HEAR: Higher Education Achievement Record

The University recognises many extracurricular activities on the university transcript which you receive upon graduation. Find out if you are eligible for HEAR.

What is HEAR? 

The University recognises many extra-curricular activities on the University transcript which you receive upon graduation.

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) will not only list all of your academic achievements but also many other achievements as well, providing you meet the criteria for each activity. This helps to demonstrate that you have developed skills and knowledge that contribute to your personal and professional development and enables you to provide employers with an official record of your accomplishments, verified by the University.

These officially recognised extra-curricular activities include:

  • Being elected council member or board member of one of the 4 student bodies on campus (QMU, GUU, GUSA and the SRC)
  • Being elected as a Class Representative
  • Freshers Helper
  • Being an office bearer in an SRC affiliated Club or Society (e.g President, Secretary, Treasurer, and in some limited cases Vice-President)
  • Many of the volunteering opportunities offered through GU Volunteering

Internships, scholarships and other academic related placements (including class reps) are administered generally with your school so in order to have this recognised on HEAR please liaise with them directly. The SRC can only assist with HEAR enquiries for Clubs and Societies and GU Volunteering opportunities.

How to apply for HEAR recognition 

If you have a recognised office bearer role or are an eligible GU Volunteer we will contact you by email and ask you to complete a reflective log.  Clubs and societies will be emailed a copy of the log directly to their club email registered when they affiliated.  Volunteers will be contacted by GU Volunteering, via the volunteering database.

If you are involved with QMU, GUSA, GUU then you will be contacted by them directly, and if you are a Class Representative then your individual school should be in touch with you to confirm you have fulfilled all the requirements need to have the position recognised on your transcript.

In order to have your efforts recognised all students must complete their HEAR form within the given time period as HEAR is not generally recognised retrospectively.

The list of activities eligible for the HEAR is not exhaustive and you should check with the body responsible for supporting your extracurricular activity if you are unsure of its HEAR status.