Tedx University of Glasgow


TEDxUniversityofGlasgow is a student association that independently organises events in the spirit of TED’s overall mission to promote ideas worth spreading and bring them closer to our UofG community.

We are bringing together the bright minds of the community during the Annual Conference in March and during some smaller events throughout the academic year to spark conversations, catalyse a positive change and give a unique opportunity for students to network with TEDxUofG partners and sponsors, as well as with the successful UofG alumni and like minded local and international students. Throughout the year, TEDx invites students to take part in extra-curricular workshops and events that will benefit their professional development.


The society has successfully organised six conferences since 2014, and is working hard towards the seventh which is scheduled to take place in March 2020.


Every year, new members are admitted to the club through an application process which usually opens in April/May. All candidates are welcome!

Within the team, there are six sub-teams:

  • Management = overseeing the work conducted within the sub-teams
  • Partnership Team = the main task is to recruit partners (i.e. sponsors, exhibitors), since apart from ticket sales itself this is our main resource to secure funding for the conference and our year-round events. Activities distributed between various team members include contacting and delivering Partnership Pitch to potential partners/sponsors, maintaining relationships with current partners/sponsors, reaching out to potential corporate and local partners and exhibitor management running up to the events.
  • Content Team = The focus of the content team is on the speakers for our events. This includes speaker recruitment, selection and preparation as well as ensuring that the talks of all speakers comply to the values and standards of TED prior to the event. Audience management is another area handled by this team. The team will portray the TEDx theme through the speakers chosen for the annual conference. They will also oversee speakers in their preparation for their big day, through workshops, extra rehearsal sessions and monitoring their content.
  • Operations Team = The Operations Team is responsible for overall execution of the event itself. This includes, but is not limited to, venue, catering, ticketing, conference activities, managing the stage equipment partners and other logistical tasks.The operations team will also be responsible for making the TEDx theme come to life on the day of the annual conference, through stage propping, design and decoration on the day.
  • Marketing Team = The responsibility of the Marketing Team is twofold: it is both creation as well as communication. One of the crucial roles of the Marketing Team is creating the image of This includes all visual aspects from designing the logo of the conference’s theme, making posters, to editing videos. The second, and equally important role of the Marketing Team is promoting and communicating information about the event and the TED ethos with the rest of campus and Glasgow. To ensure the consistency of the marketing message and our TEDxUofG brand all members of the marketing team should work closely together.
    [Part of the Marketing Team] Visual/Graphic designers = Responsibilities include designing the logo of the conference’s theme, creating posters and images both for social media purposes as well as to put up around campus. In addition, this person will need to be prepared to help create and edit slides for speakers. This position entails working closely with the marketing team and is responsible for the videographer/photographer. We are looking for someone who is creative and with experience in design and photo/video editing programs.
  • TEDxSalon Team= Activities distributed within various team positions include initiating, organising, and overseeing smaller TEDx events throughout the year such as the Launch Party, Open Auditions, mini-conferences etc. Collaboration with other teams is key to ensure smooth running. The goal of the TEDxUniversityofGlasgowSalon is to increase the number of people who are aware of the brand and act as a bridge between the TEDx Team and people on campus.
  • Brand Ambassador = You will have the opportunity to shadow other teams or help them out for the annual conference and gain experience learning what goes into making events. Since you are there to help the set up of the event you are welcome to stay at all TEDxUofG events when all duties have been completed! You will have the task of helping brainstorm creative ideas to help sell tickets for salon and annual conference events.
  • Photographer = their role is to document TEDxUofG events 🙂


Should you have any queries about our ongoings or would like to contribute, please get in touch on any of our social media channels (Facebook/ Instagram) or via email at the address displayed above!