Stalls and bake sales on campus

Stalls on campus, including bake sales, require written permission from the Secretary of Court in advance. The University has put together some guidelines on how to obtain permission.

The University appreciates that holding a stall on campus provides your club or society with an opportunity to publicise itself or raise money for charitable causes. Only SRC affiliated student societies are allowed to hold an information stall or a baked good stall. All we ask is that you let the Secretary of Court’s office know well in advance so that they can ensure that your stall is not blocking access to entry/exits, does not conflict with other events on campus and, if it is a bake sale, is not in direct competition with the University’s own catering facilities.

All stalls require permission from the Secretary of Court and we ask that you apply for this at least one week before you want to hold your stall. Last minute requests or any with less than 7 days notice, will be declined. Each club/society is limited to one stall per semester. Stalls can be held at the following locations:

  • Outside the Library/Fraser Building
  • Outside the Wolfson Medical School

Requests for a stall on campus should be made by email to Mrs Lee McClure – In your request you should include details of the:

  • Society you represent
  • Date and times required
  • Location of the stall
  • Details of the information/products that will be available

A signed letter from the Secretary of Court will be emailed to you if permission is granted. If you do not have a signed letter of permission, Security may ask you to move on. Where baked goods are being sold, you will be required to comply with the University’s Guidelines on food safety, which are attached to the letter of permission.

For stalls outside the QMU, please contact the QMU for permission (

Require a table for your stall? Societies should contact the Bedellus Office (

For information stalls only the space inside the foyer at the Fraser Building is also available to use. To book this space, please contact Hospitality Services (