How to apply for an SRC grant

The SRC offers grants to affiliated societies to support their activities. Here is what you need to know in order to apply for a grant and how to claim it if you are successful.


All applications are considered on their own merit and grants are awarded on a needs basis.  You can download an application here.

Please note that our offices are currently closed, however we will still be accepting grant applications via email.  Please email your grant application AND current bank statement to

To be eligible to apply for a grant clubs must have at least two committee members who have attended a current induction session in this year. If you are going to be unable to attend an induction session before the deadline for applying for your grant please contact asap.

Grant applications must:

  • Be completed by a committee member (generally the treasurer) who is listed on the SRC affiliation form
  • Include details of what is being applied for, why it is required, and a cost breakdown
  • Be submitted in advance of the event being applied for and before any items, tickets etc. have been purchased.
  • Be submitted along with a bank statement which is less than two months old or proof of opening. If a club does not have a bank account then we can still consider your application however, if successful, we would only pay funds into a club bank account, or in some cases could arrange to pay a supplier directly. Under no circumstances will funds be released into a personal bank account.

The SRC will not normally consider the following:

  • Meals
  • General trips
  • Gifts for speakers
  • Room hire costs for venues in the university and the unions
  • Non-essential club branded clothing
  • Car Hire/ Minibus Hire (where the SRC minibus is available)
  • Fundraising events

Grant applications are considered at the meetings of the clubs and societies committee which usually occur every fortnight.

Please note that we may contact you with further questions regarding your application. In some cases, a meeting might need to be set up between a maximum of two office bearers and the Clubs and Societies Committee to discuss your application in more detail. You will be contacted by email to arrange this.

Factors that are taken into consideration by the committee are:

  • Quality of the proposal and its impact on equal opportunities and inclusion
  • The club’s ability to manage their finances
  • The SRC clubs and societies budget
  • The application’s contribution to the SRC’s overall strategic objectives
  • Potential access to alternative resources

If you require advice on completing your application or on your meeting with the committee please contact

Any lobbying or attempt to circumvent the applications process may see your application disqualified.

The final deadline for submitting any grant applications for the year 2019/20 is 15th May 2020.


Grants must be claimed either within six weeks of the award being made or up to two weeks after the event has taken place – whichever is later.

To claim an SRC Grant a listed committee member must

  • Email  your invoices/receipts to  Although our offices are currently closed, you can still claim your grant via email following these instructions.
  • Provide proof of display of the SRC Logo when this was a condition of the grant

*No grants can be paid without a receipt or invoice. The receipt must be for the item you were awarded, otherwise this will not be allocated. Invoices should also be addressed directly to the club. 


Clubs that are awarded grants will be asked to submit a short report (500 words max) on how the grant was beneficial to the club, its members and the wider university community.

Collecting feedback is extremely valuable to us, and helps inform our own funding applications. In this way you could help with securing further funding for clubs and societies in the future.


We recognise that clubs/societies may not have the funds to make up front purchases where the items are expensive.

In this situation, the club can request that the SRC make payment directly to the supplier. You must contact the SRC before making any commitment on our behalf; we will happily talk to the supplier for you. Please note it can take up to 5 working days for the SRC to process any payments.