What is the role of a Vice President?

A good Vice President provides valuable assistance to their club’s President and fellow Office Bearers

The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President in realising the overall aims of the club/society.

By working closely with their fellow Office Bearers, the Vice President assists in the planning and delivery of club activities and provides support where needed. In certain circumstances, a VP might need to step in to take the place of the President, or be otherwise charged with specific responsibilities in the running of the club or society. It is a good idea for a Vice President to familiarise themselves with the duties of the President, should they need to step into the role. Generally it is only larger clubs who require a Vice President.

If the President delegates tasks to you then you can be recognised as a Vice President (and apply for HEAR recognition for this role), however, they can only designate one Vice President within their club/society.

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