How to host an AGM

A short guide for clubs and societies on how to host an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

[Relevant as of 31/03/20]

Everyone will host Annual General Meetings (AGMs) slightly differently to suit your own society’s needs. Over the next few months societies should start to consider voting and handing over your office bearers. The easiest time to do this would be now as this gives time for society executive members to tie up loose ends and begin the handover process including the administration of the society bank accounts.  


What is an AGM?

An AGM is the opportunity to: 

  • Inform members what has been achieved over the past academic year. 
  • Elect a new committee 
  • Approve the minutes of the previous AGM  
  • Present the president’s report to the members  
  • Present the treasurer’s report to the members  
  • Discuss any other business that is relevant 

Please remember that Associate members must not exceed 10% of voting members at any general meeting.  

General accounts need to be made available to all members at the AGM and its important for the club’s finances be transparent to its membership. 


Presidents Role 

It is part of the Presidents role chair the AGM and ensure that as they are handing over the reins of the society to a new executive that all club/society business is dealt with such as: 

  • In conjunction with the club/society treasurer ensures the full handover of any finances and bank accounts to the new office-bearers. 
  • Ensuring that all social media or email accounts are handed over to the new office-bearers. 
  • That the SRC is informed of any changes to the club/society committee such as updating membership lists, details of new office-bearers etc. 


Useful Platforms 

As we are discovering there are plenty of new and innovative ways you can keep in touch with your members. Through these same platforms you would be able to host an AGM.

For video calling 

Online Voting 


Changing Office Bearers 

This is done by filling out the ‘Change of Office Bearer’ form. The form must be submitted for each change in position and must be filled out and submitted by a current listed office bearer. Be sure to email this to so, the handover process is made as easy possible.