SRC Minibus Hire

Roadtrip! Here’s what you and your society need to do in order to be eligible to hire the SRC minibus.


The SRC has one minibus available for club and society use.*

*Please note that due to COVID-19 the SRC Minibus hire is unavailable. To keep up-to-date with any changes being made to restrictions, please refer to the University’s information page and their FAQs page regarding COVID-19.

To be eligible to book the minibus, clubs/societies must have –

  • at least two currently listed Office Bearers that have attended a current induction for the academic year the booking is to take place in
  • a currently listed Office Bearer sign the booking form
  • handed in a £200 deposit to the Welcome Point (society cheque preferred but cash accepted)
  • two drivers who have completed the mandatory university minibus test.

The minibus cannot be hired for personal use or for use in any third party groups’ events as this voids the insurance and can jeopardise your club/society’s use of the minibus in the future.


If a club meets all the criteria the booking process can begin.

A currently listed Office Bearer can contact or attend the Welcome Point to check if the bus is free on the required dates but all forms must be completed in person.

Provisional booking – a currently listed Office Bearer can provisionally book the bus. Provisional bookings must be completed by the end of the day if the booking is in the same week, or within 5 days if the booking is more than one week in advance. Bookings that have not been completed within the required time frame will be cancelled.

To finalise a booking, both drivers must attend the Welcome Point with the following:

  • Full UK driving license
  • A valid GUID Matriculation card
  • National insurance number
  • DVLA issued real-time license code provided to Welcome Point staff who will use this to run a real-time license check.

If there is some time (more than 21 days) between your booking and the date of departure we require you to provide us with another DVLA real-time license code within 7 days of your booking. You don’t need to come in person for this and can email it directly to us if you have completed all the other paperwork.

Drivers must come to the Welcome Point by 4pm at the latest (3pm on Fridays) to make a booking as it takes some time to complete.

Important Notes

  • The minibus is supplied with a full tank of fuel. All fuel that is used must be replaced.
  • You must fill out the damage section of the log sheet form before and after your journey and return the completed log sheet form to the Welcome Point upon your return. This log sheet should always be returned during opening hours to the Welcome Point.
  • You must complete and submit a list of passengers to the Welcome Point and Security before your journey.
  • The deposit will be returned providing the vehicle is fueled, clean and undamaged.
  • You must report any faults promptly to the SRC. Failure to do so can result in restrictions on your club/society’s ability to hire the SRC Minibus in future.
  • The SRC Minibus cannot be left unattended for long periods of time and must always be left in a secure location.

We strongly advise that you book the bus well in advance to avoid disappointment.


The SRC can arrange for eligible students to sit the university minibus test. There are two available spaces each week. They always take place at 1pm on Thursdays and must be booked by 1pm on the Tuesday of that week at the latest.

To be eligible to sit the university minibus test, students must:

  • Be 21 years of age or over
  • Have held a UK* Driving License for 2 years (manual vehicle)
  • Preferably have no points on their driving license**

*EU and international students must also have obtained a UK equivalent licence and held that for one year.

**If a student has points on their license it will be at the discretion of the university garage whether they are allowed to take the test.

To book a university minibus test eligible students must

  • Bring their driving license, national insurance number and student card to the Welcome Point
  • Provide us with a DVLA issued real-time license code.
  • Complete the relevant insurance forms

For any questions relating to SRC minibus hire, please contact