Room Bookings

You need to hire a room, we have rooms for hire. Subject to terms and conditions of course.

[Updated 10/09/20]

This year due to COVID-19, we appreciate the difficulties clubs and societies might face in terms of limiting space on campus and running events in the new circumstances we now face. The SRC and the University have worked hard to make more rooms available for clubs and societies to use, while social distancing restricts room capacity. There will be some new rules and regulations in place for your safety.

To keep up-to-date with any changes being made to restrictions, please refer to the University’s information page and their FAQs page regarding COVID-19.

Affiliated clubs/societies are eligible to book rooms on campus from Space Management and Timetabling [PLEASE NOTE, SPACE MANAGEMENT AND TIMETABLING ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING BOOKINGS], and can also book the following rooms through the SRC.


Smaller meeting rooms are available to book via the SRC throughout the academic year:

  • Williams Room – capacity of maximum 18 people per restrictions at time of writing
  • Gilchrist Seminar Room (Wee G) – capacity of maximum 5 people per restrictions at time of writing

Larger meeting rooms (maximum capacity of 30 people, unless otherwise noted below) are available to book via the SRC for a limited time between 21st September and 30th October 2020, 6pm – 9pm Monday to Friday:

  • Kelvin Gallery
  • Hunter Halls
  • Room 201, McIntyre Building (maximum capacity 26)
  • Bute Hall (possible daytime booking slots 9am-11am, 12-2pm, 3-5pm 6-9pm)
  • University Chapel (maximum capacity 38)

The following spaces are also available to book via the SRC:

  • Ferguson Room (maximum capacity 15)
  • One A The Square Café (maximum capacity (maximum capacity 10)

More details on current safety regulations will be provided along with a room booking form once you have requested to book a room.

To be eligible to book the rooms, clubs/societies must have at least two currently listed office bearers who have attended an induction session within the current academic year.

Rooms can only be booked for club meetings and events. They cannot be used, or booked on behalf of, any third party groups that clubs have either a formal or informal association with (for example, external businesses and charities). In all cases, the office bearer who makes the booking must be present throughout the booking.

If you would like to book a room available through the SRC, please email with your required date and time and preferred room and we can check availability. Alternatively you can pop into the Welcome point or call us on 0141 330 5360 Monday to Friday from 9.30am – 4.30pm. If the room is available then we will send you a booking form. Please note that your booking is not confirmed until you complete and return to us your booking form and you have received confirmation from us. 


The Williams Room is located on the first floor in the McIntyre Building. The Williams Room has audio visual equipment and no food or drink is allowed.

The Gilchrist seminar room (Wee G) is located in the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club in the Main Building, just in front of 1A the Square. Any affiliated clubs can book the seminar room after 5pm on weekdays, or on the weekend. The room is equipped with audio visual equipment. No food or drink is allowed in this room unless it is purchased from the Gilchrist café.


University of Glasgow Space Management and Timetabling

Clubs that are affiliated with the SRC are eligible to book rooms through the University provided they:

  • Have nominated up to three of their listed Office Bearers to book rooms on behalf of the club and one of these nominated people makes the booking
  • Have a generic club email address that all nominated office bearers have access to.

For booking rooms with Space Management and Timetabling, only club Office Bearers currently listed as a Timetabling Contact will be eligible to book rooms on campus.

For further details and access to the University room booking form, please see the Space Management and Timetabling webpage.

Please note that clubs are only allowed to make one booking through Space Management and Timetabling over the summer holidays. If your club is not on the drop down list, please select ‘other’. Please note, you must book Rooms 201 and 208 in the McIntyre building through Timetabling, not through the SRC. If you have any problems with your booking, please contact Timetabling directly – the SRC does not have control over their room booking system.

Library Spaces

Café stall, Level 3 – located at the entrance to the café, this is an excellent place to advertise your activities and recruit new members. Clubs can book this space depending on availability and must request at least one week in advance. You also must have a club member in attendance throughout your entire booking. Please make sure you do not block the passageway or leave rubbish on the table. Please also ensure you adhere to social distancing regulations in place and ensure any crowding is prevented. This stall can be booked by emailing

Curved Wall, Level 3  – located next to the main elevators, this space is available to all SRC-affiliated clubs and societies to book out. Clubs can book this space depending on availability and must request at least one week in advance. You also must have a club member in attendance throughout your entire booking. Please also ensure you adhere to social distancing regulations in place and ensure any crowding is prevented. To request to book this space, please email and we will pass your request onto the library.

Kelvin Theatre, Level 2* – located at the rear left hand corner of level 2, this is one of the tiered seating areas in the group study area. The space has AV facilities and space for a maximum 20 people. Leave the space tidy and be aware that others nearby will be studying, meaning that it is not a suitable space for noisy activities.

*Please note that due to COVID-19 and social distancing measures in place, the Kelvin Theatre is currently unavailable for booking.

Student Unions

Clubs can also affiliate with the Queen Margaret Union and Glasgow University Union, both of which have rooms available for their affiliated clubs. They each have their own affiliation processes which you would need to comply with in order to use their services. In addition to this, you can look off campus, as many venues have affordable or free venue hire.