What is the role of a President?

Hail to the chief. So what does a club president do anyway?

The President is the figurehead of the club. In most cases, the President takes ultimate responsibility (although they should remember they have a team around them – egos are often why clubs and societies fall apart). The President essentially shapes the aims of the club for the year. They will usually chair meetings (if absent a Vice President or Secretary can do this) and support the work of other committee members (remember delegation is an art form in itself).

A good President should have a fair idea of who is doing what and keep abreast of all club activity as they are responsible for ensuring that a club or society works effectively.  They should be able to provide leadership to the club/society and help build an effective society that works well and grows in membership while most importantly remaining fun to be a part of.

Remember, as President you are essentially leading a team and a team only works when everyone communicates and works together for an end goal.

Specific Duties

To prepare, in conjunction with the Secretary, the agenda for meetings and ensure that that any events are well organised.

To chair regular club or society meetings, ensuring that these meetings are constructive and conducted in accordance with the respective club or society’s constitution, and to ensure

  • any debates are constructive and balanced (see our page on safe spaces for more advice)
  • any decisions taken are clear to the membership
  • responsibility is allocated for implementation of agreed actions
  • society Office bearers give reports and answer relevant questions from members

To administer, in conjunction with the Treasurer, any financial undertakings of the society- making sure that all money is securely handled and that the society finances are transparent to members.

Annual General Meetings 

The President should prepare a report on the club/society’s general organisation and activity for the past year for members and help formulate a strategy to build and grow the society. This can be events/activism or anything else you can think of.

The President should also make sure that if they are handing over the reins of the society to a new executive, that they ensure that all club/society business is dealt with such as:

  • ensuring (in conjunction with the club/society treasurer) the full handover of any finances and bank accounts to the new Office Bearers.
  • ensuring that all social media or email accounts are handed over to the new Office Bearers.
  • ensuring that the SRC is informed of any changes to the club/society committee such as updating membership lists, details of new Office Bearers etc.

We understand that in the current climate clubs will want to organise AGMs and other meetings online. You can find more information on useful platforms and how to host online meetings here.

If you have any questions relating to clubs or societies please email clubsandsocs@src.gla.ac.uk.