sure that university life outside of the classroom is more enjoyableI will do so by making it easier to enrol and create societies by pushing for an initiative to have a social platform where students can join societies from a virtual stance making society enrolments both accessible and convenient for all.  


Abigail Whelan

Having been a physics student at Glasgow for two years, I feel that now is a brilliant time to get more involved. I want to help improve communication between the student body, class reps, and lecturers. I will ensure that every student feels as though their voice is heard and important – because it is. I will also ensure pre-honours students are able to have more opportunities to code both in and out of labs. I know that many physics and astronomy students will have come to university with no experience of coding, I want them to feel just as comfortable coding as people with years of experience. I will also improve opportunities for students to have access to research. Glasgow University is world-renowned for its discoveries in physics and astronomy, I want to make these discoveries more accessible to students. 


Alex Evans 

Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of representing my year as class representative. By producing surveys throughout each academic semester and being a dependable face for people to reach out to, I have worked to ensure that the course meets the needs of all. During this time, I have used student feedback constructively by making sure the course is efficiently structured, arguing the case for a reading week during each semester and seeking greater clarification over assessments and learning materials.  

As I am approaching my final year at Glasgow, it would be an honour to represent the School of Psychology within the SRC. My time within the school has taught me the importance of building a community spirit to support one another and so I would aim to promote this on a larger scale – which is exactly what we all need at this time. I would also aim to engage with class representatives across year groups and programmes by organising more meetings and events to improve communication and share ideas at all levels. Therefore, as your representative I would be fully committed to promoting inclusivity within the school and continuing to ensure your voice is heard.   


Paul Skinner

I would love to be the next School of Psychology Representative! Over the past year I have been a class representative and for a bit longer, a member of the Psychology Society committee among other things. I have learned, especially more recently, that socialising plays a huge role in people’s university lives, but due to the current circumstances much of these opportunities to meet up have been hindered and some of the newer students have struggled in making true connections. PsychSoc and the School of Psychology host some amazing events, but one of my main goals for the coming year would be to work with the new class representatives to organise some more opportunities for socialisation outside the working environment in a bid to improve students experiences. Additionally, I want to ensure communication is a priority throughout the school and encourage the class representatives to make regular contact with their peers and not only report back to their year heads but to myself as well to ensure I am aware of any issues that may arise and can be there to help support both the staff and students in the solutions. 

Matilda Franz

I am Matilda Franz, a 3rd year student of Politics and ESH and I am seeking re-election as your School Representative! My two years as Class Rep and the past year as School Rep and Peer Wellbeing Supporter have grown my commitment to helping the students of SPS get the provisions they need to have a positive, inclusive, and successful academic career at UofG 

The past year has been a difficult one and the shift online has not been without problems. However, I have made sure that SPS was continuously aware of the anxieties students were facing and provided as much support as possible. I want to continue to work with staff and Class Representatives to provide better communication and more transparency. Especially surrounding assessment and feedback there are many possible improvements that I want to push for as we gradually come back to campus. I will also advocate for more uniform Moodle pages across the School. 

Further, I am committed to decolonizing the curriculum of SPS and making our school more diverse and inclusive. This also means providing better mental health and wellbeing provisions at school and university level.  

I’d be honoured to have your vote again! 


Gwendolen Da Sousa Correa

I’m a third year Politics and Economics student, a Capricorn, and like long walks on the beach. 


Moodle Madness! 

I would work with the school to create a template for Moodle so that there is cross-course consistency, and it is easier to find the things that you need. This would ensure that you will never again have to spend 10 minutes scouring Moodle for a zoom or submission link!  


Appalling Appeals! 

The marking appeals process is confusing and convoluted. I’d aim to make this process much easier to access. Being given a grade that doesn’t reflect your work is miserable enough without trying to navigate disorientating admin. 



I have been a GUU Freshers helper and have served on the Libraries and Debates Committees. My ability to support student interests despite the unflattering shade of green means I’m more than capable of doing so in a tasteful blue! 


As a Class Representative, I’ve worked with academic staff to improve our school already. I look forward to continuing to do so. 


As President of the Dialectic Society, I’ve worked with politicians, charities, and academics. These working relationships shows that I’ll be able to successfully represent our school within the SRC. 

Emma Lindquist 


I’m Emma and I’m a 2nd year English Literature & Philosophy student. For the past year I have been your UG Convenor for the College of Arts and I’m hoping you will re-elect me to continue my work.

This year I have:

  • been part of the college’s covid teaching and planning group working on what teaching would and should be like during the pandemic
  • worked with school representatives to promote and encourage community building within the schools and the college as a whole-
  • worked with staff on a workshop about community building in the classroom that will be open to all staff and students within the college

If re-elected I would like to:

  • make the community building workshop for staff and students an annual event
  • work on making online submissions be at the same time of day instead of some due at3pm and others at 23.59 etc. ​OR​ make the submission time explicitly clear on the first page of the new portal for online submissions and feedback
  • work towards having information about the exam structure be released at the start of each semester so that students can plan their work

Vote Emma #1 UG Arts Convenor!

Lewis O’Connor

I’m Lewis, a 4th year medical student intercalating in pharmacology and running for re-election as college convenor. This year my priority has been addressing the impact of COVID on learning, assessment and the student experience. Despite this, I have still been able to follow through on the majority of my manifesto points for this year. For the coming 2021/22 session I would like to continue on pushing through with my longer term aims and have the opportunity to work on the aims that were postponed due to restrictions 


College of MVLS   

  • Create a better network between class and school representatives   
  • Improve communications between SRC elected representatives and the college  


School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing  

  • Reintroduce student prices at the medical school café  
  • Ensure the SRC supports dental students repeating an extra year  
  • Advocate for nursing school room bookings to be under the control of the nursing school not CTT 


School of Veterinary Medicine  

  • Support the current student initiative to implement an EMS bursary   
  • Collaborate with GUVMA on student issues  


School of Life Sciences  

  • Lobby for dedicated room space – teaching and non-teaching  
  • Ensure that ILOs are created for all lectures  


Jamie McKay 

Hi everyone, I’m Jamie Mckay and I’m running to be your Undergraduate College of Science and Engineering Convenor.  I’m currently a 3rd year Physics and Astronomy student and was elected as a General Representative for the SRC early this academic year. 

Previously being Fresher’s Helper and a member of council this year has given me great relationship with the SRC and insight to its inner workings. This has provided me with the experience required to successfully carry out the role of Convenor. 

As Convenor I’m willing to do everything I can to help the college navigate back out of the current Covid-19 situation where possible. While also ensuring that any future online teaching is delivered to an appropriate standard suitable for all students needsThis includes making sure the college is doing everything it can to support its student during these difficult times. 

I also intend to work closely with the Vice President of Education, School Reps, and Class Reps to ensure good communication between the SRC and students to help keep them informed about the  SRC and the support they can provide, as well as support and address any issues raised to me by students. 


Yuanmin Zhu

Hello everyone! I choose to contest for this position because I want to help students to overcome academic academics, especially during this difficult time. To help students in the college, I want to push for more revision materials. For example, split the revision session we usually have into two sections. The first section will cover the first half of the material during the midterm and the second section for the rest. The workload is the same for the lecturer and it helps students to revise more effectively.   

Another change I want to take is about student interests in extra activities related to their courses. Currently, most of the course’s reading material is consists of books. They are useful for study, but I think lecturers could expand on that. For example, the lecturer could include links to a description of a real-world project or any progression in the relevant field. Then add some comments from themselves. These would encourage students to explore these areas, which would expand their knowledge. This could inspire students that are searching for their essay materials and progression into a postgraduate degree. 

Duncan Henderson 

Hi! I’m Duncan – I’m a thirdyear Politics student and I’m seeking re-election as your Undergraduate Social Sciences Convenor! 


This has been a challenging year, but throughout I have always ensured that your voice is heard. 


So far, I have: 


  • Consistently fought for no detriment, automatic deadline extensions, and rent rebates, alongside sending regular email updates and volunteering with food deliveries to isolating students.  


  • Abolished paper-copy assignment submissions post-Covid by successfully passing a new policy through the Social Sciences Committee 


  • Represented you on the University Senate and to a Parliamentary Committee, calling for increased financial support for students to offset the impact of the pandemic. 


  • Addressed concerns about safety in halls, agreeing actions with Accommodation Services to deter theft and intimidating behaviour. 


If you re-elect me, I will: 


  • Lobby for clear dates to be given for the return of assessment grades and feedback. 


  • Advocate for the continued rollout and provision of trained Peer Wellbeing Supporters across Social Sciences. 


  • Work with our VP Student Support and the SRC Advice Centre to promote knowledge about tenants’ rights and provide flat-hunting advice sessions 


You can re-elect an experienced, committed, and vocal representative by voting Duncan foCollege Convenor! 

Mia Clarke 

Hi! I’m Mia, and I’m running to be your next VP Education.

I’m currently on the SRC as one of the General Representatives. I’ve also trained Class Representatives since September 2019. These two positions mean I communicate with many students, particularly listening to your concerns regarding the pandemic and your learning. The pandemic has completely shifted how learning and teaching operates, and going into the next academic year, I will put student viewpoints on education at the centre of this role. If elected, I will aim to make the UofG experience the best it can possibly be for all students.


  • Fighting for greater support in completing assessments during the pandemic. The pandemic has affected everybody in some form, and it is unreasonable of the University to expect us to complete work to a similar standard seen in previous years.
  • Pushing to restore extra time for disabled students. It is unacceptable that some disabled students are now expected to complete exams in the same time frame as other students.
  • Introduce elected Class Representatives as standard across the University. Being a Class Rep is a brilliant opportunity, which can open doors to students. Currently, some Class Reps are selected by staff. Elected Class Reps across the University would ensure more students have an opportunity to be involved in the representation process.
  • Working with staff to promote and introduce innovative honours options where applicable based around decolonising the curriculum, environmental sustainability and equality. It is important that graduates understand the gravitas of these issues.
  • Implementing Class Representative teams’ channels between Class Reps and School Reps across the University. There is a currently a disconnect between the SRC Council and the Class Reps, and whilst some Class Reps are in touch with their school rep, some are not. I would want to work to ensure better communication between all reps.
  • Continuing to work on postgraduate representation. Due to the nature of PGT and PGR courses, students can feel more disenfranchised than their undergraduate counterparts.
  • Collaborate with the Careers Service to improve awareness of postgraduate research options for students, alongside greater promotion of careers in research and higher education. This is an area which some students know little about and could be promoted more by the University as a whole.


During my five years at University, I have:

  • Travelled across Europe to represent student viewpoints on Erasmus
  • Spoke with a committee of MP’s about the impact of Brexit on students
  • Sat on the Student Experience Committee
  • Been one of the SRC’s deputy team leaders in Freshers’ Week
  • Been involved with a variety of societies


I also recently led, and won, a campaign within the hospitality sector to get furlough payments for workers. This gave me the experience of knowing how to represent others and negotiate on their behalf.

I want to make learning and teaching for every student here the best that it can be  –  for a reliable VPEd who’ll get things done, vote Mia #1!


Thomas Stoker 

Hi, my name is Thomas, and I am running to be the next SRC VP of Education. I am studying a joint-honours of philosophy and common law, and as an undergraduate have experienced the turbulence and frustration of this past year as anyone else.


As a class rep for philosophy, I enjoyed being able to elevate student voices and interact with the staff in the department, who were as keen as I was to make the student experience worthwhile. I am also a founder, and the current Ambassador, of the Glasgow University Society for Social Ecology – I have a strong commitment to environmental and human rights.

My Principles

Advocacy; The class rep system is a great way of amplifying student concerns, but it isn’t as accessible as it ought to be, nor is it the only method of student feedback.

  • I will mandate that all class reps are elected.
  • An anonymous complaints system will be established so that students don’t need to “out” themselves to a class rep to discuss an issue.
    • This system will extend to subject co-ordinators, who can receive complaints about rep conduct.
  • Continue to improve the current feedback system on assessments and course practise, emphasising results.

Accessibility; Many subject departments need to do more to make their educational services accessible. It is shocking that students with disabilities are paying tuition fees and yet are presented with practises that stack the odds against their success.

  • The university has the resources to record all lectures, and I will ensure that this is mandatory in all departments. This is important for students who struggle to leave their accommodation, and a change that all of us can welcome.
  • I will make exams more accommodating of disability and language issues. A blanket 1 hour extension is not an adequate solution for students who have issues with prolonged focus, for example – we need to better tailor individual assessments to individual issues and requirements.
  • Continue and improve the Peer-Assisted Learning programme.

Accountability; Quick fixes are not enough. I intend to create student equality representatives for each college and year. Disability, Gender, LGBTQ+, Mental Health, and Race positions are required so that future concerns are listened to – this list is not exhaustive.

  • These reps will be elected.
  • They will be provided with similar training to class reps, with an added focus on their respective role.
  • They will help implement a fair zero-tolerance policy for bigotry.

In addition to these education-focused roles, I aim to work with my fellow Councillors on the following;

  • Bringing us into the National Union of Students Scotland to empower students in collective bargaining
  • Ending SRC advertising of private landlords – instead, we should provide student-oriented advice
  • Investigating the University’s conduct in relation to Covid, especially regarding rent rebates and advertising of remote learning
  • Encouraging environmentalist practices throughout the university


Vote Thomas Stoker as your SRC VP of Education – for Advocacy, Accessibility, and Accountability


Tigerlily Bloggs 

During my time at University, I have been on the Executive Board of Student Theatre at Glasgow as General SecretaryVice President: STAG Nightsheld the role of Membership of the Cecilian Society, and been a member of the Entertainments Committee of the GUU for the past 2 years. I love working with people and thrive in both organisational and creative positions. My experience in these roles has allowed me to see how the SRC engages with people and what I can do to improve it further.  


Mmain aims: 


Freshers Week: 

  • Exciting daytime and evening events that cater to all, collaborating with societies, particularly those most impacted by COVID this year. 
  • Making best use of the fresher helpers. 
  • Increasing communication and collaboration between all four student bodies, which will continue into RAG week. 


Promoting the SRC: 

Many students are not aware of exactly what the SRC does for students and societies and I want to correct that.  


Increasing visibility by engaging with newer students 

  • I will work with the VPSS and utilise the SRC student ambassadors to visit student halls after freshers weekThe ambassadors, and any other volunteers from the fresher helper poolwill chat to freshers letting them know what the SRC is, how they can get involved with the SRC and societies, and a QR link to the SRC website page. 
  • Drop-in sessions will be available for home students. – This can all easily be done over zoom. 



Encouraging collaborations between societies 

  • If government guidelines allow us to do so, I shall coordinate events in the SRC building that multiple societies will participate in. 
  • Organising activities that allow societies that would not usually cross over to engage with each other: ie. “speed mating format event for executive board members to form discussions on collaborative workshops, socials etc. Creating those connections with people face to face (or zoom to zoom) will create more diverse activities that will get an increasing number of societies involved with both each other and the SRC. 


RAG Week: 

  • Create more awareness and increased popularity of RAG Week through sustaining a connection with students and societies as previously mentioned. 
  • Hosting a diverse range of events such as crafting workshops, film screenings, games nights, open mics and guest speaker events with societies which can be hosted inperson across campus or adapted to be online. 



  • I want to ensure that the societies I help represent are welcoming, fun and safe. 
  • Make society board members aware of the SRC welfare services and where the boundaries lie within their roles through a meeting with the relevant SRC council members and Presidents (and Welfare Officers if applicable) to clarify their responsibilities athe start of the year, ensuring they have a fully-fledged complaints procedure 
  • I would encourage all board members to attend the Mind Your Mate, Micro Aggression Training and Sexual Harassment workshops. They should also publicise this to their members to allow for these important services to be utilised fully. 


Thank you!         


 Ruaridh Fleck 


During my time at university, I have started my own society, founded my own business, been a PSM for the GUU and taken part in countless other areas of the university experience.  

I think it is important to reflect about why university is so great and what makes it special. It is not just the drunken nights out or the long library sessions. It is the society and the network that university provides.  

I believe I am the right candidate  for Vice President of Student activities here at Glasgow university because of my experience with events and passion for bringing people together. 


This year Glasgow is hosting the United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26,  the first to be taking part in the United KingdomThe eyes of the planet will be on us. As students we have an unprecedently ability to make a direct impact. I pledge to A specific focus for 2021 on sustainability including  

– Freshers week like program of events during and up to the week of cop 26  

– Coordinated student movements with Glasgow student media bodies and other institutions here at Glasgow university  

– Communicate and co-ordinate events and  

– Integrate Glasgow university with other organisations 



2) Strengthen Collaboration  

  • Continue to embolden cross campus co-operation through a larger number of informal evenings 
  • Increase the number of informal events for societies like the Hilton dinner  
  • Integrate the international community  
  • Proactively facilitate and help curate events that bring societies together  
  • Introduce a pairing systemforsocietiesfrom different backgrounds  


3)  I pledge to offer unlimited support for the Vice president of Student Support 

–  Work together closely on essential campaign weeks  

– Increase the number of expressive events to create safe spaces for people to express themselves Co-ordinated student media  before upcoming campaign weeks  


4a) Build towards a unified relationship between various university media in the run up to specific events  

4b) Improve media resources and place greater emphasis on student led projects  

5) Review of the relationship between the university and the private housing companies  



Art Yards director in North Glasgow. 

  • insight into the operations of a community business .  
  • sat on meetings with Glasgow canal co-op, community council meetings and Stop Climate chaos 

Goodbye Collective  

  • Raising awareness about political issues such as the extinction of Bees 
  • Created a platform for artists and performers  
  • Raised money for charity 
  • I have put large amounts of my own money on the line and developed my team management skills.  

Being a GUU PSM provided me with experience and perspective into how one the University’s largest student organisation functions with vital insight into 

  • Day to day behind the scenes operations  
  • Perspective on the desires and fear of students  
  • Experience in student board meetings 

The Glasgow alternative artist society 

  • Hosted a series of events and collaborated with other student societies 
  •  First-hand experience in creating a society


Sam Malis

Hi! My name is Sam Malis, and I’m currently a 4th year Geography student running for VP Student Activities. If I get your vote, I will aim to be a Sabbatical officer which aims to have the voice of the student population at the forefront. 


My wide range of experiences during my time as a student at UofG shows my potential suitability to fulfil the role of VPSA. 


This includes having been: 


  • School of Geographical and Earth Sciences Rep on the SRC Council for the last two years and sit on the Student Experience Committee. 
  • Class Rep for Spanish Level 1 & Level 2. 
  • President of the Geography Society, on committee of the Electronic Music Society and the Salsa Club. 
  • A Freshers’ Helper for the GUU and the SRC. 


I hope to use these experiences to contribute positively to the student experience, especially during these uncertain times. I’d aim to build upon previous VPSA’s goals whilst also pursuing the following: 


Clubs and Societies: 

  • Develop a portal where society memberships can be purchased and managed online, as seen with GUSA and other student unions across the UK. 
  • Working with fellow reps (and the VPED) to encourage more integration between academic societies and respective schools. 
  • Stimulate new opportunities for collaboration, suggesting partnerships with fellow societies and organisations. Encouraging them to join a central portal like a Teams or Facebook group can help stimulate interaction with society mixers also running regularly throughout the year. 
  • Promote Society showcases on SRC/University social media and Native throughout the semester increasing opportunities for new member signups. 


Cross Campus: 

  • Promoting and expanding intramural sports leagues with GUSA. 
  • Continue to facilitate cross-campus discourse between the 4 student bodies and work on collective ideas to improve the student experience. 
  • Building on ideas from RAG (Raising and Giving) Week this year, grow clubs/society’s involvement with RAG, with the 4 student bodies contributing to fundraising efforts as well. 


Freshers’ Week: 

  • Continue to improve the Freshers’ Week experience, building upon strategies developed during the previous years. Incorporating both virtual and in-person events, expanding the range of opportunities for social interaction, and increasing on-campus safety during the week are paramount. 
  • Reimagine events to make sure they suit the entire student population, including events for mature, international, or home students, for example, through both virtual and in-person means. 


Environmental awareness & COP26: 

  • Utilise opportunities created from Glasgow hosting COP26 to encourage participation from students to represent the University on the worldwide stage. 
  • Push for more environmentally aware events, fundraisers, and strategies and for the university to lead in this front. 
  • Encourage usage of active travel and Glasgow’s public transport in response to the climate emergency. 


  • Aim to increase social media engagement and presence of the SRC and related campaigns run, like RAG. 
  • In accordance with restrictions, give opportunities to allow new/existing students to discover more of Glasgow and Scotland by promoting excursions and days out. 

Julia Hegele 

Hi there! I’m Julia and I’m running to be your Vice President of Student Support. My manifesto is as follows:

I will work with my fellow councilers and the University institutions to achieve the following goals:

  • Lobby the University’s Senior Management Group for decent funding for Counseling and Psychological Services.
  • Introduce a destigmatized harm-reduction series for students seeking resources foraddiction.
  • Provide a flight of catch-all sex education seminars that reiterate safe pracitice andconsent.
  • Maintain pandemic-era amendments while enhancing new services for disabled studentsto ensure an accessible and dignified learning environment.
  • Lobby Council for the creation of a position of representation for home students andestranged students.
  • Strengthen the Dear Safe Space campaign and continue my ongoing reforms theReport/Support Tool
  • Ammend the problematic language of the SRC policy on “segregated events” in clubs insocieties that prohibits the creation of safe spaces for women, queer persons, people of color, and other marginalized groups.
  • Uphold existing SRC initiatives and partnerships, with special recognition of ourcommitment to the Green New Deal.


Redefining Representation

Though spring elections are just once a year, the person elected is not only bound to their manifesto, but to you, the students who trusted them in that position. This can’t go away after a few weeks or months in office. I want to be a council member who not only listens to student voices, but acts for them. I hope to prove to you the potential representative power of this council through the following actions:-

  • Opening existing welfare forums for students
    • Students wishing to contribute can email in, vocalize issues, and pitch initiatives to the welfare committees of the student unions.
    • On zoom this can be managed with a waitlisted; in person, with social distancing, students will be allotted a date to present their issues to the welfare forum
    • Welfare forums currently exist to touch base between the student bodies and topitch initiatives. Students should be welcome to not only sound their owninitiatives, but to voice issues to three all student bodies.


  • Creation of a delegation program from within the SRC
    • The current SRC Welfare positions do good work and provide valuable input tocouncil. However in my experience I have found them easily lost in thestratification of responsibility on campus. The most fruitful work I have done hasbeen with the help of societies, and I believe this principle of collaboration canand should be extended to all aspects of the Welfare team.
    • While Officers come and go, student organizations exist to cater to the welfare ofstudents on a long-term scale. I believe that creating formal relationships withthese existing powerhouses and incentivizing societies for international students,home students, mental health, and the environment would create a moreeffective and truly representational environment for initiatives of care to beimplemented directly to the student body


Check out my Facebook page to learn more about me and my ideas!


Eva Simmons 

What do you want to see happen at your University? In what ways do you want to feel you are listened to and cared for? If elected as Vice President Student Support my key duty is listening to what matters most to you and pursuing it at the highest levels of the University.  

Here is what I think is important and would like to see at the University: 

  • Mental health will, and always should, be a priority. I will continue the never-ending battle of campaigning for increased funding to the University’s mental health services, as well as expanding and dedicating resources to existing and new mental health and wellbeing initiatives, while developing stronger links to local services. 

It is also crucial that students of colour and other marginalised groups, as well as LGBTQ+ groups within the University community have specific and dedicated funding and resources for mental health support. 


  • I believe student welfare is also fundamentally linked to accommodation and tenants’ issues and will therefore push for the University to embrace its responsibility to students as tenants with full accountability. The University and its services should take a leading role in the fight against rising rents and inadequate living conditions, and I will push for this fight to be extended to not just University accommodation, but also private lettings. 


  • So much more work needs to be done around tackling gender-based violence and the process with which it is handled, which has tragically become endemic to the University. I would like to continue and develop the role out of regular training and awareness campaigns, while continually amending the assault handling procedure with transparency and engagement with those most affected.  


  • The devastating report and action plan released related to racism at the University is only the start of the work that needs to be done. I would like to see the University go much further and faster than the actions proposed in its plan, and again unequivocally commit to working with those most affected. I would push for diversity and race-based violence training and seek to implement proper channels for complaints that foster feelings of trust and safety. 


  • A provision of drug testing kits or facilities on campus, as well as continuing the ‘drug/alcohol awareness’ campaigns. It is working at other universities and is a brilliant way to keep students safe and increase risk awareness. 


In my time at council as a General Representative, I worked to gain council endorsement of the student-led Green New Deal (passed at 91%!) and push this forward to management. I have continually raised the issue of student’s welfare in accommodation and the University’s unacceptable and chaotic handling of student return to campus and accommodation during the pandemicI have also worked on a council safer-spaces policy and helped amend the report form for assault, harassment and bullyingAll of which has been a pleasure.  

My name is Eva, she/her pronouns and I am a 4th year Sociology and Politics student!